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  1. Don't be fooled by the Greek title, this is a Scifi Role play. Basically you are part of one of Six flagships. (3 one the side of the good guys and 3 on the villains side). Depending on the job you take you are responsible to help your crew mates alive and successful. You may be either a human or one of the alien races that will be in the game. Also you MAy choose to be one of the captains of said flagships but it's first come first serve. (I will be one of them so that leaves room for 5 more.) the setting is what else? space. But other than that I am still trying to piece things together.

    But in the mean time feel free to show your Intrest here.
  2. could you give us more of a background ?
  3. Like I said before I'm still trying to work things out, make it fun for everyone. So things like the background are still in the works. I'm thinking something along the lines of a "Starwars-Esk" idea (as in two sides goin at one another) but more in the future like Halo and Starcraft.

    At this time both sides have 3 sub faction. One that acts as an exploration and military fleet, one that acts as law enforcement, and one for the counsel. Buut I might add a few others later. I guess it all really just boils down to "who to rule the universe". Kinda cliche, but kinda cool too.
  4. Are the ships and crews pre specified ?
  5. Well, yes and no. Every crew needs to have the basics, like having one captain to give orders and make major decisions, engineers to fix things when they break, chefs to keep the crew fed, navigators so the crew doesn't get lost in deep,space, and a second in command when the captain isn't around just to name a few. But what those roles ARE in terms of species, behavior, and background is up to the player. The size of said crew is mostly going to be NPCS but the more important things will be player controlled. The crew is multi raced, just to give it that real space feel and to better diversify the crews of each ship.

    Also captains of each vessel will get to pick a name for their flagship. Mine is going to be "The New Andromeda". But the ships them selves are up to the captain who oversees it. Typically it should be designed by their own kind but I Won't force people into that so long as their reason as to obtaining it is sound.
  6. What would you say to a ship that is mainly controlled by robotic units, though it refuels regularly by mining/stripping a planet with large mining lances or something.
  7. There IS going to be a mechanical race. And I am thinking about adding pirates as a neutral faction. Als might add miners to both sides... So sure you can do that.
  8. basicly the idea would be that they use drones as there fighters etc and being more of a support ship than battle ship.
  9. Like I said, I'll allow it. :)
  10. sweet lets hope for some more interest
  11. Yeah, might be a while since this site isn't as active as it use to be.
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