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  1. HERE. Make your nations and discuss the creation in this thread my dears <3 I'll add more info into the Original Post as soon as I get a chance.
    {td=right}Nation {/td}
    {td}Myraea (Meer-AY-ah){/td}
    {td=right} Number{/td}
    {td=right}Leader {/td}
    {td=left} Tu'Vahl Evertide{/td}
    {td} Ambassador{/td}
    {td=left} Aeralone Silentshore{/td}
    {td}Government {/td}
    Democratic Absolute Monarchy
    Governed by a king, chosen by the people for being seen as fit to rule. Fitness is determined by survival skills, intelligence, and ability to lead.
    {td}Nation Size {/td}
    {td=left} Small (~380,000){/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td=left} {/td}
    {td}Race {/td}
    {td=left} Ohra (Aquatic Elves){/td}
    {td}Race Description {/td}
    Average Life Span: 250-300 Years.
    Age Conversion: 2 Ohra years to every 1 human year, roughly. A ten-year-old Ohra appears as a 20-year-old human. However, after the age of 10, their maturity slows drastically. A 20-year-old Ohran looks like a 25-year-old human. A 40-year-old Ohran has very little difference from a 20-year-old Ohran. Around the age of 100, signs of true aging begin and at 100, an Ohran looks much like a 40-50-year-old human. A 200-year-old Ohran looks like a 60-70-year-old human and around 250, they deteriorate quite quickly, most dying within half a decade.
    Height: 5’5’’-6’5’’
    Body Form: Humanoid, overall: Aquatic Elves
    Skin: Soft and silky, their skin appears to have a gentle, translucent outer layer and a darker layer beneath. The outer layer looks like light striking shallow water, usually a white or light blue or light green. The layer beneath is always a tone or two darker, ranging from blue, green, to black. This multi-tone helps them to blend into their aquatic and riparian environments. The most unique aspect of their skin is their ability to shift colors depending on the environment they’re in. While each has a ‘native color’ based on which region they primarily live and work, they can shift through all the racial tones based on their emotions. Adults can also shift color deliberately to blend into their environment.
    Hair: Long, tendrils like human hair, but each feels waxy and is water proof. Colors vary from black, to blues, to greens, to white. No browns or blondes or red are present. Common hairstyles are braids and free-flowing waves.
    Eyes: Large, oval eyes ranging from pale blue or green to dark blue or green, sometimes even purple.
    Facial Structure: High cheekbones, soft, skin. Their necks have slender slits (gills) which are hardly noticeable outside of the water. Their eyes are fairly large, making them look curious or “cute” to many outsiders. Their lips are slender and usually a darker tone from their skin. Their ears are pointed and usually have thin fin flaps extending up to form the pinna.
    Notable Features: Gill slits on neck. When in the water, the Ohra have fins that fold out from between their fingers and toes, giving them the ability to swim very well. Higher bred individuals, those from more elite bloodlines, also have head fins which rise up when swimming or when angered. These head fins run along the top of the head and rise up like a Mohawk of sorts.

    Young: The young are always much lighter and almost always a shade of green. This is because they are raised in the swampy waters of the Ohran Estuaries in the heart of their territory. They learn to live in the sea and upon reaching sexual maturity at the age of 10 their native color tones begin to solidify. The young are birthed naturally but are quickly placed into protective shells, similar to eggs, and kept in these until their muscles and bodies develop well enough for better survival. These egg-like structures are cared for by the colony caregivers until the child reaches about a year of age when they return to their native families and carry on with their lives.
    {td}Race Culture {/td}
    {td=left} Divine Entity: All-Mother Goddess Euryl The Ohra have a culture that appears to be a mix between animalistic dominance and territorial displays and a civilized form of democracy. There are social classes dictated largely by survival skills and intelligence, though the shamans and oracles of their race have equal standing. The social structure is as such:
    1. The King and his Mate
    2. Warriors and Shamans
    3. Healers and Craftsmen and Teachers
    4. Caregivers and Farmers
    5. All others
    The societal dynamics revolve around the divine All-Mother: Euryl. It is believed that the planet is her body, the waters, her blood. The land are parts of her soul submerging from the oceans to offer life to her people, the Ohra. The tides are her pulse, the Moon, her heart. The bounty of the land are the products of her vitality and as such, all of nature is fiercely valued and protected. The Estuary is seen as a sacred region specifically, for it combines land, river, and ocean. It is rich with resources and offers protection for the race to breed and continue on.

