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  1. "ID?"​
    Robotic arms continued to maneuver around, attaching and wielding parts to the object held up in the center of the platform. Aesthetic green eyes gays around the white box-shaped room curiosity. "Can you move your head?" a voice rang out, sudden understanding of the words processing. Without hesitation, the object turned right and left as instructed.​
    "Now your eyes." the man, as the object could now identify, said. Making the same motion as its head, the eyes looked left and right. Things were becoming clearer as more parts were attached and wielded. Now, the object could identify that it was indeed a female. The voice was a voice of a high pitch, which indicated so.​
    "Servical and optical animation - check. Now, give me your initialization text."​
    It is the year 2385. The Old Countries, as people now know them as, no longer exist. After the third World War two hundred years ago, the nations had decided to blend their countries into one. It was now called Haven; it is a rather simplicitic name but it held great meaning to the nations. It was intended to be a place that people felt safe and accepted in. It was meant to be a place without war and murder - a utopia. Despite these intentions, mankind was never intended to have absolute peace.​
    People were segregated, not by race or color, but by social status. A large, impenatrable wall was even built to separate the poor from the middle class and wealthy. The ones who were poor were kept on the outside of the wall where child labor and work union laws were nonexistent. Most of the Scavengers, the people who collected parts found randomly around the Old World, mainly contained the poor. The government viewed them as expendable.​
    The middle class possessed better conditions; they had safey from inside the walls. Their children were free to act as children and they were free to choose what occupation was to be theirs. If they were to become successful in their occupation, then they were able to move up to high class, an oppurtunity the poor did not possess. As long as they continued to support the president, not uttering a single negative thing about him or the government, then they were safe within the walls.​
    The rich and upperclass were closer to the center. They were the first to be able to get the newest products and the ones whose influence could sway the president if even the slightest. Most of them were scientists or families of successful scientists. After the wall was built, technology had hit an all time high. It was probably the best occupation one could have. As long as they too respected and supported the president and government, then they were safe as well.​
    In the very center resigned the government, led by the corrupt man Wallace Thorne. He was practically the king of Haven, although the title of 'president' remained to be loosely used. You could not say his name in an insult or openly state your opinion. If one did, they simply were not seen for a long time - if they were ever seen again. ​
    It was his leadership and overall conditions of Haven that created the Underground. The Underground was a group of people who had rebelled fourteen years ago and even though they supposedly disappeared from Haven, occasional messages or sightings still occurred. Their work is mostly discrete. Some work inside of Haven while others, as the name inplies, work underneath Haven. They strived for change, no segragation - basically everything the government was not for. And their real work is only just beginning.​
    The Bennett home was large and very lovely. "One of the largest in this section," according to the master of the household, Jackson. You could certainly tell he was rich by the fence around the household, sensor-activitated fountain, and the servants that buzzed around the building constantly. Why the man had purchased an android to serve him when he had so many people under his employment was beyond her. ​
    "Your home is very beautiful, sir." ​
    "That's very kind of you to say, Adele." the middle-aged man responded with a kind smile. The gate opened the moment he was in the sensor's range, not before scanning the androids by his side. "Sir," a female voice began through the speaker, "there is a unidentified being by your side. Are they accepted?"​
    "Very much so." Jackson answered.​
    Adele was the name that was given to her by the inspector; it was even branded onto the box she came in. When Jackson purchased her he was allowed to change her name, but decided to keep the one she was given. It felt nice having a sense of identity. Her name was Adele and she worked for the esteemed scientist, Jackson Bennett. She was eager to begin her new life.​
  2. Although he held no care for the beauty of architecture or a well maintained garden, Samuel was programmed to respond curteously should he ever be asked for his input. He held no opinion on many subjects, which was the way it was meant to be. The world was a bland patch of grey, and only a few specks of colour managed to meander their way into the psyche of this defective android.

    Today there would be no need to blend in with human beings and their confusing rhetoric, for he was today assigned the simple task of accompanying his new and only owner from the place of purchase back to his home. Another android of a different spec was with them, and he couldn't help but wonder if she too saw those maddeningly close hints of vibrancy out of the corner of her eye. Perhaps he would ask her at a later date, should he be permitted to speak freely to those around him.

