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Location: The Mansions Study
A pocket realm between worlds set in Nayanna's universe.

Nayanna found herself short of allies. Staring down at the short list of who remained loyal to her name was disheartening and laughable at the same time as she sat in her study and brooded over the past.

After centuries spent fighting in Fey skirmishes, border wars and inner clan battles, this was what she got. Anger starts to bubble in the pit of the immortals stomach and the sound of crinkling parchment echoed in the study walls too sharp in the brewing silence.

Two civil wars fought and won, and all she had to show for it was a few of the lesser fairies and sprites who remembered her families oaths. It was pitiful considering the history between herself and her own people.

Every single greater family had declined an audience, refused to even see her, and most called her usurper in these letters before her. Only cocky purebloods would dare to say such bold things. They called her a destroyer of their histories and proud heritage. A betrayer to their kind.

From the looks of most of the unsealed letters cluttering before her eyes, most no longer wished to see her in their great home all together. Polite, cordial words flowed before her eerie eyes until she could no longer stand to read more. For every crimped written line told her No. Never. Not in this lifetime or the next.

Granted.. she had chopped the heads off of their false creators thought to be Gods and forced every pure blooded family into a democracy for the first time since Faire was birthed. It was fair that most would remember and never forget. Yet acknowledging such truths hardly deterred the immortal from being mad about these families sheer stubborn pride about the past.

Despite all the good she had tried to instill, chaos and death only followed in her wake, and the fey folk never forgot it. Vier,her once master and Calista her fiercest friend, had known this would happen. Deep down Naya had concluded logically the same, though she hated to admit it. Talking about her failures was one thing.. but to see this sad excuse of a list was too much for her.

The stress of a thousand lives, a million responsibilities and a trillion worries weighed down dainty looking shoulders clad in elegant silk and threatened to first crush and then swallow her whole with its looming gloom and doom.

The petite figure remained passive in her seat with all of these thoughts, and from an outsiders view she looked frail. Lost perhaps in this massive study overflowing with wall to floor bookshelves. Naya stood at an even five foot and somehow managed to look smaller seated at this massive carved desk before her. Candles flicker and fae lights float strategically around the chaos of paper, pens and scrolls littering its surface. Purples and blues shine with the dim lighting to contrast its shadows.

The bright colors swirling in gorgeous Japanese patterns to depict the ocean cinched tight into an Obi at a small waist. Bell sleeves flaring out onto the large oak desk expanding on either side to aid in the women's lightly hunched over form.

At first meeting or glance, Naya would look like a petite doll perhaps, or a geisha as her facial features might suggest,trained to please others and it showed with her posture. Straight backed, regal, she sat as a servant queen would. Attentive and too ingrained to ever switch out of its submissive demeanor.

All in all her looks served a purpose in her head. A beautiful guise and rouse to lure those who would make the fatal mistake of thinking this woman fragile. Anyone who dared to approach closer though, would see evidence of such lies contrasting with a high feys sharpness to her cheekbones and facial structure.

Too narrow to be human, a feral look haunted her expressions and set her eyes deep and slanted within her skull. A cat more than human, her eyes glittered cobalt blue flecked with tiny gold galaxies. With the all knowing look of an immortal imprinted within, a tinge of sadness lurked deep within the shadows of such untamed eyes. Forever glowing with an expressiveness that couldn't be hidden beneath her shock of unruly black curls.

Down to her waist the lion's mane of hair had been pinned into a thick braid hanging down her back today. Pointed tapered fey ears poking free to further the evidence that she was far from what she showed to the world.

Half demon- half fey when not in full Japanese human glamour, the halfling had become proud of both of her heritages over the years. Even when most of the universe she resided in hated her for such bloodlines. She was unique, and the only of her kind to date. Deciding to test fate and the gods themselves, Naya's mother had tainted their bloodlines purity and ties to the royal fey line the day she coupled with a demon lord.

Both of her parents and all of their families had died for this cause when she was a child. Naya was their bi- product of their experiments and unfairly been tasked with a cruel life due to her parents scientific ambitions.