    Being such aquatic based beings, one might assume that they would live entirely in the water. However, this is not true. The capital is on land, in the tropical forests bordering the sacred estuary. They utilize the fertile, productive land to cultivate a vast array of diverse food sources, specializing in fruits and sea foods. Their great city extends through the marsh and its boundaries stretch out into the ocean where a portion of the population does choose to live under water in homes crafted on the ocean floor in the shallower waters.

    Politically, the king is an absolute monarch, making all decisions on his own, however, this isn’t to say he doesn’t take the advice and opinions of others into consideration. The king is chosen by the people, usually once every 150 years, or sooner if the people feel that the nation is falling under weak rule. However, this is rarely the case for the king is naturally selected for his skills in survival, his intelligence, and for being politically and environmentally savvy. A good king must protect and harness the land and the waters, but he must also navigate the sometimes turbulent seas of diplomacy and politics. The current king has been in power for 86 years and has done the people well over the last century. He was chosen specifically for his refreshing ideas for moving the nation forward. His main focuses are on fortifying the nation’s capital and working to build a more stable, maintainable society that is not so prone to the dangers of the wilds. Long have the Ohra lived in the ebbs and flows of nature’s harsh, unpredictability but now is the time to plant deeper roots and build up the infrastructure of the Myraea Nation.

    Agriculture and Food Resources:
    The Ohra are almost entirely vegetarian, but not by some moral or religious rite. Rather, the majority of the animals are highly poisonous and dangerous. Once, the Ohra hunted a large boar from the woods and feasted on it. It was not poisonous, but the species was so socially driven, that the entire horde or boars attacked the Ohran people for weeks, seeking revenge for their fallen ally. It was a dark time in history with much death between boars and Ohrans. After that, the people decided it was best to stick to their semi-aquatic agriculture and harvesting the non-sentient fish species they relied on. Aside from fish, the live off exotic fruits, kelps, water potatoes, and various other crops which they grow year round.

    The Ohra have a unique relationship with large ocean-dwelling creature which look like massive turtles, as well as large sea serpents. The turtles are docile, large organisms which are used to assist in the harvesting of the underwater crops. The large Sea Serpents are ridden by the small imperial army of the king, known as Euryl’s Might. The Ohran people have a good relationship with most the aquatic organisms. Some children keep large, furry crabs as pets, some have octopi assisting in the care of the young in the estuaries. Their relationships with the ocean beings are much more peaceful than the land ones. Most of the land based organisms are poisonous and deadly, difficult to cooperate with and even more difficult to tame! Thus, the Ohra avoid the land beasts, seeking neither food nor friend in them.
    {td}Current National Goals {/td}
    {td=left}Reinforce the infrastructure of the nation. Stone is becoming more and more appealing each year as the powerful floods wash away much of the city and force the people to rebuild. They have long respected this cycle of nature, but, after experiencing two years without a flood, the king believes the great goddess wants them to plant sturdier roots. The king aims to establish trades with neighboring Nations to import the materials needed to physically fortify their nation’s cities.{/td}
    {td}Industry of Nation
    {td=left} Food Production (exotic fruits and fishes){/td}
    {td}Industry of Nation
    {td=left} Healing Goods Export (Harvested from the woods or concocted by their magi and shamans){/td}
    Industry of Nation
    {td=left} Mana Exports (NEW){/td}
    {td=left}+Year Round Growing Season
    +High Biodiversity (new discoveries are normal)
    +Highly Skilled Shamans of Nature and Sea Magicks (druids of the coastal regions)
    -Yearly flooding
    -Dangerous woods make it hard to expand
    -No Stones or Ores and thus, no stone or metal tools or weapons.
    {td=right} {/td}
    {td=left} {/td}
    {td=left} {/td}
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  2. [​IMG]
    Nation Name:
    United Queendom of Cesedria

    Nation Number:

    Nation Leader:
    Queen Ambrey II (open)


    Nation Ambassador:
    Princess Vecià (open)


    Form of Government:
    Constitutional Monarchy

    Nation size:
    442.193 Small

    Ruling Family: Ceasare
    Appearance example (open)


