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  1. Necro is a modern/other world fantasy roleplay, We will judge each signup fairly and whichever character's fit into this roleplay World best. We will accept, Please do not be offended if you are not accepted. We love you anyways!! ~Flail~

    Our home planet, we call it Oasis its located in the dimension xxx7-002. Necro begins in the city of GreneField, where two local teenagers discover something evil. A group called Necro has began to open portals to another dimension, that is releasing other-worldly creatures into ours. Necro started in the city of kayan, The most technologically advanced city on all of oasis. They're scientist's discovered an orb like object,At first it appeared to be a perfectly round stone, but they soon discovered it was much more.[​IMG]
    They then began testing on it to see what it was, and the orbs rock like coating sheded as if it were skin. Then the orb appeared as if it were many dimensions all in one, reflections of faces that looked different then their own, and images of creatures that were unknown to this world. They handled the object with safety at first, but then the leader of Necro decided to look his project over with his sister. They grabbed the object bare-handed, which was a mistake the evil within the object released.. And corrupted them from the outside, as if they were host's of a new sickness a new found cold. Or flu.
    They suddenly obtained the knowledge of how to use the orbs powers, They went to a bare field to test this knowledge. There is where the story begins. Now the only hope are two people, and friends they gather along their journey's road. |||| (note the way we fight is with magic and technology. we must discover both things on our path ahead! Even more excitement!! :D) ||||

    Info of our world:
    Crystal Bay, Crystal Bay has Gigantic Baby blue crystals throughout the city and the people are quite pleasant there. They none starve for money either due to the large quantities of crystal. Grene Field, Grene Field consists of a large Farming city in the middle of the largest field known to oasis so far, The people treat you quite nice when you stay on their good side. Kayan City, Kayan City is the largest technologically advanced city on all of oasis, It's technology even stumps scientist's throughout the world, and its tech may never leave the city without a lot of Permits and license's. Transid Cove, Transid Cove is the largest Shipping city here. The people mostly live off fish due to being on the west coast of the Crystal Sea. The people are so use to water, rumors say some of them live under the water haha, But truthfully they are nice people mostly. Just dont crack any joke about shipping around them.. Hinara Cave, Hinara cave ahh.. well I can say its the most interesting city around next to Kayan City Due to it's in the largest cave system known to Oasis. The most interesting part is The main city is suspended in the air built onto the worlds largest Stalactite and bridge's extend out away from the main city to other stalactite's that house the people, I believe that one stalactite holds around one hundred houses. And that's a small stalactite compared to the main city..
    States: Crystal, Grene, Kayan, Transid, Hinara, Major Cities: Crystal Bay, Grene Field, Kayan City, Transid Cove, Hinara Cave, Towns: Faya,<=(Transid): Taria <=(Kayan): Meena <=(Grene): Krasan Currency: Mostly trading goods, and the money would probably be, Copper, Silver, gold, Etc.

    Roles to be filled:
    Main Necro scientist which is a male(you may use your own character to fill this spot but be evil) Necro leader, Which is also male. Leaders sister, Which is the Co-founder of Necro with her brother. (Please use your characters to fill these spots.)

    Meet the main character so far, this is Eaix Xise (E-ix Zise):[​IMG]
    || Age: 19 || Heaight: 5'10 || Name: Eiax Xise || Gender: Male ||

    Rule 1: you can only have 1 Character in this roleplay.
    Rule 2: Follow all of Iwaku's original Guide-line Rules.
    Rule 3: Please be nice to all other players, when OOC.
    Rule 4: No romance, our ages are different so it would break Iwaku's rules. Thank you :)

    This is the application ;)
    Which side are you on? Necro? or Oasis?

    ||Name: || Age: || State province: || Gender: || City of origin: || Appearance: || Small back story: ||
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  2. ||vvvvAppearancevvvv||
    ||Name: Nazomi Wishreeh. || Age: 15 || State province: Grene. || Gender: Female. || City of origin: Kayan City.
    ||Small back story: ||
    Nazomi was 5 years old when her parents were killed by Kayan city government agents, Because her parents had stolen their technology.
    Nazomi was then transported to an adoption agency, located in Grene field. She was later adopted by a middle class family.
    They lived peacefully, until strange things began to happen in Grene Field. People were disappearing, animals were being found torn apart.
    Nazomi's goal is to find out what's happening, what is ruining her peaceful town and life?
    She wont stop until she fixes everything, so her life will return to normal once again.

    This is the second main character :)
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  3. || Appearance: ||
    ||Name: Ryota Ragnaro|| Age: 23 || State province: Kayan || Gender: Male || City of origin: Kayan City
    || Small back story: ||