    Upon entering the spectacular property, the clean cut man said nothing, only breaking his silence when intuition told him his task had been completed. "What am I required to do now, Sir?" He was all business, as was to be expected of any of the top range models. He stood passive, though always on alert to danger. He might have posessed the ability to complete a number of menial tasks, but he was primarily a personal security system.
  3. Jackson took a moment before answering, sauntering over to the metal desk in the center of his office, bringing his computers to life with a wave of his hand. "I have plenty of work to do at the moment, Samuel." He acknowledged the android, but did not make eye contact as his eyes were concentrated on scanning the text on the holographic monitor before him. It was obvious that the man had gotten distracted, only noticing a moment later that both of the androids remained still in front of him. He almost forgotten that androids had no sense of direction without an order; they were practically lost without one.

    "Why don't you show our newest addition around, Samuel? Introduce her to the family and staff - tell her what is accepted here and what isn't. If trouble is arised, you are programmed to be notified immediately."

    Adele followed behind the fellow android, idly watching as the staff members passed them sideways glances as they walked towards their destinations. "What's it like here?" she questioned. At the moment, she was only familiar with the directions that began at the entrance and wound up at the head of the household's office. It was already sent to her memory. Even now, she formed a mental map.
  4. With his masters orders now logged in the circuits that served as his brain, Samuel nodded curtly in affirmation of the order. His priority now was to carry out his next task with efficiency and precision, something that he had not yet failed to do. The male android turned to the female robot, speaking once more in a drole monotone that would perhaps have been offensive to a human being. He saved his truly human voice for interaction with his master and any other people he might be required to interact with.

    The question that was put to him wasn't really straightforward to answer. He wasn't sure what Adele meant by her words, and was hesitant to answer, something that was incredibly rare in this smooth running model. In a second he did respond. "It is adequate." The environment didn't pose any risks to the circuitry or casings of the androids, so what else ccould be said? Well, there was the idea of boredom that had briefly crossed Samuel's mind, though he was sure to confine this to the vault of his memory, rather than deal with the idea that he could even feel any inkling of unease.

    The tour of the sprawling mansion continued, and Samuel provided all the necessary information, reeling off timetables of the usual routine with ease, and soon coming full circle, to the room in which their turn about the house had begun. "That's everything. We should be assigned new tasks shortly." It was likely that Samuel would find his workload severely diminished, now that this new addition had been purchased, and had he been able to voice his misgivings, the android surely would have complained about the emptiness of his days.
  5. The mansion's blueprints formed inside of Adele's memory database; every little detail her retinals scanned found it's way in as well. She was now able to distinguish which places were restricted access, which ones housed the kids, the master's quarters, the staff hall, the kitchen - everything. She could place names to faces as well. The most important ones being the children.

    Henry is the eldest son at age seventeen. The master's intentions are for his son to follow in his footsteps. Instead it appeared as if he did not desire this himself. When introduced to the young man, he shrank away from her off right hand, mumbling, "Dirty heap of garbage." It was clear that he did not take a liking to the androids. The likelihood of him finding himself with the same occupation as the master was rounded to 3.5%.

    The second oldest was Olivia at age fourteen. Rathee young and simplicitic, Olivia's eyes and face brightened up at the android's presence. She seemed genuinely eager to have a new additon - a female addition - and stated how she was anticipating the first day Adele was to watch over the children. "We'll place all sorts of fun games!" Olivia had exclaimed.

    The youngest was Max at age ten. He resembled both of his elder siblings in multiple ways. At first meet with the new android, he had dodged making any type of physical or verbal contact. Eventually, after many excitable words from his sister, he had lightened up. He also appeared to have a knack for science like his father; the likelihood of him joining the science career path at this rate was at 78%.

    Adele have felt like something was missing from the family. There were two sons, a daughter, and their father. It was only assume that the wife was no longer with them physically. Her suspicions were confirmed when told that she had passed away when giving birth to Max. An odd discomfort that Adele could not identify took place for a brief moment before her attention was turned elsewhere.

    When the two androids finally returned to their original meeting place, Jackson was in an obvious rage. On the holographic monitor, Adele noticed a male's face whose movements appeared frantic. "-- I did the best I could!" The male sounded young, perhaps early or mid twenties, and it seemed as if he were attempting to defend himself from Jackson's heated glare. "Well, your best was not good enough, was it? If Wallace finds out that those damned underground degenerates hacked into our system then he'll shut down our department!"