    "From the stars we came, to the stars we rise."
    The Ceasare are creatures rumored to be the cration between a creature of the light and a creature of the dark. Two long wings, spread slightly taller than the person bearing them, spread across their backs. A distinctinctive mark in their appearance is that they always have a combination of a dark colour and white or red and white. Their lifespan measures in average 500 years, the oldest recorded having reached the age of 754 and the youngest having died with the age of 308.
    Beauty, Intelligence and Grace are often connected with the Ceasare, but their bodies are quite fragile and they often lack muscle mass.
    A natural magic shield radiates from them naturaly, leading to a well kept secrect: Their need to consume mana instead of regular food. This shield makes them more difficult to kill, but highly depends on a supply of mana.
    As of this date, there are only seven Ceasare left alive, a declining species as they cannot procreate with other species.
    Another well kept secret is that the Ceasare are dying. The seven Ceasare left are all females with no male to ensure the race's future.
    Incest was common and been known to have occured on a frequent basis in the past generation.
    The aging of their body is slowed to a stop in their mid twenties and will begin to age horribly on the day they die.

    Major Population: Amun
    Example (open)


    "Ancient and loyal forever."
    When we speak of the Amun, we speak of a race alike Humans. The body structure is the same, the body functions are the same, the differences come when we speak of the wide colour scheme that they come in when it comes to their hair and eyes as well as the exceptional magical potential that their females come with. While males are physicaly stronger and can cast magic, females, while physically weaker, posess the ability to imbue a magic effect into themself and the task at hand. As such the Amun female's are known to perform a magic type known as "Weapon Art".
    Their procreation rate is the same as with humans and their lifespans goes to the average of 65 years.

    Race Culture:
    "High Wing of Order"
    The people of Cesedria all follow the rule of the Queen, the highest ruling class, followed by the Lords and Ladies forming the council to represent the public interest. After this come the military and artistic, poetic people, followed by the merchants and craftsmen. At the bottom of the social structure sit the farmer, fisher, hunter, stoneworker, miner and other fundamentally important people.
    Men and Women are equal before the queen's law and no difference is made.
    Public, state funded school's teach the poorest people to read and write. School is obligatory for every child beginning the age of 6 and will be required to go to school until the age of 12, where after they will be able to go to specific academies. In these academies they can specialize on a various ammount of carreres, ranging from soldier to merchant, farmer and a lot more. The duration of the academy time stayed depends on the career choice.

    Poetry, Art, Elite are words that the people of Cesedria are connected with.

    Industry of Nation:
    Mana Extraction
    Arms Smithing

    Strengths of Nation:
    Strong magical understanding and potential
    Enchanted Army*
    Enchanted Arms

    Weaknesses of Nation:
    Highly Mana Dependent
    Small Army

    Relationships with each other Nation:

    Region Map
    (Requires location descriptions still)
    Cesedrian prophecy (open)

    When myth becomes truth, a sudden death shall bring an age of war.
    The white will rise and bring destruction.
    And the end of Order has come.

    Enchanted Army*: The Cesedrian Army uses enchanted armor and weaponry, their ability to strategize is more theory than praxis. The battle training in the academy prepares the soldiers to be rather well prepared in terms of combat, it does not prepare them of the horrors of war and with the occuring Isolationism the army lacks proper fighting experience.

    Notes and thoughts:
    -Stronger but smaller army.-
    -Isolationism, kept to themself and did not interact much in the past couple of decades politicaly with the other nations.-
    Flulff and character descriptions, I will add later on.
    -The shield surrounding the Vengel is only useful against lesser magic and is meant to be used more efficently while in an enchanted armor. That is where they shine in combat, they bleed just the same and are not immortal though and their fragile bodies and the dependency on mana mean that they will not be able to fight for long in direct combat.-

    Changelog (open)

    1.made image smaller
    2.Framework for the Ruling Family
    3.Spoiler for nation history
    4.Geography/Building Spoiler Framework + a few images
    5.Edited Elite Army->Enchanted Army
    6.Changed race name
    7.Created Map
    8.Created Blog
    9.Added all current locations to Blog

    Everything is Subject to change (and code breaking)
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  3. Looks promising White.

    Just an fyi, our races are going to have a similar appearance.
  4. mhm, i figured you would go for the Avian as mentioned in Illium. It is why I decided to tell of the disctinctive colour variance of red(aka dark) and white. All of them will have either red or white eyes, hair or wings, both colours always being present.
  5. Don't play Illium. Not sure what their races look like.
  6. Bird/Angel people.