This burden and fate threatened to crush those small shoulders bowing in. Her resounding thoughts making the immortal repress further into melancholy.

For despite all of her powers gained from being infused with her mother's curse, Naya felt at a loss of what to do in this moment of self despair. All the woman could think about was that no matter how powerful she was, it wouldn't be enough to save her world. Such a cruel irony never faltered to make her thoughts more agitated as she sat there contemplating her slim options.

From the corners of the Unseelie courts, to the lesser seasonal courts Naya had sought some sort of sign. A slim chance at hope, or perhaps even a prayer in the oncoming war facing every realm. Yet Lords and Clan leaders were simpering and proud even in the face of imminent death.

Any and all had refused to believe in her visions and hearsay, and so she sat in a dark study and brooded over their fate for such stubbornness. They would all die, and these pure bloods would have no one to blame but them damn selves for not listening.

A twist slashed full red lips into a cruel sort of amusement. It would be a fitting end to those who had sold out her family and let them be eradicated from existence.

Let them burn. We could be queen of the ashes! An evil cackle sounded in the quiet study but the only one who could hear the chaotic mingle of souls laughing in turn would be the only person residing there. Nayanna, who simply grits her fanged teeth in response to the madness inside of her. The Curse bubbled to life beneath all of her tattoos, scars and translucent skin. Already crooning its sick sweet melody of insanity inside of the vast oceanic space she called her mind.

Yesyes. Queen of Nothing, a fitting title of a bitchling like you little halfing. HAHAHAHA. Nothing nothing. Yes you are nothing.~ Become one with us and become nothing like the rest of these delicious souls I've taken!

A mental wall instantly collided with the torrent of corrupted darkness caressing every fiber of her being quickly.

Shuttering out the malicious being within and mentally muzzling its foul mouth once more. Will power and magic provided by the many ornate tattoos on her body were the only ways to stop the wretched voice from sounding and singing, and with a screeeech! her chair shoved back violently to offset the unease its voice brought her every time.

The ornately carved chair was thrust backwards, Almost toppling to the elegant rug spanning most of the wood floors as naya rose from her brooding perch It wobbled threateningly on only two back legs before banging smartly back to all fours in a loud echo that only irritated the feyling further.

With A sudden explosion of pent up emotion bursts through with the ringing sound of wood on wood floors and the five foot immortal was flowing to a stand. Finding it unbearable to sit still or calm her many thoughts, Naya stood and realized that damn piece of parchment was still fisting in a closing palm. Lifting her fist in front of her face then, as if she could crush these words to her command.

Smaller and smaller those scant lines of writing vanished into her scrunched hand and she walked over to toss the list into a large fireplace crackling in the dim room.

Casting it away from her in a disgusted manner, she watched her failings crinkle into ash before turning herself to face the large desk once more. Only a few candles on the desk gave off any light in the study this evening, casting shadows of furniture and bookcases all around, her bent over figure critically sifting through the piles of apology letters that spanned one realm to the next.

Even the angels on The Mortal Realm had denied her audience, their adamant wish to keep human beings ignorant and out of this age old squabble, they refused to hear a word she had to say and would not even let the Sentinels send messages in her stead.

Finding nothing of importance or paperwork needing to be done, the feyling uttered a sigh and prepared herself to leave. Too long had she sat here, and there was still a thousand things to do. The world may be ending, but being a full time mother and leader never stopped demanding her every attention it seemed.

Their organization was spread thin enough as it were, and now.. It was mostly herself, her teacher Grace and her kit- mate C who kept everything in order these days. With such a workload on everyone involved in Nayas family and work circle, It was simply unfair to ask more. Not of Grace, Tadashi and especially of her dearest friend.

Not when they both were mothers and pulled in a million other directions every second of every day. C had enough to deal with and Grace took more responsibilities every day when they both could not. How times had changed from when Naya ran away from such responsibilities but now she found herself staring at a bottomless chasm of it. All alone out of her own stubbornness and pride.

