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    When the background characters get their due they stumble upon a similar heartbreak story with loss, hatred, and tears as they walk through each of their lives not worry but outmatched. Its been twelve years since the nine tails attacked the village and now that the village is safe its time for a new age as new students were registered to the academy recently and one of them carries the jinchuuriki that killed so many in the village so long ago. Many judge this young ninja called ''Naruto'' but yet his potential shows in the eyes of his superiors.

    Team Four is one of the groups beside team eleven and the other main groups. All of you have yet to receive your headbands but you feel the surge of excitement because it is nearing the test and you can nearly see your own shiny headband in front of you but before you can receive your own you must pass the test which some of you might be worried about.

    Your characters will have their own adventure beside the large group of comrades yet to be named ''The Team Four.'' At first everyone is a stranger and you don't know who you are going to be matched with, however when everyone got done with the test they were then matched up at random...

    This.. is where the story starts in the academy where you were just recently rewarded your headband and just got matched up with your partners. The teacher, ''Iruka'' stands in the front of the class naming everyone who is in squad four from his book; Neji Uchiha, Katsumi Yamada, Zion Furenji....

    Went with season 2 instead because season 1 opening sucks ass.
  2. Sitting in class, while Iruka was naming teams....

    The whole class was silent as Zion heard Iruka call out the names of some teams and Zion was wondering as to how they can gel as a team from how they have been in the academy... there were genin that he was hoping that would be on his team skill-set and personality wise. Also there were some people who he wouldn't been upset to get close to on account of his shyness hoping that maybe he'd open up more.

    Iruka: "TEAM 4 first member Uchiha Neji"

    People looked around as they wondered who would be paired up with the Uchiha, as everyone knew what happened to the Uchiha clan but there were some survivors like the other Uchiha, Sasuke and some who were out on missions but not many.

    Zion thought to himself, "he's not the prodigy Uchiha like Sasuke and he's a little brash and a bit of a show off but studies show he's fast and has a good work ethic and is an above average student "

    Iruka: "Joining Uchiha Neji will be Yamada Katsumi" he said

    Many students looked at Katsumi, some told her she was lucky she'd get to see an Uchiha in action other then the Hyuga clan she's lucky. That made Zion perk up a little.. "Yamada clan member, was one of the fastest shinobi in our class also great reflexes and agility was always very nice good compliment to the Uchiha" he thought

    Zion took a candy bar and began chewing on it, thinking about the type of Shinobi to balance out the team... "Well a tactical shinobi with good intelligence like Shikimaru but he acts like he's lazy not many would think he would be best, or maybe Aburame Shino my parents told me that they are very smart and tactile also... the only other person I could think of that would"

    Iruka: "Furenji Zion.. will make up team 4" he said finishing Zion's thought

    This caused Zion to kinda choke on his candy bar and fall over.... as he thought that it made sense but he was just surprised
    Some students were looking at Zion on the floor...
    "Him... what a waste for a Furenji Clansmen he didn't really excel in much of anything... wonder why he was picked" some students said murmuring

    Zion hacked up the piece of candy as he sat up ... "Well nice that I have a team... might as well go tell the family that I'm part of team 4" he said to himself going up to Iruka and receiving his Konoha headband.


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  3. Yamada Katsumi had been seated and waiting to hear Iruka-sensei tell them who would be on whose team. She, like many others, were anxious about which names would be called with their own. She had expressed to her friends and family that she already had some requirements for her future teammates. Such as, they must be able to give her a challenge during a sparring match. They also must be kind, respectful, and mature, or else she wouldn't be able to get along with them. They must also be able to accept help, since that was the whole point of the teams, be able to work well with the differentiating combat styles, and...

    She gave a soft, silent sigh. Katsumi was asking too much of her future teammates, wasn't she? Not that she thought the rest of the class wasn't good, they were. She just didn't want to have too many expectations for them then be let down. Perhaps she should allow fate to tell her her teammates then make expectations after she saw how they were like and what they were capable of.

