Naughty, or Nice?

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  1. His name was Andy, a small, shy boy with blue eyes and close-cropped blonde hair. He had a small build, and was only about 5'6". The boy had small hands and large feet, and had small features on his face. The way his body was built, he almost looked like a girl, yet his shoulders and voice easily gave away that he indeed was an actual male. His full name was Andy Perez Sanchez, yet he usually went by Andy.

    Right now, he was being dragged into a stripper club, and he looked rather stricken. He knew he wasn't supposed to be there, and he knew this place was rather dirty. He was not in college and went into becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator, and so he had time for this sort of thing. Yet the way he was raised, these places were rather dirty and upsetting to how he was raised. Still, his friend had blackmailed him into this, mainly by threatening to tell people about this if he didn't go. So, by that threat, he had to go.

    The place had a large stage with three poles, yet each table had a pole in it, allowing for girls to jump onto the tables and strip there. The place was shrouded in blue light, and had their tables arranged in a circular pattern around the stage. To the right was a bar where men were drinking and attacking their girls, while to the left was a small bit of gambling stations for people to get on.

    It was that special time of night where the strippers would choose one man to perform a show with, yet Andy wasn't aware of this. He sat down at looked up, blinking from the strobe lights, as the ladies began to come out. He buried his head in shame as he was forced to be here. He didn't know what they were going to do, and it scared him.
  2. Camille busied herself backstage. It was almost time for each girls solo. It was customary that, on Fridays, the dancers would choose a male to dance along with.

    Camille curled her chocolate hair into soft waves down her back. Her makeup was natural, unlike most of the other women backstage. Her soft skin was tanned naturally, accentuated by her red outfit.

    Camille wore a bright red bra. It had rhinestones to catch the light. A matching red skirt with four inch red pumps. Her lips were coated in a tantalizing red as her emerald green eyes appraised her appearance in the mirror.

    "Devil it's your turn next!" The backstage manager called to Camille. The tanned teen glanced over.
    "Alright!" She called back. Her heels clicked against the tiled floor as she approached the stage.

    The song from Missy's performance was nearing an end. Camille felt an unusual fluttering in her stomach. Something told her tonight was going to be different.

    The sign ended and a tall blonde came backstage. "Good luck Lil' Devil." Missy smiled using Camille's stage name. The girl smiled and lined up.

    "Wasn't that great fellas! How bout a big round of applause for the lovely Missy! Sexy little thing isn't she?" A bout of applause filled the club. "Up next is the one...the only...Little Devil!!" The club exploded into applause as Camille made her way on stage.

    Her hips swayed with each step. Her eyes scanning the crowd as she went, scouting for this evenings lucky guy. Her eyes landed on a rather petite make with short blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. Camille gave him a tantalizing smile. She could practically feel the innocence radiating off of him. She found him.
  3. The way that the night was going, it was going to be a rough ride. He couldn't look up, for he didn't want to see any skin. He wasn't going to have to hear this, and it sacred him. He was already considering sneaking out, and that was just hte very beginning of what this was amounting to.

    The sound of "Devil" coming onto stage actually made her actually look up. That was all it took for him to suddenly start looking.

    Her very body was actually very tantalizing, and the way she stood was sexy. Her get-up was small, short, but not too short. Her eyes and lipstick were rather attractive, and it made him suddenly want to kiss those lips. He blushed and looked away, now ashamed that he had even had to look.

    He knew she was looking at him, yet tried to ignore her. He didn't want to see where this lead...and he had no idea what to do even if he was called up. He prayed she was looking at his much more handsome friend, who he knew was probably going to go up and wanted to.

    He looked away for probably the third time, having ot constantly look to and from her to keep his violent fantasies form trying to attack his own innocence.
  4. Camille couldn't help but let out a giggle at this boys shy glances. They were absolutely adorable and she knew she had to have him.

    That thought made her pause for a moment. Only briefly, not long enough to notice. However the unyielding determination to have him that crept into her was concerning. She had only laid eyes on him and wanted to take him home and perhaps never let him leave.