    I did something with the Map, zoomed onto the region and threw a few icons at it. There is a lot of placeholder text to set the text up appropriately atm.
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  7. Okay, I've added my CS so far into the first post there.
  8. WIP

    Nation Name:
    Nation Number: 2
    Nation Leader: Queen Shaheen Suparna IV
    Nation Ambassador: Lady Cephorah Suparna III
    Form of Government: Matriarchal
    Nation size: Medium: 500,000

    Race of Nation: Avariel
    Race Description: Tall, lithe, and graceful the Avariel are attractively muscular and range between six feet and six and a half feet tall. They are a humanoid race with large bird-like wings which grow from their scapulas and drag on the ground behind them. Avariel are a bipedal race and very closely resemble humans, however, have several differences. They are completely hairless; instead their skin is covered in a non-pigmented, barely visible layer of down feathers, and their scalps are covered in long black, brown, auburn, or white plumes. Their faces have high cheekbones and angular features with larger eye sockets and prominent noses. Many have naturally pink, purple, orange or blue pigmented facial markings around their eyes or covering their cheeks and foreheads.

    They tend to wear clothing made of cotton, silk, or animal skins in natural earthen hues, though, brighter colors are worn by royalty and during celebrations. Their clothes are typically plain and designed for function with high-collars and low-cut backs, which provide plenty of room for their wings. Steel coverings of the chest and legs are worn at times of war or war-like aggression. Gold, silver, and bronze jewelry is commonly worn by both males and females and all classes.

    Race Culture: Militaristic (culture and societal form)

    Industry of Nation: (Choose one leading, then a weaker secondary and tertiary)
    Strengths of Nation: (List Three)
    Weaknesses of Nation: (List Three, these must balance out the strengths)

    Capital: Araceli

    Relationships with each other Nation:
    (List each nation and write either a short paragraph, or a single word or two to describe what the relationship is called.)
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  9. [​IMG]
    Nation Name:
    Undivine Homeland of Father Theryvios
    : Theryvios
    Adjective/Demonym: Theryviosite

    Nation Number:

    Nation Leader:
    Father Abuon


    A powerful High Ryvian with an uncannily humanoid face and torso, Father Abuon is the leader of Theryvios, its religion, and literal father to most High Ryvian of this generation. His abuse of mana-mutations have twisted his body, but his mind is amazingly still intact. He is an older Ryvian, one from almost two generations ago and is currently seeking a successor.

    Nation Ambassador:


    A recent product of a new strain of humanoid Ryvian that focus on the silhouette over the visage, the Ambassador is a nameless female High Ryvian and is one of the most successful humanoid-mimicking Ryvian to date. She was selected by her appearance and speaking abilities instead of proper qualifications.

    Form of Government:
    Theocratic Aristocracy
    Theryvios is lead by a group of elite Ryvians, though they often seek guidance from their religious leader.

    Nation size:
    By High Ryvian: Small (< 240,000)
    By total Ryvian: Large+ (> 1,000,000)

    Race of Nation:
    Ryvian is the collective term of the native Theryviosite insectoid species and their numerous castes. The most well-known castes are the Akryvians and Uthryvians, or “High Ryvians” and “Pure Ryvians” respectively.

    The High Ryvians are the product of selective breeding and extreme mutation via mana. Frightening in appearance, they have managed to gain some semblance of a humanoid form and visage as well as the ability to speak. Though their dedication and pursuit of can be lauded, their uncanny and twisted form reflects what terrible things they’ve done to reach this far.


    Details (open)
    Average Life Span (Natural) = 14-16 years
    Average Life Span (Mana infused) = 130-160 years
    Average Height (head to ground) = 6’4”-8’2”
    Average weight = 140-180 lbs (63-82 kg)

    Common Body Features:
    Humanoid face and torso made up of flexible, soft chitin.
    Snow, Silver, Ivory coloration with four-six solid red eyes on face (and two-four secondary eyes on side of head).
    Insectoid body, modern High Ryvians favoring arachnid forms
    Though most High Ryvians still give birth to clutches of eggs to be fertilized, the most recent High Ryvians can be fertilized while still carrying eggs. There has also been rumors of a High Ryvian capable of incubating and giving birth to an adolescent Ryvian directly, though such tales are rarely taken seriously.
    High Ryvians grow to their full natural height within weeks, though mana mutation may affect this. Their parentage has direct say in what they will become, unless influenced by mana. In the case of mana infusion, they are wildcards: They may make a new breed of High Ryvian, become twisted monstrosities, or more likely collapse under the strain of mutating and perish.

