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  1. Astonishingly vibrant hazel eyes drifted lazily across the Konoha Academy classroom, studying the different expressions of their peers. A hand flicked up to readjust the low strength prescription glasses on the bridge of a button nose. A form slumped in it's chair, a groan rumbling through it.

    "Chiaki", the teacher called. "Is there a problem back there?"

    The slumped form, Chiaki Aburame, snapped up. "Oh no. None at all. Just distracted by my thoughts is all. Dreadfully sorry." Her words ran together with almost no separation. Other students' eyes flickered over to the black haired girl, but quickly lost interest and glued themselves back to their instructor.

    "Do not let it happen again, Ms. Aburame. Out on the field, even with your potential, if you lose focus for a split second, you will falter and die. Remember that."

    A heated blush made it's way to the girl's cheeks. She nodded. "Will do, ma'am. Thank you."

    Luckily enough, class ended soon after, and the preteen was free to enjoy her beloved outside world. A butterfly landed in her short, bobbed hair as she skipped through the village to her home.

    "Hi, papa. I'm going to get my violin and go over to the Inuzuka complex, okay?" No need to ask. Her father walked eggshells around her. The skinny form on the couch nodded and Chiaki snatched her violin case from beside her bedroom door. "I'll be back to make you dinner!" She called, running back out of the entrance almost as soon as she had walked through it. No 'I love yous' were exchanged. No goodbyes. Nothing.

    Whistling as the butterfly flew off and the wind blew through her hair, the Aburame made her way to the clan complex, hoping her friends would be willing to hang out. She planned for them to gather up some other kids and go to the park to run around a little and enjoy their lack of responsibilities while they could.

    Once she arrived at the Inuzuka Clan Complex, she took out her violin and played an exciting melody to let everyone know she was there.
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  2. Kaen

    Kaen had been paying attention to her instructors, though not as much as she could have been. She had taken a section of her orange hair and ran her fingers through it to split it into three parts, so that she could braid it while her teacher was talking. Should she be taking notes? Yes. Was she going to? No. Kaen could just reread what she was supposed to learn and study it later...But in actuality, it would lead to procrastination until her father made her sit down and do her assignments.

    Her attention turned towards the bug girl for only a second when the instructor addressed her, then faced forward again. Chiaki wasn't a troublemaker or anything (most of the time), but said bug girl seemed to think that everyone was her friend... Some found her annoying, others found her endearing. Kaen was straight in the middle.

    At the end of class, she waited for her brother and started their trip home, or at least tell their father 'Aki', as their other dad called him, where one or both would be going. Kaen had learned the hard way just how far her orange haired father would go if he wasn't told the whereabouts of his children within an hour or so of when he was supposed to see them.

    It was something about making sure the two were safe, which Kaen could accept as an answer. What parent didn't want to make sure their kids were safe?


    Kohaku had been paying close attention to everything his instructors were talking about. His pencil quickly scribbling along the sheet of paper while he took notes of the current topic. His eyes remained sharp, even when Chiaki had caused an interruption in class, Kohaku never looked away. Given who his parents were and just how high of a standard it was put on him and his siblings to meet, he didn't let one lesson slip past him.

    His mother, Kumiko Uchiha. Yes, the Kumiko Uchiha had to force him to stay home when he had gotten ill, and Kohaku had to nearly beg one of his siblings to take notes for him. Kohaku took his education and training seriously, given that his dream was to one day surpass his parents in strength, speed, and in whatever other way he could.

    And while he did what he could to not become a failure, he could also try to figure out why his brother Koji hated him. Kohaku hadn't done anything wrong to him, but he had no idea what he had done to why he would receive a glare when said little brother did something right... He wanted a sibling relationship like his mom had with his uncle Akihiko. Protect each other to the very end. But it's kind of difficult to achieve that when one sibling was... not that great at protection and the other didn't seem to want to protect Kohaku...

    When the class was let out, he gathered his notes and belongings. Mom had a strict rule just like uncle Akihiko (according to his cousins Kaen and Ketsu). That if he and his siblings weren't home within an hour, the village would be turned upside down until they were found.

    No going to friends without telling them, no wandering around the village. Straight home, tell your parents where you're going, then go.

