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I strongly prefer to play male protagonists, though I can roleplay those of other genders on request. Side characters of mine do not have this stipulation and are more diverse in gender. I don't feel comfortable labeling characters with seme or uke, but am fine with situations where my character tops (or bottoms). Switching is cool too!

I am pretty receptive to all pairings except heterosexual ones; as an asexual polyromantic who is uninterested in boys, I am too gay to be comfortable with that and I apologize sincerely. ;o;
For reduction of ambiguity:
- I will roleplay platonic relationships between any genders, so long as the characters involved are not the main characters AND male + female (I have had horrible experiences with this. I am so sorry). I will accept roleplays in which there are more than two main characters and these sorts of relationships exist. I don't mind playing the tertiary character in this instance! Just in case this is, like, super confusing, here are a couple of examples.
• Three main characters are present. One is male and the other two are female (for instance; vice versa may be true or any mixture of genders can be present!) I control the male and another character. The female and male regularly interact platonically, but the female also has interaction with the other female, whether or not they are romantically interested in each other. - My jam.
• You control the third character - Also my jam.
• Two main characters exist and are in a platonic relationship. One may be male or one may be female, but their genders together are not M + F. - Yoooo, I'm down.
• Two main characters are present. One is male and the other is female; they interact primarily with each other throughout the roleplay, though the relationship is platonic. - I'm not down. Sorry!

- I will roleplay romantic relationships in these contexts!
• M/M.
• M/NB. Really, anything involving characters not fitting into the niche of "male" or "female" is alright, I promise. Just tell me your character's gender and pronoun set and I'll respect it, both IC and OOC. You deserve to feel comfortable with your character and the way you're playing them - it's a facet of their being that you should absolutely be in control of.
*Heck, if you have guidelines for a gender you'd like me to play, I'm good with deviating from my norm so that the roleplay is a better experience for you!
• You could probably poke me to play F/F! My writing may feel a little stiff, though, ahah; I don't have much experience in this field.
• Polyamorous relationships. I give no fucks about the genders involved, honestly. M/F can be a part of it too! Just tell me which ones you'd prefer or suggest them and I'll go with the flow. *v*

• Smut with players in my age group (teen) is okay - as is never taking it that far! I am on the ace spectrum and though I like to think about sex I sympathize with you completely if explicit content like that feels discomforting.

-Tell me your triggers, if any - or even things that squick you out - so that I can keep you safe. Roleplaying is intended to be fun for everyone involved and I don't intend on touching content that could discomfort you with a ten foot pole.
- As for themes that unsettle me, I refuse to participate in roleplays containing rape or non-consensual romantic contact, bestiality, or slave/master relationships. Pregnancy is also something that squicks me out a little??
- Otherwise, I have practically no limits. Intense gore, explicit scenes, cursing, and torture are a-okay with me so long as everything follows site rules.
- I am adaptable regarding literacy. Recently I've been craving easily sustainable roleplays where a paragraph per character is posted, but I have crafted posts of more substance in the past and can give samples if necessary. I really am looking for a shorter sort of thing now, however - longer replies tend to be stressful for me and can inhibit the amusement factor of the roleplay for us both since I can't cope well!
- I am chill with you doing literally anything to my characters, so long as you don't kill them abruptly. Have an antagonist do something with the intent of changing their body or mind. See one shivering in their sleep and, like, toss a blanket over them. Have them get beat up terribly. I will be 100% alright with these developments. //[whispering] I'm always a slut for fluff and bad things happening to my characters.
- I get super gushy about other people's characters. They're wonderful and perfect and so much better than mine. You are so much better than me. I love y---please be prepared
Since I am not a serious person at all, I may sometimes lapse into less serious periods in OOC. I will try to preserve the tone of the roleplay as best as possible, but even super dark things have the occasional light side and my behavior will probably reflect that!
- I utilize a combination of descriptions and anime faceclaims. If you had a realistic one in mind I'll reciprocate with a realistic faceclaim. Basically if you use something, I'll use the same sort of thing.
- I don't use character forms for 1x1s often - I feel that, since the scenario is a lot more intimate in these cases and characters interact with each other a lot more, they can sometimes weigh down character development and prohibit me from familiarizing myself with your character at the same pace my character does. I love doing that thing way too much. If you'd like to use forms, though, we definitely can!


