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  1. Post your characters here including the following information:

    Character Name:

    Age (Preferably younger):
    Appearance (Preferably Picture):

    Amount of Offences:

    Family members:
    Relationship Status:

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  2. Character Name: Richard Straham

    Height: 6'2
    Age (Preferably younger): 17
    Appearance (Preferably Picture):
    Personality: To be uncovered ;D
    History: To be uncovered ;D

    State: The Rogues of Alfair
    Crime: Murder x 1, Assault x 1, Theft x 2
    Amount of Offences:4

    Family members: Mother
    Relationship Status: Single

    Other: TBD
  3. Character Name: Clementine Hannibal

    Height: 5'9
    Age (Preferably younger): 14 3/4
    Appearance (Preferably Picture):
    History: TBD

    State: The Rogues of Alfair
    Crime: Known: Theft x 1, Murder x 1
    Unknown: Theft x 19, Murder x 3, Treason x 1, Possession of Narcotics x 3, Verbal and Physical Abuse x 10, Disgracing/Denying/Questioning Government Publicly x 4
    Amount of Offenses: Known: 2 Unknown: 40

    Family members: Deceased
    Relationship Status: Single and Not ready to mingle


    Doesn't work well with others.
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  4. Can you list the states on here please?
  5. Post your characters here including the following information:

    Character Name: Jason Taylor

    Height: 6'2
    Age (Preferably younger): 18
    Appearance (Preferably Picture): Hair is black and long, shadowing his face, his eyes are dark brown and his clothes are black to blend into the shadows
    Personality: Mysterious and cynical, he can be taken as threatening but also as sad and lonely, inside he just wants someone to share his pain
    History: Orphan and lost his brother in the arena, spent his days roaming ever since

    State: thingies of Alfair
    Crime: Mercenary
    Amount of Offences: 13

    Family members: none
    Relationship Status: single

  6. Character Name: John Mitchell

    Age (Preferably younger): 19 ( Almost 20)
    Appearance (Preferably Picture) :
    [​IMG] face... [​IMG]
    Personality: TBA
    History: At the age of seven in his family it was regular for men to be trained vigorously to join the order, at 18 he left his home and joined the order and started patrolling (harassing) the streets of Alfair. After one year he had killed five men, one was a young teen. His heart became human as he started giving people less harsh punishments (in his mind...). He realized that cutting off thieves hands were not "less" harsh punishments but he tried his hardest as
    he always had other "peacekeepers" around watching so he couldn't be "generous" all the time. After awhile he almost despised his own friends, but he didn't try to leave for the sake his families honor. (TO BE CONTINUED IC)
    State: Alfair
    Crime: None on his true record. (Killed 5 for the order though)
    Amount of Offences:(None) 5x Deaths on his account.

    Family members: Father (43), Mother (39),Brother (17), Sisters (11 and 16).
    Relationship Status: Single

    Other: TBD
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