    Kohaku had asked his mother, and received his answer.

    "You and your siblings are very important to me and your father... Your father is the Hokage, and... there are people out there who could take you away from us at any time. I just want you to ease my worries, and give me a clue where you last were if anything happens."

    His mother really cared about them!


    Rin was sweating small beads and her canine like eyes were watching a particular spot. The smudge... The smudge mocking her! On her sister's hand... It was staring right at her, and Rin was staring back at it. Momo was filthy... Filthy! That smudge wasn't going anywhere unless she did something about it... Her sister would never be able to completely clean it to Rin's standards! Rin wouldn't feel comfortable unless she were the one to clean it.

    And her canine instincts were kicking in. Nails gently scratching the table and gently biting the inside of her mouth, Rin really wanted to clean that smudge....

    When the class was over and they were on their way home, the first thing she did was grab her sister's wrist and began licking away the smudge. And refused to let go until Momo, predictably, managed to take her hand back.

    "You're filthy..." would always be her answer.

    This pattern would continue until Momo learned to run away from Rin, or she had the reflexes of... well, of a ninja better than her. And if Momo managed to clean off the dirt, Rin would have to make a quick inspection of her to see if the cleanliness was up to standards, or at least until they heard the familiar violin music playing outside their house.

    "Chiaki.." She murmured to herself, knowing it was her because no one else she knew played the violin.


    Haruka had been sleeping in her class, using her arms and the aid of her scarf as a pillow. It wasn't because she was lazy or didn't want to pay attention, it was because she had already gotten the hang of the material and now it was just an unnecessary waste of time. She, like most students, didn't want to be sitting in the academy for most of the day.

    She had been woken up before by her instructor, and said instructor tried to get her by asking her a question regarding the subject. Much to his surprise, she was right, and went back to laying her head back on the desk. She didn't go back to sleep, but stayed how she was until the students were free to leave.

    Haruka, hearing the scuffling of students going home, sat up and rubbed her eyes. She and her brother, a student who didn't look like a student at all, usually walked home together. Gekido didn't look like her brother either, which made people think he was her uncle or something. Imagine the look of surprise on the instructor's face when they're first introduced to Gekido, who is only 13 years old and looks like he could be a Jounin.

    "Are we going straight home Gekido?" She asked her brother. Sometimes the duo had other things planned out for them but Haruka, if it wasn't important enough, would forget what it was.


    Seated with his feet on the desk and trying to balance a pencil on his upper lip, Eisuke was surprisingly, still paying attention to the class. He wasn't the "bad boy" type, which was what people usually thought of him at first glance given his appearance. Eisuke didn't try to stop them from thinking what they did, but it wasn't correct. Maybe one day they'll learn not to judge a book by its cover.

    He kept his attention forward while others were either paying attention or slacking off. Eisuke knew only a few people in the class by name, one of which being a buddy of his. The other's were known mainly for their distinct appearance or reputations. Chojiro, said buddy of his, was one of the most blunt people he's ever met. But Eisuke likes that, because his word was true and allowed for people to become more aware of themselves instead of sugarcoating it with pretty lies. And, if something was nice or funny, Chojiro would give let people know straight up instead of giving pity with a chuckle or inner cringe.

    Eisuke would rather have someone who was seen as "mean" over the nicest person in the world.

    And another was a beast named Hoshi, and the biggest (literally) skirt chaser he had ever seen. No girl was safe from this guy's flirting, or his towering stature. This guy was the tallest kid he had ever seen, which wasn't a bad thing. Hell, his stature could be pretty intimidating to boys and girls could fawn over that masculinity. Shame he flirted with all the girls though. He could easily find a girlfriend if he dedicated himself to just one.

    Not that he cared. Let Hoshi be Hoshi.

    When it was time to leave, Eisuke's first trip was to Chojiro so they could find out what to do. His parents couldn't care less where Eisuke went after class, as long as he made it home. It was really up to what time Chojiro had to be home.