You deserve as big of a role in the proceedings as me. If you're a more passive or aggressive roleplayer, that's alright too! Most of the things put up here are rough sketches, not fully fleshed out plots. We can figure out the details via further plotting! World-building and species-building are both my absolute faves, oh my gosh.

I rarely want to play one or the other in cases where there are two or more species, so just hit me up with a preference and I'll defer to you.

I am also 100% good with plotting based off an idea of your own!

Two amateur hunters of the supernatural get into more than they bargained for when they're met with an enigmatic force that ends up changing their lives significantly. Abruptly met with immense pain, they black out; upon regaining consciousness, they begin to discover that they are slowly becoming something else, and the transformation is not a neat or painless one. Upon its end, they are only halfway human - the other part of their bodies has been turned into something else altogether. What they once hunted wants them either for prey or their value as assets/subordinates, and their former comrades have taken to hunting them as they struggle with their instincts. Instead of occupying both spaces, they are doomed to walk the earth as neither human or monster. The only thing each one has now is the other.
* Species can either be the same, different but cooperative, or species in instinctual opposition to each other. Relationship between hunters is undefined. Rivals taking on the same task? New partners? Who knows but I am down as fuck

Experiments, but with a stated goal. This goal would not be to produce the ultimate singular assassin, but to make those proficient in killing into efficient teams. If one escapes, the others are always the ones to chase them; they may not have known each other beforehand, but they are experimented on together and they will remain together until death.
* Experiments could have different purposes. Establishment of powers? Mutation - maybe into a supernaturalish species?

- I have an unused universe where immortals still have to face death, but in a different way than mortals. Basically they can make ties with other entities during their time in the human world. This time ends only when they are destroyed by another immortal or die via certain diseases. So long as the immortal/s to which they are tied live/s, the dead one is banished to a world resembling the void - but once they die, they go to meet the other there, and the veil of blackness begins to lift. Once this process is done, the group is met with a world that they can shape with their own imaginations; they are the rulers there, and they can even create sentient species. There are few stipulations, but tied entities must remain within a mile of each other at all times. Failure to do so can result in literal teleportation.

As for a plot bunny I suppose a corruption or glitch of some sort could be messing with the framework of the universe and thusly the workings of death? Nobody can die twice, but it could be a gradual sort of plague with a bad effect on the minds of dead immortals??
Also final worlds are supposed to be exclusive to the tied immortals reigning over them, so the rips and tears it's creating would allow immortals and creatures of this shade of sorts into the domains of others, messing with the framework of the universes they've created.

Ties are not necessarily ones of romantic love, but simply things that mean a particular entity is inextricably connected to another. The exact details of the relationship don't matter.
* I really want enemies to accidentally wind up together? It'd be so fun, help me.
Or like a love triangle where two people are tied to the same person that eventually winds up as polyamory.

Other things I'm always alright with:

- Horror! I always adore horror. It's fabulous, I'm a bit of a sick puppy, haha.
- Misc. supernatural things.
- Inhuman supernatural things made humanoid.
- Humanoid embodiments of inhuman things like seasons, animals, or stars/constellations/planets, with or without powers.
- Shapeshifters
- Mind control
- Superheroes (humans with powers or otherwise)
- Supervillains
- Poss nekos? I don't know man

Things I generally will not do:
- Vampires/werewolves. I like the dynamic of being able to convert others into your species, especially with werewolves where there's a way to initiate them into a group that means two characters will be hanging around each other for extended periods of time. But I prefer cats/birds/even other supernatural creatures like were-hellhounds to wolves, if that makes any sense? It leaves more flexibility for species development, ahah.
- Anthros.
- Apocalypses.
- Fandoms in general. Pokemon is fine. ;w;'
- Slice of life roleplays.

Thank you so much for reading and please don't hesitate to PM me or post on the thread if anything seems particularly interesting (or even if you'd like to use one of my plots with a partner other than me)!​
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