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  1. STORY

    Welcome to St. Nazareth Academy! Long ago, the world was at war and St. Nazareth was originally built as a military school to train male students for war. Nowadays, it still trains students but St. Nazareth is a co-ed boarding school built for all sorts of things. Its similar to a vocational school but its not quite a vocational school. Its a private school made for only the best and the most beautiful people attend there. There are some people who attend because of a scholarship but they aren't like the really rich students. There are very few who get a scholarship from this school and most people, even the smartest, can't get in. The school has to want you, you can't want the school. It doesn't work like that.
    Oh and did I mention there are demons of all kinds attending this school. It has both humans and demons who come to this school but the humans don't know about the demons attending this school. They don't even know about the existence of demons and if someone accidentally finds out about the school.... their memory is erased by the headmaster's right hand man and adopted son(will be creating both).
    This school has stables behind it but not only that, it has mythology classes, computer classes that don't teach you about word or anything like that. They teach you about c++, javascript, html5, and a bunch of other computer languages. They teach students how to code and even create video games. They also have horseback riding, magic, training, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and Dutch. They also have gen ed subjects. Oh and depending on the language you learn, you can visit the country. If you learn Dutch, you get to visit the Netherlands. If you learn German, you can visit Germany. Japanese, Japan. Spanish, Spain. French, France. They also have other trips like visiting England for a week or visiting Africa. They enjoy giving the students lot to do.


    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. Limit of 5 characters per character
    3. No God modding; don't control other peoples characters
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your posts as long as you want
    6. No one liners
    7. Relationships can happen between characters but anything sexual should happen between characters and only if your over 18; underage members should just black out.
    8. Keep the different talents organized
    9. Be as creative as you want with your characters! There is no limit.


    Naoki walked through the front door of the school, looking around at all the students. He seemed bored by them all. He let out a yawn, taking a quick glance at his schedule. He was never a morning person but at least he had motivation to wake up every morning and come to school. It sometimes felt like he was going through the motions. it felt like he did the same thing every day. Get up, get ready, come to school, head back to the dorms, sleep. It was so boring. But then there it was.
    He had walked into the auditorium to talk to the drama teacher and hopefully the choral teacher in hopes he could get some insight on the current assignment when he saw her. She was strung up. She was crucified like Jesus Christ was. Her arms were tied to the wall and her feet were tied together. Her throat was slit but he wasn't looking at the wound. He was looking at the beautiful angel wings that had ripped out of her back like they had been forced. Her eyes were wide with surprise. He was top of his class but never has he seen such a beautiful horrorshow.
    Naoki didn't know how to react. He recognized the girl. She was in his math class last year and he had seen her in his mythology class this year. They weren't friends but he helped her a few times when she was struggling in class. He remembered she gave him a love letter and he rejected her.... like all the other girls but there was always something different about her. Not her beauty. Not her brains. He couldn't figure out what it was but seeing her like this... no one deserved it such pain and sorrow. He started to sing Amazing Grace, in hopes her body can find peace.
    After the song, he reached out to touch her but pulled away. He walked out of the room and quickly found a teacher. He let the adults take over. He was no vigilante. He was just some kid. He started to head to his first period class, trying to forget what he just saw.​
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  2. Alyss Marie - Outside the School

    "You're such a cutie, you know that right?" She giggled, wrapping her arms around the human boy's neck. The human boy was already so in love with her and she had just started her spell. Then again, the majority of the students in this school either had a crush on her or loved her, even if it was just a little bit. Too bad she didn't love them back, they were just another victim or body to her. ''You really are cute, with those big brown eyes and you're full lips. I don't think I could get enough from you, I promise." She said and she meant it too, he was cute for a human boy. He smiled, cupping her face with his hands. "I would love to stay with you if you would let me, Miss Alyss." Oh good, he was a gentleman, which was a step up from her recent relationship. "Of course I would let you stay! You're such a gentleman and I believe we would make an outstanding coup-"

    "Alyss, you out on the prowl again?" A voice sounded from behind her. Unwinding her hands from the boy's neck, she turned around and gave a big grin to the person, or rather demon, before her. It was Amber, her best friend since she started this damn school. The other actually didn't care that Alyss had lured nearly half of the male (sometimes even female) students into her bed during the past three years.

    "I am, actually. Isn't he cute?" She glanced behind her to look at the human, who was staring at her intently, waiting for her next order. He would listen to her every word at this rate. Human's were always the easiest to control, they're minds weren't as strong as the demons. He would likely jump off a bridge for her if she asked. "He's lovely, I would love to have a taste but he's all yours." Amber said bitterly, walking up to Alyss. She gave the succubus a tight hug before pulling back. "Why don't we have your man here walk us to class?"

