Naruto's Transformation (Straight rp. Open rp. Message me to join.)

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If you are added to this roleplay how would you like the story to play out?

  1. Naruto is allowed to be sexually open to most if not all the male villagers for experiment

  2. Naruto falls in love with her sensei and is exclusive to him creating a universe around that.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. (Note to yaoi fans. If you want a yaoi Naruto plot send me a message and Id be happy to set one up with you.)

    This is an idea that involves Naruto from the series of the same name basically being shifted into female form and forced to stay there while a sensei teaches her to love the new form. Sex with Naruko would be encouraged to see how well the transformation jujitsu works. Sort of like an experiment. I don't want the plot to be all sex. It will be a big part of it, however I want 50 smut 50 plot. Jiraiya and Kakashi are the most compatible to have Naruto make the change and know how to keep it. If you wish to join the rp just message me and we can talk about character and all that. Until I get someone starting this rp with me this is pretty much all I'll have for this thread. Again PM me if interested. Anything else your curious about ask me. Thanks for reading all this if you made it to the end. Your an awesome person! ^.^