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  1. About Naught: I am a 24 year old hunting guide, living with my best friend and roommate. My hobbies include practicing my swordsmanship, hiking and hunting with spears, knives and my longbow. As a roleplayer, I love to play Vampires, Werewolves or Huntresses.

    About Expectations: All I truly ask for is at least one post a day and a minimal of two paragraphs per post. Apart from that I will not ask to do anything that I will not do myself.

    The Plots

    Primal Fear: Uprising (Soldier x Supernatural Creature)
    For years, the supernatural community has hidden behind the thin veils of humanity. Watching, observing what makes humans tick, with this knowledge the creatures hidden in the shadows unleashed the legends of themselves upon the world, gripping some with fear and others disbelief. But every so often the would allow themselves to be seen or one of their dead would be tossed out for some human to find. But this was in the time, when a pan falling as someone walked by could be seen as Witchcraft...

    But now in an age where Technology reigns supreme over the legends of old... The supernatural community has lost much of the foothold that it had fought to claim. Tired of being ignored and told that they can not exist by the science of humanity. The creatures of the shadows step forth into the light of world for all humanity to see. But this exposure was not of the peaceful variety, but rather the supernatural community was tired of playing second best to humanity, now they will make humanity bow before them through force... War has come to the world, but the cost will be high for both sides.

    Primal Fear: Resurgence (Huntress x Werewolf)
    For 10 years, the war between the supernatural community and humanity has waged. Bodies litter the streets, only to rise up as undead to fight for their enemies against a world that will no longer accept them. Humanity has proven to be more of a problem then the creatures gave them credit for... While some humans would surrender and voluntarily join the community's ranks, most of the would refuse and fight tooth and nail for what they had built. But a well respected and hated Werewolf Alpha would tire of this fighting and waste of life, deciding to finish everything in a swift attack against the capitals over the world, as well as over whelming the military bases... Not trusting the others to take the most important target, The alpha would send her own pack to take the base out...

    But it would be nearly a month before the Alpha would see the members of her pack again. Only their numbers have been reduced by nearly half. They would tell their Alpha of their discovery of a base devoid of almost all life and the traps that they encountered within. Now it seems like a human is hunting them, but when they next venture into a city that had just been taken, it seems that this human is hunting more then just the members of the supernatural community, but those that support it as well. As savage as any Werewolf, but as cunning as any Vampire, this hunter is too dangerous to be kept alive or is there a motive hidden behind it's actions.

    The Land of Arcas and Plots (WIP) (open)

    A Brief Background

    The Forest of Shattered Winds has divided the continent of Arcas since it's founding. Many attempts have been made at cutting a path through the forest, but the following day, the path was gone and the trees and undergrowth had returned to their previous state. It is a barrier that prevents wars between the races that call Arcas home. There have been many people who have gone missing within the forest, either believing that it was a simple walk through, only to come face to face with the meanest and darkest creatures one could imagine. Soon the bravest of the races found a way through the forest and began to train others. These guides went on to spread knowledge and cultural beliefs between the races, as well as help those who wish to see the cities of the other races through the forest.

    Love Path

    For a guide to meet another guide during their travels is a common event within the forest, But for a guide to continue to run into the same guide time and time again is unheard of. Two young guides living on opposite sides of the forest have had this problem, They could leave at varying times of day and still meet in the same general area at the same time. But when they mention this to other guides, they receive a laugh at their expense and some of the others make it sound like the forest is trying to push them closer to each other. Despite the jokes that are made, they continue on with their jobs except the forest has other plans in store for them....

    Betrayal Path

    A King's greed knows no bounds as he sends an elite squad of soldiers into the forest to find the blood of a creature that would grant him immortality. They enter the forest without the aide of a guide and quickly find themselves lost. That is the moment when the true colors of the soldiers are revealed, instead of calmly retracing their steps. They take out the anger on their leader, savaging beating their leader and leaving them for dead. A guide eventually finds the leader and takes them home and nurses her back to health. She provides all the care that she can, only to be stabbed in the back time and time again by the soldier. But despite this, the guide continues to help the soldier until the forest intervenes leaving both the guide and soldier stranded in the middle of nowhere, with only each other to rely on.

    Thrill of the Hunt Pairings

    Shadow Huntress X Alpha Werewolf
    Dawn Huntress X Alpha Werewolf
    Master Vampiress X Omega Werewolf
    Fledgling Vampiress X Omega Werewolf
    Vampire Slayer x Werewolf Partner
    Werewolf Hunter x Vampire Partner
    Dragon Slayer x Demon(ess)
    Demon Slayer x Dragon(ess)
    Vampire Slayer x Vampire Girlfriend
    Werewolf Hunter x Werewolf Girlfriend

    Silver & A Pack

    Alpha x Alpha
    Alpha x Beta
    Alpha x Omega
    Alpha x Delta
    Beta x Omega
    Beta x Delta
    Delta x Omega
    Alpha x Human
    Beta x Human
    Delta x Human

    Blood & The Dawn

    Sire x Fledgling
    Elder x Elder
    Crusnik x Elder
    Crusnik x Fledgling
    Renfield x Elder
    Renfield x Fledgling
    Sire x Fledgling x Renfield
    Elder x Human
    Fledgling x Human

    More to come later...

    Please Pm me or post here if your interested.
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  2. I'll do this idea
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    Silver and a Pack
    Blood and the Dawn
    I am interested in!
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  7. Still searching and two plots added.
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