    When Katsumi heard who her teammates were, she was fairly shocked. An Uchiha, and another person whom of which she was unsure of. Though she had a good idea who he was considering he was the person to fall out of his chair, but didn't know him personally or through reputation. Both of them would make worthy teammates in her mind. Maybe not Zion according to a few girls, but she had faith in him. She had faith in the both of them. Now, she would need to find out who her sensei was.
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  4. Iruka finished calling out all the teams, and Zion's reaction was second to Naruto Uzumaki jumping up in joy when he was paired up with Haruno Sakura and then his disappointment when they were informed that Uchiha Sasuke would also be on the team as well.

    Some were murmuring about Naruto being a screwup, and the worst shinobi of the class... and Zion realized that he didn't have that bad, he may not have been thought of as a prodigy or genius like Sasuke and some others but they really treated Naruto unfairly.
    All the teams were pairing up and speaking to one another.... before Iruka dismissed them.

    Iruka: "Your all dismissed your team Captains will make themselves seen to you when they choose to.. so feel free to go about the Village" he said to everyone...

    Now is when students would usually tell friends and clansmen what team they are with and who else is on their team. Zion wanted approach his teammates to at least introduce himself. First he approached Katsumi....
    "Hello, Katsumi I'm Zion glad to be on a team with you... I heard rumors about your clans Taijutsu skills as they are one of Konoha's elite taijutsu forces my sister chiyome use to spar with some members of your clan" he said to her fixed his glasses ...
    "Umm i'd love to spar sometime ... I'd love for us to learn from each other, and we're on a team with an Uchiha as well and who knows who our Jonin Captain will be" he said to her


    Zion remembers seeing his older sister spar with a member of the Yamada clan.
    Show Spoiler

    Chiyome was a master of Kenjutsu she modified using the Furenji clans ninja threads with her many swords so she wouldn't lose them in battle...
    Chiyome charged at the Yamada clan member trying to strike him and at first he was blocking with kunai's but he was begining to be overwhelmed to the point that some of Chiyome's strikes with her blade were leaving shallow cuts.
    Zion looked at his sister, although it was a spar she was putting some effort as both clans came together to spar to keep them sharp for battle, Zion's mother bent down to speak to her 8 year old boy. "Your probably not noticing what your sister is doing she's using precise strikes to prevent the opponents movement, he opponent cannot take advantage of his strengths" she said
    As he kept watching he noticed that the table began to turn.. Chiyome went in for a strike but stopped and backed up...Zion was wondering why she stopped but she stared at her opponent....
    Chiyome: "You sucked me into your web... you memorized my pattern with those eyes didn't you well lets get a little serious" she says as she adds lightning element to her blades as they sparkled with electricity.
    Yamada Kenshi: "I was waiting for you to get serious lets see how you do" he said

    "Mom his eyes are weird" he said but his mother stayed silent
    Chiyome charged at Kenshi but this time he was one stepped ahead of her she couldn't land a strike... Chiyome jumped up high in the air and came down with two of her blades and Kenshi threw 2 kunai at her piercing her in the stomach. Zion's heart skipped but his sister disappeared in a puff of smoke... only to appear behind Kenshi.... "TWIN LOTUS SHOCK" she used her lightning element to coat the blades with a large amount of lightning but Kenshi spun around in place real fast and back-flipped as he dodged the strike as his right hand emitted chakara as he hit her with a powerful punch that sent her flying back and to the ground but she rebounded in the end.
    She stood and bowed as both clans spoke.. the spar was till one clan member landed a decisive strike....
    "Mom I don't understand, he beat Chiyome" he asked.. and his mother nodded.
    Chiyome: "I was careless and underestimated your Dojutsu.. thought I had more time to land a decisive blow" she says shaking Kenshi's hand as he smiled somewhat... "Yea well some Yamada clansmen's purple eyes can memorize faster then most and besides your kenjutsu would have probably had me if it wasn't a spar and you were using lethal force as your clan is known for" he replied as he stopped smiling.
    Chiyome stopped smiling as she knew he was mentioning the fact that Furenji clan members were usually sent to assassinate specific enemy targets, which some people did not approve of but it was for the benefit of Konohagakure.


    Zion remembered that day after seeing the skill in Taijutsu that the Yamada clan member had to take on Chiyome and her blades bare handed practically and land the decisive blow was amazing.
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  5. Zion left the academy to head to his home in Konohagakure with his sister Chiyome who watched him during his time at the academy. The Furenji clan was part of Konoha but the actual clan home was on the outskirts of town.