    "Have you chosen the lucky man?" The announcer chimed eliciting excited calls to grab Camille's attention. Camille merely lifted a delicate finger and pointed right at Andy.

    "I want him." Her voice was silky and smooth. One could practically feel the need she had somehow built for this stranger.

    Camille stood, hands on hips as she watched him. Every male in that club had gone silent to see who was chosen before erupting into cheers at this boys luck.
  5. At first, Andy hadn't even known she was pointing, knowing thAt he was probably the last one to be considered. He didn't even want to know who she picked.

    "Dude, that's you!" John, his friend, pulled his jacket, which he'd been covering up tightly in, off his shoulders. Andy looked up, seeing her finger, and didn't believe it. He'd been chosen to dance with a hot stripper?

    Andy was pushed up onto the stage, for some of the men had noticed his hesitation and indecision. He cutely gasped as he suddenly found himself, in shorts and a vest, stand in in front of Camille. He had no idea what was going on and watched her.

    "H-hi..." He whispered, trying not to blink from the strobijg lights. He walked towards her as directed, and then saw the full extent of her bust and hips. He slowly gulped.

    "W-what should I do?" He whispered, trying not to stare at her glorious cleavage.
  6. Camille's smirk grew bigger. How could one boy be so cute? Her eyes swam over his figure taking is appearance. Innocence. That was all there was to it.

    "Just relax~." Came her smooth reply as she took his hand in hers. There was a chair placed in the center of the stage to which she led him.

    Camille sat him down as the music began. Her hands trailed over his chest as she slowly circled to the back of the chair. Leaving forward her hands moved down, fingertips grazing over his waistband as she let out a soft giggle before straightening.

    Her hips swayed back and forth as she walked around the chair. Camille kept her eyes on Andy the entire time. Her hips snaked and rolled in sensual circles as she danced. Her hands roamed her own body, letting out soft gasps as if she was getting off on just dancing.

    Dropping down into a split she licked her lips before crawling sensually over to Andy. She snaked her way into his lap. Arching back the blonde got a full view of her body. Camille rolled up slowly as her hips ground over his. Her hands swam over his body in time to the music as she gave him a lap dance.

    The money floated in the air, silently fluttering to the ground but Camille payed no mind. The only thing she could see was this boy. The way he was tried to hide why he felt, his little gasps of shock and innocent expression. She really was the little devil compared to him.

    Camille easily did a small flip off the chair only to fling herself around the pole on the right. She flew through the air, showing off her otherworldly flexibility. She landed in a split to which the men cheered drunkenly.

    Her forest green eyes teased Andy as she stood once more before him. Her thumbs slipped below her waistband. Her hips moved as the fabric was pulled down slightly. Camille feigned shock and pulled it back up. Smirking, she turned to the crowd and wiggled a finger.

    Turning back to Andy. She took his hands in hers and straddled his waist once more. She placed his larger hands on her waist letting out a moan. All the other boys loved when she did that. "Take me off." Camille moaned as if she needed it desperately. Just incase Andy was feeling apprehensive she spurred on his decision by rolling her hips over his. "Please."
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  7. When Anyd was sat down, his mind was swimming. He couldn't focus on her, only on her chest, her eyes, her waist, her hips. Everything that was about her, was captivating him. He understood now why it was that she was sudenly called the little devil: she was abusing his innocence and, worse, making him start ot like it.

    Everytime she was leaning down, her splits made him start to become aroused. Her motions, her little gasps, it all was playing on him. His own feelings were starting to heighten, his own body heat up, his eyes start staring right at her waistband. Still, he would hide them as well as he could.

    When he felt her start lap dancing it, it broke him and he moaned once, then pinched his lips together with his hand. This was more than just playing on him: this was starting to be evne more crazy. His eyes were moving so fast it almost hurt, and through it all, he was keeping his eyes on hers.

    She was getting closer, advancing, staring at him. She wanted him, or at least, she was good at faking it. He felt a blast of heat roll down to his thighs, his hands shake. He gripped the edge of the chair, yet she knew he was fighting his own feelings, for htey were soaring through the roof.