    As Ryvian are capable of extreme mutation, such averages are to be taken with a grain of salt. One should set aside their expectations when meeting a Ryvian, as one can easily meet a small, 3ft spidery dwarf just as easy as they can a massive, 10ft skeletal giant.

    The Pure Ryvians are the closest to the original Ryvian form, and resemble chitinous monsters rather than denizens of a nation. They are mindless, needless drones that perform whatever labor is required of them, still using the ancient instincts of the ancestors to serve their leaders to their utmost.
    Pure Ryvians communicate simple thoughts and expressions with High Ryvians though scents, body motions, and (if infused with mana) limited telepathy, and though High Ryvians can do the same they prefer audible words; Pure Ryvians can understand speech, they just can’t speak for themselves.


    Details (open)
    Average Life Span (Natural) = 2-3 years
    Average Height (head to ground) = 4’4”-6’2”
    Average weight = 70-110 lbs (32-50 kg)

    Common Body Features:
    Chitinous bodies
    Snow, Silver, Ivory coloration with eight-twelve solid red eyes on head.
    That’s really their common features, they are far too drastic in shape and form to have worthwhile averages.
    Pure Ryvians give birth to what is needed. If they find stone and cannot carve through it, the digging Pure Ryvians breed mutated children capable of digging through stone. If they need to move heavy objects, they will produce exceptionally strong children. If they need to cut down trees or swim through rivers, their children will be able to.
    Pure Ryvians give weekly to monthly, laying clutches of up to a hundred eggs. Most of those eggs will die from natural predation or poor mutation. They are a rapidly adapting species, though the cost of that is frail bodies vulnerable to most outside predators and diseases.
    Pure Ryvians reach their full maturity usually one week after birth.

    As Ryvian are capable of extreme mutation, such averages are to be taken with a grain of salt. Especially with Pure Ryvian, who are capable of being massive behemoths carrying carts to small vermin eating dust and filth.

    Though there may be other Ryvian variants, they are few and far between. Most other variants are usually found in southern Theryvios, fighting against the nation. Care must be taken to observe them, as they are often hostile to all other races.

    Race Culture:
    Ryvian culture, though a little alien and fragile, is easy to understand.
    Among the High Ryvians, there are five castes:​
    The Father/Mother
    The Father (or Mother if female) is the leader of Ryvian religion and de facto ruler of Theryvios. Though he doesn’t directly lead his people, all Ryvians refer to him when they need guidance. His advice is truth, his suggestions are law, and his opinions are always right. The Father is often chosen by the previous Father, though the Ryvians can elect one themselves.
    The Sons/Daughters
    The Sons (Daughters if female) are the most humanoid High Ryvians. They can be compared to the aristocracy of other nations, and the best are chosen as the de jure leaders of Theryvios. The others are generally scholars and sages, researching mana to better mutate and seeking the improvement of their people.
    The Sunstriders
    The Sunstriders are not Ryvians, but instead the travelers of other nations in Theryvios lands. They are often looked up to by everyone, including the Sons and Daughters who have more authority than them. Only the Father has more influence than the Sunstriders.
    The Seekers
    The Seekers are travelling High Ryvians, those who are the stealthiest or ex-Sons/ex-Daughters would travel past Theryvios’ borders and bring back knowledge of the lands and nations of other races.
    The Children of Theryvios
    The Children of Theryvios are the remaining Ryvians, leaders of the Pure Ryvians and faces of the nation Theryvios.

    The Pure Ryvians are always under High Ryvians and Sunstriders in the social hierarchy, though they harbor no resentment with that fact. Females socially have higher positions than males solely due to the fact that they can give birth, but politically and religiously the Ryvian do not differentiate between male and female.

    Their religion has no official name, but is often referred to as “Sun Watching.” The central deity is the sun, a bastion of warmth and light that embraced even the forsaken subterranean Ryvian of old. The stars are numerous lesser lights that follow the orders of the sun in a relationship similar to a High Ryvian and Pure Ryvians. The sun is an omnipotent and sacred deity, thus any reflective or glowing surfaces are often considered sacred as well. Contrastly, creatures that fly are cruel demons that seek to knock the sun out of the sky. That is why, despite all their capabilities of adaptation and mutation, the Theryvios Ryvians refuse to evolve with wings.
    The religion is loosely followed as a guideline for living rather than organized worship, but is involved with almost every aspect of Ryvian life.