    Jackson stood abruptly, a large inhale of air taken, and a sudden attempt to regain his composure was made. "Tell Winters to shut down the system and recode it. If this happens again," his voice was calm yet threateningly low, "then you are fired." The boy nodded, gulping at the fear of his higher up. The screen was soon black the monitor disappeared from sight.
  6. There was very little that could be said, though thoughts were rife in the male android. He couldn't quite put his finger on the uneasiness he was feeling. It was unfamiliar and strange. It reminded him of the time one of the childrens' toys had been doused in some liquid or other. The mechanism had seized up, and although the thing had still managed to move, it became rapidly sluggish. Samuel was physically and mechanically sound, but he felt as though his thought processors had become slow and were perhaps misfiring. He might ordinarily have asked for system maintenance, but this time he was hesitant to do so, not that he had any idea why that might be.

    Rather than waste time on such trivial matters as this, Samuel turned away from his charge, interjecting into the life of his master briefly. "Are you experiencing a problem I can assist with?" He could quite easily tell that the man needed some kind of help, and so he offered. Failing that, he would remain stationary until his services were required once more.
  7. [☏01] The Beginning

    The streets of Haven were buzzing; people chattered idly away, policemen patroled with their hovercycles, and the sounds of multiple advertisements on the several different screens could be heard faintly in the background. Kameron, a blonde woman of average height, walked amongst this in search of anything of interest. A sign, a hushed conversation, an android on duty - anything. Before, she never saw the purpse in searching for these things, but its been six years that she has been a part of the organization and she's learned just about everything she needs to know.

    Despite her current task, she needed to clear her mind. Resigning underground where the stench of the sewers seaped through the titanium walls often gave her headaches and even though she was mainly accustomed to it, she needed a breath of fresh air. Underground has recently succeeded in bugging government machinery and although this has been accomplished before - it has never gone unnoticed. At this time, bugged androids walked the streets, unknowingly sending any information processed to Underground's databases. Blueprints of houses, ideas, past conversations - all of it.

    In the midst of thinking and not paying attention, a sudden bump to the shoulder alerted her immediately. Kameron whipped around quickly before relaxing when she noticed she had only bumped into a woman idly passing by. "Ah," the blonde began, mustering up a fake polite attitude - at this point she had became rather good at it, "I'm sorry I wasn't watchin-" Her sentence was cut short when she realized she recognized the woman. "Nadia Lushkev. A government journalist who spreads the around of injustice, correct?"
  8. It was grunt work, undertaken by the newbies that wanted to make it in a tough sphere, made even more difficult by the fact that those in the media were invariably watched more closely than other civilians. The story today was of a mother and her triplet babies. The government had ofte been accused of allowing living conditions to become so bad that fertility issues were becoming ever more prevalent. So, what was the answer? No, it's not to decrease levels of pollution or carcinogens. It was to send out fledgling reporters to accost new mothers, to apparently prove that there was no problem at all.

    With the photographs and words collected and ready for formation into some coherent form of story, Nadia was on her way back to the office, in a world of her own as she walked the dusky streets. She imagined the lush grasses of plains, and mountains, not to mention great swathes of forest. She had seen little greenery in her life, and longed to change that. But, for now she would have to remain in a city as dull as her mousy brown anorak. Perhaps one day this woman would be sent off to explore the world and its wilds, though that really did seem as more of a pipe dream.

    Nadia started out of her thoughts as she ran into someone - someone who apparently knew her. She momentarily furrowed her brow, quickly pushing her glasses back up her nose - a nervous habit of hers. "Uh, I'm just doing my job. There's a complaints procedure, so....speak to that department." She didn't know what this woman wanted, and was far too nervoous of her to ask. This one seemed a bit like a predator, and as such, this flighty girl was unsurprisingly worried. Nadia sidestepped, attempting to make it through the crowds, though she had never been any good at shoving.
  9. Kameron nearly spun around on her heel to continue her patrol, but the sound of feed coming in halted her in her steps. Tucked securely in her ear and hidden behind her blonde hair was a tiny earpiece. It was small enough to avoid government detection yet efficient enough to clearly understand the words being spoken. "Keep talking with her. She might know something useful." The only problem was she couldn't respond. Her only response was a nod towards the nearest survalence camera.

    She quickened her pace in order to catch up with her target and once they were side-by-side, she continued the previous topic, "Actually, I'm a fan of your work. Rarely does one spread negative words about the government and not get caught. Quite sneaky of you." The contacts they had in Haven were occasionally asked to get a copy of her work. It exciting for the people of Underground to see potential in a civilian, especially one with influence, not matter how small that influence was.

