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  1. November 13th, 2014
    It was bound to happen, the end of the world. Nobody was prepared for it, for it all happened so quickly. No amount of military training could have prepared me for how the world was ending. The cause of the end was a virus, a virus that changes people into mindless cannibals. The virus has no name yet, and there isn't much of a point seeing as how there is no escaping the it, and millions of people are dying. It has been one month since this shit all started. I'm all alone, haven't seen many survivors. I usually avoid them because you never know who you can trust these days. I think the freaks are staring to get my scent because they are starting to gather around the building I've been holding out in for the past week. I'm not sure if i will make it out of here, so this will probably be my last entry. I'm going to try and make it to the alley across the road.
    Goodbye cruel world,
    Matthew Bohman
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  2. Ryu holds his hands up as an armed survivor points a gun at him demanding that he hand over his bokken for a bottle of water, "come and get it then." He smirks as the man in his mid thirties approaches not taking his eye of Ryu, "judging by the way you handle the weapon your in the military or you've served time in the past."

    The man nods reluctantly "Yeah how could you tell? How old are you anyway?"

    "Just the way you carrie yourself and the fact that I was trained by a guy in the military and for the record I'm seventeen." He watched as the man came a few feet away from him, he took his finger and thumb and started to draw his bokken. He then yanked it taking a strong hold on the weapon, he dropped to one knee, swinging wide to break one of the mans shins. He followed up with a upward strike between the legs as he streigtenned and swing for the base of the neck putting the man on his knees. He took the gun and the bottle of water. He took five steps before stopping and pondering for a moment. Though he had taken the weapon he had only fired one in a range and in the month since every thing started he had not killed a single thing. He continued to walk away signaling for the fourteen year old girl who had kept quiet until now to come out of hiding. Ryu checked the ammo in the weapon, a full clip but with the safety on and and empty chamber he always had the upper hand.
  3. Celest paused, glancing out the shop window. It was a simply hunting shop, but it kept her alive. She was alone now. Father off somewhere, mother dead, she had to stay alive as the last Vane in this new, forbidden world. With a sigh, she sat down, her clear blue eyes scanning around. It was pretty messy, but it was habitable. She ran a hand through her dirty black hair. Picking up a pistol off the floor, she went to the counter, putting it on the shelf. "I wonder if there's anyone else...surely I'm not the last person.." she mumbled to herself. She barely survived the last time the strange, virus-infected people had found her..what if next time she wasn't so lucky?
  4. 6 year old Jackson was a ruthless child, before and after the infection. He didn't carry guns,.he just had two steak knifes, sharp as an axe. He knew exactly where to aim, and how to kill them, afterall, he did have to kill his parents and sister. He approached two men fighting, one had a gun and the other, well it looked like he had nothing at all. He hid behind a bush and saw the younger man taking it to the the older guy.
  5. Megan was thirteen. She sat huddled in the ventalation system of the convenience store. There were those virus ridden people mulling below. She had been hiding in there for a day or two, waiting for those things to leave. She looked out of one of the vents. Most of those things were gone. She drew a shaky breath and sat back away from the hole so that they couldnt see her. She shook like a leaf and prayed silently for someone to find her or at least for those things to leave so she could escape.
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  6. Celest heard something and shifted, tilting her head. "Was should check." she sighed, walking over to a ladder. It led to the attic. She climbed up, picking up the flashlight hanging beside it. She put the flashlight in her mouth, holding her knife in one hand as she looked around. She found the entrance to the ventilation system and knelt down, calling out. "Hello?"
  7. Megan froze when a voice echoed through the cold metal air duct. The few infected that were pacing through the store froze as well. They seemed to be sniffing the air. One of them snapped their heads towards the very air duct Megan sat in. She gasped softly as it sprinted towards her. A scream ripped from her throat as the opening to the vent was ripped off.

