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Diapers and Street Racing and almost anything
Main Appearance/Main Appearances:natalia__by_rootthelucario_dehj5rn-414w-2x.jpg
Bio:Natalia Sanchez is the birth and forever only mother of William Sanchez. Her goal is to take care of her child and keep William out of trouble and teach her class new things with the help of magic which she succeeds altogether. She is a good person overall or pokemon in this case. She is a Gardevoir. She helps William take care of Leo. She only wants whats best for her daughter and to keep her happy. She is happy that the fact her daughter is one of the smartest girls in her class. She always is a good mother and will forever to be one. She helps her daughter with her homework despite the fact her daughter has the mental capacity to get .01 GPA below her best friend forever, Julie. Her daughter is the most clever in the school teaches. If Natalia isn't busy doing work she is either sick,has just came home,is busy with something else,or on vacation. She loves her husband and her daughter dearly. She doesn't mind treating her daughter like a newborn baby because that's what her daughter loves. This is currently the cutest bio of a character I've ever written and i can't think of anything more to put in this bio.
Other Appearances:FYw0rViXkAAaRHr.jpg
What Character is Currently/Always wears cause its the same thing for all my characters(Text only if either not enough picture space for other things or things i can't find without someone wearing it in the picture/pictures):Dress,Jacket(Mainly a Hoodie that follows school dress code for teachers),makeup(All kinds she looks pretty and hot in them),Blue Jeans(Only ones that fit her and follow school dress code),Socks(School dress code states anyone can wear any socks they want),High Heels(Female teachers are only allowed to wear them in Schools. All School dress codes in Lucario Kingdom are ran by school districts/counties in Lucario Kingdom)
Species(Now added to this character and newer characters text only):Gardevoir
Pictures of most of what is in character's inventory(Text only if not enough picture space for enough other things):
Pictures of other Items in character's inventory(Text only if not enough pictures for other things):Picnic Basket full of pampers cruisers(To take care of William only),Pacifier(To take care of William only),pens and pencils(Only when she has work),Makeup(All kinds in purse),Baby Powder(In picnic basket to take care of William only),Rattle(To take care of William Only),Baby Bottles with formula in them(In purse to take care of William only),Baby food(In purse to take care of William only),Cane(For walking cause she is so old her legs barely work),lunch bag with lunch food in it(For her to eat during lunch time),other things she might need for teaching,child restraint seat(To take care of William only),Wallet full of her health insurance card,credit card,money,and ID.
Vehicles in character's possession(Text only if not enough pictures for other things):
Birth Nationality: flag-usa-united-states-america-background_53500-169.jpgLocation:North Japan, Lucario Kingdom Age:73
Home Country:Lucario Kingdom(You know all of my character's home country is Lucario Kingdom for a very a long time at least)
Home City:North Japan
Home County:Winston
Character Theme:Decadence
Theme Band:Disturbed
Mum:Sherry Sanchez(Deceased)
Dad:Eric Sanchez(Deceased)
Nicknames:None yet
Other Aliases:None yet
Jobs/Professions:Science Teacher,Math Teacher,Anyone who teaches things in schools about any school subject,Magic Teacher,Stay at home mum(Sometimes),Caretaker(For William only),Guardian(For William only)
Character Likes/Loves:Wearing or doing anything girly,art,teaching her classes,Her daughter,Playing Girly Games,Watching TV,Making Music,Studying on subjects she has planned to teach the school she teaches at,Seeing people and Pokemon Happy,Reading,Helping people,Learning new things(Even though she is 73 as mentioned before),and Being an overall fun and good person or in this case pokemon.
Character Hates/Dislikes:Smoking,Criminals,Anyone evil in general,Fighting,Violence,Negativity,Anything bad,War,Murder,Anyone who messes with her daughter in any way shape or form,Vector and his friends,Natural Disasters,Danger,and getting framed.
Children:William Sanchez
Character Hobby/Hobbies:(See what Character Likes/Loves)
Arch Enemies:Vector and his friends
Regular Enemies:Anyone evil general
Best Friend/Best Friends:Adriana Jenkins and William Sanchez
Regular Friends:Anyone who is good morality wise
Credit:Most of the pictures and artwork are not mine. Credit is given. I don't know who did these pictures and artwork. If they feel like they don't want their artwork used in my posts then they are allowed to contact me as a request for removal.


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