Nationalistic Anthem and/or Choir Music?

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  1. Basically I'm curious as to what sort of anthem and choir music people tend to like.

    Now note this is strictly in regards to the general tune, rhythm etc of the music.
    You do not need to like or enjoy the lyrics/message of the song or the people who made it.

    Some of mine (open)

  2. I, uh, I like my anthem.

    Besides the states ones I really don't know any others >.>

    I like a lot of choir music for christmas carols; classical stuff like carol of the bells and go tell it on the mountain
  3. whatever anthem makes Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather

    hell, whatever anthem gives the audience the best boxing fight in the universe


  4. I found myself really liking the national anthem of the Soviet Union and the Nazi one wasn't too bad either. Seems like the bad guys know how to make catchy songs. :p

    Also, here's few others I've found likable:

    Show Spoiler

    I very much do like and enjoy the lyrics/message of the following song and the people who made it, which is probably why I love it so much.
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  5. Those were some catchy ones too.

    It is a shame though that it was often the tyrannical empires that knew how to make good music.

    Edit: And to add a bit more cheer to this:


  6. Tells a pretty cool story actually, love this game.

    May be familiar to some of you who appreciate good games.

    I love you Sean Connery.

    Someone said something about evil regimes?
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  7. Damn, I wasn't expecting that good music to come from a flying game or Hunger games. :/

    Glad to be shown wrong.
  8. The Unsung war tells the story of a demon. Born of the sea, it takes flight and rains death and destruction upon the lands until a great hero rises to slay it, buying it back within the depths. When ages pass and the story is forgotten, man turns to slay man and the demon re-emerges, not as a destroyer, but now a savior, to bring peace to the world.

    It tells the story of the main-characters in a story-line that is way too awesome for your average flight-sim.
  9. The USSR was the kings of pompous march music. I listen to the old soviet anthem without shame.

    I honestly like the swedish national anthem. And I am as un-nationalistic/Patriotic as they come.

    Here is a version that a some car company made with Zlatan in it. It speaks to me.


  10. I couldn't resist.

    In all seriousness, though, I love a good Templar chant.

    One of my all time favorites is:

    Also gotta love that COD World at War soundtrack.

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  11. Totally off topic, but is that series any good? And if so, where might I be able to watch it?
  12. It's Manson, of course it's NSFW.

    But really, I love my national anthem. The Star Spangled Banner! Has a lovely tune to it, proud yet modest with a rich grace of romanticized freedom and promise within it.

    ...writing that while listening to that song though was... my head hurts.
  13. I have no idea.
    I ran across it in suggested vids while looking up the russian music.

    I've never seen the anime myself.
  14. Made from a really crappy drinking song...
  15. I'm not a nationalist, but I love my country's anthem.

    Here you have the Argentinian anthem:

    And a gorgeous cover by the Prague Philarmonic Orchestra. This one has the lyrics translated in the video's description.

    The anthem aside, I really enjoy gregorian chants, they relax me. And then choirs with orchestral metal rarely are a bad bet.

    Random songs with choirs I really like:

    X-Laws theme from Shaman King (anime):

    Temple of Tyr's theme from NeverWinter Nights (videogame):

    Skyrim main theme (videogame):

    Apparently NeverWinter's music and Skyrim's music, or at least its main theme, were done by the same guy. *-*
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  16. Ignoring silly revolutionary lyrics and the lip sync:

    Chinese stuff
  17. I love how they show off all their many minority dresses, makes you almost forget how they oppress and slowly eradicate them in favor of the Han. :D
  18. This song, Ktož sú boží bojovníci - Ye Who Are Warriors of God in English translation - belonged to Hussites, Czech protestant reformers. They were mostly poor, out-numbered and seriously under-equipped farmers with no military training, yet they beat pretty much everyone including the Crusaders because their leader - Jan Žižka of Trocnov - was a fucking military genius who practically invented tanks. In 1400s. Anyway, the Crusaders were so terrified of them they ran away from the battlefield before the fight truly began upon hearing this famous chant. It doesn't get much more badass than that. Also, Jan Žižka wore an eye-patch. That's like essence of badassery.
  19. Each his own.
  20. My preferred track from Skyrim:
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