Naruto, The Story of Team Four & Five!

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    When the background characters get their due they stumble upon a similar heartbreak story with loss, hatred, and tears as they walk through each of their lives not worry but outmatched. Its been twelve years since the nine tails attacked the village and now that the village is safe its time for a new age as new students were registered to the academy recently and one of them carries the jinchuuriki that killed so many in the village so long ago. Many judge this young ninja called ''Naruto'' but yet his potential shows in the eyes of his superiors.

    Team Four is one of the groups beside team eleven and the other main groups. All of you have yet to receive your headbands but you feel the surge of excitement because it is nearing the test and you can nearly see your own shiny headband in front of you but before you can receive your own you must pass the test which some of you might be worried about.

    Your characters will have their own adventure beside the large group of comrades yet to be named ''The Team Four.'' At first everyone is a stranger and you don't know who you are going to be matched with, however when everyone got done with the test they were then matched up at random... This.. is where the story starts!

    Went with season 2 instead because season 1 opening sucks ass.

    Anyone how wasn't apart of the interest check thread and now just seeing this rp presented to them are welcome to submit villain character sheets for our main characters to fight.

    Also all canon main characters are NPCs that you can interact with!​

    Character sheet
    • You will rank up all throughout the rp.
    • Only one Canon and one Custom jutsu each when Genin, once you rank up to other ranks you may add 1 new jutsu to both canon and custom.
    • We are currently in Konohagakure if anyone has yet to notice.
    • I will only allow one uchiha, seeing how popular they are i can't just have a team full of uchihas because that is extremely unbalanced and unrealistic.
    • Please choose a reasonable preferred jutsu type.

    Group/Village(Villain only):
    Preferred Jutsu type(Jutsu Type):
    Specialty(Speed, strength, intelligence, other):
    Main weapon(If any):
    Custom Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    Canon Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    Kekkei Genkai(if any):
    Rank(Everyones Genin but villains and GM):
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  2. -Will edit in Genin here, probably going to be female-

    WIP for right now

    Name: Katsumi Yamada
    Nickname(optional): (Whatever people give her)
    Age: 12

    Katsumi's Appearance


    A benevolent, charming, and highly competitive girl who has been learning since birth to put the less fortunate before herself. She is one of the few Yamadas whose trust can be gained quite easily, which is good when working with teammates. However, because she is very trusting, she can be manipulated into believing something that isn't true. Her gullible behavior can get her into trouble or more dire situations if she is not careful.

    Katsumi is highly critical of herself and a perfectionist, while also being one to feel guilty for any and every mistake she makes.


    ~ Flower pressing
    ~ Spicy foods
    ~ Sports
    ~ Her diary


    ~ Raw vegetables
    ~ Failure
    ~ Letting people down (Can fall under failure)
    ~ Sweets

    Group/Village(Villain only): N/A


    Preferred Jutsu type(Jutsu Type): Taijutsu
    Specialty: Speed
    Main weapon(If any): She mainly uses her Taijutsu, but she does wield a specially crafted umbrella that can be used as a shield or a javelin in battle.

    What the weapon does: The weapon blocks most Chakra based attacks and shurikens/kunai. It is locked onto Katsumi's Chakra signature, which means this umbrella will become useless in the hands of another person unless Katsumi dies.

    Downsides: The downside of this umbrella is that Katsumi must be able to withstand the force behind the attack. This means that if the Shinobi casting a Ninjutsu attack is much stronger than Katsumi, the attack will most likely be effective and knock her off balance. Or if the opponent is more skilled in kenjutsu, they will be able to knock the umbrella out of Katsumi's hands.

    Another is that Chakra based attacks, if they are like Water Style: Liquid Bullet instead of Raging Waves, will ricochet off the umbrella. This can be dangerous if she is fighting with a team. The direction it goes is unpredictable unless Katsumi trains to use the ricochet to her advantage.

    Tools: Kunai, Shuriken
    (Extra:) A pocket sized diary she keeps with her.

    Custom Jutsu list(plus descriptions):

    Tempest Fist-

    Type: Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

    Description: Chakra enhanced punches moving at a rapid pace, the gust of wind that follows each one helps give its name.

    Nimble Dance-

    Type: Evasive, Speed and Agility based

    Description: The caster uses swift movement to evade attacks; appears as though they're dancing as they do it. Katsumi will often use her umbrella during this evasive technique.