    While making his way to his temporary home in konoha he was excited and decided to run across the rooftops... "Team four ... wow I'm finally a Genin and soon I can achieve my dream, showing my clan that we can be more then Assassins" he said to himself while running.

    Zion stops for a second and looks around Konoha from the rooftops then begins running again unable to shake a feeling... as he is running a shuriken almost hits him but he dodged at the last second flipping over it. Diving over to the next rooftop 4 more shuriken were headed his way while he was mid air... and he clasped his hands together as the shuriken hit him in the chest ... seconds later he turned into a log as he landed on the other rooftop unharmed.

    "Your replacement technique was perfectly timed little brother congrats, if keep up at this pace you'll make a fine Assassin for the village and make the Furenji clan proud" she said standing behind him then kneeling to his level.
    Zion looked at her... "I told you, mom and dad I want to be a great med-nin all Furenji shinobi don't all have to be Assassins, we can be healers to" he says to her wide eyed...
    Chiyome smirked but punched Zion in the stomach... "The Furenji clan have been a part of Konoha for generations and even before then we were designed to kill descendants of Saiga and Miu Furenji... its in our blood, if you go against this destiny then you will be killed .. the world of shinobi is a ruthless one" she says.

    Zion groaned in pain but she didn't strike him too hard... "You can't tell me you always wanted this Chiyome, tell me you wanted more big sis?" he asked
    Chiyome glared at him... "Time to go home little brother, I'm happy you graduated but we both know that you could have done better if you embraced your clan's nature... and i missed that optimism, I use to have it once as well until I saw the truth of being a Shinobi" she said as she undid her top to show Zion a large scar that went clear across her back... it made Zion tear up a little that his sister was hurt like that at one point...

    "Who...Who did that to you?" he asked...
    "Someone hired a duo to kill me, in hopes of learning our clans secrets through my blood. I let my guard down after a mission to escort a wealthy merchant... at first I befriended this boy who needed help, and in my naivety I aided the boy. Then we were attacked by the demon Zabuza, while fighting with him I gained the upper hand and instead of kill him I chose to let him live... I turned my back to him and he struck normally I would have been able to turn and counter but that boy... showed his true colors. I tried to dodge the strike but needles of Ice pierced my neck allowing Zabuza's demon cutter to cleave into my back. Father followed me and saved me from death ... he said this was the true nature of shinobi and if you wear the symbol of the Furenji clan then you must be ready to extinguish life for the greater good" she said making Zion think as she re-adjusted her clothing.

    Zion looked at her... "Well i'm sorry that happened to you but as a part of team four I will fight to preserve life not take it" he says

    Chiyome began walking away, "Team Four hmm its a shame Hatake Kakashi was rumored to be the Jonin Captain of team 7... he could have taught you well he's pretty famous among Jonin.. but congratulations little brother see you at home but if you fight to preserve life and you will end up dead" she says as she disappears in smoke and Zions headband falls before him....

    "WHAT WHEN DID SHE" he says feeling his forehead and seeing a drop of blood... somehow she had removed his headband without him noticing it and even drew blood... if chiyome was an enemy shinobi he would have been dead.

    Zion decided not to head home right away, as he had thinking to do and decided to go by the lake and meditate to gather his thoughts.


    (Furenji clan Symbol for Genin on the back of Zion's shirt)​
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  6. Neji, Neji had changed from the time he started the acadmey to the time he graduated from the academy. The Uchiha massacre, everyone knew what happned. Just about every single member of the Uchiha clan was killed. The person who killed them was Itachi Uchia, the prodigy of one of if not the most powerful clan in the village. Nejis cousin and Sasukes older brother had taken out the entire clan. For some reason, Itachi left himself and Sasuke alive. Neji was not sure why Itachi didn't kill him. He knew Itachi saw him there in his home there eyes had locked, but for some reason Itachi left. Neji had been like another little brother to Itachi and also a little brother to SAsuke as Neji is a little bit younger than him.

