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  1. Here's all of my oc characters & some cannon characters:

    I hoping few people who want to roleplay as my other original characters be awesome.

    The plot is that before the chakra tree was found. There was a Royal Family that ruled all of the nations cause of their fighting and other stuff. Kayuga and her husband were the rebels against the kingdom. That's when she found the Chakra tree.

    Haku Uzumaki and his generation will have to face this old foe that was forgotten by Kages. The main characters are truly are Senju Ryo & Uzumaki Yahiko.

    Now this royal family survive without the ninjas knowing The Royal family is known as Guru. That he create

    Those who comment on that link. I'll let them pick who they want to be expect for Haku Uzumaki cause that's me lol.

    I'll make a list of whose who as well.
  2. Hello, reading this over, it looks as though you are expecting to have multiple people playing together on this roleplay, yes? If so, you posted this on the wrong place! Seeking One on One Partners is just for one on one roleplays, which are exclusively between two people. If you are looking to find people for a group roleplay (which has three or more people, yourself included) I'd be more than willing to move this to the correct interest check forum for you.

    If I read wrong, don't mind me. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.