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  3. Koji

    Koji sat in class paying attention to his teacher and taking notes. He needed to learn all he could. He was the hokages first born after all which meant that a lot was expected of him, but he didn't even unlock his sharingan yet. He was thirteen years old and he still hadn't unlocked it. His parents told him that it was a good thing that he hadn't unlocked it yet, hat luckily he hadn't been in a very dangerous situation or seen someone close to him die. Still though he wanted it and he felt like he needed it. He looked over to his little brother who was sitting a few seats away. Koji glared for at him for a moment and the turned his attention back to his teacher. How could his little brother be better than he is. His little brother gets treated like a genius by everyone. People In the clan always ask him how Kohaku is doing and how impressive Kohaku is and how important Kohaku is going to be to the clan and too the village. They talk about him being the next hokage. It just made Koji seethe with anger.

    Class ended, Koji got up out of his seat and headed towards a training field. He was not going to be surpassed by anyone and he was going to make people notice him. Not just that he was the hokages first born and Kohakus older brother. He was going to prove he was the stronger of the two and prove that he would become the next hokage. Koji didn't bother going home henjust headed straight for training field number 20 and started to work on his jutsu.


    Izuna looked back at that Aburame girl Chircki as she made a distraction during class. She was a little weird, but Izuna didn't know her very well so he didn't really pass any judgement on her. Class soon ended for the day and Izuna headed outside. He slowly walked back towards the Senju compound not sure what his plans were for the rest of the day. Maybe he would train or maybe hang out with some friends but for now he did not have any plans.

    He got back to the Senju compound and tried to decide what he would do. He entered his house to find that both his parents were gone like usual. The Senju clan had recentely been depleting over the last couple of years. The clan didn't hold as much power in the village anymore. The Uchiha held a lot of power in the village. Not that the Senju minded. Even though they and the Uchiha had a rivalry, Neji Uchiha the current hokage made sure to keep the Senju informed and in some leadership positions. Still though the Senju wanted to prove that they were still a factor in the village like they were when Asura was the hokage. So that was why his parents were gone right now, most likely out on a misison or at some sort of meeting. Izuna sighed he decided to head out and walk around the village for a while and see what would come his way.

  4. Momo Inuzuka


    Momo sat in class, an undeniably bored expression on her face. How could anyone find this informative? It was too quiet, too slow, too...too still! It wasn't like stillness was lost to her, after all, hunting took patience. But this! Ugh! Momo's fingernails tapped the desk below her in a steady rhythm, her mind absently focusing on it as if it were some sort of code that only she could understand. If they wanted her to learn, they should take her outside and show them practical things. Proper technique, useful Jutsu, something practical. Eventually, the class finished, and the students were released.

    Almost immediately after they left the building, her bratty little sister jumped at her, immediately licking a spot on her hand.

    "Wha- hey! Stop that! Damn it, Rin we aren't dogs!"

    Momo had been running about with Kotomaru, her canine familiar (who was presently nestled in her half-zipped jacket), and apparently got a bit of dirt or something on her hand. How had Rin become such a neat freak? Must have inherited it from their mother. The young kunoichi pulled away, glaring at her younger sister. She did this all the time, and it was so embarassing! Their family took care of animals, and sure, they had a couple canine-like features, but, they were still human, after all. With a heavy sigh, Momo picked up her pace, taking off into a run before climbing up to a rooftop, beginning to use the rooftops as an alternative path home.

    It didn't take long for her to arrive back at the compound, where she noticed a strange sound. Was that music? As the realization dawned on her, Momo frowned. It was a violin, which meant that Chiaki was here, practicing her craft. In truth, Momo had no problem with her, and considered her a friend. The music however, she just couldn't stand it. It just sounded like screeching noise to her. With a quick sniff, Momo located her classmate, leaping over to her. As she approached her at a steady walking pace, she waved lazily at her, an evident look of displeasure crossing her face.

    "Hey there, Chiaki. What's up?"

    Chojiro Akimichi

    Chojiro wasn't by any means a model student, but, at least he paid attention during the lectures and demonstrations. Then again, he often found his mind wandering due to boredom. Since this was the academy, and therefore, all about the basics, there was a great deal of review involved. Of course, he was already more than familiar with them, being the type who not only studied and trained hard, but insisted that he be granted as much information as possible. This, he thought, must put him further along than his classmates. Yet, Chojiro knew full well that such a thought was likely just blind pride.

