Nature's Laws, Broken

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  1. I am looking for a seme. This will be a yaoi roleplay.

    I was thinking about roleplaying this idea where the countries are starting to enter a different type of race against one another. After the first successful transformation of a human body being injected with the DNA of a cat, resulting in night vision, everyone has greedily reached out for their own creation. These mutations are argued to make humans' territory expand and their vulnerability lessen to dangers around them.

    Your character could be a reporter, sent around the world to cover stories from all sorts of countries. Capturing both the devastating failures and undeniable successes. One trip sends him to a lab located underground in the United States, over thirty specimens being treated. Within his three day time limit he grows interested in one male at the lab named Clear, who's DNA is being combined with that of a tropical bird and lions. It is the first test that is being run with the attempt to mutate three different forms of DNA together.

    When returning back home for a break from his work, Your character gets the shock of his life when he finds out Clear has followed him, and begs to be hidden by him.

    (It would be cool if a relative of your character was also being tested on. You don't have to have that though)

    Name: Clear (Constance) Hailmen
    Looks:(with some details that will be added in the story)
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