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  1. A mission hawk came in, containing the new mission for Naruto and Hinata.

    Tsunade being the being the Hokage and all, she called upon Naruto and Hinata. Naruto arrived rather quickly loving the chance to get out of the Hidden leaf on a new mission so he could use the mission, search for Sasuke. Naruto smirked waiting for his mission partner expecting to see Sakura, come through the door, but he saw Hinata. This did surprise him just a bit, "Hey granny what is Hinata doing here?" Naruto asked Tsunade. "Who did you just call, Granny? Also Hinata is here to help you on this mission because i have already sent Sakura on another mission." Tsunade replied.

    Naruto, smiled and held out his hand. "Ok then lets get this, mission on its way." Naruto smiled looking at Hinata, "Hey you two your getting ahead of yourself because you still have not heard the missions summary." Tsunade told them still holding onto the un-opened scroll.
  2. Hinata bit her bottom lip to keep herself from fainting when Naruto held out his hand to her. This was almost a dream come true, her crush, was smiling at her and holding his hand out to her. “H-Hello Naruto-kun.” She stuttered out as a blush coated her cheeks. When Tsunade began talking again, she was instantly snapped out of her dream-like state. “I’m going to be on a mission with Naruto-kun! I’m so happy because now I can show him how strong I gotten.” She thought, sneaking a peak at the blond boy before turning her attention back to the Hokage.
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  3. "Well the mission is for you to investigate a mysterious village that has shown up near by us and the hidden sand." Tsunade said looking at them both.

    "Got it granny Tsunade." Naruto said smiling at both of them. "Well Hinata are you ready to go on the mission?" Naruto asked antsy to go on the mission. He couldn't hold his excitement as he hugged Hinata and ran out the door and straight for his home to pack up his supplies and go. "YAHOOO!!!! A NEW MISSION FINALLY!!!" He said acting like his old self before sasuke left, but once he got home he saw the old picture and his expressions changed.
  4. Hinata was practically on cloud nine when Tsunade assigned them on the mission together and when Naruto hugged her, but her heart ached a little. Why couldn’t he see that she loved him? A small sigh escaped her pink lips. “Oh Naruto-kun why can’t you see?” She whispered, walking out the door with her bangs covering her eyes. It was actually a beautiful day in the hidden leaf almost everybody was out today. She moved to the side when she saw little children running towards her with make-shift forehead protectors wrapped tightly around their necks. A small smile worked its way to her face as she walked towards the Hyuga compound. As quickly as the smile came it disappeared leaving her with a frown, her father was definitely going to downgrade her and tell her not to be a burden on this mission. “If only I was stronger than my father wouldn’t look at me with disgust.” Another sigh escaped her lips when the Hyuga compound came into view.
  5. Naruto looked round his room and grabbed his mission pack. He smiled letting out a small yawn his lungs. Naruto looked out of his window and spotted Hinata walking towards the Hyuga clans head house. "HEY!! Hinata, wait for me I'll come and join ya just wait on me." Naruto yelled out to everyone. He started to get ready to jump out of the window, He looked down and shrugged it off. "This shouldn't be too bad." Naruto said, while he jumped out of the window and landed on a wrapping roof to bounce off on and to soften his landing behind hinata.
  6. On the way back to her house, Hinata couldn’t help to smile at the scenery before her. The flowers always had calming affected on her because it reminded her of her late mother. When she was younger, her and her mother always used to go down in the garden and tend to the flowers. “HEY!! Hinata, wait for me I'll come and join ya just wait on me.” She raised an eyebrow at the voice and chuckled softly, she knew who the voice belong. “Hello N-N-Naruto-kun. A-a-are you all packed up?” She stuttered out with a blush coating her cheeks.
  7. "Yeah dont worry about me im all packed." Naruto said smiling. "ok now lets get you packed and lets head off." He said smiling he put his arm around her and then froze. He was recalling memories with Sakura and Sasuke, 'i miss the old day.' He though to himself he then shook his head and looked at the gate of the Hyuga clan's house.
  8. “W-w-wait r-r-right here N-N-Naruto-kun” She mumbled as she walked into the compound. Hiashi, her father, was just coming out of the office when he spotted his daughter. “I heard you had a mission is that correct Hinata?” He asked her, glaring at her. How can she be an heiress when she couldn’t even present herself as one? Maybe he have to talk to the elders about making his youngest daughter the heiress.

    “Y-yes that’s right father.” Hinata stared at the ground trying not to meet her father eyes. Even without looking at him she can still feel his glare. “I expect you not to be a burden on this mission, Hinata.” Hiashi said, turning on his heel and walked down the hall without even glancing back at Hinata. When her father was no longer in site she down the hallway to her bedroom, and started packing for the mission. “I promise that you that I won’t be a burden Naruto and father.” She whispered.
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  9. Naruto was walking around in a circle waiting for her to come out. "Man i hope she is doing ok in there." He said looking at the whole home. "Its so huge." He said as he turned and saw a weird looking figure walking through the village with a weird aura around him.
  10. Hinata came back out with her backpack firmly on her back. A man walked right past her, and instantly she had the feeling that something was a mist. What excatly was that man? Something about him made her quite uneasy. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she realized when Naruto was trying to get her attention. "L-Lets get going." She tigthened her grip on her backpack strap as the two walked towards the gate. Her mind for once wasn't on Naruto, but on the man she just past. Whatever he was.....he seemed quite powerful almost as powerful as Tsuande. "N-N-Naruto-kun did you notice that man back there? Didnt he seem odd to you?" She asked, staring at the ground.
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  11. "Yeah hinata, I did notice that man..... But we should put to much care towards him, its one guy if he tries anything the village nin's will get him stopped." He looked at her smiling patting her head. They walked off towards the gates, just letting that man be.

    The man was Walking towards the middle of the village his ominous presence growing stronger and stronger. A hidden leaf ninja guard arrived on scene. "you there halt in the name of the hidden leaf village nin's" He said after that the man held his hands high. The chakra strings arose from his finger tips as a small wooden puppet walked around from behind the man. It would spin its head around then open his mouth wide and shoot a whirlwind of wind jutsu at the nin
  12. Hinata nearly fainted when he patted her head, why couldn’t he see that she love him more than life itself. “Naruto-kun d-d-d-do you still love S-S-S-S-Sakura?” She asked him, gripping the edge of her bulky jacket. Her heartbeat sped up as she waited for the answer that would either break or make her. She didn't want him to say 'yes' because it would break her heart.
  13. Naruto, looked upon hinata's face and then turn to look at the bright blue sky. "Your wondering if i still love her........." He stopped and put his hand within his pockets. "Well my answer is no, i do not love her anymore that would never happen so i gave up on that." He said turning his head back towards her.
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