    Then her hands were in his. He opened his mouth, then shut as her words hit down upon his ears. He blinked, then began to shake.

    It took willpower and force to do it, yet the way she looked, acted, felt and even breathed was alluring. His eyes shut as he did as hse pleased, pushing down, shaking and starting to gasp. He slid them off and let them drop, and didn't look at them. He didn't know and didn't know what if really wanted to know. He was afraid, yet he was also very allured.

    "W-what now?" He asked, looking up and opening his eyes, his hands touching the back of her bra, and that only because of hte curve of her body, the way that she was standing, and the words she spoke. She was trying to seduce him...and it was working. Then he whispered, "Help me."

    It was a word of release. He didn't konw what he wanted. He needed her to show him. He'd surrenedered to the devil.
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  8. Camille couldn't help the shiver of delight that rolled through her at his soft plea of assistance. His hands were so soft and gentle Camille had to remind herself that she was on a stage.

    Her skirt was kicked off to the side as she stood, pulling Andy up with her. "Just enjoy yourself." Camille chimed as she turned to the crowd.

    Her back pressed against his chest as she snaked her hips side to side as she slid down. Once lowered, Camille bent over, straight-legged and arched up. Her ass sliding up against him.

    Hooking her arm back, behind his neck, Camille took his hand and placed it on her waist. "Touch." She whispered almost coaching him through this as she continued to move against him in a sinful way.

    As they moved to the song Camille's strange attraction to the male only increased. She faced him, ample chest pressed against his. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, and put Andy's hands on her breasts, allowing the rhinestoned garment fall.

    The men cheered as others cried out in jealously. All wished to be I. Andy's place right this moment.

    The song was nearing it's close all too soon, at least in Camille's mind. She led Andy back into his seat. Standing on the side of the chair, she placed her small foot, clad in a red stiletto on the armrest. Her eyes were glued to Andy's as the song ended. It was as if they were daring him to come to her.

    The lights on the stage fell dim and then went to black. Camille was the last act and the curtains closed. Camille went and got her skirt and bra, easily redressing herself.

    "That was fun. Catch ya later." Camille winked and sauntered off.
  9. Andy shut his eyes again and felt the force of his desire burn him, scorching him. He felt it, a strange, erotic attraction, something he didn't know yet. Something he found himself craving hard enough to touch Camille, try and find out.

    He placed his hand on her waist and did his best to caress it, feeling her toned skin. He breathed in her ear in pleasure, simply trying to Both let go, and hold on tight simultaneously. He wanted to touch her even more, and wanted go cut his own hand off. This devil was screwing with his mind in all the right places.

    "Yes ma'am..." He breathed to her, letting liquid fire engulf his arms. He rubbed her waist gently, and copied that way he would do so to a dog. He was so inexperienced it was comical, and yet alluring. He wanted to find out what he should do.

    He then felt his hands on two large breast and his eyes shot allegiance the way open. He began to fondle them, but hesitantly and slowly. He stated into her eyes when he began, but then became embarrassed and looked away.

    He could've stared into her looks and pools of eyes all night had the song not ended. Too soon fir him be fulfilled, he found himself back in exhaust with a final push, then the lights went out.

    Andy found himself unfulfilled, broken, and slightly annoyed. He felt the fire subside, and yet he didn't want it to. He stood shaking, red in the face, and towards where he saw her go, "Devil, no, please wait!" He needed more. He had to getit
  10. "Huh?" Camille swiftly turned around. Had it not been the way he sounded so desperately sweet, Camille would have brushed him off like any other man with a simple, "I really must go."

    Something about Andy held her back. Her green orbs watched him curiously as he turned to her.

    "Um...yes?" Those butterflies were back. Camille felt electric with her nerves as she took a few steps forward. For the first time she really took in his total appearance. Before she only really saw his face, not being able to get past those brilliant blue eyes.

    With her heels she was about an inch taller than him. If she took him off there would only be a slight difference in height as she was only five two.
  11. When she stopped, he suddenly was dry, red and very speechless. She was alluring to him, even when she wasn't moving or naked. Just her brilliant eyes threatened to swamp him and sweep him away into her, making her his and him bonded to her forever.