    "Sounds like a great idea, Amber." Alyss grinned, turning back around to face her human. "Markus? Would you mind walking me and my dear friend to our first period? We have Mythology, remember?" Suddenly, his adorable face brightened and he wrapped an arm around Alyss. "Why not? Come on ladies." Then from there, he began to lead them up to the large front doors of the school.

  3. Scar stood at the entrance of the school and smirked at the two girls who went by Amber and Alyss. He was the punk of the school, very different from Naoki. He was sly and dangerous. He smirked at the girls. "Rumor has it school might be cancelled." He snickered. "There was a murder. You two won't know anything about that would you?" He quickly slid behind Alyss and he ran a hand along her neck. "I heard that Naoki guy found her strung up in the auditorium..." He shuddered. "I can't imagine a murderer within this school." He was then in front of them, wind surrounding them. "Are you two going to the party this weekend. Its suppose to be the greatest party of the year. Everyone who's anyone is going to be there. I asked Naoki and he said he doesn't have time for parties. Probably going to lock himself in his room as usual and yet the girls love him. I wonder why... you girls should come. theres gonna be beer and weed, two of the greatest things in the world." He walked away, laughing to himself.​
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  4. Beckett "Beck" Graves
    Beckett emerged from his covers, finding that his "guest" from the night before was still sleeping next to him. She was a cute enough girl and a demon at that, so he didn't necessarily have to hide his tail and horns from her. The demon girl was exhausted, but that came as no surprise to the incubus. He had practically drained her the night before, so in a rare gesture of kindness he left her alone as he got to changing into his clothes. Beckett, or "Beck" as most people called him, pulled on a pair of pants and allowed for his tail to slip down one pant leg before buttoning and zipping his fly. He pulled on a white button-up shirt and got his shoes and socks on before casting the one spell he could use to hide his horns. The incubus was able to pull his wings into his back, so that wasn't a problem at all. However, once he finished that casting he felt a set of feminine arms wrap around his chest.
    "Oh Beck, last night was amazing." The girl said, speaking huskily as she ran her hands over his chest. "Why don't we walk to first period together?"
    "Nope." Beck replied bluntly as he pried the girl off of him. "I don't do that relationship shit. And before you ask, yes last night was nothing more than a one-night stand."
    He turned to look at the girl who was now on the verge of tears.

    "Don't waste those on me darling, you should have known what you were getting into when an incubus asked you to bed." He added, simply watching as the tears welled up in her eyes.
    She started going off on how he was a monster and she was going to tell everyone while furiously pulling her clothes on. The incubus simply tuned it out, as he'd heard it from several guys and girls over the years. She left with a slam of his door and it was only then that Beck attended to his hair. Once that was done he grabbed his jacket and phone and walked out of his dorm room. It didn't take the incubus long to get to the front of the school and once he entered, he heard chatter here and there about a murder. Probably something around the town, so he ignored it and checked his phone when it buzzed. A party this weekend? Count him there.​
  5. Ishida was already awake, he was taking his early morning nude swim in the pool. His clothes was at near the gate. He heard the voices in the distance talking about the early murder. Something always like this happened at the beginning of the year. "Poor kid.." He was speaking of Naoki seeing the aftermath of the killed teacher. It must of been devastating to see early in the morning. He wonders which student or staff did it to her. He looked over at the clock seeing it was almost time for first period classes making him groan.

    He stepped out of the pool grabbing the towel off the railing wrapping it around him. He walked over to his clothes walking into the locker room taking a quick shower before slipping on his clothes for the day. "Geez I can't understand how humans wear these all these" he groaned a little starting to walk down the hallways slowly hearing about the party going on this weekend. He didn't normal like parties but why not. He walked over to his locker grabbing his books for the first class.
  6. Miekka "Blade" Teho
    Miekka, as always, had an impassive expression on her face. She felt nothing, so nothing showed on her face. Of course, she did feel some emotions, but she liked to keep that a secret. After all, knowledge was power and Miekka didn't dare to give others power, not anymore. She had heard of a murder committed sometime during the night; an angel was the victim in question. However, that information did nothing to Miekka except alert her to a potential enemy. She felt no disgust or sadness at the death, only a faint knowledge that should she ever commit such an act, no one would ever find the evidence. A single finger began to stroke along the hilt of one of her blades, allowed to be carried on her person due to her membership of the fencing team. She felt no worry at being targeted, being confident in her ability to fight off any attackers that came after her.