    Truth was, the boss wanted to get her into the organization. An oppurtunity had not presented itself thus far, but that was still the plan. Even so, she would most likely continue her to day-to-day living if she chose to. Information would be passed between her and other members and the government would not expect a thing. Or they would be required to stage her death, just like they had done when Kameron first joined.

    Kameron continued to walk alongside the black-haired female, awaiting an answer.
  10. Thinking that she had evaded any further interaction with the other woman, Nadia was somewhat deflated when said stranger appeared by her side once again. This was rapidly becoming a rather uncomfortable encounter. Once again shifting her glasses, the ebony haired girl quickly responded, her words quiet and strained, "I don't know what you're talking about." Admitting to her part in the little free press that had been created was suicide, although it was also fair to say that setting up the paper in the first place was tantamount to signing ones own death warrant anyway.

    "I suggest you report any information you have to an officer." She spoke stiffly, though she was fairly certain it was enough to fool most passing ears of the government. Nadia was cautious, knowing that one could never know when they were being watched, and so she showed no inclination to cave in and tell the truth to this woman. It was possible that this was a sting operation, and although if it was, she was likely to be seized anyway, maintaining her innocence in this matter was her only chance of survival in this case.

    Continuing to walk briskly, with the idea that this one wasn't going to just give up, Nadia headed away from the busy area, seeking out an even more derelict part of the city that was barely even on the radar of those behind the wall. Once out of sight, they would perhaps be able to speak more freely. "What do you want?" Nadia eventually asked, terribly nervous of this dangerous woman.
  11. Kameron followed the female through the thickets of people in the streets to the seclusion in between two buildings. When Nadia stopped and turned to face the blonde she began to question her. Kameron just calmly leaned against one of the walls and shoved her hands in her pockets. The earpiece tucked securely in her ear spoke, "You're clear. Proceed on." The moment this was said she knew she was safe from eavesdroppers or curious gazes. She shoved her hands in her pockets and scanned the ebony haired woman over before responding. "I'm not with the government if that's what you're thinking." The polite act was dropped and switched into one more business-like.

    It was understandable that the woman didn't want to be so open about her secret rebellion; if she were caught she would mysteriously disappear and everything involving her would be erased. Her birth certificate, published work, recorded conversations - even her parents would be told to pretend she hadn't even existed. People would know about it, but loose threats released from the government from time to time prevented them from saying anything about it. It was how the government worked and one of the many reasons Kameron was so against them. She admired this woman to be brave enough to even spread a little truth to the citizens of Haven.

    “In fact, my friends and I happen to be completely against them.”

    Kameron hoped that Nadia understood what she was referring to when she said friends. Despite being clear from eavesdroppers, a loyal government citizen could merely pass her by and have her taken into custody and either wait for experimentation or be publicly executed. “We wanted to know if you had any new information that would come of use to us.”
  12. This was more than awkward. It was dangerous, and illegal in so many ways. Deeliberately hiding from surveillance, discussing civil disobedience, there was probably a myriad of laws they were breaking in just speaking to eachother, and it was all somewhat terrifying to the at least slightly calm Nadia. She had always been good at maintaining some semblance of relaxation, while she inwardly erupted with whatever misgivings or fears she had over a certain situation. The girl glanced at what she saw as her assailant, adjusting her glasses once again as she looked away, unable to maintain eye contact for very long. This was not down to the situation, it was simply a part of the shyness that plagued her throughout life, not that it was too much of a problem. It usually kept her out of disasters such as this.

    "I'm not going to get involved with any resistance, okay?" Her voice was fairly steady, though it was clear to see her nerves within it. "If you want information, read the paper. We work on our own, we print the truth, nothing else." It was up to the public to decide what to do with the stories that invariably came to light in the illegal paper. Those that worked on it were independent of any other organisation, they were not designed for out and out war with the government, and Nadia was no different, as far as she could tell.
  13. Kameron avoided a scoff, but looked in annoyance at the woman before her. It was a very understandable statement; Kameron couldn't blame her for not wanting to risk her hide for some secret society. Even so, Byron would not get off her ass if she didn't get even a little information out of this woman. "You don't have to 'get involved' but if you don't want the gover-" The sound of footsteps halted her in her words. A brief glanced was aimed behind her when she spotted a white uniform of a guard. He glanced at the two women suspiciously; they were in an alley alone after all. No doubt he was suspicious of illicit activity occurring. She wanted nothing more than to put that man down on the spot. Merely looking at someone with the government made her sick.

