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  1. Casuna screamed as her body was thrown into a tree and then stabbed through the gut by a sword she had been fighting for so long she was glad that the fight was over and that she could rest knowing that she was dyeing for a cause that she believed in. The rouge ninja approached her and held a Kuni to her throat with one last bit of strength she made 3 signs tiger, monkey, and then monkey again and she slammed her hand into the ninjas neck sending bolts of electricity through him. The ninja fell to his side paralyzed and slowly dyeing just like her. Casuna closed her eyes as she felt the streams of blood soaking her cloths and her vision because hazed and started to grow dark.
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  2. Ariyama was on daily patrol when he accidentally saw a group of rogue thief in pursue of a girl around his age. Ariyama was curious and watched them from a far and turned out that the girl was in verge of dying, through reflects Ariyama dashed in front of her and without a word and glared at them. The rouge thief started to panic as Ariyama one of the high ninja, even chosen to be the candidate of Hokage despite his age. After they went away, Ariyama brought Casuna to his home and treated her. Ariyama began to thought about someone as her presence are similar to a girl he met at the past. Ariyama went to the kitchen to cook some porridge for Casuna.
  3. Casuna sat up in the bed and she looked around at her surroundings and noticed that she wasn't dead she looked down at the stab wound and saw that it was healing. She got up and walked towards the sound of footsteps and she noticed a man making food she tilted her head and stayed behind the wall and watched the man cook. She backed up slowly and hurried back to the room where she woke up at and she slipped her shoes on and opened the window and jumped out realizing that she was close to her house so she started to head towards it leaving a trail of blood behind her.
  4. Ariyama almost done with his porridge and try to see the condition of the girl for the last time, he went to his bedroom and found out that the girl has disappear and leaving a trail of blood. He touch the blood and it's still in liquid form which mean the girl are still near. Ariyama ran our of his house, following the trail of blood as he was really worried her condition. Following the trail which led him to a small house near his house, precisely it was 5 blocks away. Ariyama brought to smile when he knows that the girl that he safe are near him, he quickly went back to his home and grab the porridge. Ariyama went to the girl's house and knocked the door, "it's useless, I know it's you, I bring some porridge."
  5. Casuna opens the door and looks at the man with narrowed eyes she had changed from her kimono to a plain dark red robe she left the door opened and turned around and went towards the kitchen not looking back to see if the man was following her she new he would. A dog jumped out in front of Ariyama and growled and barked at him and showed its teeth. Casuna yelled to the dog "kida no" the dog stopped growling but did keep his eyes on Ariyama. Casuna went to the kitchen where she sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.
  6. Ariyama smiled as Casuna opened the door, mainly because the food will not get spoiled. As he walked into the house, the dog barked at him, it was understandable since, Ariyama killed a lot of dogs mainly, a summoned dog. Luckily Casuna shut the dog off and Ariyama continued to walk towards Casuna, "Ah.. well... here's some porridge and you shouldn't move around that much," Ariyama hand over the plate to her. "Ah.. and pardon me, my name is Ariyama nice too meet you!"
  7. Casuna took the porage and set it down on the table and then took a deep breath "my name is Casuna its nice to meet you you have okay healing school skills not to bad but it will be okay just need some rest and me moving around is fine I just need to heal faster it will heal soon. She held out a cup of tea to him. Hears some tea I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.
  8. Ariyama smiled as he took the generous offer for the tea, "Well it's a shinobi duty to protect each and everyone of the Village, I just can't leave people alone injured," he looked at his surrounding, as it was a bit messy for a female, "do you live alone? do you have any friends that you know?" Ariyama drank his remaining tea all the way, "well you know Casuna, if you need anything I'll be in my house," Ariyama went back to his house while worrying about Casuna.

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