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  1. 500 years ago, an object hit the Earth, wiping out nearly all humanity. What was thought to be merely an asteroid turned out to be a bizarre, malevolent, psychic, terraforming abomination. Its collision caused all sorts of happenings, in particular the creation of new species on Earth and causing many creatures to gain weird magical/psychic powers.

    You play as the leader of one of a new sentient species. You must lead your people to glory!

    This is where you create your civilization!

    Civilization Information

    So, step one is to create your species:

    -Species Name:
    -Appearance: (preferably an image of a male and a female of your species)
    -Biological Description: (A description of your species biology. Maybe a brief history of their evolution).

    Step Two: Describe your civilization. Your civ likely won't be the only civ of your species-you'll have encounters with other groups of your civ. You will, however, be the strongest.

    -Civ's Name:
    -Civ Colors (Pick 2 or 3)
    -National Flag:
    -National Anthem: (Optional)
    -Capital City: (This'll be your starting city. Also, explain where it's located, please?)
    -Type of Government:
    -Other Policies:
    -Techs: (What kinds of technology do your people use? Stay within reason, of course. Also, if your nation is lower-tech, you might make up for it in other ways, such as them being physically strong or magically powerful)
    -Religion: (Optional)
    -Descripton of lifestyle: (Just a quick description of your people's lifestyle)

    Step Four, make your leader:


    Step Five: Make two units for your civ. Here's the CS for a Unit:

    Unit Type: (Infantry, Vehicle, Mage, ect)
    Description: (Their equipment, tactics, and whatnot)

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  2. Oh, OK we're starting from Stone age technology, are we?
    An explanation of the numbers mechanics will be necessary. How will civilisation numbers be used? How will unit numbers be used? How will battle be done?
    Personally, I think using actual numbers is a terrible idea, same for listed techs. If I wanted to play a nation game and keep track of a whole bunch of numbers etc, I'd play Civ. In my experience, the more numbers a nation RP uses, the faster it dies because numbers constantly limit interactions.
    Using listed techs severely limits actual civilisation progression, and is only appropriate for games where everyone belongs to the same species living in the same environment. The species I want to use would follow completely different technology pathways to the ones listed here, which are only suitable for a species of humans. It's also missing out a few hundred technologies, but I can understand the desire to keep it simple.
  3. That's a good point, actually-it seems a bit excessive to me.

    We're not necessarily starting from stone age tech, but aside from stone-age techs like stone working and whatnot, I was going to have it so you buy techs beyond that (you'd have easily enough to buy a lot of techs).

    I think I'll clean things up a bit in a moment and remove some of the more annoying numbers stuff.
  4. Ok. I made some changes. I think there might still be stats for units though, how does that sound?
  5. I think Units should just be a description of their general function and ability. For example, a unit of spearmen would just say
    "Spearmen - Organised in linear ranks, these basic infantry are highly effective at breaking cavalry charges, though are weak in prolonged combat and useless against armoured units. In exchange, they require very little training so are abundant and quick to restock."
    And a unit of magical spearmen would just say:
    "Magic Spearmen - Organised in linear ranks, these basic infantry are highly effective at breaking cavalry charges, though are weak in prolonged combat and useless against armoured units. They can use minor spells to enhance their durability, and take a little longer to train than normal spearmen. Due to the requirement of a weak magical affinity, they're slightly less abundant."

    Then for actual battle, unless one side is overwhelmingly stronger than the other (For example, 5000 riflemen vs 200 spearmen), just have each player involved roll a dice. The one with the lowest roll loses, then the battle is played out IC in however the battling players see fit.
  6. Yeah, I think you might be right again.
  7. Interested. Would we still be starting off in the stone age, or beyond that?
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  8. Gah! A Templar and a Sorceror in the same RP?! HERESY!
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  9. You can start more or less where you want to, as long as it's within reason. You could even have your race have anachronistic techs (IE, inventing the steam engine before gunpowder) or have a sort of steampunk-like technology.

    Also, your logistical situation might not start out so good, even if they have a theoretical understanding of how a tech works. For example, you might know what a tank is and have a basic idea of how one works, but you'll still need to do research and logistical planning in order to actually be able to make them.
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  10. Step one:

    -Species Name: Dushk (Populace referred to as Dushkans.)
    The standard Dushk citizen. Their chemical suits vary in appearance.
    -Biological Description: Dushkans are physically similar to humans. However, their little patch of paradise is incredibly radioactive. The species is highly resistant to the radiation but they still suffer mutations as a side-effect of their hostile environment. This usually includes tumors. However, there are many that grow additional eyes and limbs.

    Step Two:

    -Civ's Name: Kriegsland
    -Civ Colors: Black and neon green.
    -National Flag: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/88/Black_&_Dark_Green_Flag.png
    -National Anthem:
    Ooh say can you seee
    By the reactors green glow
    Oh so strongly we stand
    With tools in our hands
    Ready to protect this land
    Ave! Ave! Kriegsland!

