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    Have you experienced a natural disaster in your life?

    When I was about 4, living in California, There was the 'Loma prieta' earthquake. It was devastating, although I was really young and don't remember much, I do remember our windows all breaking and the TV flying across the room. I was living about 30 minutes from San Francisco at the time, where the damage was much greater.

    How about you>?

  2. Back when I lived in Texas I woke up for school in kindergarten one morning to see nine foot flood waters, and the Super Nintendo still worked.
  3. A few years ago, there was a terrible wind storm. It knocked over power lines, damaged buildings, cars got crushed by trees. Trees even fell through rooftops. o__o

    The power was out for an entire week for a lot of people! Thankfully, ours came back within 18 hours of it going out. We had to house my great grandma though, because she had no power still. It was too dangerous to drive for a while and just such a mess.

    And when I lived in Illinois, I was 11 or 12 years old... There was a tornado heading to our city, so my school bus ended up turning around to rush us back to school. -___-; There were so many crybabies on the bus (including me) and we all had to huddle into a single room for safety. I went to school in the middle of a cornfield, so I was many miles away from home. Was not happy that day. Thankfully, not too much damage was done...
  4. I was in WA for that!

    My boss went without power for TWO WEEKS. She lived in Gig Harbor.

    That nice house of hers wasn't all it was cracked up to be in 10 degree weather. HAW.

    I went without power for all of 30 seconds. ;P

    Personally, GA gets the shit-end of the stick for natural disasters. Every now and then, the tail-end of a hurricane will whip up the coast and make a mess of a few SUPER-RICH island community, but that's about it. The only mega-storm was this blizzard we had back in... '92, or so? Had over a foot of snow.

    That's a LOT for Georgia, by the way.
  5. Sometime in the mid-90's, there was a helluva an ice storm in Toronto that killed a few people alongside wrecking the electrical supplies a bit. It's not too uncommon for the power to go out during this time of year here.
  6. Ice. Ice every winter. Though either '05 or '06 it got pretty bad with it nearing almost three inches of ice on everything. Power knocked out across the entire town for a few weeks due to all the power lines falling. The Casino was turned into a shelter, though the games there still conveintly worked. The last ice storm we had only lasted a couple days, though. Gave Isabella and me something to do when worked closed, at least...
  7. Interesting, anyone else?
  8. Last year, there was a storm in my country that "poured six months' worth of rainwater in a single day." My family and I stayed in the house, and we dredged out water that threatened to flood the house towards the front yard. Manually.

    The downpour and flow of water that day was powerful enough to blow sewer hatches open and bring parked cars over long distances. While the inside of my house remained 100% dry, many other people were not so lucky.