    Much like Sasuke Neji had closed himself off after the incident. All of his family, including his parents and all of his clan had been killed and Neji being at such a young age at the time it really hurt. Neji didn't really know how to handle it so he closed himself off. The once happy talkative proud kid was now quiet and closed off. The only person he could actually open up too was Sasuke who was in even worse shape then him. All Neji knee was that he needed to get stronger. He was so helpless and terrifies that night. That he never wanted to happen again.

    Neji stood up and walked over to Iruka sensei and accepted his headband. He turned around and looked up at sauske as he sat in his seat with Sakura sitting beside him. Both of them exchanged looks at each other and then Neji took his seat. Neji heard who his two teammates were. To be honest he didn't know much about either of them. To be honest he didn't really care who was on his team as long as they didn't prevent him from getting stronger then ghey were fine.

    Once everyone was dissmissed Neji got up and headed out of the room. He caught up with Sasuke. They walked in silence back to the Uchiha compound.
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  7. Zion stood looking out across the water remembering his past while looking at his family's special kunai that they were taught to make. Although he was young he had to grow up pretty fast as once a Furenji child was eight they were put through a survival exercise which served two functions to make the child confront the fear of death and to help mold and shape their personality into warriors and killers.The test was to trap and kill a wolf at first it was any wolf but this was done each year on the child's birthday up until they entered the academy. After the first time the following years it had to be an alpha wolf.

    It was a beautiful Auburn sky as he meditates before heading home. He knew tonight he would expect a visit from his parents to receive his clans special weapons gloves with a significant amount of ninja wire that was very durable. He decided to head home after thinking and decided to comply with his clans teachings for now.
  8. Katsumi, now with her Genin headband, had went to train for a bit after the students were dismissed. She had battled against a tree, and didn't stop until her fists and legs needed attention. When she returned home to the Yamada Compound that evening, Katsumi informed her parents of who her teammates were going to be. They didn't appear all that pleased. One being from the famous Uchiha clan that had been massacred all those years ago, and Zion Furenji, a child raised in a line of assassins. They knew the Furenji personally because of Katsumi's uncle's sparring session with one of them. Chiyome was her name. She had multiple swords hanging from Chakra strings and an interesting sense of fashion, but her uncle was able to beat her through memorization of her pattern.

    'The keys to every match, Katsumi, is predictability, your limitations, and how you use your Chakra.' Her father had once told her.

    'I don't understand.' Katsumi once said in return, which gave her father a chance to educate his daughter.

    'In your battles, you will have to measure an opponent's strength, speed, Chakra usage, and reflexes to determine whether you will be able to hold your own, or if you must flee. The unspoken rule to us Yamada, is to measure their predictability, your own limitations, and be careful in using one's own Chakra. Now, you have taken notice of your opponent's attributes. They are strong, fast, they can dodge fairly well, and their usage is even. This right away sounds like a worthy opponent. But, if you can memorize their pattern with Purple Perception, they will become predictable. Now that you may dodge their techniques because of their predictability, you may hold your own more. With your limitations, you understand that death is certain if you cross the boundaries of what your body is capable of, yes? Shattered bones and what not?'

    'Of course.'

    'Good, the same falls under Chakra usage. Using one's Chakra carelessly will lead to a Shinobi's inevitable demise. I am certain you understand what will happen if one uses all of their Chakra, correct?'

    'They die.' Katsumi had answered.

    Now, she sat with her father, listening to his words as he spoke.

    "You are on your way to becoming something, Katsumi. The first step to every great Shinobi or Kunoichi is becoming a Genin. I have once been a Genin myself, my dear daughter, and it was not as much fun as B rank or even C rank missions. You will face tedious chores, but you will understand patience, development, and teamwork... An inexperienced Genin cannot be thrown into an S rank without dying. They must grow first, and then you will be taking on tasks where I will not be sure if you will even come back... For now, enjoy the safety of D rank missions and your teammates. You never know when will be your last day together."
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  9. Zion had made it back home and then traveled with Chiyome to the Furenji compound, to inform his family.
    Chiyome stayed silent as they traveled she was sure that her little brother would see the error's of his ways in time.