    As the class ended, he sighed briefly, glancing over to his friend as he approached.

    "Eisuke, were you wanting to come over to the Akimichi compound again? My dad was talking about some big event or something he was planning for the Ino-Shika-Cho trio or something. I don't care much about the clan stuff. Anyway, i'm probably going to just be reading for a couple hours or so before training. If you wanted to hang out instead, though..."

    Chojiro's voice was pretty plain, but dripped with boredom.
  5. Hoshi Inoshishi
    "Like I said Ash your the only woman for me." The sweet words could be barely heard near the back of the class as once again one of the female students had become a target of the one and only, Hoshi Inoshishi. Currently he was chatting with a blue-haired woman who was blushing after his various comments.

    "Hoshi! Pay attention towards the lesson if you wouldn't mind." The annoyed voice of their sensei cut through the room as his attention was focused now upon the tall student in the back. Getting a small smile and nod in return the man went back to giving the lecture once more.

    It didn't take much longer for class to end after that, and many of the students either stuck around to talk, went home, or went about the village to find entertainment. Hoshi was currently talking with a group of ladies in the back as he threw out many flirting phrases and sly smirks. Eventually he looked at the clock and saw that it was time for him to be going home for training alongside his family. With a wave goodbye he bid the ladies adieu and walk...paused as he saw the two boys that stayed behind and decided that he had nothing better to do than train.

    Walking over he gave them both a friendly wave wanting to be nice. He had heard much of the two kids, but he didn't place much faith within rumors as he did with simply asking for the truth. "Yo!" was the only response he gave as he stood beside them looking them over and waited to see what discussion his presence would bring.
    Rokki Uchiha
    The current lesson within the class was falling upon the death ears of one child who took more interest in writing down notes of another kind. The bright haired youth was focused upon a slip of paper that he threw a short distance towards the back of a bright red-haired young boy. Waiting until class was over Rokki bided his time to annoy the piss out of their sensei by constantly raising his hand whenever a question was called and giving the wrong answer, but argued that whatever he said had to be true since it was only his opinion that truly mattered after all. The only one getting a laugh seemed to be a young Uzumaki boy that sat in a row below him.

    Finally after ages of waiting the bell had been rung and all the students were free to go. Rokki simply got out his seat and slapped the back of the boy that had been laughing at his antics. "Hey meet me outside my house in few minutes alright. I thought of something neat yesterday and i'm prepared to put the plans in motion." Clearly elated by whatever he had planned Rokki exited the building to go and prep for his masterpiece.
    Gekido Kurogaki
    "Left...Right...Left...Right...Landing. 1..2..3..4...lift off." The short little burst of commentary was the main cycle of thought that went through the mind of Gekido as he watched a fly buzz about the room. This process had gone on for 20 minutes after the teacher had stopped talking about Taijutsu lessons which was an automatic switch for his focus. Soon the teacher walked over to once again awaken his sister after she fell asleep for the 263 time in class (He keeps count to alleviate his boredom). His parents never really cared that she slept so long as it didn't affect her training or learning she was fine.

    He snapped out of his haze as the fly had flown out of the classroom due to the bell going off leaving them free to go about their business. Yawning as he picked up his bag, which only contained heavy weights, Gekido poked his sister upon the head to get her up and going. He was just wondering whether to return home or go elsewhere when Haruka popped her question. Giving it a little thought he didn't really have much planned for the day save training alongside his father, but that could always wait. "Dunno. Guess we could just hang out about town and find something to do on the way?" He suggested the option and waited to see just what her take on the idea would be.
    Kiseki Uzumaki

    Kiseki was one of the few students paying apt attention towards their teacher's lesson as he wrote down everything he said...even his rambling tangents and yelling at various individuals. His attention was slowly disrupted as he felt paper connect with his head and looked down. Unfolding the balled up sheet he saw that Rokki had written down a message. "Save this It'll be worth something big someday. Thank me later." Was all that was written save for his signature at the bottom. Kiseki thought it was rather nice and indeed pocketed the "future meal ticket" and returned his attention to the front.

