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  1. --> OOC/Sign-ups here and plot <--

    It was a dark and stormy summer night, Eiax was sitting in bed reading his book of tales. The thunder clapped loudly outside, as the wind blew hard moving all loose objects outside. It broke tree branches, and shook them as they beat against the house violently. Eiax payed no attention as he was very interested in the story he had found in his book of tales, but suddenly he heard a smash of glass downstairs. Eiax slowly looked towards his door from the book, as he stared silently for a moment as he began to hear footsteps. Eiax got up and readied to fight off a robber, as the story he was reading was about a robber. Eiax then remembered his only remaining family member Asher was downstairs, "oh no.. i have to get down there quickly.. but quietly.." He slowly crept out the door quietly walking down the stairs, he looked around slowly in caution as he seen the window beside the door was busted open. But so was half of the wall with it, "Who could be that big?.. or that strong.." Then suddenly a scream of horror came from Ashers room. "Asher!! no!!" He ran to Ashers bedroom door as he stopped in his tracks, to see a large Demon-like creature tearing Asher to shreds. Eiax froze in shock unable to move or speak, he stared as his cousin was consumed completely. The demon then smashed through the bedroom wall leaving, as if Eiax didn't even exist.

    This is where my story begins...
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  2. Nazomi's eyes fluttered open as a loud clap of thunder rung out, she yawned as she sat up slowly.
    Placing her feet on the floor, she stood up and walked to the window in her room.
    "It's still raining..."
    She said to her self, then she walked to her dresser. She quickly changed into a Baby blue summer dress and slipped a blue headband on her head.

    She shuffled down stairs barefoot, She was always running around barefoot it's just how she was.
    Nazomi called with no answer back. 'She must be working.' She thought to her self as she made her way outside.

    Her mother worked at random times, for anyone who asked for her help.
    It was usually easy work for shops around the town, farming jobs, things like that.
    Her mother was a beautiful widow.
    Yup a widow, her father had passed away from an illness a few months ago, but Mother seemed fine.
    Nazomi was surprised she wasn't re-married already, After all she was a beautiful woman.

    Nazomi skipped down the stone steps of her house, making her way to the front gate.
    She looked up at the stone wall that surrounded her house, then she placed a foot on a chipped away spot on the wall. She lifted herself up, slowly crawling onto the wall.
    She got situated, sitting on the wall with her legs hanging off the edge. She sat there, feeling the rain hit her face and arms. "Ahh...I love the rain." She mumbled to herself.

    She started to drift into thought. Thinking about the strange horrid things disrupting this peaceful town. 'I wonder what's doing all this..' She thought to herself as her brow furrowed in frustration.

    This was her very favorite spot, to sit especially in the rain, but now it seemed..Less peaceful than usual.
  3. Eiax slammed his door as it broke off it's hinges, a few blocks down from where the girl sat. His hands shook as he put his hands in his pockets and began to walk towards the edge of town, towards where the girl sat. He sighed slightly mumbling to himself, "I.. i don't know what that thing was.. h-how could it do that to Asher.." He sighed, closing his eye's for a moment as he opened them looking ahead and kept walking. He walked right past the girl he hadn't payed attention to anything at this moment, he just needed to vent in his usual spot. The Vacant field just outside of town a bit, Eiax always went here to vent when he was upset. "Just.. just need some time alone.. that's all, got to let it all go.." He picked up his pace a-bit getting further from his house as fast as he could.
  4. Nazomi was broke out of her thought's as she heard foot steps. She looked towards the source of the foot steps,
    She saw a boy, with pink hair walk by her. He seemed oblivious to the world around him,
    Hopping off the wall she slowly walked behind him following him. Why? Because she was a weird..Curious girl.
    Besides, she hadn't seen him before.
    Most likely because she didn't really pay attention when she was out, she was always very...Spaced out.

    She walked behind him, making no noise since she wore no shoes. She got closer and closer as she followed him out of Town.
  5. Eiax walked outside of town and stepped onto the field sighing a bit of relief, he smiled a little bit and continued to walk further into it. "hmm.. that's odd.." He said. "Something feels.. different here."

    he stopped for a moment, then looked at the woods as he seen a bright light shining in the edge of them. And what looked like a shadowy figure holding it, it glew brighter as it shot a beam of silky light it flew

    around and landed in the middle of the field a bit ahead as it made a shock-wave knocking Eiax back.
  6. Nazomi had stopped near a small bunch of trees, watching the Boy walk into the field.
    Her eyes widened a bit as she saw a light, then the boy looked like he got knocked back. She knew why because even she felt the shock-wave that swept across the field. "What the hell?" She said quietly to herself.

    She remained in the trees, observing the scene in front of her. She glanced towards where the light had come from, she could barely make out the silhouette of a male figure near the edge of the field.
    "Who is that?..." She furrowed her brow a bit but dared not to move into the open.
  7. The figure seemingly turned and vanished as Eiax ran at it, when he got to the tree and looked behind it no one was there. "What the hell is going on?!" He screamed, as he turned around in a circle.

    "Show yourself!!" He screamed then ran out into the field where he was, then looked ahead into the field and seen a large crater in the ground. "That shadowy figure did that.. with.. that ball of light.. i gotta see what it is!" He said, as he took off towards the middle of the field as fast as he could his heart racing.

