Native American History Month...

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We now spend a month learning and educating people about what it means to be an Indian, Native American, First Nations, whatever the tribes wanna call themselves.

I highly recommend watching the documentry Reel Injuin for a look at how Hollyweird gets things so wrong. ;)

Also this thread is for Ampu, to do whatever wild Ampus do.
I bring you... LEGEND OF THE ANT PEOPLE! I only find particularly interesting, because my brother while he was little created this whole imaginative world about ant people.
Reel Injun was one of the better documentaries I've seen in a while. I plan on snagging the DVD when I have the time :3 Actually took a few moments to hunt it down online. Hopefully it'll still be there when I'm UNBUSY. It was backordered anyway until like, December...

Also LOL NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. I just kind of wonder what people do in other places. Like in classes and stuff.

I remember in elementary school during "native american week," all the teachers would have us kids color little pilgrims and turkeys and we all made paper headbands and feathers with construction paper. Then we would eat a napkins-worth of popcorn...because "that's what indians brought to thanksgiving." It was kind of weird...because it wasn't until I got older did they actually start to have actual native people come in to talk to us about...indian stuff...

It kind of makes me wonder why they decided to have a native history month after like...all this time...
Depends on the teachers, in my experience. Since my mom is Metis, she always brought in people form the local tribes to talk about diverse issues and how the average American doesn't know jack about the 500+nations that existed here before the European invasions. (Cuz we don't live in tipis, unless you are a Plains Indian, which I ain't a member of). She also tried to focus on all the various "tribal groups" so that you don't get everyone clumped into Plains Indians or the bigger "TEEVEE Tribe" falsities.
Pretty much all of my teachers were white. They would come from the cities to work off their student loans since working on a rez counts as...whatever it is you need to work off student debts. It's like working in an "impoverished" area = they knock off a huge chunk of your debt. They would arrive and immediately be disappointed that we weren't wearing our feathers everyday and that we lived in houses with four walls.

<_< most of us, anyway. We might have looked civilized but we were pretty wild kids anyways. I'm pretty sure they were all extremely disappointed in either the reality of the situation or the fact that they weren't teaching the kids they wanted to or something? We weren't even THAT BAD, but they'd only last so long before they were slamming us against the wall or calling us names & whatnot.

The only native teachers I ever knew were a husband and wife in middle school & they moved pretty soon afterwards. In college there were more...

I dunno, to me it doesn't really feel like the "native american month" really feels like it means ANYTHING. There was ziltch publicity about it. It just kind of showed up in a tiny headline in some state papers. And why NOVEMBER? Is that because of THANKSGIVING? Is there even a REASON WHY it's in November?
Because October's Filipino American Month... and the first recorded instance of Filipinos in the U.S. was in the month of October so... you totally know why it's November, c'mon. (The Man is widely known as uncreative, yo.)


THANKSGIVING. It's because of Thanksgiving, the Month Assignment Department thinks it's being clever.
*makes a face to match Coorie's avatar*

D:< The fucking MAN.
Indeed the Man is unoriginal. So in response I went to a pow pow today.