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  1. I started an RP a while back with a fantasy race based off of Native American culture as one of four playable character types. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of the Native American race; so much so that I had to limit the characters until the other races filled up.

    This INTEREST CHECK is to see if there are any players who would be interested in a real life, HISTORICAL RP based off of a Native American civilization.

    If a few people get together, we can plot the details as far as which tribe, time frame, conflict, etc.

    Wadaya think?

  2. Hmm...kinda interested.
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  3. Guess I'll table this for now.
  4. Well that's disappointing.
  5. I"ll keep you in mind when I bring it back out after summer is over... better luck once people stop vacationing.
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