    Making it back home Zion saw his father first, a youthful looking man still had a head full of dark hair. He work a white
    jacket wth the adult Furenji symbol on the back, adult members of the clan dressed down unlike the genin and chunin they
    would sometimes pose as regular individuals

    Takeda Furenji​


    Arriving chiyome and Zion bowed to Takeda and in unison "Hello Father" they said and when he acknowleged they rose
    Takeda: "You take your first steps to becoming a fine shinobi, today and soon you will be a capable Furenji Assassin"
    Saying those words made Zion wince as he was not like the rest of his family, but he didn't want to upset father after all when he's on missions with his team and Jonin Captain then he won't have to worry about their rules.
    Takeda: "Who have you been paired with in your cell son?" he asked
    Chiyome: "He is partnered with Neji Uchiha, and Katsumi Yamada" she replied surprising Zion as he didn't know how she got that information

    Takeda smirked, "Chiyome wonderful at getting information as usual, the Uchiha... hmm I would like for you to be wary of them after the Massacre that clan is unpredictable, they also posses one of the most powerful Dojutsu's the Sharringan" he says kneeling by Zion.
    "Then there's the Yamada clan who also posses a dojutsu of great reputation If you remember your sister lost a sparring match against them. Son you seem to be outclassed but if you rely on your killing instinct and experience you should be fine" he says

    "With all do respect father although I have not personally met the Uchiha he seems nice and I see no i'll will from Katsumi Yamada they are teammates not rivals out to steal our secrets" he says

    Takeda stares at his son for a moment... "Son you still hold onto this blind optimism, the Sharringan can copy movements, ninjutsu, and see through genjutsu, the Yamada clans Purple perception can memorize movements and details and learn your pattern... the one thing they cannot copy or see through is your will to kill" he says as the world around Zion melts away.... he is now in the woods.

    "FATHER... Damn caught in your Genjutsu...." he says knowing that it was impossible for him to break out of it but his father brought him back to the time when he had to kill the Wolf which was a Furenji tradition.
    Seeing himself battle with the wolf, once it had him pinned he used a Kunai to stop it from biting his head off and another to cut its throat ending its life quickly.
    Takeda entered the Genjutsu next to Zion.
    Takeda: "You see my son, that is who you are no hesitation, swift kill" he says putting his hands together and ending the jutsu
    "Your mother is not home she will be back in the morning now go to bed and here you go son you earned this" he says handing over gloves with ninja wire to Zion... "Use them well" he says.

    Zion pondered what his dad said and went to be to meet up with his team the next day.



    Zion woke up bright and early to meet up with his team by the training field, today they were supposed to meet their Captain. While waiting Zion was practicing with the Ninja Wire gloves to get the hang of them. He learned how to use chakara with ninja wire but with the gloves they were a little different, these wires were thin and hard to see with the naked eye but very strong.​

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  10. Neji and Sasuke had spent the rest of the day training and sparring with each other. That is pretty nuch what they did everyday. They both wanted the same thing to get stronger and to kill a certain someone. Neji was most likely going go leave thst up to Sasuke. Even though Itachi was his cousin and basically like an older brother to him. Itachi was actually sasukes older brother so Neji would back up Sasuke but let him do it. If Neji had the chance he would try, but he knew that right now Itachi would decimate them both with out even breaking a sweat.

    Thanks to training with Sasuke, Neji had gotten much better and Stronger. He actually graduates second in the class only behind Sasuke.

    That night Neji laid in bed thinking about what things were to come. "Hopefully his teammates weren't losers like Sasuke thought his two teammates were.

    Neji awoke that morning taking a shower and then making and eating breakfast. Sasuke was already gone. He probably went off to go do some training and let Neji sleep. Neji made his way towards the training grounds. He walked through the Uchiha district which use to be such a beautiful and busy place, back before the massacre Neji loved walking through his district, but now it was just a reminder of that horrible night. Neji walked silently through the silent dead streets until he made it out of the uchihs district and into the rest of the village.

    Neji made it to the training grounds to see one of his tranmates already there. Neji decided he would just go sit under the tree as he waited for the rest of the squad.
  11. Katsumi arrived shortly after Neji did and mentally cursed that she was the last Genin there. Tomorrow, she would definitely wake up earlier, and do much better on her arrival. After all, if her teacher had seen her arrive last, he would think she was the laziest out of all of them! The Genin girl couldn't allow her teacher to think of her as such a thing!

