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  1. It was a cold, frosty, winter night. The howls of wolves filled the air as all through the night, predators hunted their prey. It was a perfect night. For assassins that is. Students at the NSGC were either trained to be soldiers or assassins, depending on their "gift" and level of experience. Mina, a child gifted with the ability to control sand was picked for her efficiency in killing the enemy silently with her sand. She suffered the most from the weather, her body shivering as she was used to warmer weather. "What are we doing out here again?" She asked, teeth chattering causing her voice to be distorted. She awaited her instructor to answer. But before that could happen, Mina's team member popped up next to her. "Poor Mina. Are you cold?" The girl Lilian asked.

    Lilian Rose was chosen for two reasons. One, her gift allowed her to alter the temperature to sub-zero levels and even create ice. The second was her insanity, giving her the ability to kill without mercy. Frolicking in the weather, Lilian twirled around in circles, enjoying their time outside. "Nice, ain't it Mina?" She asked mockingly. Mina just ignored the other girl.

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    mma just sighed ass he listened to her teammates argue, again. Their constant yammering of how cold it was or wasn’t didn’t matter to her, she was immune to temperature, or rather while in this state. Emma’s gift happened in two basic ways. O
    ne from daddy and one from mommy. You see her parents were both assassins from the same corps, so when they procreated a bit of each of their powers transferred to her. Mommy was the first effect. Turning her body into a thick heavy chrome like metal. From there she could shoot tear drop shaped pellets, with the same weight, from her hands and extend spikes from her body. These metals could become super heated, having a high melting temperature, they’d penetrate most substances. Her mothers gift went many steps beyond that, being able to bond with different metals and form herself to different metals. Needless to say it was all so fascinating to Emma. Next was her father which gave the smallest part of his powers. Emma could control gravities effect on her body. Making her as light as a feather or as heavy as a rock. Making it pull her sideways or upside down or any of the selected directions. Her father could go as far as controlling the weight of other objects and many other portions.

    As she stood there listening to everyone talk about the cold she herself was busy keeping her ear to the ground. Listening for anything that may cause a problem, listening for anyone that may be a threat. Rule one of the academy was to always pay attention, even when your teacher was here. Her gaze flickered over to the woman waiting to hear what they’d be doing.

    laire L. Payne was their teachers name. Her own gift was as simple as could be. Knowledge, mass amounts of knowledge. Her brain capacity was somewhere between 50 and 60% all of the space being used for complex calculations and on the spot critical thinking. She wore a all black suit which she loved. A wonderful utility she made for herself it has little implants that would modify her adrenal system. In short she could react faster, have more strength and other such gadgets that she may carry around. She wore two belts, one criss crossing the other on her waist, each little compartment no doubt carrying something. Several sections were broad, a compacted staff on one, and a large pouch on the other. She seemed rather plain actually.

    “Today is a rather simple lesson. Infiltration. You’re task is simple. As a team make your way through that building there.” She pointed to a large apparently abandoned building of about ten stories. She grinned before adding. [COLOR=ccccc66] “This counts as your half term evaluation. Meaning this. You fail and we go back to year one.”

    a simple enough story yeah?


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