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    Welcome to Necropolis, a decaying, sprawling metropolis beyond worlds where cursed loot and forbidden magic go to die.

    ...Or, more accurately, are ripped mercilessly from the fabric of their worlds by the thieving hands of the Magpies.

    Namely, you.

    You are one of the unlucky few who have fallen into service as an agent of the Necropolis. Following the orders of an unseen hand, you slip between the tears in the fabrics of reality, recalling mysterious artifacts of unknown power. Worlds splayed out before you of all imaginable and unimaginable types, with magic, with technology, with darkness in them that broods and breathes. All of this, at your fingertips.... while the worlds are open. Don't get left behind.

    There are many reasons one may find themselves in service to the Necropolis. Some just like to travel. Others seek immunity and power. Others still, gain ownership of the artifacts they recall and learn knowledge otherwise forbidden and lost to time. Some think that eternal life is a pretty good deal if you can call it eternal life. But most... most take up the calling in the hopes of being granted an impossible wish by the unseen forces that rule this dead city.

    After all, there are many perks that come with working for the Necropolis...​

    + This is a dark fantasy multiverse roleplay! I guess it leans more to fantasy than anything else, but I crave all the horrible things that lurk in the night.

    + I'm looking for a male character for this roleplay. I'd like to play a female one.

    + I'll take rich, inspired posts over post length any day... I'm looking for a creative partner. With that said, though, mountains of text stress me out and one liners bore me quickly. A few paragraphs is my sweet spot, personally, but I've had some amazing partners in the past who could pack a tremendous punch with less. You do your thing, yo.

    + Along the same lines, I'd like someone who equally contributes to plot and craziness. Veeeery important!
    Preferably looking for someone who is open to playing multiple characters if the plot calls for it.
  2. I am... intrigued by this idea. Very much so. However, I am also a butt-slow, prolific writer, with more than a few quirks. :D

    I will completely understand if you do not feel I am a good match for you, but I wanted to express my interest for this anyways. Please take a look at my Roleplay Resume (it may be long, but it contains some very important information). You are also more than free to check out the various roleplays I have scattered about the forum to get a sense of my style, if you so wish. If you feel like I would be a good fit for you and this story, please, send me a PM.

    Hoping to hear back from you!

  3. Sold to the one wearing the blue skin!

    I'll toss you a PM when I get back from work later today.
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