    The Ryvians instinctively serve the best, though with their social views they tend to see all humanoid creatures as “better” than Ryvian. The do not harbor unquestioning loyalty nor do they fasten themselves as vassals, but they readily act for others’ sakes and often suggest lopsided deals favoring the other race. The reason for their obsession with the humanoid form (what they call the Oryvian, or “True Ryvian,” form) is due to their being discovered by a humanoid race countless ages ago. Originally, they were small creatures with limited intelligence that lived deep underground. They sought nothing but survival, but one of the Ryvians was tamed by this humanoid race and introduced to the surface. Thus, both their religion and their obsession with obtaining the bodies of their saviors started.

    Industry of Nation:​
    Primary: Servitude
    The one thing Theryvios is never without is laborers. Hundreds of thousands of slaves that never ask for more than food, sleep, and work. A single High Ryvian can control a few hundred Pure Ryvians to work on a single project with unnatural zeal and stamina, following the High Ryvian’s orders as best as they can. Like this, the biggest export of Ryvian is its laborers: To help build a city, to repair a collapsed mine shaft, to dig a tunnel through a mountain or a moat around a castle, etc. The Pure Ryvians may not be the most meticulous builders, but they are the hardest working.
    Secondary: Specialized Resources
    Though lacking the technology to refine most resources and the knowledge to use them, the Ryvians have gotten by using their own special resources, created straight from their own bodies! Their favorite and most numerous resources are adhesive spittle to stick things together, durable silk to be used for clothes and ropes, and chitin that can be used for practically any furniture or tools.
    Tertiary: Mana Extraction
    As an originally subterranean species that adores mana, the Ryvians excel at finding and extracting the substance. Their main problem is the numerous sips from the “disciplined” workers lowering the mana amount as it is extracted.

    Strengths of Nation:​
    Natural Spellcasters
    The Ryvians are a species that developed uniquely, but ignorantly. Originally, their realm harbored an area they know as the “Well of Life,” a massive lake of mana. The Ryvians practically lived in this mana lake, spending time in it on any occasion they can, from copulating to feasting to sleeping. This allowed the race to absorb massive quantities of mana and gave them their famed ability to mutate, though at the cost of draining the entire lake. Very few Ryvians practice magic the same way other nations do, but the few that due are very capable mages. There exists a theory that their “mutations” are just haphazard spellcasting to change shape is heavily debated on by other Ryvians, but lack of spellcasting knowledge and research has turned the debate into an interesting and pointless conversation to pass the time.
    The Ryvians have short and dangerous lifespans, and to counter this they can propagate quickly and numerously. The High Ryvians have a complex situation between those that want to emulate romance and courtship, and those that value natural selection and eugenics. The Pure Ryvians have no problems of their own. Regardless, aside from dedicated genocide, it is unlikely for the Ryvians to disappear anytime soon.
    The High Ryvians are nearly fanatical in their beliefs, but luckily very few are intolerant of others. They are content in doing what they believe in, and are unafraid of death or pain if it is for the sake of their beliefs. The Pure Ryvians are a bit more simple: They are akin to unfeeling drones and only obtain happiness by following the orders of their High Ryvian cousins, even if those orders are suicidal or nonsensical. Really, the only reason Theryvios works is because of the Ryvian’s efforts to make it work.

    Weaknesses of Nation:​
    The Ryvians frequently mutating bodies make them incompatible with standardized weapons and armor, and most Pure Ryvians can’t even hold tools. This lack of industry means that their trade goods are often in their basest of states. Their warriors are also poor fighters; While they can indeed breed fearsome creatures of war, those bloodthirsty beasts are difficult to control and have limited use outside of constant combat, something that the Ryvians care little for.
    Despite the High Ryvians eloquence and mimicry of other cultures, Theryvios is a nation with limited culture and technology. The Ryvians robust bodies allow them to survive outside with little need for shelter or warmth, and their powerful mutation ability allows them to emulate tools like picks, axes, saws, hammers, tongs, etc. All this lead to them stagnating for eras, and only recently rediscovering just how behind the times they actually are.
    Perpetual Infighting
    Theryvios’ claimed territory is a constant battlefield. Theryvios itself only technically owns the northeastern half of their territory, while the southwestern half is a wild, dangerous land filled with twisted monsters and hostile Ryvian sects. Though one might argue that such fighting may lead the Ryvian to have trained warriors, most that fight in the skirmishes perish.