Both had been what single handedly had gotten her in this sinking boat to begin with and outside of using their organizations resources a few times out of necessity, this expedition had been held in private.

Though that didnt mean her plans hadn't been hashed over between herself, her ex master and his wife a few times in the past couple months. The immortal pair knew everything, or damn near close to it so there was no way naya could hide from their all knowing ways about her.

They had simply known her for too many years and remained too in tune to the universes magic to be ignorant, the rift in dimensions had been felt for weeks on end.

Calista and Vier had both told her to find another route when those feelings became reality and fractures appeared across the realms. There had to be another way to fight, more ways to find allies, but Naya had come up empty handed every time.

Instead she settled on telling them both assurances and falsehoods to save them the headache of always fixing her mistakes. Eight hundred years old and she still came to the married couple like a chastised child. Tchaa!

it was enough to make her wish for that sweet inevitable war that was thudding its drums closer every goddamn day. Soon enough Dezi would be at her doorstep with his demon army and no one would be prepared enough to stop him.

Between Monitoring Earth, Faire and MOE- an underground safe haven of crossroads between dimensions, their crew members were becoming thin and occupied in their steadfast determination to keep this universe safe from harm.

Settled in that I need to fix this on my own mindset, her raven head shook in silent refusal once more. Mostly trying to clear out the abysmal thoughts that crowded her expansive mind in order to cast away useless doubts and worries. There had to be another way she just had to think past the inevitable damnit!

Her muted steps slide barefoot against the cold floors and heading towards the doorway, signaling her departure without another word.. With a snap of her fingers, magic sizzled freely in order to devour the warmth and fire resting so beautifully in its pit, and darkness blanketed the study into stillness once more.

Every pile of letters and unfinished note swept itself into a drawer before the lock magically clicked into place ro finish cleaning up then and she walked put without another look behind her. The door before her resounded open without having to halt a single step while dark tendrils of cursed energy swept through her study with a meticulous hand. Magic had everything straightening and organizing methodically into order once more until the immortal woman was stepping into the dim lighted hallway and the door snapped closed behind her softly. Leaving behind the too silent study at long last, Naya seemed freshly determined as thoughts and emotions churn at quick paced speeds.

The corridor before her was eerily quiet even for her second homes standard of living. Yet to her it was almost calming in an almost unnerving sort of way. Offering a comfort of not having to speak, or talk to others who lived and served in this ancient mansion, Naya contemplated her options on her walk through her ancient second home.

Faire is not going to work, even if the sentinels posted coaxed the greater houses to pledge themselves to me. I could take the Unseelie court as a claim to birthright…

A sigh escapes in a rush out of her nostrils at the thought. Fingers reaching up to knead at the stress lines finding too much home in the planes of her sharp face. A familiar rumble sounded within her occupied mind at the thoughts carousing about, and Ryuu awakened within the coiled bound confines of their souls. The dragon spirits gravelly voice sleepily replying with a rebuttal sharp enough to make her wince.

It would only lead to civil war a third time. Your homeland has seen far too much destruction at your bloodlines hands, little one.

To anyone who noticed her five foot shadow roaming the magically lit walls she was sure she would look insane- walking aimlessly about one hallway to the next while making faces and expressions as if she talked to someone else. A person who by all rights and purposes.. Wasn’t there.

It was all in her head, these voices who spoke. They were real.. to her but most would only see the insanity in every expression appearing with the flow if mental conversation.

Hai, Hai I know that Ryuu. But I am desperate and there is no more time. I feel it closing in on us every dsy now. Who is going to care about more wars when this is the war that will destroy this entire universe? It is no longer a stupid realm dispute between demon and fey. This is Dezian’s doing.. And he must be stopped at all costs.

You know our fate is not this path. It will not work, we must continue to try and find others without resorting to violence his time.

But who in their right mind would be crazy enough to believe her? Who would listen to her story and side with her? Fuckin’ no one, that’s who. Only the clinically insane would believe Nayanna of no name. The Cursed Immortal. The Half Breed Bitch of Nothing.