    -Capital City:
    Krieg (formerly known as Kiev.)
    -Location: Where Ukraine used to be plus a small bit of western Russia.
    -Type of Government: Constitutional Republic with elected leaders but few restrictions on their power.
    -Other Policies:
    Internal policies:

    -All citizens have the right to bear arms.
    -Human rights all-around.
    -Industry is mostly controlled by the government
    Foreign policy:
    -No alliances whatsoever
    -Neutral in all conflicts that don't threaten the nations well-being directly.
    -Strong military
    -Willing to make trade deals with anyone as long it benefits Kriegsland.

    -Techs: Krieg has a very high emphasis on industry that is comparable to the USSR irl. You'll see things like diesel locomotives, manned assembly line factories and analog computers. There is very little digital tech so no robots. Their highest technology is the nuclear reactor.
    Main exports are: Lead, steel, electricity and machinery.
    -Descripton of lifestyle: The Dushkans have it rough. To go outside they must wear their chemical suits to avoid shortening their lifespan. Massive facilities have been built to include all the necessities of life without residents having to go outside. The attitude of the people is cheery despite their usually gloomy living conditions.

    Step Four:

    Name: Phidias Krieg (All Krieg Tsar's adopt the last name of Krieg upon taking office.)
    Appearance: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/3/35/Krieg_Commissar-General_&_Ensign.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120622215616
    Bio: Tsar Phidias is a former general and war hero. He won the election in a landslide victory and is beginning his first 6-year term as Tsar.

    Step Five:

    Name: Guardsman
    Appearance: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net...niforms.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120725174214
    Unit type: Infantry
    Description: The standard infantryman is equipped with a shovel, semi-auto rifle, 2 grenades and a sword. Each platoon (10 soldiers) is also equipped with a machine-gun. They are great in number as military service is viewed as a great honor.

    Name: Mark III Blitzcraft
    Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-n9YGUcIBD...ath+Korps+of+Krieg+Leman+Russ+Desert+Camo.jpg
    Unit type: Heavy tank
    Description: Blitzcraft are the armored backbone of Kriegslands ground forces. They are slow to move but their immense firepower establishes their dominance over the battlefield. They are few number due to fuel constraints. Commanders are highly reluctant to use them in conflicts abroad.
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  11. Oh, that reminds me! Religion and Resources should also be categories. (Religion is optional)
    @Xytheus: All seems good so far. Tanks might be a bit too advanced. Where's Kreig located? Somewhere in Russia?

    Anyways, I should probably start working on the human nation soon...I'm thinking they'll start out sort of being like a good version of Vault-Tec. I might also make their leader be a super AI like Paranioa's Friend Computer, if it was saner. What do you guys think?
  12. I don't think I'd do a super AI, Imo. That's more advanced than 21st century tech, and we're supposed to be struggling to even work out how tanks function. Oh, and it might be best to have them all in close proximity to one another, to make interaction easier.
  13. Well, if I did do it, it'd be mentioned explicitly that the AI was some weird experiment and that nobody actually knows how it works.

    But I think a typical human president makes more sense anyways.
  14. Well they've split the atom. A tank is pretty simple compared to that.
    And I was thinking it would be formerly Ukraine with a small bit of western Russia. (I'll add this.)
  15. Good point. Here's an idea: Your nation won't start with the logistical capabilities necessary to make a lot of tanks, but they do know how to make them. So, they'll start out expensive until your nation grows and gets better logistics.

    Also, what if your nation didn't have a lot of fossil fuels and was kind of reliant on nuclear power? Which is part of why there's a big radioactive theme in Kriegsland.
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  16. So, step one is to create your species:

    -Species Name: Amal
    General form used for communication, but can change freely.

    -Biological Description:

    Amal are actually not human, nor did they evolve from humans. They are actually a distant relative of Amoeba-type slime moulds. An individual "Amal" is made up of millions of single-celled organisms, which work together to emulate the functions of complex animals. They actually show a greater intelligence and adaptability than an average human, thanks to the ability to designate any number of additional cells to function as brain cells. They can build skeletons and collagen networks to cling on to manually, but it's easier for them to use the skeleton of prey they've eaten. In order to take the form of any other species, at least one of the cells making up the complex structure needs to contain a copy of that species' DNA, to read the template from. This is obtained during feeding. Due to size restraints, any given cell can only store the DNA of one other species. They may construct without a skeleton at all, but doing so makes the complex form very fragile, so isn't done often. Amal cells can reproduce both sexually and asexually. During mating season, the winter period, each cell releases up to 100 spores. In this time, the areas in which they live are covered by a pale blue 'fog', which is actually a huge cloud of gametes. In a pinch, and at any time of year, Amal cells can clone themselves to proliferate rapidly. The Amal population has been ravished over the centuries by sex-linked diseases, and the entire species is now female (as in, has 2 X chromosomes). Fortunately, being a sporing species, this is actually an advantage. It does, however, mean no Amal cell knows how to read Y chromosomes, so when building complex forms of other species, they will build the female variant. Amal may communicate using chemical signals, however, this is limited to basic communications vital for survival.

