EXERCISE National Poetry Month 2016: April 13

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  1. Again, the rule is you've got to write something on the topic or form described, with yer poems being in different posts. And that month thing -- prompts'll stop by April 30.

    TODAY'S TOPIC: Inspired by luck, fortune, or fatalism.
    FORM: Any
    LINE REQUIREMENTS: 8 lines or more

    Credit where it's due; the idea and the prompts come from this site:
    Poetry Forum - - Post poetry, get feedback, give critique.

    Should the shadow of my thumb
    scratch the mole upon your back,
    will you bleed?

    Anything for you
    is so cliche. And besides,
    that's not how metaphors work.

    I'll never get used
    to losing my keys.
    I can lose
    anything, really,
    just not keys.

    Everything can be replaced,
    like the broken wheels of a cart.
    It's just harder to replace
    a lock, having to call for help
    in breaking a door open,
    either through force
    or through artifice -- than it is, say,
    to crack open a book and remember
    a name, to make connections
    between a memory and
    an heirloom, to mark
    the passage of time
    and declare a certain place

    to sit beside a stranger
    by accident and say, "Hello.
    Should the shadow of my thumb
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