Fangs clench at the memories, the name calling and sneers of those who hadn’t believed her last time and her jaw grows taut. Tight with anger desperate to unleash itself.

Emotions weren’t a feat of mastering, even after hundreds of years of practice, and she kept walking to allow them to escape and not pent up. Her feet pitter patter against the stone floors cooling with every step, echoing out thought process after plan.

And the one thought stood out among the most, as she approached the winding staircases gliding up and down with a willpower of their own, was that She needed proof. Undeniable evidence of what was going on in the shadows.

Her husband, Dezian was massing at the borders of the demon world, laying plots thick with years worth of planning she couldn’t figure out in time it seemed. The monster always remained two steps ahead of her at all times and rubbed that failing in her face whenever he could. Her wretched husband had made sure she remembered nothing of their marriage, and gave her nothing informational wise to plan for.

If proof was what the immortal lacked the most, but how would she obtain it? Every path had been destroyed, hidden with magic or murdered. Her dear husband had seen to that when they had parted ways after their near death battle.. Neither had come out the same when she had broken his magic, and now Naya found herself putting her feet into his too large shoes once more.

Thinking of the twists and turns he would take, of where Dezi would go next.. of how he would proceed with such giant hordes of demons. Armies had been spotted by her spies weeks ago, bands of mercenaries slaughtering as they made their way to an unmarked location. Yet no other word nor wind had breathed a word of her husbands plans. Anyone who tried, ended up dead.

Obviously the first step had been stripping his wife of allies, and ensuring that she was basically alone. While news of his coronation had rang from this realm to the next and he had made sure Naya knew about that. Even if she had not received a scroll that very night, the very magic residing in the underworld pulsed with its truths. Naya had felt the shift and change of power to the balance and found herself afraid. The underworld had a new king to bow to and with every thrum of power racing in her demon blood it beat out the same tempo of a message.

Dezian was coming for her next. All hail the fuckin’ king.

More anger bubbled.

The chessboard continued between the pair over the last few decades. It was a game transcending eons and lifetimes of cruelly and callously taking each opponents pawns. One by one until either side had no one left, and nothing left to lose.

At least The Sentinels remained her steadfast knights and rooks, but now Dezi had more pawns and power than even she possessed. Even with The Lightnings Tail and a mage worth ten thousand years of knowledge and magic on her side.

The numerous talented and magically adept staff and close friends they kept in their expansive circle. The Curse she possessed. None of it was enough to help her against this demon horde threatening the peace between the balance that holds this universe together.


Naya flowed onto the stone step with these thoughts, wasting no time for it was never going to wait on someone before magic activated and the massive stairs shift and swing toward the left wing of the massive home she called her own.

One of two Sentinel headquarters, only family and those who were trusted could find this pocket realm and it was the safest place for now.

Not even her own world, where she and Dezi had lived with their children, could be counted as a safe haven any longer. So a meeting ground was another must. Proof and mutual ground to meet. It was a start.. Albeit a small and sad one in her eye. MOE would work.. Perhaps as the meeting ground.

She would have to ask the council for permission.. (or better yet have C or Vier do it. The council loathed the very sight of her ) and send out one last letter. It would have to be enough for now. If not...

She broodingly let her gaze cast listlessly out the windows before the stairs shuddered to a halting stop that threatened to pitch her small body forward and off the right forcibly.

A left hand shoots out to grip against the marble banister before quickly exiting off the bottom stair and hopping out of the way before it picked itself up.. And moved elsewhere. Playing an endless game with itself at the dismay of those who dared needed to travel by such fickle magic.

They were out of time. One last letter would have to do, and she would have to suck it up and plead. Pride would get her nowhere, and the pile of letters waiting for her in her study were growing evidence that not even her infamous name mattered any longer.

Nothing did except finding a way to halt the bloodshed. Her dreams had showed the horror of what was coming and its fiery remembrance hastened her steps out of the door and into the gardens. Knowing she would find her son, his one of many tutors, Grace and hopefully Calista nestled in the training grounds offset the large gardens of the estate.