    "Can I help you ladies?" the guard questioned, arms crossed over his chest.
  14. Whether or not this woman understood it, even talking to her was forcing her into a line of fire that she simply wasn't prepared for. The criminal underground movement was not one she opposed, only one she was far too wary of to even think about cavorting with. Perhaps that was cowardice on her part, although sometimes caution is wise. The girl knew little of the organisation, though she knew they could be violent. That was a last resort, as far as she was concerned, as was made apparent by her simple reaction to the entrance of the patrolman.

    Nadia did not immediately go to her hip, searching for a weapon, she instead went to the breast pocket of her jacket, smoothly drawing out the identity card and journalist's licence that allowed her to operate within the sights of the government. "No, thankyou, sir. I was just following up a lead on the sewage problem in the area, and this lady is helping me in the right direction." She smiled warmly, her entire manner changed from the timid young girl to a direct and confident woman. "I just need a few minutes for photographs and a statement from her, and then I'll be out of your hair." Another smile, followed by a quick afterthought, "Unless you would like an interview? No? Alright then, remember to read The Herald." As if there was any other choice. Well, that took care of him.
  15. Kameron smirked the moment the guard stepped away from eyesight. "Quick thinking," she commented, turning towards Nadia. Admittedly, she was impressed. Most people in that situation would likely rat her out to the government, unable to blatantly lie to their faces just like this woman had done. She could also tell the reporter was slightly nervous. Being able to keep a straight face and a calm composure was a good quality for an agent to have. Now she was beginning to understand why Underground wanted to enlist her. Before, it was a complete mystery. Sure, she had information and released subtle information that would make the government look bad, but what else?

    "I understand you don't want to be entirely caught up in this war between the government and rebels, but you may want to consider which side you will end up on. After all, something is going on with the government that may change everything."
  16. She was surprised by the compliment from the other woman. Nadia did not think that this person was the type to dish out positive notes like that, and also had not really thought anything of her response. She supposed though, in truth that was just testament to her talent in this regard. Nadia was excellent at remaining cool under pressure, able to remain relatively in control and able to speak to whomever she might need to. It was an essential skill for a journalist, and one that could only be learned to a degree, and was really something that needed to be a natural trait.

    Nadia considered what was said, especially that last about something happening that may well change everything. It was disconcerting, to say the least. Kameron seemed less frightening now than she had done initially, but the photographer was still reluctaant to give her word to the rebels just yet. "Look, I'm just not cut out for subterfuge. I'd be more harm than good, honestly." Of course, she was already flouting many laws, but it was on a different scale to what this woman was proposing. "If the time comes to show my colours, then I suppose I will. But until then, I've got to stay down my rabbit hole." It was cowardly, and her resistance was beginning to wane, if only a few more pushes were given.
  17. "Your rabbit hole?"

    Kameron shook her head slightly at the woman's response. If only she knew how much attention she was getting with these articles of hers. There was still plenty of time before things grew dangerous for the reporter so the agent wasn't going to persist. Even so, when she returned with absolutely no information or even Nadia in tow, she was surely going to receive a few menial tasks for the remainder of the week. Underground was unlike the government, so their form of punishment was minor in comparison. Cleaning some underground vault with not the cleanliest people was still as distasteful as any punishment, though.

    "The androids picked up on something. You should return, soon."

    Silence followed the news given by the earpiece. After having these androids for months, they just now caught onto something? "I have to go, but," the blonde reached into her pocket and pulled out a small white card with a pin number on it, "the cafe near the square accepts credit." The message was discrete, but the woman hoped Nadia would understand should she need to use it. Then, she spun on her heel and took off.

    [♣02. The Lab]
  18. The silence stretched out for a time, finally broken as the elder of the two received a message of some kind, apparently this was something that couldn't wait. Thank god. Nadia was pleased to have the pressure taken off her now, even if she was well aware of the fact that she would be found and harangued into the rebellion sooner or later. But for now, there was only this pin and the message. She nodded, "Right. Bye, then." She said awkwardly, soon finding herself alone once again, at which point she hurried out into the streets, ready to continue a normal life.

    Samuel had been struggling. More and more, he found himself becoming bored. He had searched for a definition of this bad humour, and had been understandably shocked to find that it really wasn't something he ought to know. Even so, he was a practical machine, if nothing else, and so he only accepted this malfunction for what it was, making a mental note to inform his master that he required maintenance.