    Canon Jutsu list(plus descriptions):

    Academy Three (E-Rank)

    -Body Replacement Technique

    Description: Replaces the person with a log or another nearby inanimate object

    -Clone Technique

    Description: Creates a basic clone of the caster

    -Transformation Technique

    Description: Allows the caster to take the appearance of another person

    Konoha Hurricane-

    Type: D-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
    Description: This Jutsu is mainly a set-up one, and consists of kicking the opponent high into the air, thus leaving them vulnerable to a subsequent more powerful attack

    Kekkei Genkai(if any):

    Purple Perception;

    What it does: Purple Perception is not a Genjutsu or anything of the sorts. It is specifically designed to enhance Yamada Clan members' memory and attention to detail. By this, they are able to memorize exactly what a Shinobi was doing or wearing on a certain day at a certain time if they see it. It also helps when watching an opponent's movement, even the slightest or when studying a jutsu.

    This becomes useless if they are looking away, are blind, or second guess themselves way too much. Second guessing alters the information they saw and will be filled with false memories.


    Rank(Everyones Genin but villains and GM): Genin


    (Will fill in)

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  3. Is there anymore room in this roleplay!?
  4. there are room for villains/enemies
  5. You got too many jutsus listed as a genin, remove either Tempest Fist or Nimble Dance from custom and remove either Konoha Hurricane or Dynamic Entry from canon. When you reach chunin you can have two on each side, i will however allow the E-ranked jutsus seeing how.. their E-ranked.
  6. The 3 E-ranks I put are the basic jutsus a Shinobi needs to know to graduate from the Academy. It becomes second nature, so everyone should know them ^^

    I'll be removing Dynamic Entry right now, thanks for letting me know~
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  7. I don't know why @timv999 is against having a villian some in naruto went from longtime villain to hero like kabuto or obito... Being a villain doesn't mean you'll always lose or die

    Anyway @Edward im assuming you will create a jinchuriki character or uchiha
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  8. Name:
    Zion Furenji

    Will gain one during the RP


    (His Hair is Black)

    Zion is very calm and relaxed, he gives off the feeling he's everyone's best friend. He is usually seen smiling and encouraging but he has a strong drive. He is tactical because he knows his shortcomings and is intelligent enough to overcome obstacles. He is not against making the sacrifice play, he will do anything to protect his friends even in a losing effort if he would stand a better chance than a friend. Zion may be talented but he is also insecure when it comes to being a shinobi as he feels some are naturally gifted. He is also insecure of his physical looks because he is often seen as nerdy, another negative aspect of his personality some what is that he is very critical of himself. He is also shy when it comes to expressing how he feels in a romantic way.

    Reading, Training, Meditation, Learning new jutsus, his clan

    Really spicy food, losing, letting his clan down, dislikes having to use somewhat lethal force, himself
    Group/Village(Villain only):
    Preferred Jutsu type(Jutsu Type):
    (Eventually will be nintaijutsu as well but that would be too advanced for a genin right now)

    Specialty(Speed, strength, intelligence, other):
    Intelligence and precision based combat
    (Meaning every strike is pre-planned and thought out doesn't
    fight off instinct and pure reaction)

    Main weapon(If any):
    Gloves with ninja strings
    (Genin with these weapons are skilled enough to
    make small constructs like walls when the strings
    build on one another along with the earth. They are
    stronger and sharper then normal ninja wire)

    Shuriken, Kunai, Explosive tags, smoke bombs
    Show Spoiler

    He makes his own Kunai's his clan uses them as symbols

    Custom Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    Earth protection -

    Type: Defensive,
    Short range, medium, long (0-20m)

    Description: Chakra strings spread around the field allows the user to pull rocks, or portions of the earth to defend against incoming attacks at a moments notice the portion of the earth can encompass 2 shinobi including the user

    Sealed Fate -

    Type: Offensive,
    Short range, (0-5m)

    Description: The user hides tools such as explosive tags, kunai, smoke bombs and other traps in surrounding environment. The user uses ninja strings (Unique to Zion and his clan) to manipulate the opponents body unwillingly to trigger said traps.
    (Example: The opponent is closing in for a strike, Zion jumps back wrapping strings around the opponents right legs and pulls causing them to trigger an explosive tag)

    Canon Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    (I'm assuming that the basics like transformation, body replacement and shadow clone are already known or else they wouldn't graduate the academy)

    Kakuremino no Jutsu (Cloak of Invisibility Technique)
    Name: Kakuremino no Jutsu, literally "Cloak of Invisibility Technique"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    With this jutsu one uses a cloak or piece of cloth to make oneself blend in with the background, rendering oneself invisible.

    Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique)
    Name: Nawanuke no Jutsu, literally "Rope Escape Technique" English TV "Escape Jutsu"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    A basic jutsu taught at the Ninja academy. When a ninja is tied with rope, he can undo the knots and escape using this technique.

    Name of Jutsu: Henge no Jutsu
    Rank: E
    Type: Genjutsu
    Description: An illusionary jutsu that gives the user the appearance of another person or object. A commonly used skill.

    Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Jutsu)
    Name: Bunshin no Jutsu, literally "Clone Technique", Viz "Art of the Doppelganger", English TV "Clone Jutsu"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    This is a basic technique known to all genin. Bunshin no Jutsu creates a clone of the user, which can used to create a diversion or cause confusion. Unlike Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Doppelganger), these clones aren't real, and thus cannot do any damage.

    Name of Jutsu: Kawarimi no Jutsu
    Rank: E
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies.

    Name of Jutsu: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu
    Rank: D
    Type; Genjutsu
    Description: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that creates false attackers to delay and confuse the enemy. Though these servants are not real, the actual ninja is able to remain hidden and throw kunai and shuriken matching the movements of the servants. This makes it appear the false servants are capable of attacking. When the enemy attempts to attack the servant, they will merely disrupt the servants illusion body but not destroy it.

    Kekkei Genkai(if any):
    Karite Baito (Reapers Bite), (Has not achieved it yet)

    What it does: Unique to the Furenji clan as members of their clan are resistant if not immune to all poisons (I say resistant because I will have some unique cases where he can be affected). They have a multitude of poisons in their bloodstream, with many different effects
    A Furenji clan member is not a true clan member until they learn to merge the poison with their chakara and emit it from their hands. With a powerful strike the user can poison opponents.
    When active the chakara around the hands get a purple tinge to it, and their are portions of his right eye turns yellow (Not bright yellow like its glowng).

    Rank: Genin

    Zion comes from the Furenji clan a well respected clan in Konohagakure which specialized in doing the jobs that most clans wouldn't do. Outside of Anbu and the Uchiha clan the Furenji's specialized in using lethal force to deal with threats to Konohagakure. This was mainly because of their Karite Baito or reapers bite which is a bloodline ability that gave the clan control over a special poisonous chakara. Now the Furenji clans alliance with Konohagakure was based on the clan never giving up its secrets but also never turning against Konohagakure. The clan actually came to respect Konohagakure and became a great asset, and the fateful day of the NineTails demon fox attack they did their best to slow down the beast although the beasts chakara was so great even slowly poisoning its chakara flow did little to hinder it.

    The clan had its casualties but they were able to rebuild, and Zion was one year old when the attack happened. Now growing up Zion showed talent in the clans weaponry, and crafting their special kunai's which they craft to scare opponents as if someone was killed with their special kunai it was like a warning. Now Zion is not a prodigy genius when it comes to battle, he actually had always been average and before joining the academy he would not show any exceptional talent. Zion's family believed this was due to his lack of being comfortable with causing harm to others he was not afraid to fight but would only defeat opponents during training he wouldn't go for a decisive victory.

    Zion always felt that there were ways to win without being barbaric so he studied to expand his mind and learned about all types to techniques outside of his clans fighting style especially in the academy. The Furenji clans fighting style is to dispatch their opponents as quick as possible but Zion mixed many styles to learn to choose which is best for the situation... he also learned to use his mind to compensate for what he lacks in speed and physical strength. He is not weak or slow he is just slightly above average. He has been studying medical books and ninjutsu
    (Speed and strength levels on par with Kiba fast and strong but not as fast or strong as rock lee)

    Other: Some believe he has huge amounts of chakara... although he does have a large amount
    of chakara, it seems like he has the levels of a tailed beast due to his control, he uses the
    exact amount of chakara necessary when in battle.​
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  9. @Edward
    Have my WIP because I wanna make sure its ok so far before I finish it

    Also i'm hoping this rp goes on for a while so we can see him age I have found pics I would like to use for an older Zion

    Also I will put a list of what effects his poison can have after he unlocks it but it grows with time it won't be like a one touch death, at first it will be things like restrict opponents breathing they will be able to breath just take shorter breaths, or dull mobility, or activate fear receptors in the brain...
    I hate the sharringan it seems like it has no limits but I will also have ways to counter his bloodline ability
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  10. @Iroh im just not really good at playing villains.
  11. I love your character so far a female taijutsu specialist probably give rock lee a run for his money
  12. Nope i will be... your kakashi.
  13. You know its looking pretty likely that we might lose at least one person so i'll give you permission to make a genin character sheet.
  14. 1 D-rank for each custom and canon jutsu type not 2. You may however increase your jutsu list with unlimited E-rank jutsus.
  15. OK I'm changing it now
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  16. Ah okay cool. So I'm assuming no Uchiha character correct? I just want to make sure before I start.
  17. Well since no one has made a uchiha character yet i'll give you permission to make one.
  18. I personally hate the uchiha they are too overpowered but i guess, i like characters like shikimaru that use their natural skills and don't have to copy or have a huge amount of chakara.. kiba to .. and shino and Neiji, hinata, rock lee
    anyway @Edward I made the changes
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  19. So How close is this going to be to the actual naruto story?
  20. same time frame but im assuming it will deviate and come back for the major battles like the attack at the chunnin exam or the sound 4, maybe he'll create new enemies
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