    Sighing softly, she released the hilt of her blade before heading into the classroom of her first period class, Mythology. She had no true attachment to the history she learned in this class, but had merely chosen the most popular classes to join. The whole purpose of this exercise in "school" was to meet other people and learn to interact with them properly. That was why she was going to the "party" going on, despite having no true desire to go there. However she was sure that a lot of the student body would go, and perhaps she would make a "friend" as the principle had urged her to do when she had first applied to this school.

  7. Lana walked extra slowly by the pool as Ishida always went skinny dipping in the mornings. Lana has had a crush on Ishida since freshman year it's become part of her routine every morning. Wake up get dressed stick a lollipop in her mouth it was her newest vice after quitting smoking. Then she would walk by the pool on her way to class even if it took an extra minute Lana never minded. She walked to class looking down at the floor, at everyone's shadows. Being a shadow demon wasn't all fun and games shadows can be loud, none louder than on Monday morning. All the bad thoughts people were thinking she could hear them like whispers in the back of her mind and they sometimes drove her crazy which is why she started to smoke in the first place. With that thought she twirled the lollipop in her mouth.
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  8. Naoki sat at his desk in his mythology class. He showed an emotionless expression despite seeing a brutally murdered student who he was interested in. He sat there writing down notes quickly. He had a photographic memory making school easy for him. He enjoyed mythology. He was good at it because he knew the history of their kinds already. He read books of it when he was small. It made him happy to read all of this though.
    A girl sat at his desk and smirked. "Aw Naoki... I heard you saw the murder of the girl. It must have been shocking. Here I can comfort y-"
    Naoki stood up, annoyed by the girls presence. "I don't need your comfort. I suggest you get to studying. We have a test tuesday and a term paper due wednesday. Your falling behind and this class is only as strong as its weakest link."
    He noticed the girl getting all teary eyed and he sat back down. "Girls like you give me a headache." He went back to studying. He hated girls who used their body to get what they wanted and plenty of them hung around him.​
  9. Awin

    Awin tugged on her pigtails nervously and fixed her bangs in the mirror. It was her second year at Nazareth, but this year, she was determined to get something right. Groaning, she slammed her head against the mirror. There was about a two percent chance she would work up enough courage to actually talk to someone, let alone make a friend. She lifted up her eyes, her true form flashing in front of her eyes before she turned away. Most people looked beautiful in their true forms, majestic even. She didn't.

    Awin flexed her hands, feeling the familiar touch of her gloves. They wouldn't work for continuous contact, but at least she could bump into someone without giving them some weird disease. She didn't even know if she could infect anybody here, but it was not a chance she wanted to take. "Okay," she whispered to herself. "Okay, this will be the day I make a friend. Today's the day. I got this. I got this. I got-"

    The moment the young and at the moment, adorable, Acheri left the bathroom, any courage dripped out of her. She let out a small squeak, ducked her head and pushed her way through the crowd, careful not to linger near any one person. Her heart sank as she anxiously sat through Mythology. Maybe today wouldn't be the day.
  10. Sierre and Davien

    Sierre and her brother had awoken about the same time and wasted no time getting ready for school. The two of them often awoke early so that they may take a separate path away from the main route to sing their hearts out before going to class. As demons of song, their main purpose was to charm humans with the beauty of their voices before destroying them mentally or physically, and that was only if the demon was trying. Other demons held much stronger minds, which meant Davien's and Sierre's voice wouldn't affect them the same way it would a human. Perhaps weaker minded demons would be swooned, but it wasn't at the level of an Incubus' or Succubus' charm.

    The two of them ceased their song once they were close to people again, heading to their first period, Mythology. They didn't really mind the class itself, though Sierre and Davien were concerned about the murder that happened at school after overhearing some students. They were demons supposed to kill, and Davien had seen enough things about horror to have a good idea of what the dead teacher might have been through. However, they weren't going to go out of their way to find out this mystery, they would leave that to the adults.

    The two of them arrived to Mythology a little later than they wanted to, having been invited to a party by a mutual friend of theirs. It sounded more than what they were used to, so they said they would think about it. The blue haired woman and her brother caught sight of an anxious young girl sitting all alone. It was something Sierre didn't like to see... She looked genuinely nice. Sierre motioned her brother to follow her, where she purposely sat down next to Awin, her brother sitting right next to Sierre.

    "I hope you don't mind we sit here..." Sierre asked the long blue haired girl, hoping she wasn't going to scare the girl off or anything.

  11. After he finished getting his books, Ishida saw a familiar face in the distance. It was the girl from his class Lana was her name. He starts walking over to her at a normal pace. He saw that she was looking down at the ground. He almost forgot for a second that she was a shadow demon. He tapped her head on the head lightly with one of his spiral notebooks "Good Morning Lana, You shouldn't look down when you walk someone might bump into you." he chuckled softly putting one of his hands in his pocket.