    Speaking of which, where was her teacher?

    She sat down on the grass and decided to take out the pocket sized diary she kept, writing down the first impression of her team. Katsumi could see one of her teammates practicing with something while the other sat underneath the tree. By what she could see, the Uchiha was going to be a Mr. Broody pants and the other would be the most excited to train, next to Katsumi.
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  12. Zion saw his teammates arrive and waved at Neji first who just sat by a tree... he still had not had a conversation with Neji but he left it alone.
    What Zion's father had said was right he did dumb his skill level down as he didn't want to portray the typical child of Assassins even if
    his clan was Assassins for Konoha. While waiting he had gotten a good grip on using the new chakara wires...

    Last night his dad and Chiyome gave him tips for dealing with Uchiha because they had first hand knowledge that after the Massacre many
    had went rogue in fear for their lives.

    "Remember three limitations that Uchiha have this goes for those who have awakened the sharingan.
    They cannot copy your ninjutsu if they have no skill with the nature, an example is our wind element that
    we are known to have. A rare element techniques including wind cannot be copied unless the uchiha has
    familiarity with it. The second is skill level, they are skilled but cannot copy unfamiliar movement immediately
    it takes time to process. Three is speed, strength and intelligence... If they copy what you do they can't copy it
    the exact way you do it, your speed is unique to you, or your strength or your mind... having your capabilities
    doesn't mean they copy the way you think also the Karite Baito would be best but you have not shown talent with
    our Kekkei Genkai. Use your mind son, but right now the person who has
    the best advantage against the Uchiha is the Hyuga clan and Yamada clan... I wish I had a way to deal
    with the Yamada clan all I can say is a quick victory is best ... "

    Zion heeded his fathers words but he still didn't see think the way his dad and family did he would continue to think for himself. He was happy when Katsumi arrived... "Oh Katsumi, glad you made it but our Captain is not here still. Neji is sitting and relaxing but if you wouldn't mind I would love to spar with you i'm anxious to train" he said smiling​
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  13. [​IMG]

    It was nearly about 1pm and the teacher was no where to be seen, the team grew more nervous but yet at the same time frustrated to see their sensei late and only questioned why he wasn't their on perfect time. Anyone of the jonin status should be well behaved and perfectly stable.. thats what the rules states anyways, however Hideaki was different and some might say a bit weird at times. It wasn't till 15 minutes later on the 1pm mark that the team four's sensei arrived, Hideaki Hyuga; A proud and skilled shinobi of the hyuga clan who fought to protect the village of the nine tails so long ago and a Fūinjutsu specialist. His regular jonin attire with a blue shirt and blue pants combined with black toeless boots but no gloves, The traditional green jonin jacket yet open and a konoha white fur jacket to overlap. As he walked so patent over to his team it was clear to any eye sight that he was enjoying him a good read, a red book that had words on the front yet unknown for the book was tilted downwards. It was also clear to any eye that he was eating three sweet dango dumplings on a stick that he surely got from the inner workings of the village. The wind barely breezing by through everyones hair and the perfect temperature outside being between hot and cold oh so perfectly made this day less stressful and gave everyone a excellent excuse to roam about in the morning. Sensei on the near peak of excitement stood in front of all three of his students yet to glance upon their beauty! A long silence swept the area before sensei spoke first by closing his book suddenly and looked up at his students with dramatic effect, ''..... Those dumplings were delicious.'' He stated as he looked blankly forward.

