Nationwide - Get us or your child will die.

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  1. Nationwide is on your side. ;)

  2. That boy was confused. He didn't want cooties, but he wanted to get married. o.O

    And how does insurance protect your kid from having an accident? If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Insurance isn't going to protect them. It's only going to cover expenses....o.O
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  3. Whoa...
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  4. How adorab- oh...
  5. Nationwide is really pumping the gas.

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  6. Nationwide: Making people who have had their children die feel like piles of useless and evil wastes of space since 2015.
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  7. How do you sell insurance?

    Do your best to scare all the overprotective parents.

    That was one of the worst commercials I've ever seen and I've watched the Terry Crew Old Spice commercials willingly.
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  8. Anyone who's stupid enough to believe insurance is going to keep their kid from dying deserves to be ripped off. Watching your kids is what keeps them from dying. Anyone with common sense knows that.
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  9. Mmmm I wouldn't say it's stupidity. Maybe naive.
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  10. I sincerely hope everyone in this thread read the title with that little Nationwide ditty.

    "Give us your child or they will diiiieee.."
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  11. They were talking about this on the radio this morning. Apparently everyone is freaking out over it. They're probably making a killing.
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  12. I mean, it's just like, do they even know what kind of product they're selling?
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  13. *toys around with Rare's keyboard*

    Not insuring your children is a selfish act to commit, like stealing from your loved ones or even killing them.

    Life throws the hard things at you, you're suppose to be fearful and over-react to them with copious medical and life insurance. But from some, they are too weak to handle life and its' challenges. So they don't get Nationwide insurance.

    In short:

    If you're uninsured, then you're too weak to handle life and the challenges that humans face.

    Nationwide... protecting better for its' non-weak for humans

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  14. My daily WTF moment just happened.
  15. I legit laughed aloud during this commercial.

    It was awesome.

    +1 Nationwide. Your fear game is on point!
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  16. It's extending on the message that 'accidents happen' as well as putting the seed into parents' minds to pay more attention to taking preventive measures. It's a shock message. People think it's awful, but it works.
  17. If people need to be told to watch their kids, they shouldn't have kids. X_X

    Just saying. There are people out there that are gullible enough to believe getting their kids insured is going to prevent accidents. I get the message behind it. I listened to what they said, but it's a horrible way to get sales. Believe me, as someone who has kids, I know how quick accidents happen. I've had them happen right in front of me while I was literally five seconds too late to stop it. (My daughter fell and busted her head open on the table just as I was about to grab her. @_@) It's false advertisement in a sense, because whether your kids are insured or not, there's always a chance something will happen. They're kids!
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  18. If it was a regular PSA announcement, I don't think there would be so much distress over the commercial. But it was a commercial for an Insurance Company. o.o How can insurance protect my children from an accident? It just makes em want to pull my hair out.

    I'm tempted to put this as a "Debate" so no one gets all upset if someone disagrees. lol
  19. Wait wait wait wait...



    Nydanna has kids?

    You never mention it.

  20. Yeah. That sums it up.
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