  12. Lana jumped at the contact she turned to Ishida her lips automatically smiled around the lollipop stick then removed it to speak "Uh. um Hi Ishida. Wi-Will do. I'll look up every once and a while. Thanks" Lana blushed It wasn't the first time they spoke but every time they did she turned pink in the face and gained a stutter. "Um what class do you have next?" Lana tried not to stare but Ishida was very handsome so she placed the lollipop in her mouth twirling it as she waited for a responce.
  13. Awin

    When Awin heard a melodious voice, she looked up, startled. Her hand instinctively went up to the charm around her neck, which was the only thing hiding her true form. Sometimes, she wondered if she worried too much. She shook her head, "N-no, of course not."

    She avoided eye contact with the beautiful girl, dropping her gaze to her lap as soon as she had finished her sentence. She really should say something more, but Awin had never really been the best conversationalist. After all, she had never fit in at home and she didn't really fit in well here despite her attempts at signing up for numerous clubs and activities to try to make friends. She bit her lip and glanced over. "I-I'm A-Awinita, b-by the w-way."
  14. Ishida looked at the lollipop in her mouth before taking an idea . He put his fingers on the handle pulling the lollipop out of her mouth if she allows it then puts it into his looking into her eyes licking around it slowly before taking it out of his mouth with a light smile on his face. "I have mythology I believe Lana." he put the lollipop up to her lips so she could have it back.
  15. Sierre and Davien

    The two of them looked at the girl, Davien catching her by what he thought were her overly large eyes and uneven pigtails. Sierre herself couldn't help but note how anxious and fidgety she was. Perhaps she was just really shy around new people.... Poor girl. Awinita appeared to be the type of person to hide from everyone or sit in the corner of a room. The demons of song both gave her friendly smiles in an attempt to show her they meant no harm in any way.

    "I am Sierre..."

    "And I'm Davien."

    "Are you new to this school Awinita? I don't believe I've seen you around..." Sierre asked her, both her and her brother looking at her curiously. Davien would have remembered those overly large eyes if they had seen her before.


  16. Lana looked at the lollipop her eyes crossing she looked at his lips where the lolipop had been seconds ago then she opened her mouth and let him place it on her tongue. She wasn't a germaphobe and a hot guy just licked her lollipop (if that didn't sound like an innuendo Lana didn't know what did). Instead of removing it from her mouth she placed it in her cheek so she could talk "Me too" her voice was an octave lower as she looked up at him again. "I have more if you want." her cheeks went from pink to red she took one strap of her book bag and opening a pocket chalk full of them. "I don't mind sharing."
  17. Ishida shook his head slowly then patted her head gently "No thank you, I just wanted to taste the one you had. That would count as an indirect kiss right?" he teased with a grin on his face before starting to walk slowly to his mythology class. She could walk with him if she wanted to.
  18. Awin

    Awin blushed slightly when they asked her that question. "Oh, um no. You see, I- I'm a sophomore. T-this is my s-second year..." she dropped her gaze again, playing with a stray string on her skirt. "I'm s-sorry. I d-don't r-really talk to people a lot..."

    God, that sounded so lame. Why did she say that? Why can't she be interesting? Awin's fingers itched for a pencil. Drawing always made her feel better, but her sketchbook and art kit were in her backpack and she didn't want to seem rude by taking it out and they seemed really nice and what kind of person would do something like that and- Awin chewed the inside of her cheek, hoping she hadn't missed something in her little mental rant.

  19. Lana nodded she didn't know how to keep her heated face at bae. then she looked up and he was a few steps away she scurried to his side as they walked to class she thought thay was her first kiss involving tongue it was kind of only tongue. She did not expect this today. She looked at ishida's drop dead gorgeous bone structure and then her eyes fell toward his neck and before they could go lower than his large arms she pulled the lollipop from her mouth "Did you uh hear about the murder on campus?"
  20. Sierre and Davien

    They both kept examining her and her fidgety behavior. Were they scaring her with this conversation or with their presence? The blue haired woman smiled at the other girl, Davien already telling that this girl didn't have a lot of friends before she said it. Awinita looked to be an adorable young lady with plenty going for her, but that shyness would be getting in the way.

    "I don't mean to offend, but it wasn't hard to decipher."

    "Especially with all that stuttering-"

    "Davien! Anyway, my brother is a Sophomore as well... He may be in more of your classes." She said nicely, Davien pushing up where his glasses would be if he had them on.