EXERCISE National Poetry Month 2016: April 14, 15

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  1. Here are the two prompts, each 8 lines or more, with the same freedom-of-form. Again, one post per poem -- note which day yer poem is; and, being a month, try and catch up, any newcomers! but please, in their respective threads.

    April 14: Inspired by war, battle, conflict, etc.

    April 15: POET'S CHOICE *bells ringing*

    Credit where it's due; the idea and the prompts come from this site:
    Poetry Forum - - Post poetry, get feedback, give critique.
  2. April 14


    I did not fear the blindness
    when our guide commanded us
    to shut our lights and see
    as the cloistered Japanese --

    and though the breath of wind divine
    resounding from those cratered walls
    tickled the spines of my fellows,
    I caught no voice, I felt no hand --

    but I jumped when the light returned
    and the image of a soldier ashamed
    destroying himself by grenade
    was imprinted in my vision.
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  3. April 15


    She drew six cards and formed the cross --
    I found it all arranged.
    I sent them back and went the course,
    but fate had me detained.

    And there it was: the death of me
    and all He left behind,
    the woman by the waters still
    determining the line,

    the devil's curse returning lots,
    the tower falling down,
    the comet blazing through the sky,
    and howling come around.

    But horror struck me not because
    of such a brilliant fall,
    it was that I'd no agency
    even in standing tall.

    For since the Endor-Witch declared,
    I acted without choice,
    at first the hero so accursed
    then afterwards her voice.
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  4. Weights (or, A Clumsy Horatian Ode)

    I came across a flower along a grassy road
    And as I had not seen a blossom quite so fair
    Then paused I to admire and lay down my heavy load
    Those weights upon my shoulders filled with worry and with care
    So with my burden lessened, my eyes turned to the sky
    Toward the cloudless blue expanses that stretched as far as one could see
    Filled with birds that soared above me with a song I had not heard before
    A song that filled my heart again and made me wonder why
    Or when it was that I became this empty shell of me
    Now I leave that ballast in my wake as I prepare to soar
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