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    Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha was standing atop a very steep, and curvacious cliffside. He was clad in his trademark armors, and had his signature weapon strapped to his back. -Everything- was going according to plan. He had used Zetsu to prolong his life, and with Kabuto's perfection of Edo Tensai he was restored to his former youth, not looking a day over twenty-one. His long, jet black hair swayed with the cool, refreshing breeze. His eyes darted behind him, when two figures came out of the wooded area. One had skin as white as cows milk, with long, black hair that draped down to his backside. His features were feminine, and strongly resembled that of a snake. Orochimaru. The boy next to him had his sharingan activated, though it was only a three tomoe, nothing compared to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

    "So this is the boy that nearly killed you, Orochimaru? The one who your obsessed with. Pity. I was expecting someone a bit more, intimidating."

    "He is indirectly your kin, Madara, and dare I say as gifted as you were, when you were his age." replied Orochimaru.

    "Doubtful. I trust you have met with Kabuto, yes? Has he worked out that terrible flaw in his otherwise perfect forbidden Jutsu, Edo Tensai?"

    "Not yet. These things take time. Time that is needed if you want to obliterate the Leaf, and other villages."

    Sasuke's expression held a look of great boredom. Madara's insult to his prowess had little effect on his mood. Sasuke was only here because he was promised the true way of unlocking the Mangekyo, and the whereabouts of his older brother, Itachi.

    "Where is Itachi?" Sasuke interupted, changing the subject.

    "Be patient, boy. And respect those with greater power than your own." calmly said Madara.

    "Tsk..I was told you knew of Itachi's location." Sasuke insisted.

    Madara grew irked by Sasukes arrogant attitude. An arrogance he has not yet earned.

    "Nothing worth having is free, my dear boy." Said Madara as he shifted his gaze towards Sasuke. Madaras eyes twirled in a circular pattern, before his three tomoe sharingan transformed into it's final stage, the mangekyo. He was casting a powerful genjutsu capable of trapping even a skilled Uchiha in a world of Madara's own creation. Sasuke swiftly averted his eyes when he sensed a shift in Madara's Chakra. Madara smirked something fierce when the younger Uchiha looked away, clearly expressing his role as the Dominant Uchiha.

    "Enough. Orochimaru, follow me. I have private matters to discuss. Sasuke, you, and I will talk shortly." Madara began to walk toward an alcove on the side of a very large oak tree, disappearing with the Legendary Sanin, Orochimaru.

    This is a Naruto alternate Universe Roleplay, that has just begun. Most canon characters are playable, and I more than encourage OC(s), The limit per person is One canon, and two oc(s).

    Standard rules apply.
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