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  1. As the Title implies I'm looking for a partner for a Pokemon RP. I'm looking for a sub/bottom, male or female, that wouldn't be opposed to getting molested by My character and his pokemon. It could be a pair of childhood friends meeting for the first time in years or a first time encounter on the wrong side of town.

    Some light info/rules: I'm on pretty regularly and get bored easily so I'd like a partner who can post more than once a day. I can write anywhere from a chunky 10-15 line paragraph to a few decent 9 or 10 line paragraphs, but mostly I give what I'm given. I'm adaptable like that. I'm pretty friendly so PM me if you see something you want changed. I write using my Xbox so no copy paste which means no pictures from me. That also means I'd prefer to write in Thread than PM because it's a hassle with the way i have to post due to UI issues. Other than that I'm an easy going guy so hit me up here or PM me to discuss details. Ja ne! :3
  2. Sounds fun...I'm just not good at length.....I have been working on it though...
  3. i dont think we would work out, sorry. thank you for the interest though. :3
  4. still looking
  5. Hey, uh... I might be interested in this?~
  6. Interested. Not normally into furry, but I'm cool with anthropomorphic Pokemon, if I'm understanding this right.
  7. @Grimm_Reaper1005 it's neither. our characters would be humans with regular pokemon. they would just get in on the naugty action. ;3
  8. Ah, I see. When I was scrolling through the list of partner requests, it had the furry tag, or I thought it did, so I was a bit confused.
  9. ah, yes I did check that box, but i infered it for the possibility of furry like pokemon like say lucario which can be argued more anthro, but there isn't an anthro box lol
  10. I see. Well, either way, it's a nice-sounding RP. The real question is what gender you'd prefer. I'm really wanting to do this RP, but are you wanting me to be a male or a female? I can do either, really, so it's entirely your preference. Since you're looking for a sub anyway, I don't have to put that part in there, as I don't do dom except with certain people.
  11. i've tried this idea with female counterparts before so i think a male would be in order.
  12. Alright, everything sounds in order. When can we start?
  13. well as soon as i'm able to post an OP, but i was wondering what scenario you wanted. the childhood friends meeting for the first time in years or the wrong side of town at the wrong time? maybe something else you had in mind?
  14. Well, either one works for me really. I will say that MC will be somewhat younger than yours (though how much younger depends), and I already have a picture of said character. I'll attach it to this post, so you can take a look. 0hLm07JH.jpeg
  15. cute, hopefully i can write something up soon. ;3
  16. @Grimm_Reaper1005 sorry it's been so long. my mom fell the other day and i've been tending to her.
  17. No biggie. Should be noted that, due to my current schedule, multiple posts a day might be difficult. I can get on twice a day, and stay on for a few hours, but if you're not on during those hours...
  18. that's understandable. :3
  19. You know I just realized your character looks like a blonde Trevor.
  20. Trevor? I'm not good with names, so who is he? I just found the picture looking up Anime Girly Boys on Google Image.
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