    Relationships with other Nations:
    United Queendom of Cesedria — Area 3, Neighbor

    No Treaties or Hostilities

    Myraea — Area 9, Neighbor

    No Treaties or Hostilities

    Notes, Thoughts, and Misc:
    The weakest and most numerous! (Though they have to be able to survive somehow...)
    Poor industry and technology requires different methods to achieve the same goals.
    Low maintenance: Food, sleep, mana, and work. Pfft, who needs things like "morale" and "fun?"
    High Ryvian face numerous problems that are otherwise simple or common sense for others.
    Have a buncha different enemies in their borders to protect them from overpopulation.

    Should probably start asking about Player resources soon. Yeah. Get on that Mite. Soon.

    ...This is just barebones. I'll flesh it out a bit later. Maybe change some things; "Zealous" isn't a very interesting strength.

    v1 — Initial Post
    v2 — So many accordion tabs!
    v3 — Nation and Race names too similar. Ryvios --> Theryvios​
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  10. [​IMG]
    Nation Name
    : Mnemia (Me-nemi-AH)
    Number: Five (5)

    Leader: King Sagram Mehan
    Ambassador: Verona Grehel

    Government: Timocratic Monarchy
    Nation Size: Small (406,786)

    Nation Capital: Etrathur
    Race: Khravo
    Race Description:
    Religion & Culture:
    Current Nation Goals:
    Industries of Nation:
    Strengths & Weaknesses:

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  11. @Akashi make sure you make your race description more specific when you finish this :). Land and seafolk, aquatic humans makes it sound like you have two (maybe three?) races: land and sea folk, and humans who live on or in the water lol.

    I would just call them seafolk :) Makes it less confusing and since they're not humans I wouldn't use that.

    Get it done! Lol I wanna see your race because they're really close to mine I think so there's going to be a lot of interactions between the two :) If they ever find each other.
  12. Yes, I will do just that.
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  13. - WIP -


    Nation Name:
    Cuauhtla Tlahtocayotl
    Astral Forest of Divinity

    Used exclusively for the teotlocoatl race

    Used for any citizen that is not of the teotlocoatl race

    Nation Number:

    Nation Leader:
    Cihuapilli Acahualli
    Divine Empress

    Nation Ambassador:
    Tlaloc Citlali
    Star from the Earth

    Imperial Dynasty

    Cuauhtla Tlahtocayotl is ruled by a son or daughter of the previous emperor or empress; considerable care is taken to preserve linage.

    Nation Size:

    Nation Capital:
    Altepetl Tlathui
    City of the Dawn

    Cultural Centre:
    Altepetl Meztli
    City of the Moon

    Serpent created by the Divine

    Culture and Religion:



    Terrain and Resources



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  14. @Akashi your race still isn't done :|
  15. Yeah, sorry. Will get it done as soon as possible.
  16. I've started on my race ideas-- but a great amount of things depend on the region. Is area four still available? I believe that would work the best for what I have in mind. If so, I will go ahead and get started with things. c:

    Process of elimination. Look at me, I brained today!
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  17. [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler



    Nation Name: Nacreysio (Nah-Creh-see-o)
    Number: Eight


    Government: Meritocracy-Kratocism: Government by those who are strong enough to seize power through force or cunning. A government or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities are given based on demonstrated talent and ability, usually incentivising "merit".

    Nation Size:562,873

    Nation Capital:
    Race: Nacresian
    Race Description: Tribal Lycanesque individuals.
    Religion & Culture:
    Current Nation Goals:
    Industries of Nation:
    Strengths & Weaknesses:
  18. I have a really stupid question before I continue... How does mana work as a resource? Is it something that you can gather/refine or does it affect the magical prowess of the region's denizens? Also, if anyone is better than me at finding sigils/emblems, please let me know. Mine is...lacking. My colouring is not quite up to par I'm afraid. .__.

    Also, I apologize for my pitifully meager start, but it is a serious WIP. I will get images, code, and much, much more description added in as soon as I am able!
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  19. Oh, it is a liquid, lemme grab what I know.
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