    ''Neji Uchiha, Katsumi Yamada, Zion Furenji...'' He listed their names off as if he had them all known single handedly by heart, ''You three must be my... TEST SUBJECTS!!! WHAHHAHAHAHA!'' He laughed jokingly as he rested his hands on his hips. His voice now just fully recognizable as slightly more deep than others at the same time very adult and smooth. A long silence plagued the area once again then after he cleared his throat he opened his red book and looked dramatically into it, his shoulders perked up and his neck extended. ''...Hmm, i see.'' He mumbled as if he was studying for a test. After a few seconds of reading he slammed the book shut in front of him and took out two bells from behind him. ''So.. Its very simple really..'' he said as he glared over at a stump that was sticking out of the ground near the right side of the field. '' This is a test.. yes, another test i know. These bells you see here in my hand will be your goal. If one of you catches them both then.. you win!'' He smiled right before he gently pressed the alarm clocks button with his palm. A short silence followed the click of the button as Hideaki said in a gentle smile, ''Begin.''​
  14. Katsumi had agreed to spar with Zion for the sake of feeling energized by the time her sensei arrived to the training grounds. She fought hard enough to try and make the sparring session as challenging as she could for her teammate, and she expected the same out of him. Her purple perception did come into play, making her memorize most of how Zion fought but it was still a challenge regardless.

    Though, she didn't expect her sensei to arrive as late as he did, making her own arrival time seem not as bad as before. However, when he did arrive, her sparring session with Zion was completed and she looked over to the Jonin. His eyes made her believe that her sensei was blind for a second, but learned not to make assumptions about people at first glance. She was ready for his instructions by the time he closed his book.

    She was bouncing on her toes and smiling, obviously excited to get started... He was certainly a unique one, given his introduction to them, but Katsumi was just getting to know him. The sooner she got used to it now, the more normal it will be as time passed. "Okay!" She said to Zion after hearing his plan and dashed to the side to get a better view for memorization. She already knew that grabbing the bells was not going to be as easy as just taking them. Hopefully Zion's plan worked.
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  15. Zion was dropped to the ground from a kick from Katsumi....
    "Wow your dojutsu is already present... amazing Katsumi I was not expecting that" he says in awe of her

    Zion got up and made mental notes on a few possible strategies to avoid his movement being memorized his father didn't really have advice for dealing with her dojutsu but in time maybe he would come up with a strategy.

    Zion perked up upon seeing Hideaki Hyuga although he was late, he was from the famous Hyuga clan. The man walked to the training ground eating dumplings and exclaiming how delicious they were, once he called their names he pulled out a red book and read through it as he pulled out two bells ''This is a test.. yes, another test i know. These bells you see here in my hand will be your goal. If one of you catches them both then.. you win!''

    Once he said begin, Zion thought for a moment "Great a captain with a dojutsu that enhances his vision even beyond that of the Sharingan.. how are we going to pull this off" he said aloud.

    Zion turned to Katsumi "Ok we need to come up with a plan... so Katsumi your skilled with Taijutsu but your eyes memorizing his movement is the best way to go, Neji honestly you did well in terms of speed and i'm sure your good with taijutsu to .. if you get him to move then Katsumi can memorize his pattern and take advantage of an opening and I have ninja wire... but my genjutsu skill will be useless if he uses his I have to rely on a tactical advantage and wait for an opening as well so I will stay hidden..." he says as he runs and jumps into the tree's ... to provide cover for the two he threw a kunai with an explosive tag in front of Hideaki as it exploded to provide dust and a distraction for his team
    He didn't mean to take the lead like that and hopes that Katsumi and Neji didn't take offense in anyway but his mind just clicked with that plan.​

  16. Neji sat and watched his two squadmates spar. He remembered seeing Katsumi spar against some other of their classmates back at the academy and she always won. He never got a chance to spar against her at the academy so he would be quite interested to see what would happened if they spared. Their other teammate Zion he believed his name to be wasn't terrible either but he was definetely out classed by Katsumi.

    Soon enough their sensei appereaed, he was a Hyuga someone who shared a dojutsu like himself. The only thing was Neji had yet to unlock his sharingan. He hoped he would soon but for now he was doing fine without it.

    Neji listened to their sensei and heard what their challenge was. Next thing he knew their test had started and Zion was sprouting out some idea. Neji sighed. They really should have went into hiding to try and come up with a plan together or honestly Neji should have just went in himself but whatever it was to late. Neji didn't say anything he just ran to the other side from Katsumi and grabbed 2 kunai blades from his pouch throwing both of them at their sensei.
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  17. Zion was hoping that his plan would work but he knew it wouldn't be as easy as he planned but it was better then running in blind, they had no idea's on what Jutsu's that Hideaki was capable of using, best not to underestimate him. Katsumi could memorize his movements and be best to avoid any attacks and Neji was second in the class Zion was betting on his skill.