    "what could it be.. what will i see once i get to it... maybe this is how all that stuff is happening in town..." He ground his teeth together as he continued on ahead towards the crater.
  8. Nazomi was completely curious at this point, she walked out into the field making her way towards the crater made by, whatever that creepy light was.

    She was in plain sight for the boy to see now, if he looked her way.
    She walked towards the crater at the same pace as the Pink haired boy did.
  9. Running as he was, he tripped just before he reached the crater and he flew forwards seeing a Hugh portal at the bottom of the crater. It was red and dark yellow and it was spinning in a circle, Eiax grabbed the edge of the crater before he could fly at the portal and hit it. He screamed out. "Help!! Someone help me!! I'm going to fall! Please!!" His hands felt as if they began to slip slowly as he thought to himself out-loud. "this is it.. this is the end for me isn't it.. I'm going to die just like my cousin did.. those demons have to of came from this portal like thing..." His hand was almost ready to slip.
  10. Nazomi quickly ran towards the crater, hearing the boy yelling for help.
    "Hold on!"
    She yelled to him, watching her footing as she ran to the crater. She grabbed his hand and started helping him up. "A-Are you alright?" She asked him as she pulled him up.
  11. He fell out onto his stomach breathing heavy as he looked up at the girl. "i- yeah I'm alright... i think.." He got up slowly brushing off dirt, as he looked at her and shook her hand.

    "Thank you so much.. i thought i was a goner.. glad someone was near-by to hear me.." He turned around
    and looked at the portal as it began to pulsate and glow brighter. "oh god.. we have to get out of here now! i think one of them demon things are going to come out! hurry common!"

    He took her hand and ran as fast as he could back towards town.
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  12. Her eyes went wide. "D-Demon things?!"
    She asked, As he grabbed her hand and drug her along with him.
    She glanced back to see a very grotesque dog like creature coming out of the portal.
    She screamed as she began running ahead of him. She felt her adrenaline kick in as she ran towards town with the boy.

    Her lungs were on fire by the time they got to town, and she was violently gasping for air.
    She bent over breathing heavily, allowing her lungs to stop hurting. "W-What..w-was that!" She choked out.
  13. He slid to a stop and took a breath for a moment.

    "That.. was something from a different world.. or a fairy tale.. one killed my cousin earlier this morning.. the city guards never believed me!.."he took a few more breaths.

    "Now someone else is witness to these demon things! that one was different then the one that got my cousin tho.. a different type maybe.. now we have to get someone else to see this then we have enough proof to send a team out and investigate it with force.." He looked at her.
  14. She straightened up and shook her head slightly.
    "Who is that person going to be?"
    She asked looking at him, still breathing heavily.
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  15. "Geez, that government official was such a stingy guy." Rytoa muttered, counting his haul before tying the coin pouch shut and placing it into his jacket's pocket. "Though that is while I secretly took a little extra without him knowing." He smiled then looked over his gun, sword, and gauntlets, sighing at the condition they were in. They had definitely seen better days but around here there weren't any people who could repair his stuff or even improve him, he had the money, he just needed someone's skills. Maybe it was time to take a trip to Kayan to either get them repaired or buy something new if they were beyond repair, the man really hoped they weren't. It just so happened the mercenary was walking along a path where he could see the two and had a curious look seeing how they seemed to be out of breath and maybe running from something. Don't get into others' problems, Ryota, it's none of your business. But his curiosity got the better of him and Ryota turned, easily making his way down the small hill and towards the boy and girl, raising a hand up while approaching them. "Hey, what's going on? You two look like you've been through the ringer." He stated, lowering his hand and sliding it into his pocket once he arrived but kept a few feet between them in case they were hostile. That'd give him enough time to either shoot them both or cut them down if this meeting turned sour.
  16. I slowly turned around whispering to the girl. "This, is who.." he turned to the man. "Yes.. somethings up alright.. we were being chased by some sort of demon like thing!.." he panted heavily, as he took nottice to his gaunlet and sword. "Hey.. nice things you got there.." Eiax leand back as his backed cracked a bit. "Who are you?" He asked.
  17. The man arched a brow slightly, 'this is who' what did that mean? Then he really arched a brow then the guy mentioned something about them being chased by a demon, that was hard to believe. "You sure you two haven't been drinking?" He asked with an amused looked. "Thanks, custom made." then he crossed both arms over his chest. "Name's Ryota, what about you two?"
  18. Nazomi shook her head.
    Obviously this pink haired boy trusted any person he saw.
    "My name is Nazomi, and I don't know this guys name.." She said pointing at the pink haired boy.

    She looked the man over, he wasn't from here that much was clear. No one dresses like he did, not in this town anyways.
    This town was peaceful and quiet...Usually.
  19. "My names Eiax, but that's not important at this moment.." He cracked his knuckles. "We need to get the guard to believe us.. there was a damn demon thing!.. it was going to chase us. we got away in time, but its not long before someone else dies.. like my cousin did early this morning.." he closed his eye's, as it thundered loudly and began to rain again. "I do love the rain, but we should get to a dry place.. its nice to meet you."
  20. Nazomi and Eiax huh, he'd have to remember that for the future then. Though he could feel Nazomi looking him over, no doubt she thought his attire was a little weird but Ryota didn't exactly like to dress the same way as others. "A demon thing?" He questioned, this kid definitely must have been drinking. Though part of his mind did consider what Eiax was saying when he mentioned about his cousin being killed by one. "You too." Then the man started walking in the direction of an area he knew would be nice and dry.
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