    The rest of the period Kiseki laughed as Rokki was being his traditional self, but he seemed to be the only one doing so as many others just gave the Uchiha dirty or exhausted looks. Kiseki was probably the only friend Rokki had within the classroom, and the young Uzumaki instead of looking down upon him like the rest saw it as a special honor to be related to someone who would become great.

    The bell finally rung and many students made their ways outside to go about their daily routines. In the middle of packing up he felt something strike his back and turned around to look up at his only friend. Nodding at the information he had been gifted with he decided that in that amount of time he could head back home and let his cousin know he'd be out for a bit. He made his way quickly there so as to avoid the fine that would come upon his head should he show up late to Rokki's home again like last time.
    Korudo Kaguya
    A sharp pain was the alarm to bring Korudo back into the real world as he grasped his head to dull his senses. He looked down at the feet of the one who had struck him, and needed no time to realize that the figure was his father. Taking a few moments to rub his aching spot he stood back up and met the eyes of his father who studied him with sharp precision.

    "Sloppy Korudo. If I were and enemy then you would have been dead within a second, or at the best case scenario knocked prone." Kaizuri's response was devoid of emotion as he pointed out his son's flaws one by one. Said boy only looked at his father and awaited for the conversation to end so he could go back to his thoughts. "If you truly want to even come close to becoming like me then you must learn to focus upon your surroundings. If not then you'll die and shall be replaced understood?" He asked already knowing the answer, but wouldn't be satified until he had a clear response. After getting a nod in return Kai turned his back and began walking off towards his room, but paused for a second. "This world is cruel my son, so you must harden yourself to deal with the weight. Remember we are the proud few among our clan that can steer it from a path of in yourself and none can impede upon your destiny."

    With those words said the door towards his father's room was slammed shut as he was left alone in the hallway. Korudo knows his father's true intentions behind these attacks are to make sure he never leaves his guard down, but the pain hurt all the same. Clearing his head he decided to go practice with his blade in one of the training grounds to improve himself.
    Sabaku Kagane & Kakusu Nara
    Music could be hear coming from one of the rooftops within in Suna as two young genin rested atop the structure. The two voices that could be heard belonged to two members of the, "Desert Duo", as Sabaku and Kakusu waited upon the roof for school to finally let out.

    Kakusu was sining random lines to whatever Sabaku was currently playing as they were brainstorming to find a good rhythm. "In the eyes of one so young...Floating through the shores...Raging fast like a crashing tide." Shaking his head it seemed as though none of those would work as a beginning hook. This tempo was really messing with him for sure, and it seemed as though no words would stick in his mind.

    Sabaku had stopped strumming for the moment at the request of Kakusu and instead looked over towards the endless sand sea lying outside of the village. Their song right now was supposed to work into something pertaining towards the sandy waves, but it seemed as though their songwriter was just stuck in a rut. "Look we can simply just go and ask your dad for help on this one, as his flute playing is quite up there. Maybe ask mine too since he's not bad with a drum and sometimes hearing different instruments can help fill a missing hole in any musician's plan."

    With the suggestion up in the air Kakusu simply shrugged and decided that maybe it would help. Hearing the bell sound out below them Kakusu and Sabaku grabbed their items and made their way down the roof heading towards the Kage tower.

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  6. Seeing the foul look on Momo's face, the Aburame girl swiftly and gracefully laid her instrument to rest back in it's case. "Hehe.... yeah.. sorry about that. I keep forgetting your thing with music." She scratched the back of her head, then pushed her glasses up again. They glinted in the sun.

    "Anyways," she carried on, grinning at her friend, "I was thinking you, Rin, and I could go to the park today.. or go to the training fields and spar... and see if anyone else wanted to join?" Chiaki was practically bouncing up and down at this idea, really excited to test out her insect clones. "Plleeeeaaaase?"


    Koringetsu Hozuki squinted for any signs of a threat. Judging that the area was safe, he took a swig of water out of his violet water bottle and nodded at his sister. "Let's go, Kiwagetsu." His younger sister shot him a glare. "Dammit, Korin. Can't I just have a day to myself in the fields?" He seemed shocked at this suggestion. "Yeah, and let you get ambushed and killed like our parents? No way. You need to refill your water bottle anyways. Come on."

