Necromancy Rising (post canon Harry Potter group)

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  1. Hogwarts is back in session!
    Many years have passed since the era of Voldemort and his Death Eaters; and in the wake of his destruction new evils have started to crawl to the surface. Disappearances and rumors of Ghouls walking the late night hours are starting to circulate. A sense of mild panic has started to brim with the public as the Auror’s hunt for leads yet followed. Yet as the normal every day life in the Wizarding World must continue and parents as always feel Hogwarts to be the safest place to house their children. With the school year just beginning who knows what new tales will come? Will the children have to unearth the mysteries for their parents yet again? Or will they all fall to this new evil.

    Necromancy Rising will be a small group of 4-5 members in total (will make max group # 8 if that many are interested) and will expect at least a solid paragraph per post. We won’t move to fast – and will follow a posting order. I want the ‘Bad Guys’ to be NPCs with one or two of the Student Characters being a part of them – but won’t tell which student(s) that is. So in part this will be mystery, action and of course fantasy group. The members of the group will help to build up our own Spell List – each contributing their own spells / ideas for spells. And we may even venture out and make new things for the HP world – like a new game, or new area, or new section of lore and such. I want to keep the group small and leave the drama at the door I want a fun group and won’t have to be to fast paced.

    Once again I note that this will be POST CANON that means no one related to an original character / or originals from HP will be accepted.

    Is anyone interested?
  2. Interested. *raises brow*
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  3. Squee!! Thanks Clyde! just need two more interested people to have the minimum start up!

    -pokes members of the iwaku world-
  4. 나는 관심이 끌린다! 나는 해리 포터를 사랑한다 ^O^

    Would be awesome if I could join in too :)
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  5. Yes! That makes 3 outta of 4 needed (and I may have a friend joining the site just so she can join in on this one too!)

    STILL LOOKING FOR MORE MEMBERS THOUGH So just drop a line if you are interested!!
  6. I'm here! -falls onto floor- I made it!!
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  7. That makes 4! Gonna start work on the OOC!

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  8. Very! Would I be able to play two characters?

    I had an idea for two brothers, one is a teacher (born obviously far before the younger brother) and one is a student.
  9. Is this still accepting?
  10. Sadly all of our teachers are already made - NPC also for now we're only allowing for one character per member.
    Yes we are ^.^ We have a group page set up CLICK ME!
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