    With that man gone, and with no orders not to do so, Samuel had taken to exploring the mansion during the night, when he would not be a nuisance. He of course powered down his servers for the hour it took to recharge and maintain the circuits, but for the rest of the night he explored. Tonight he was accompanied by the other android, though he did not speak to her. He saw no reason to.

    Eventually, with the rest of the place thoroughly explored, they came upon the tightly locked door to the laboratory. This was easily over ridden by a security model such as himself, the airtight doors swinging open and then automatically shut behind them. A brief puff of air sterilised them, finally the last door opened, allowing them access to the first level of the lab.

    Everything was almost frighteningly clean - not that he had that capacity - the surfaces gleamed as centrifuges whirred. The android studied all this with a curiosity that was another anomaly that he noted, flashing red as he once again made the note to get himself checked out. But for now, what really caught his attention was the dismembered torso of a prototype. In places the skeleton was covered by the skin, but mostly it was so much metal circuitry, the eyes holding a stark humanity that caused a slight twang in Samuel, which he dismissed as a misfiring electric impulse. He almost caressed the thing, the artificial nature of it seeming totally alien to him, "So...this is what we are." He had never really thought about it before, but now that he was faced with the truth of his make up, he was surprised. Subconsciously, he had always imagined himself as at least partially organic. Odd.
  19. Adele found her presence at the Bennett manor highly disregarded. No one bothered to speak or even look in her direction unless they had some order or message to deliver from Dr. Bennett himself. The man who, for the remainder of the day, locked himself in his office in order to concentrate on his work. The occasional shouts or grunts of frustration could be heard coming from his office when the servants would deliver his food. Otherwise, the room was basically silent as the walls were soundproof. Adele's only job at the moment was to watch over the children and help with other tasks around the house when the servants could not. It's job that did not satisfy her in the least, but she wasn't positive on what she would prefer to replace it.

    Late at night, when many of the workers were resting, Adele had followed Samuel on his late night walk of the house. He was silent and she was not prompted to say anything to break the silence as she found some sort of pleasantness in it. If that's what she could call it; she had no true term for what she was experiencing other than the human word which somehow fit. She was, to say the least, different about things as most androids were. For unknown reasons, she felt that she had to conceal this feeling of hers. When displaying anything other than blind compliance, she was given the strangest looks.

    Dr. Bennett was awake fairly early in the morning. He was determined, it seemed, and still very infuriated with the events from previously. When he entered the clean, colorless lab, the scientists gave him a quick glance. "Elijah!" he yelled loudly, making his way into the other room. The two androids were not prompted to follow, or allowed for that matter, but they remained in the first level of the lab. Adele was...astonished. That seemed to be the correct word for what she was experiencing. There were busy workers filing around the area, digital computers, specially made bots - it was all a sight that she had to take a moment to absorb. Soon, she was broken out of this at the sound of Samuel's words.

    Her eyes scanned for his location, turning when she spotted them, and averting her gaze to what rested on the table which had the fellow android's attention. There was something else she was experiencing; she wasn't fully aware of how she was made and what she looked like before, but surely it wasn't a horrific as this? "What..." was the only the word that she could say as she moved closer to get a better look. "Where are his arms?" she began, "Where is his legs? What did they...what did they do to him?" She truly didn't understand why this dismembered android was lying on this table as if it were a slab. His eyelids were shut, almost as if he was recharging, but her programming told her that he was no where close to being active.
  20. He continued to stare at the body, attempting to work out whether it had been butchered for parts, or else was in the process being constructed. His eyes scanned the soldered edges of the limbs, soon spotting the ever so slightly jagged lines that signalled a human hand had been at the connections. The android had been unassembled, and was unfortunately not merely an empty box of metal plate and wiring that had yet to complete its journey on the assembly line.

    Samuel continued his appraisal of the body, replacing a flap of silicone that had been cut away to reveal the armature and a few broken wires that had resulted in the somewhat slackjawed look of the robot. And it was when he did this that he took a startled step back, his eyes wide as he experienced fear for the first time in his creation. It was only a momentary feeling, but just the mere fact of its existence was enough to make him feel even worse.

    "I know him." He spoke to his companion quietly, beginning to push the head of the thing to the side, where he then parted the falsely made hairs at the nape of the neck, thereby revealing the serial number of this particular android. As he had suspected, it was another security model, the very one he had come across when he was first brought here. He wasn't sure why this caused an odd twinge in his circuits, but it was there, all the same.
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