    Kiwagetsu's shoulders slumped as she walked out of Kiri's Academy, the slight breeze pushing her white skirt up a little. "You're so mean sometimes, onii-chan. But I understand." She whispered to the taller figure, trailing behind her. Her soft words were lost to the wind as Korin pretended not to hear. He actually appreciated what she had said. It made him feel like less of a jerk. "I'll tell you what," he chirped, playfully punching her bare arm, "you can train outside of the house, okay? I'd love to see what you've been working on, anyways." The white haired girl nodded at her brother, finishing off what was left in her white water bottle.

    Kohaku had been prepared for all three of them to head home to their mother and tell her if they were going anywhere, just like the three of them promised they would. Since his mom was a Jounin now, Kohaku could easily ask her to help train him and his siblings. However, instead of Koji following them all the way back home, he instead started heading towards...somewhere else, without mom's permission.

    "Hey! Koji! You know you can't just go somewhere after class! Mom said straight home then you go where you want if she gives you permission! Koji!"

    But his brother didn't listen. So Kohaku decided that he would be a good brother and tell their mom that said older brother was going somewhere else. That way, he wouldn't get into too much trouble. It would be a lot better than having their mother worry about Koji's well being or turn the village upside down.

    So Kohaku started making his way back home with his sister, with full intentions of telling his mother that Koji wasn't coming home for a while but wouldn't leave the village. He still didn't know where he was going to go, but at least their mom would have an idea!


    Rin didn't manage to clean that spot on Momo's wrist as well as she could have, but at the very least her sister was aware of the filth on her and it could be taken care of as soon as possible... Or at least until Momo wasn't paying attention.

    "Hmm... Momo? What do you want to do?" She asked. Rin personally wouldn't mind running on all fours in the park or trying out some new techniques that she was learning... But whatever her sister wanted to do.


    Haruka hummed softly, trying to remember if either of them had something important to do, but could think of none.

    "Hmm.... Can we get something to eat?" She asked her older brother, stretching a little since sleeping hunched over on the desk wasn't exactly the best sleeping position to go about napping. Haruka was lucky her posture was still as good as it was now.

    And given that she hadn't snacked at all, because the instructor forbade her from eating in the classroom. She was hungry.


    Eisuke gave a smile and a small wave to Hoshi when he greeted them. He was going to tell Chojiro that perhaps they could hang out for a while during the clan stuff that was going on, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have Hoshi hand around them.

    Maybe they'd get lucky and witness first hand of Hoshi's flirting getting shut down? No girl has done that yet, and it would be quite the show to get to see it front and center.

    "Hey Hoshi, no more girls to flirt with?" He asked with his same smile, though he was really just teasing the guy. Surely he and Chojiro could come up with a plan to incorporate the beast that was Hoshi.
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  8. Momo
    Momo sighed with relief as the music stopped and the instrument was put away in it's case, where it belonged. The bug girl, as she was affectionately known, Chiaki, seemed just as excitable as always. Momo didn't mind. After all, it was kinda nice to have people actually want to spend time with you. Even if they were a little...weird. Though, in a way that she likely wouldn't admit, Momo really liked that weirdness about Chiaki. Of course, Momo herself was easily outside of the "norm" and wasn't fond of anything uniform. She preferred the wild and free way of life.

    After a few moments of pondering for an answer, Momo grinned and stood upright, stretching out her arms.

    "I could use a good one, and you know I'm always up for a good fight. A quick run to get the blood pumping, then some good old fashioned sparring, followed by whatever the hell I feel like!"

    The young kunoichi dropped low into a crouch before reaching into the jacket, coaxing the puppy to pop his head out so she could give him a few scratches behind the ear.

    "How does that sound, boy?"


    His reply was followed by a gentle panting and a quick lick of her hand. Momo glanced back at her friend and sister, her grin broading into a sort of challenging smirk.

    "Come on, can ya keep up?"

    With that issue of challenge, Momo leapt away, taking off into a low sprint, heading towards the park.

