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    This Project started all the way back in January 22, 2015 with me asking a simple word.. ''Ideas?'' The Group that i had acquired started brain storming and thinking of ways that this RP could be great. Through out this journey of making a perfect Naruto RP we have not only rewritten the whole series itself, but we have erased and re-made every single aspect of Naruto into our own image. This Naruto RP will be new to everyone and no one will know of anything, there are all new Jutsu and Weapons to which no one has ever seen before. Our goal was to make a Naruto RP that is not only remember-able but also unique as possible. Anyone that has no clue of Naruto and has never watched or read it before will be able to join us into our journey as well.

    This story was made to relate to more of the mature audience but then it ties with the immature audience as well, setting into a cold war it can be hard to survive at times but then friends always are there and laughs can be equal to happiness and peace. Records of the past wars has led to this moment of despair but then its starting to lighten up a bit, it all started way back before Chakra.. where travelers were wise and strong, travelers were the ones who built the villages and now threw blood and sacrifice it has created the shinobi world.

    This is how it all started...
    The shinobi world had stabilized since the establishment of the hidden villages but as always with humanity war was inevitable. It started slow at first all five of the major villages started to build their forces and defensives but the most isolated of the villages was the one to strike first, AME attacked the small village of KIRI looking to expand their territory but they were met by a small but well organized defense, AME was strong but they did not expect to be attacked by a brown water navy of KIRI’S coming up the river that AME forces were using to access KIRI, the ships were destroyed by AME forces but they were weakened by the battle losing 1/5th of their attack forces and this would turn out to determine KIRI’S fate. The battle of KIRI was known as The battle of the tributary because both armies met on a tributary for their fight, KIRI took the initiative and struck first but one of their top commanders were struck down in the first minutes of the attack and with his death KIRI forces fell into disarray allowing AME forces to strike with a counter attack that was used only by AME skirmishers who kept KIRI forces on their toes but did not inflict the casualties they thought they would, as KIRI forces took time to regroup they were struck by AME forces lead by their kage, AME forces smashed into the unprepared KIRI lines wiping out a solid 3/5th of their army but AME’S kage had to be brought back behind their lines to due to chakra exhaustion, AME sent a missive to the KIRI lines asking for surrender stating that while they had put up a valiant battle they did not have the forces to continue the battle KIRI’S response was positive but they needed to talk terms. The terms of the treaty of KIRI was that while AME would get 90% of KIRI’S land KIRI would still be able to use the farm land as long as they paid a tithe to AME in either crops or gold which ever was more convenient, also anyone showing shinobi potential would be sent to AME for training, finally KIRI no longer was an independent village it was now under the “Protection” of AME making it little more than a glorified outpost. AME established heavy defenses around its new borders for they had accomplished their goal of gaining more territory so they sat back and waited to see who else would come out of this war on top.
    This war was shaping into an all out slugfest between the strongest of the villages due to a reluctance of the older generation of leaders who had experienced the clan wars first hand and were reluctant to trust another village to an alliance, no village had even approached another for any form of alliance. This would prove to make this war very bloody.
    KUMO was the next to make a move but instead of attacking a minor village they attacked the shinobi of YUME, YUME forces had been prepared for an attack but not one of the magnitude unleashed by KUMO but YUME forces routed the attack forces and pursued with an army of their own and they met on the border of the land of lightning. The battle was started with a bang as KUMO took the initiative and using a mass of lightning jutsu that hit the YUME front line and while it appeared to do major damage it really didn’t as YUME forces had cast a large area of effect genjutsu that allowed them to encircle the KUMO forces with them none the wiser, YUME forces couldn’t capitalize on this as the KUMO forces realized their error and released a large chakra pulse disrupting the genjutsu, YUME forces pushed before the moment was lost and smashed into the KUMO line cutting down many KUMO shinobi and suffering little in the way of return casualties, KUMO forces then attempted a breakout of the encirclement otherwise they would be slaughtered, but this was a resounding failure as YUME forces reinforced their line and pushed KUMO