    He opened his mouth slowly, still trying to ignite how heat still was rolling inside. He croaked out very gently, "um...that was...very..." erotic? Sensual? Incredibly alluring? "...amazing."

    He tried to think about what he was trying to accomplish. He wanted more from her was what he wanted. He was in need of her to make him become satisfied. He needed her. It showed in how he was sweating and stammering, unsure and yet steady.

    "I-I would love to get more of that...I-if you w-would be w-willing...t-to..." He gulped, "I-if you w-would..."
  12. Camille gave him a sweet smile. If that had come from anyone else she would have been annoyed, maybe even disgusted. From him it sounded pure and innocent.

    "Well I'm glad you liked it." She giggled, turning to him fully now. Her smile faltered however at his request.

    "I really shouldn't...." Camille tried to say no but something stopped her. She wanted it too. "It's not very good to keep a relationship outside of gets....difficult...." Camille tried to explain. She kept her eyes downcast. She couldn't look up. She didn't want to see the look of disappointment on his features.

    It never bothered her before but Camille knew that if she saw his face contort in saddness she would cave.

    The Little Devil turned and headed backstage, but she never made it. Just as she was about to slip through the curtains to change she turned and ran over to Andy. She took his hand an scribbled down her number. Without a word she disappeared behind the red silk tapestries.
  13. Andy needed her to touch him and fulfill desires more than most things he'd ever wanted in life. He would have to relieve himself, and for the first time, he despised having to do that to himself. He needed her to seduct him, push him down,and abuse him.

    She nearly tore his heart out at her words. His back slumped and he began t gently cry, but didn't make noise. He didn't trust his own lips by this point.

    As he had surrendered himself to this fate, he felt the scribble on his left arm, but just as he did, she was gone. When he saw her number, he wanted to burst into more tears, and then freak out. He calmly put it into his phone and silently left.

    "You. Are. So. Goddamn. Lucky!" John slapped his arm as he did so, and he yelped, "hey!" He turned to John, "I guess so..." He silently added '...but I needed much more.'

    They began leaving, and he decided to text her after it. It was a simple 'hey, it's me' but it said, carrying the words to her 'I need you'.
    That night, his arousal persisted and he still was pulsing with heat. This was severe. He couldn't get down, and needed to. He needed it...and only she would fix it for good.

    He sat down and began relieving himself, only by pulling up the memory of her rubs, her touches, her kiss. He breathed slowly, "Little Devil..."
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  14. Camille smiled down at the phone in her hand. His message was simple but she didn't let the skip in her heart beat go unnoticed.

    Redressing in simple shorts and a tshirt, Camille slipped her phone in her back pocket. Collecting her things she was able to finally return home.

    Camille didn't reply until later that night, having to clean and finish some school work for the next day. It was a simple, 'hey :)'. She had noticed the way he had stared at her during the dance and she couldn't get that image out of her mind. She needed to see it again.
  15. Andy was lying on the bed, sighing slowly and trying to focus on not crying over her. He had never expected to fall for a stripper, especially that night. Yet the way she touched him, reacted to him, played him like a card was something he found himself craving, desiring, and both needing and becoming crazed due to it.

    His phone went off, and he instantly pulled it out. He saw it was indeed her and he quickly punched the little keys to get it t lo send. Knowing how this could go, he decided to not damage the phone and instead tried to remain calm. It did very little good.

    He texted quickly, 'Hey you.' (He was the weird one not to use abbreviations)), 'Listen...I need to see you again. Please.' He wished he could say it to her face, for he tried to put as much emotion into the text as possible. Hd couldn't afford to loose her, not now. Not after she'd taken his heart.
  16. Camille lounged in her small one bed room apartment. The television was the only light source in the room as of now. Her attention was pulled from the television by her phone vibrating next to her.

    Looking down, Camille saw the number of the boy in the club. She opened it and felt her stomach drop. He wanted to see her. Camille always avoided relationships. They never really worked out because of her job. She had to find new work three times because of jealous boyfriends.