    Megan scrambled down the shaft, eyes blurred by tears. That thing struggled to pull itself through the small duct passage, lanky bloody limbs flailing uselessly as it mindlessly went after its prey. "HELP! PLEASE! SOMEBODY!" Megan was frantically crawling through the air duct. She could hear the virus riddled human scratching against the metal, slamming against the metal walls. "SOMEBODY!!!"
  8. Immediately Celest went silent. Damnit why did I do that. "Come this way! Don't worry about the infected, come this way! I can protect you!" she yelled down the air duct, using the flashlight and shining it down the duct, turning it on and off. "Look for the flashing light!"
  9. "O-O-Okay!" Megan saw the flashing light, faintly just ahead. She panted softly, a light sweat breaking out as she crawled as fast as she could. She got to the corner and took a left, bright light attacking her eyesight. She hissed softly but kept going. "Hey!" She reached her hand out to grab hold of the person on the other end.

    The infected followed wailing angrily in the cramped space. Its movements were jerky and awkward but it followed the sound of the little girls voice. It reached out a bloody hand grasping her ankle. He tugged roughly dragging her away.

    Megan screamed a blood-curdling wail as she was dragged back down. "NO!!" She kicked her other foot, hitting the thing repeatedly in the fail. It screeched inhumanly loud and released her. Megan scurried out of the duct, falling into whoever was on the other side. She held onto the trembling like a leaf in autumn, eyes squeezed shut, head tucking into their shoulder. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She chanted over and over to her savior.
  10. Celest was surprised by the sudden grasp of the child, dropping the flashlight. She took a step back and held up her knife. "shh..." she whispered a little more harshly than she meant. The infected peeked around the corner and wailed at the light, but continued forwards. Celest pushed the little girl away gently and threw the knife at the infected. There was a scream, then silence. Celest picked up her flashlight and grabbed the girl, holding each in an arm as she reached the ladder. She just jumped down, landing easily and setting the knife and flashlight down. "Your name?"
  11. Megan looked around cautiously. "I-I-I'm Me-Megan. Wh-Wh-Who are y-you?" She asked timidly. She had been with her family before this woman had found her. There was a horde outside and they told her to hide. She hasn't seen any of them for two days. Her lips were dry and cracking from lack of water. There were dark circles under eyes from no sleep. Megan hadn't been able to sleep since this all started.
  12. Celest smiled softly. "I'm Celest.." She set the girl down on the counter. She picked up a bottle of water. "Water, sweetie? What's your name?" she asked in a gentle voice, rubbing the girl's shoulder.
  13. Megan grasped the water bottle like it was the most precious gem in existence. The way things were it may as well have been. Megan chugged the bottle until the last drop was gone. She sighed contently once she finished. "Megan. Im Megan." She pulled Celest into a tight hug. "Thank you so much for saving me." She said gratefully.
  14. Celest held her arms out like Megan was poisonous. "Uhh...n-no problem old are you?" She asked. At least it's someone.. She thought to herself.
  15. Megan released Celest from the hug with a small smile. "Im thirteen. Have....Have you seen my family?" Megan asked sadly. They told her to stay put until one of them came to get her....they never did.
  16. Celest paused. "No sweetie..I haven't." She brushed a little hair from Megan's face before sitting beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "I'm sorry."
  17. Megan sniffled barely able to keep the tears at bay. "Do you...Do you think they got...taken?" Megan asked in a fearful voice. She hiccuped as a tears began to fall. She leaned into Celest. She let tears fall knowing her family was gone. Megan had no idea what she was going to do without them.
  18. Celest held the child close, rubbing her back. "Hey...hey...I know it hurts, sweetie...I know it hurts." Her voice cracked slightly and she swallowed back her own tears. Shifting, she tilted Megan's chin up, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "Hey..crying isn't going to help, okay? I know it hurts, but I'm here for don't have to're not alone." she kissed Megan's forehead. "Okay?"
  19. Megan wiped her tears desperately trying to reign them in. She sat up straight and nodded, hiccuping. Her breathing was slightly uneven from crying. "So..So what happens n-now? I...I'm not much he-help bu-bu-but I can cook." Megan offered up her only real ability.
  20. Celest smiled softly. "You can? That's wonderful." she said, picking the thirteen year old up. "Let's get some sleep first, then we'll fix some food. After that.." Celest's smile grew a little. "I have an idea after that." she said gently.
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