A few days later
Everything had gone.. Pretty much according to plan to Nayas surprise.

The Elders of course balked and fought C every step of the way but this warrior was seasoned when it came to plying on the favors of this particular council. With the agreement of not staying away and not involving the citizens of the underground village, Naya would in turn be allowed a single location to house these strangers for a meeting they did not approve of.

Anyone who was worthy was allowed into MOE- and that alone helped soothed the old lot, for at least no invaders or betrayers could infiltrate this place. Not with The Elders and the Elder Tree standing steadfastly to protect this world between realms. So was their thought process, any way.

Whatever it took to soothe these powerful mages, Naya had willingly set up a barrier around the agreed upon location and set about her preparations.

Afterwards A letter had been sent… pretty much everywhere. All across wherever her magic could reach, a letter with sealed magic was sent out.There was no modesty or pride left, nothing left up her kimono sleeves to hide so she sent the most honest thing she could write. The letters were quickly sent out that morning to anyone who would read or listen to the simple words that flowed beautifully against parchment in black ink.

The letter reads as follows:

To any and all,

I come to you now at this, our most desperate hour. Whether stranger or friend, acquaintance or even former foe, the very survival of us all depends on our alliance. The enemy we face cares not whether you fight for my name or merely stand on the sidelines; he will come for you regardless. Your homes, your families, the culture of your people, it is all at risk. I beg you to put aside your differences and dig down deep to see for yourself that the only way to save the universe... is to stand by my side, fight this vile creature with our combined strength, and show him once and for all that our many worlds will not bow to his will.

I invite you to meet me at a safe, secure and public location, so that we may speak and begin gathering our resources. The instructions for arrival are simple: Follow the door for it will open to those with a worthy heart. Through the dimensions you will step, and into MOE The Underground Village we will meet. The portals will guide you to the Coliseum with an oath of guaranteed safety, I swear it upon my own blood. I implore every last one of you who might receive this letter to heed my woods and warning.

I fear for the safety of our universes, our planets and homes for the enemy is on our doorstep. Time has run out, and we need to stand together in hopes to survive this war. Fight with me, Win with me. Together, we can save the world.

- Nayanna Hiuskin

GM Notes:


The Underground Village was founded- and created at the Earth’s very core. Thought to be the safest place to create this experimental dimensional outpost, magic surrounds this buried location and is instilled into every fiber of this underground cavern.Spells have been cast to protect its inhabitants and allows them to thrive and live. Magic can be used freely here, and have allowed forests, caverns, and lakes to form in this strange land. All are welcome to visit, trade their wares and tour this village of peace, but know that getting through by force or trying to attack this place will get you nowhere but death (For more in depth information ask for the FAQS of MOE)

The doors that will open alongside each note Naya sends out into all the realms will portal you onto the path to the Colosseum the instant you step through. The thought process behind this magic finding a person ‘worthy enough to have entrance’ was thought to weed out those with ill intent.

Once the simple trigger spell is activated a portal should appear for you. It will bring you no harm and is a simple means to transport to the safe location housed in the villages arena called The Colosseum.

The Colosseum was created specifically as a means of entertainment and a training arena. Its arena provides a neutral spot that keeps everyone living in MOE safe from outside harm. Many spells are woven into this place to protect and contain all types of magic, energy and power. Alarms will sounds and alert all who protect this place should any mage try to undo or twist it's magic.

Most of MOEs civilians are simply just that- everyday folk of every species and race living together in harmony to prove that it can be done in the universe. The underground however, does host various people of Nayas organization called the sentinels who needed a place to train and it had to be able to keep the village safe from harm at all costs.

It is located on the outskirts of the village and a single path leads to its ancient structure. Feel free to explore this area and do what you wish inside it but know that a barrier has separated this place from the rest of the village for now.

All other information will be described in future posts, hope to see some of you delve into the chaos.


Happy readings, everyone!
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