    'Are you sure?' Camille couldn't bring herself to decline. Deep inside she wanted to see him too. Maybe just one dinner wouldn't hurt right? He'd get what he wanted and she could let him down easy. Then why did she feel like she binding herself to him through one little message. 'If ur sure. Let's have dinner tomorrow.'
  17. Andy knew that this could probably end up badly, yet he denied it with all his heart. They both knew that being a stripper would put a strain on their relationship, if she was even thinking of having one. If they became a couple, jealously could tear them apart easily, even if Andy would try his hardest to deny it.

    He thought about the offer and nodded to himself, and texted quickly back to her, 'How dies the restaurant on the other end of town sound? Tomorrow at 6 work for you?' He sighed in relief and then thought of if he should say anything else. He needed her to see the desire he held, how she ignited the fire inside him.

    He slowly punched in, 'I'm serious.' And then added, 'I won't be jealous.' Then he laid his phone down and sighed.
    ((Shall we skip to the dinner?))
  18. Camille sighed softly. She was torn. She knew what had to be done but she also knew what she wanted and as of now they were not lining up.

    'That sounds good. See ya.' Camille tossed her phone off to the side and groaned. "What am I doing?"


    Camille stared at her mirror. She wore denim shorts with a cream blouse. Her hair and make up was done and any other day she would have left without a second thought.

    Letting out a frustrated sigh, Camille rummaged through her closet. She came out with a new outfit.

    Camille appraised her choice for the hundredth time. It was a white romper with a tan fitted jacket over top. It was an improvement. Camille slid into white gladiator sandals and adorned her wrists with white and gold bangles.

    Finally approving of her outfit, Camille was ready. Grabbing her purse the female left her apartment and called a cab. She didn't have a car, usually just walking everywhere.
  19. Andy had absolutely no idea how this was ever going to work. His head swam with possibilities and it still was even more painful for him to think about it.

    "Damn," he sighed, "Andy I hope you know what your doing." He closed his eyes, pictures of her flashing behind his eyes.
    Andy stood in front of his mirror, trying to decide if he was going to over do this too much. He scrutinized the image in his mirror and became torn from indecision that swam inside of him.

    He had on a small blazer, with a pocketwatch and golden chain to adorn it. He had black slacks. He had also gone with Chuck Tyler shoes which curled almost to a point at the end. Under his blazer was a blue button up and brown tie to match his suit. He had his glasses on; he didn't want to wear them last night. He also had doused himself in cologne.

    He wanted to try and fix something, but it didn't seem to fit. In the midst of his own issues, time got away and he had to leave. He hopped into a nicely painted Nissan and drove to the place.

    From the caller Id, he'd gleaned her name was Camille. He slowly began to scan the roads, but decided he was pushing his luck. He arrived soon, within the hour, and stood at the entrance, nerves burning holes in him.

    Eventually, he began to sweat about her coming. Maybe she s was lying to him. Maybe she was playing him. Perhaps she really was trying to make him know she didn't like him.

    When she stepped out, he stood and took her arm, smiling but otherwise silent. He realized that they really were same height, maybe only a half inch taller than him. He saw how she'd dressed and admitted she was incredible at whatever she wore.

    "Thank you so much." He breathed, "thank you just for coming." They began to walk into the restaurant.
  20. Camille blushed lightly as he took her arm. It was so gentlemanly that it was endearing. "Really, don't sound so surprised." Camille giggled, shifting to hold his hand.

    It had been forever since she had this girlish excitement. The duo walked up to the host and were quickly showed their seats. The table was off to the side, secluded from the rest of the restaurant. Camille took her seat and picked up the menu.

    There was a comfortable silence between the two as they picked out dinner.

    "Andy....I....I just want you to know that I don't, I don't normally do this kind of thing. You're a sweet guy and there's something about you but.....things like this they don't job is...and...." Camille stuttered and trailed off. She wanted to give Andy a chance but she was nervous. This never worked out for her but something told her that this could be different.