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  1. So everyone has that one story they remember in a game where they either almost died or failed the mission. Whether it's by luck or skill, we've barely managed to get out alive. So, I want you to recount yours.

    I just got into a certain mission in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag where my ship is not upgraded to the mission's level. I had made it through enemy territory just to get set on by three Man'O'Wars, with my ship. It's like a Pomeranian going after three Great Danes and expecting to win. My ship was less than half alive and I fought and fought until I took one down, fixed my ship and limped off and got attacked by the second one. I won the second battle but with a blinking pink health line.

    There were three more enemy ships coming and I managed to just avoid them even though their colour was in the yellow alert. I actually survived two battles with two Man'O'Wars with my pitiful tugboat.

    I think Ravenclaw deserves to be given five points.

    Most of the time when I face the boss, it's always a near escape.

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  2. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, the last night elf level on campaign (the mount hyjal battle)

    I was a kid. I didn't play competitive level WC3. It took a lot of effort to beat that level.


    I failed to protect Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall's bases, but I FUCKING HELD THE LINE.

    Longest 45 minutes ever.
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  3. The only specific instance I remember is a jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2.

    Me and a friend were trying to complete it together and we hit a point with a lot of fire.
    Friend went to try first, died right at the end. I went up, and started jumping around like a mad man while screaming like pewdiepie.

    I just manage to hit the end and revive him.
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  4. My first time against the archdemon in DA:O on nightmare. Here I was, young and looking for a challenge. The broodmother was infuriating, but the archdemon was even more so.

    Suggestion: lots and lots of spirit balm. You'll need it.
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  5. X-COM: Apocalypse on Superhuman.

    There were several times where my soldiers would get hit with acidic rounds that would eat through their armour and health constantly, escaping out of the battle zone with only 1-4 hit points left.

    There were also times they didn't.

    Needless to say, every single time an XCom soldier holds onto life with one hit point, and manages to evade an attack with a 50%+ hit chance?

    That counts. :ferret:
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    holy shit it was intense
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  7. Numerous times in binding of isaac, where I'm down to like one heart or half a heart, but somehow I make it through and sometimes even manage to beat the game.

    Guild Wars 2 has had some insane moments too for me, where everyone else in my party is dead and I end up dealing the final blow to whatever boss we were fighting. This is especially true in the reactor fractal on high scales, where the mechanics of the last boss are pretty hard, so usually it ends up with me and one other person still alive at the end after jumping and evading all that bullshit for too long. I've done it alone a couple of times.
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  8. Me playing League of Legends with my friends consists of me screaming as I try to dodge all the skillshots with no flash and heal after losing a teamfight and on less than 10% health
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  9. We have a lot of these experiences when fighting a boss in Killing Floor 2. It totally sucks to be the last one on your team who's alive, but if you can get the winning kill that's fucking awesome.
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  10. I feel I spend more time in The Division at 5% health then I do at full health at this point.
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  11. Bloodborne. Trying to run from two hunters. DIED. LOST 60,000 BLOOD ECHOES. CAME BACK, RETRIEVED THEM, DIED AGAIN. Repeat four times until I finally killed those hunters. UGH. THAT GAME IS HARD >:(
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    • Jumping off a cliff in ArcheAge and gliding to safety while being chased by an enemy guild for harassing their traders.
    • Leap of certain death to grab a drake in Dragon's Dogma and nailing it.
    • Every single game of Vermintide with my wife so far.
    • Waves 45+ in Gears of War 2 horde mode.
    • ODST 'horde' mode trying to get that achievement.
    • 3v4 Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Apocalypse Mod of 1 SM, 1 SoB, and me, the Imperial guard against 4 orks on the Armageddon map. We died standing. But we held the line. Also 25 basilisk.
    • Playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. Accidental weapon jam facing off against two bloodsuckers. At night. On STALKER difficulty. I literally yelled BLYAT as I flung the gun down for my trusty sidearm. Survived. Found an anomaly that just barely covered the weapon repair cost. Fuck I love them Slavs.
    • Being the last man standing (deployed) in Space Marine's exterminatus mode. Hammering ork after ork with heavy bolter fire while praying my team respawns fast enough.
    • Scoring a across-the-arena shot in Rocket League while their goalie fails to stop it. Likewise doing a back flip and keeping the ball from my goal.
    • Losing a facility in Planetside 2. Rushing to spawn that harasser in the final 15 seconds. Biting my tongue as my friends jump off the ledge and straight in as we boost over an enemy MBT that clips us with an AP round.
    • Every time I spawn a my AP Lightning with max stealth and maxed racer chassis. Drifting at 90kph past an enemy tank line while dumping rounds into rear armor. All while dodging lock on missiles, tank rounds.. Oh yeah~
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