back into a tighter defense, YUME forces at this point could sense the blood in the water and went on the attack pushing and ripping through the KUMO lines with brutal efficiency. The KUMO forces were getting desperate and several of their more powerful ninja were going to use several suicide jutsu that would allow many of their own forces to escape this encirclement and take many YUME nin with them but the shear closeness of the battle and the number of enemy forces kept them from using these Jutsu for fear of killing their own shinobi, YUME was going for the killing blow it would take a miracle for the KUMO forces to pull through this fight but that would not happen, YUME forces slammed into the ragged defenders breaking any semblance of order in the KUMO lines with many of them running for their village knowing the the YUME forces would target there next. KUMO had a two week notice in advance of the approaching YUME army and shored up their defenses for the incoming attack. YUME forces arrived to find several layers of defenses that they would have to fight through to even get to the village proper, they launched their first salvo of attacks kicking of the first battle of KUMO. The first lines of defense they had to fight through was a large trench network that KUMO home forces were using to cast jutsu and weapons from cover, YUME forces charged the trenches but were repelled in their first charge now the smartest thing to do would of been for the YUME forces to flank or go under the trenches but the YUME commanders did not think of such a thing and continued to throw men and women at the trenches in a hope to break them, YUME forces charged for a second time and while it was not as successful as they had hoped they did make it into the trenches eliminating any defensive advantage the trench defenders had, YUME forces pushed deeper into the trench network catching many of the defenders surprised allowing them to push with relatively low casualties, both sides had by now called for reinforcements and while the YUME force was denied the reinforcements the KUMO home forces were not and had their numbers boosted to their original strength, YUME forces needed to make a power play and get out of these trenches or they would be overwhelmed so they used all of their forces to push the trench defenders out of their positions thus routing the KUMO home forces out of their trenches and to the next line of defense KUMO’s large defensive wall. YUME forces called for reinforcements and actually got them renewing their forces to the same number as when they had first attacked, but something unexpected happened UZU forces launched a surprise attack on both forces completely wiping out the YUME attack forces and destroying a large section of KUMO’s defensive wall but instead of pushing their attack they retreated. This surprise left both KUMO and YUME scrambling and with YUME letting go of any plans to invade KUMO and allowing KUMO to recoup. This one act by UZU would have far reaching ramifications for the whole shinobi world. KUMO and YUME both angry at UZU for their slight against them signed a nonaggression pact stating that they would both attack UZU and split it up after they conquered it but at the same time UZU and AME were signing their own treaty simply listed as the UZU AME accord stating they would practice full and unrestricted trade with each other and to help each other in times of war.
    For 35 years there was peace, all the major villages grew from smallish collections of walls and houses to large metropolises of trade and commerce as well as growing their shinobi populations by ten fold but just as every peace it never lasts and the second shinobi world war would be started by an assassination and a misunderstanding.

    This RP is for the fighting spirited and the romantic love bird, whoever you might want to be is up to you. Your journey starts out as a kid.. a kid in a village of your choice and with time your experiences mold you into what you truly are. Choose your path wisely, or you might die in the process. Create your own experiences and with time you might become a legend just like Naruto! or with time you might become bitter and with hate you seek to concur the whole world just like Sasuke! Your choice, your journey, your creation. Your life awaits!

    Your questions will be asked here!

    Go here to join us!√a.950/group-detail
  2. This is still open to new people! It's not too late to join! :)
  3. Hello All,

    Are you, yes you, the one staring at the screen. Are you interested in joining a Naruto RP Group?.. Well of course you are! You should check out the ready to start Naruto RP here. We are on the edge of starting, so be quick and scurry to the group! So far we have 15 members and we need a few more to post the IC and commence an adventure that you will never forget. We are 98% original content. So we only use about 2% of the material from the anime. This means that you will be able to create a story that will satisfy your Naruto needs that the anime and manga were not able to fill.

    I'll be waiting for you at the group OOC! *vanishes*
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