    Ryota left his family and headed out to do what he wanted at the age of fifteen. From there, he met a man that turned out to be the leader of an elite mercenary company and leapt at the opportunity to join and be trained by them. There he was trained in hand to hand combat, swordsman ship, gun handling, and how to be charming and persuasive to get his way through tough and diplomatic situations. He quickly rose up the ranks until he could finally take jobs on his own which led him to Grene field, every since arriving he had felt that something was off about the place and that piqued his curiosity so he decided to stay; which his old mentor and comrades were not happy about. Soon after all connects were served between them and he became a rogue warrior for hire as he continues to take jobs and investigate what's going on in his new 'home'.
  4. ||Name: Quinra Bloodlight || Age: 210 || State province: Not of this world || Gender: Male || City of origin: Not of this world
    || Appearance: Quinra.jpg
    || Small back story: Quinra is not of this world, originally from the world of Genoma, the orb had brought him here. Not knowing where he was he started to kill the evil that was around him. He is a fully cybernetic man, a very highly technological being. His metallic body is a very thin metal with a strong density. This being so he is able to change his height do to gravity situations, not at will. Being that his body is mostly cybernetic, the metal is able to fold together at a cellular level. His brain is connected to electronic nerves, change size when he changes size at an almost molecular level. This body of Quinra's is the most high tech piece of machinery that it is not known as machinery or cybernetics on his world they are known as bio-netics. He carries with him but a single sword, while the technological body carries small guns on the shoulders that can contain anti matter and use it as ammo. they follow the same Bio-netic structure, and hold an area for ammo cartridges on his shoulders, and on his sides he carries ammo, until he runs out. and his body runs only on solar power, charging the power all day until night time, and the battery can last for years at a time. He hopes to be able to get to his home world soon.||
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  5. Wonderful seriously this one is so good i had to accept you right in the open! I love your character! Welcome to the RolePlay friend :D
  6. @Kanja Sionji
    Thanks, I actually set this character up a while ago, the only downside is i don't have an original picture for him, so i just decided to get a picture that came close to what he looks like.
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  7. by the way i forgot to mention that the bio-netic science isn't originally owned by the people on Quinra's home world
  8. Is there a role to become the Villain? if there is one, i want to join. :3

    || Name: Olivier Sachz
    || Age: 17
    || State province: Crystal
    || Gender: Male
    || City of origin: Crystal Bay
    || Appearance:
    || Small back story: Born in a military environment Olivier joined the army academy when his age reach 10 year old. Showing very exceptional skill in battle and strategy make him famous in his academic life. many people said that he is a genius that born one out of 100.000. After graduating from the academy in his 14, Necro's Leader scouted him to become on their pawns. leaving him not a choice but to accepted their invitation. after a long 3 years in Necro's army his rank rose to the top. He gained a personal army to fulfill his hidden agenda ||
  9. image.jpg Character Sheet
    Name: Alex S. Riley
    Age: Seventeen Years
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    State: Crytal
    City of Origin: Crystal Bay
    -Alex is a kind soul with a troubled-ish past who hates violence. He is quoted saying "Why does it always have to be this way?" when in conflict.
    Aesthetic Description:
    -Alex has dark, sandy blonde hair that used to be a lot lighter. He wears a light blue t-shirt with a few dark blue stripes and an un-buttoned button-down shirt that is a deep almost navy blue. He wears blue jeans and black, or blue depending, Converse. His Knight's Armor, when he does wear it (which is rarely by the way), is mostly silver and blue with some white detailing. It even has a smancy silver cape. There is a small shield attached to the left arm of the armor that is removable.
    -Alex was an Imperial Knight. His life was finally going the right way. But one day his best-friend framed him for attempting to summon a creauture of evil origin. Chased out of the town by guards and townsfolk he ended up in a forest. He stumbled upon a blade jutting from the side of a tree, and drew it from said tree. Now he wishes to prove himself innocent, protect the one's he cares for, and just return to his old life of peace and freedom.
    Other details:
    Special Equipment:
    -This magical sword allows the wielder to create spell cards at will.
    -This sword allows the wielder to utilize all spell cards.
    -The Spellsword has a card form, a completely gold card with a depiction of the sword jutting from a cliff and a shimmering lake as the background.
    -His knight's armor's card form is silver with a blue diagonal stripe.
    Spell Cards:
    -These magical cards allow the user to control the elements, become intangible, gain unimaginable strength, or even slow time around them for a short period.
    Special Skill:
    •Trained Swordsman
    •Novice Chef
    •Genius level Intelligence
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  10. now i have to say that is one wicked character you got there @Alex S. Riley
  11. Does that mean I'm approved?
  12. no i am sorry, but i am not the owner of the thread i just thought he was awesome, especially how he uses his abilities and weapon abilities.
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  13. You're accepted! You can start posting right away if you like. Sadly Kanja (The creator of this Rp) Is having difficulties with his internet so he will be absent from accepting applications and also from the RP for now.
  14. alright should we skip to another time or i might have my character trail off away from the group and find Alex's character or something if we could not do anything with Kanja's character
  15. Alright lets follow along this small story line (Kanja made >.>) We got to the royal guard and they wouldn't listen and Eiax attacked an officer and was arrested. then we left and trailed off (If you don't mind my character tagging along with you >.<)
  16. So, how do you suggest I jump-in?
  17. alright so where would the royal guard be so i can get an idea of how to continue
  18. It really doesn't matter, you could start at a camp you made in the woods or you can start in the city of Grene field or a town out side of grene field. Like I said, it really doesn't matter how you jump in we will all meet up somehow anyways. :)
  19. i have an idea about how we start to continue after Eiax gets arrested. Lets say that because Quinra was attacking a guard, then when a few other guards came in to stop teh fight Quinra had tried to stop them, only killing a couple of them with his sword, but when he did that more guards had come, out numbering us, and we ran while Eiax was being arrested, does that sound like something good to you @Kibo-Chan
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