PROMPT National Poetry Month 2016: April 2

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  1. Again, the rule is you've got to write something on the topic or form described, with yer poems being in different posts. And that month thing -- prompts'll stop by April 30.

    TODAY'S TOPIC: Inspired by the number two, couples, doubles or a dichotomy.
    FORM: Any
    LINE REQUIREMENTS: 8 lines or more

    Credit where it's due; the idea and the prompts come from this site:
    Poetry Forum - - Post poetry, get feedback, give critique.
  2. Again, Imma cheat -- or I'll just consider these as two challenges once the prompts differ, or once I'm a more experienced craftsman.


    Someday we will be remembered
    not as Adam and Eve were one
    of one flesh, but as Castor
    man and Polydeuces god were two
    brothers, boxer and tamer of horses,
    we shepherd and comforter of men,

    someday, when our father decides our time
    has come, that our flight
    should finally find its way to Santiago
    and this life I have lived
    should rise to that same peak,

    that the sea of our ordeal, now
    named Glacier of Tears, should melt
    and you, Liliana, should spring again.
    Until then, the body sleeps.

    Javier Methol: Businessman who survived for 72 days in the Andes after
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  3. Lol I have no idea how to write.
    It's about a story I'm RPing.

    GAH THIS IS SO BAD ARGH *spazzes*

    In Order

    How can twin bodies of water be so different?
    They dove into each other and came back,
    The wind picked up their vapors, erent,
    And then rained them down their backs
    It was no enough to teach them love.

    Pale bones, rivulets, capering at his doom.
    A monolith, a whale with beady eyes,
    Stuck into the boy's small, dark room,
    It is his bellowing hatred, his eyes it dries,
    And makes him loathe his clone.

    So he looks into the other's downcast eyes,
    A mountain-fog grey, wise and unseeing,
    And finally, finally understands and knows,
    What he really should be feeling.
    The other had gotten so thin - it was his fault.

    And he grows stronger by the day,
    He who fights tooth-and-claw,
    Raw with passion and power, and life,
    His is human, after all.
    And the other picks pearls from the bottom.

    He make himself cruel, while the other has love,
    He makes himself so sore,
    Always worshiping at that monolith.
    It gets old quick, picking apart the gore.
    So he tells the truth, and the other starts eating again.

    But that repentance is not enough.
    The other has a love. He, the cold October,
    Marries May, flowers and bears a harvest.
    So he takes a canister and burns it bare,
    Their Garden of Eden, to no avail.

    The two seas grow stormy,
    Then settle as a warm May grows between them.
    She takes their hands and shows them her love.
    And teaches them to stay temperate. He does, for his brother.
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  4. Heat,
    And cold,
    So beautiful,
    A contradiction.
    When together, they melt.
    Complimenting yet killing,
    A Something that could never last.
    They clash together in harmony,
    Icicles dripping down onto a flame.
  5. One
    Finds another
    Life begins anew
    Now one and one make two
    Wedded now joined together
    Building a life of joyfulness
    Companions now in this life of theirs
    Traditions built on faith, hope, joy and love
  6. As the sun chases the moon,
    so have I chased you,
    always a moment too soon,
    always a second too late.

    The other side of a coin,
    you remain out of my grasp,
    If only I could call you "mine",
    I would call you my other half.

    Always separate by nature,
    yin and yang, water and oil,
    as if by some ancient divine stature.
    by God's solemn decree.

    Somehow I know that I know you,
    and I wonder if you remember me,
    that perhaps this is a chase for two,
    just missing each other, boat's in the night.