    "Ok Zion, best to make a play for the bells and try to immobilize him... he knows im hiding and is probably looking for a sneak attack...hmmm" he said thinking as he thought fast that maybe he should force an opening now....

    Zion took some shuriken and spread as much ninja wire as possible and spread it across the field... he placed them in a formation to surround and entangle Hideaki... He used his chakara to slowly collapse the make shift net... with Neji and Katsumi on the outside one memorizing his movement and Neji being skilled in all aspects he'd like to see Hideaki get out of this.
    Zion also had a kunai held in place with a wire to throw at Hideaki the moment he tried to avoid entanglement.

  18. Hideaki stood oh so patiently near the timer as he continued to read the book he had, it was not too long after the timer started that one of the students began an attack. A explosive tag heading straight towards him with surprising speeds yet he cared for he knew his students wouldn't have the guts or would be stupid enough to conclude a complete deadly assault quite yet. Instead of moving away from the explosive tag he stood as it exploded in front of him causing a distraction and cover of smoke in front of him, however the smoke was immediately vanquished by the righteous book Hideaki sensei was reading. All it took was a large horizontal sweep with the back of the book which cleared enough of the smoke for his vision to be cleared completely. Soon after the smoke attack a swift sneak attack with two kunai was thrown from the trees. With the speed at which the kunai was thrown it would have given Hideaki enough time to dodge and then attack before the others could react fast enough to counter, however instead he felt like reading more of his book so with a mere forward step and a twirl he let the kunai by pass him then with two fingers of his other hand he caught both kunais just before they flew out of reach. His skills were obviously displayed as higher in this situation yet the others pressed onward for the goal as true shinobi should, this impressed Hideaki although he has yet to see the main objective fulfilled. Hideaki continued to stand firm yet vigilant at the same time as enjoyment from the joyous book he would continue to read till the end. A few twirls of the kunai would be displayed as he continued to read determinedly, not long after the kunai wire followed and although Hideaki knew of this ability from Zion he decided to ignore it at the time. Hideaki wasn't dumb, it was clear that wire was around him because of the sound the trees made when wire would forcefully wrap itself around it, a sort of slight crackle as it cut deep inside the bark to attempt stability.
  19. Katsumi stayed hidden and kept her eyes on her sensei. Unfortunately for her and her teammates, he was barely doing anything. She needed him to start fighting with some effort if she wanted an idea of what his pattern was! For right now, there was nothing her eyes could provide for her if all she was getting was a blank piece of paper to study.

    'Sheesh sensei, what's so important in that book that you're not taking your eyes off of it?' She wondered to herself. Perhaps it was his method of taunting them? Or that something incredibly interesting was going on? Like the resolution of the book or something? There was no way she could verbally communicate to her teammates that if their teacher didn't do anything other than swipe his book around, she wouldn't be able to give much to report.

    'Maybe I can wait for a cooperation attack, or try to nab the bells while he's busy with them if he doesn't do anything.' She concluded to herself, continuing to watch and bracing herself to attack at any opportunity.
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  20. Zion couldn't believe it that Hideaki was still standing there reading a book even with the Chakara wires closing in on him soon he wouldn't have room to escape..

    "Ok I guess if your just going to stand there and read, then i'll bring the fight to you..." he said
    Katsumi couldn't make use of her eyes and honestly it seems that Neji was still on guard and Zion hated the headstrong approach but odds were in his favor...
    "BUSHIN NO JUTSU!!" he says crossing his hands together and making the seal creating two shadow clones this actually also made it seem like there
    were more wires... Zion charged at Hideaki aiming a kick at his head....
    He added more chakara to the strings causing them to collapse and wrap around Hideaki....

    Zion was hoping he'd block the kick and he'd maneuver his way to grab the bells....
    "Lets see you get out of this those bells are ours" he says

    This plan was a decent one but Zion didn't have so much faith in it as other then the Byakugan they didn't know what he was capable of... worst case scenario if he couldn't reach the bells maybe Katsumi or Neji could come in and grab the bells. But he was surrounded with ninja wire, which would limit his movement, two shadow clones along with the real Zion coming at him... he didn't see a way out.
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