    The husky young man glanced at his friend, then to the large boy that approached them. In fairness, Chojiro really didn't know Hoshi. But, he had no reason to be rude or untrusting of him. He was built like a building, tall and strong, but sometimes seemed to have to attention span of a child. Of course, this perception was only spawned by his strange interest in chasing nearly every female he laid his eyes on. They certainly responded well to him, which, Chojiro was admittedly jealous of. He had enough pride not to blatantly tell him that, but he wouldn't outwardly deny it.

    When Eisuke spoke to Hoshi, Chojiro's eyes narrowed slightly as he leaned back in his seat a bit before deciding to get up, taking a couple steps towards the exit.

    "I could use some extra training. I've been slacking a bit and reading a lot lately. Hoshi, you seem strong. Would you like to join Eisuke and I for some training? Maybe a little sparring session?"

    Unbeknownst to Chojiro, his tone took a bit of a mocking one, which likely would have made his words come across as a challenge. Of course, this kind of thing happened to him fairly often. Between his blatant honesty and the rather laid back tone of his usual speech, he had a tendency to sound somewhat condescending. Fortunately, it only took a couple conversations with him to figure out that it was just how he spoke.
  9. Koji

    Koji had turned the other way away from Kohaku and Emiko who were heading home. He wanted to train and didn't want to waste any day light. As he was walking away he heard his annoying little brother Kohkau start yelling atchim about not going home. Koji just put his hand in the air and shook it. Basically telling Kohaku to go away and not to bother him. Koji didn't feel like dealing with his annoying and "so called" genius little brother.

    Koji got to the training ground and smiled no one was there he had the whole place to himself. He started working on the few jutsu that he knew trying to improve on them. After doing that for a while he started working on his body doing a lot of different exercises.

  10. "You bet!" Chiaki called, flipping forward, then sprinting off towards her friend. She grinned, having fun. It didn't quite matter that she was trailing just a little behind Momo. She was still faster than Rin, like always. "What did you expect from the Fourth Best Ranking student in the Academy?" she joked, now side by side with the Inuzuka. It was then that Momo's tiny canine companion peeked out at the green eyed girl. This caused her to giggle and fall behind some more. "Damn.. I always get distracted!" she muttered to herself, still not seeing Rin. It took her a moment, then a blur rushed by her. Rin was now ahead of her, too.

    "Ugghhhh!" She took off again, glasses almost flying off of her face. Determined as ever, she shot past the sisters and to the most popularly used training ground, right into the back of an unsuspecting Uchiha, who was innocently trying to train alone. "Look out!" Chi shrieked. The collision was not as violent as it could have been, as she caught herself mid-crash. It was more of a hard shove, then she flipped backward over his head, landing on her feet in front of him. Throwing her violin case to the ground, carelessly, she slapped her hand to her mouth. This action was followed by a muffled "Are you okay?"
  11. KOHAKU

    Kohaku had gone home with his sister, and told his mother about Koji and that he had gone elsewhere, possibly to do some training alone. His mother, of course, took this as a sign of rebellion, which she wouldn't have. The youngest Uchiha guessed, with her mindset, that if she allowed Koji to do what he wanted, then her other children would too, and she would lose authority over them because her word would no longer apply.

    A parent's nightmare was that they lose all control over their child, and forced to watch as they get themselves into trouble. So, Kohaku did what any little brother would do to protect his big brother... Tried to convince his mother that she shouldn't worry, and Koji wouldn't go elsewhere without telling her first again.

    But mom wouldn't have it. She was gone, and had begun her search for her oldest child. Koji was going to kill him...


    Rin's sprint towards the training grounds was more leisurely instead of completely booking it. Since this wasn't actual combat, she let her own dog stay at home. Senmaru was a lazy dog that didn't participate in activities unless it was necessary or he thought it would be fun. Silly boy...

    Though when Chiaki ran ahead, and crashed into a lone Uchiha training by himself, she immediately took notice that this boy was now filthy! Dirt was on him because of that crash! Filth! Smudges! He had to be clean! But there was no water around... Which only meant one thing! And Momo would know exactly what that one thing was...

    Rin, without warning, crouched down and appeared to want to help this boy up, but instead, held the sides of his head as she began licking his cheek. He had some dirt on it, and she was doing what she did best; lick it as clean as she could to match her personal standards.
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