    -Civ's Name: Usually referred to as "The Amal Lands". The Amal themselves don't have a name for it.
    -Civ Colors:
    Grey and black
    -National Flag:
    The Amal have no flag - I mean, it's pretty obvious who they are - they all have transparent, grey flesh.
    -National Anthem:
    -Capital City:
    Uen (oo-ehn)
    -Type of Government:
    An outsider would probably think the Amal a dictatorship, however, in reality, every Amal cell has a direct say in decisions. This is because Complex Amal structures allow new Amal cells to join and leave the structure at will, so any cell may, if it choose, become part of The Queen.
    -Other Policies:
    Amal may be considered a socialist society, in that every living Amal contributes or has the ability to contribute to the country. There is no class system etc. Wealth does not exist to the Amal, and food etc are shared equally among every cell of every structure. They tend to avoid war, preferring to focus on the pursuit of knowledge. A large number of Amal structures are channeled into the field of Psionic research, especially.
    -Techs: The most prominent Amal technology is the Psion Accelerator. This collides Psions at speeds near the speed of light, generating colossal amounts of raw Psionic energy. Very strong magicians are necessary to utilise this machine, and each Accelerator actually contains up to three billion Amal cells in permanent residence. This technology allows Psions to function at 99.4% efficiency, as opposed to the output of the strongest Amal magician structure, which can only manage 40% efficiency. The other major technology of the Amal is the city of Uen itself, which is actually one giant machine. The machine does not have roads or houses. Instead, it has pipe-ways and huge storage tanks for individual cells. The majority of 'buildings' within Uen are Psion Accelerators and intensive farms, as well as magician structure training facilities. Uen is entirely underground. The above-surface city that outsiders believe to be Uen is actually a giant proxy, though the houses are sometimes occupied by Monoclonal Structures (Amal structures built entirely out of clones of a single cell).
    Amal is universally famous for it's phenomenal Psion manipulating abilities, but doesn't export much in the way of trade. They have a large abundance of food and water, though. They are currently researching a way to store the energy produced by Psion Accelerators.
    -Descripton of lifestyle:
    See Other Policies for general gist. I might add some festivals etc later.

    Step Four, make your leader:

    Name: The Queen
    The Queen is a colossal amorphous structure, and essentially a giant brain.
    The Queen lives in the central hall of the underground part of Uen. It has so many neural networks within it (known as sub-brains), that it can think about 500 different things at the same time before getting overloaded. This consumes a large quantity of energy though, so in normal use, it is limited to 100 systems running at any given time. It can split off small, human-sized parts of itself to act as envoys and faces, with a maximum of 4 of these at a time. They contain no brain structure and can take a variety of forms, and are controlled telepathically using Psionics. The maximum range of this Psionic communication is 500 miles, and communication becomes laggy after 50.

    Step Five: Make two units for your civ. Here's the CS for a Unit:

    Name: Psionic Artillery
    Varies, usually humanoid or canine.
    Unit Type:
    Psionic Artillery are the firepower of an Amal taskforce. They can cover large distances in wolf form, and have magical abilities beyond compare. A single shot of any unit's Psionic Beam is enough to tear through 10 or 20 soldiers, if positioned well. Their weapons completely ignore armour (though can be blocked by magic defenses). Unfortunately, they are relatively few in number. Due to their scarcity, they are usually positioned behind a protective wall of Barrier Mucus.

    Name: Barrier Mucus
    Unit Type:
    Barrier Mucus is also a highly adaptable unit, but is much more abundant. They have two general forms - protective walls which can construct Psionic shields to defend more valuable units, and large, flat pancake structures which lie on the floor. When these pancakes are stepped on by a soldier, they spring up rapidly and ensnare the victim, taking them by surprise and suffocating them, before devouring their flesh. The trap Amal then construct a copy of the eaten soldier around its own skeleton and within its own clothes. This entire process takes around 30 minutes, so it's not particularly useful in short fights, but great in long ones.
  17. @Karakui: I love it! They actually remind me of a "good" (or at least, less evil) version of what I was planning for the Asteroid Monsters. A few things thought:

    -I suppose it makes sense that the Amal, as alien as they are, wouldn't have a flag per say. What if non-Amal created a sort of logo they draw to represent your species, though?

    -The Psionic Artillery sounds pretty fair, but maybe it shouldn't completely ignore conventional armor and such. Perhaps it just ignores most of a conventional defense?
  18. Well since it disintegrates those hit, I don't think that'd work. They are REALLY rare though. It's hard to emphasise quite how rare they are. We're talking maybe 1 mobile Psionic Artillery existing per 500 typical footsoldiers. (I say mobile in that the vast majority of them are reserved for self-defense, rather than engaging a battlefield.) The whole point of these units, after all, is to prevent people instantly obliterating Amal XD Being a knowledge focused nation, they wouldn't stand a chance against most nations if it came to war. Especially not those savage Krieg. Thus, they made Psionic Artillery + Barrier Mucus as a near impenetrable defense system.
  19. How many non-mobile psionic artilleries would you have per footsoldiers?
  20. Oh, by the way, the Krieg are approved.
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