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  1. Our Goal...
    Our goal is to make a Naruto rp that is original and has never been seen before.

    So far...
    So far we have established GM/role status, outfits, name, and villages. We are currently working on pre-history, weapons, Kage, jutsus, styles, stances, and music.

    What we need...
    We need people who are active enough to post a minimum of 1 post/reply a day, however we are looking more for the people who replies to almost every post/message.

    Who's interested in joining the crew to create a naruto rp?
  2. This has peaked my interest... for the moment anyways.
  3. What's the setting of the RP, if I may ask? Next Generation, Alternate Universe, etc?
  4. neither, We are remaking Naruto in our own image and ideas. It will most likely start from the 3rd kage era after a war (possibly) that caused everything to go apocalyptic. However, i'm not the one who is making the village/history so you might wanna @Dakota K. because his in charge of that section and is second GM/Admin.
  5. Hm... Well, if you are still looking for people I would be interested in helping. I can't say I have anything marvelously original, or inspiring to add but the concept of the Naruto world has always intrigued me and it's been a while since I've seen anything other than generic Naruto RPs.
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  6. I would like to join/help if there is still room. I am an active roleplayer.
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  7. I worked on one before but need to know what s the limit for the created characters Im talking power wise I have seen some a little too far out there that and r u using all ten tailed beasts

    me I seen one who put a limit of 4 skills for a characters creation
  8. that is part of the ''IC/OOC/Sign-ups'' section which we are about to talk about as soon as one of our staff members finishes there job.

    All plots and ideas are shared within a private chat, If you are willing to join and become one of the creators then this is the time to do so before its too late!
  9. alright sure I will
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