Naruto - Squad Thirteen's Journey (In Character)

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The day was just like any other at the cool village of Konohakagure. The market was open, kids played in the tall buildings and the grounds below laughing, and people socialized. Ninja went about their daily duties and fought for their right to exist. Menial and dangerous jobs alike it hardly mattered to anyone as long as you were on your path to be the fine shinobi you were destined to be. To live, experience, fight, and understand life was the greatest beauty of the world. Be it in the woods of the fire land or the sands of the wind. Be it the rocks in the Iwagakure or the Kirigakure's waves and mists. This was what it meant to live. To understand. to BECOME the best you could have possibly ever become. That was also a part of the Will of Fire. After all how many people could truly say they were happy with their lots in life.

However for the Konohakagure's newest ninja class this is what their teacher would always say, "The best life is one lived with emotion, true feelings and love, for yourself and nature and man as a whole. All because life ends does not mean it won't continue. Make your mark on the world." Mina Sensei always encouraged them to do their absolute best and leave nothing back. She was a bit eccentric but she dearly loved her students and hated if they failed. She'd personally help them and now she was seeing them off into the hands of different jonin throughout the village. The children raised in the academy were truly ready for what was to come. The world was a cruel harsh place and it was not to be trifled with but hey she can't do much now could she? The pink haired teacher smiled at her class sadly as she stood before them. "So everyone, it's finally the day you graduate...I'm all so proud of you..." Mina said quietly.
Earlier at The Senju Household...

Mitsuhide woke up in the morning to his mother, a medical ninja of the chunin rank, calling him down to have some breakfast before going to school. Mitsuhide groaned in annoyance of course this was the big day but WHY did it have to be so freaking early!? It was such a pain in the butt to get up everyday walk up to Mina and Hiyato Sensei and practice and practice AND PRACTICE! Nothing but practice, day after day of nothing studying, training, and god knows what else. When he finally got out doing those things most of the kids were too exhausted to do much with him anyway. And of course he was the guy born into the family known for their endurance so he couldn't be tired with them...

Mitsuhide was always ready to do whatever, however, whenever which made the situation worse because he sometimes ran ahead without thinking things all the way through. But for now it was time for him to wake up. Mitsuhide got up and stretched his legs while rolling his arms around in a circular motion to get the blood moving. He took off his sleeping clothes off, which were dark green and had pictures of dogs on them they were childish but he liked them, and picked up his normal clothes, and then went to get a bath. There was no need to show up stinky and he liked the water it made him feel clean. Some kids may not like bathes but he wasn't one of them. Like a creek washing away the grime of the previous day's mud slide that fell into the river. Whatever that meant... it certaindly did not mean that he was filthy dirty or anything. He may be the wood boy but he wasn't a dirty boy. Maybe he was being a bit to philosophical about it. That's what you get for reading books to long you start to spout things from them. But regardless of his mind racing pointlessly he made sure to clean himself thoroughly and he had cleaned his clothes the day before hand just in case. After washing off Mitsuhide grinned to himself in the mirror and knew this would be one of the last times he'd seen himself as a student and not a ninja.

It was...kinda of scary and weird, but he'd grow into it! He knew he would! By his grand father, The First Hokage, he would succeed as a ninja! But as he was staring at himself in the mirror smiling at himself blankly, his mother called to him again. "Gesh mom stop being so impatient I'm coming!" Mitsuhide said quickly as he finished dressing himself and rushed downstairs to his awaiting food. It smelled great and it turned out his mom had made some fish Sandwiches just for him! His mom gave him a big grin and nodded at him, "You look great baby, just make sure you don't let Mina get your hopes up with with good for nothings ok?" she said hugging him tightly and she kissed him on the check with a smile. Mitsuhide blushed and wasn't sure if he should smile or try to push his mom away. In the end he hugged her back, "Thanks mom and I love very much... if only dad wasn't away on a mission I'd like to see him today but I'm going to be a genin today and I won't look back!" his father was a jonin with a great amount of skill and was high prized by the village; Mitsuhide hoped he would be taking him as a pupil this year but he said he was not selected to lead a squad. That REALLY sucked in Mitsuhide's opinion but what could you do?

"All well better eat better eat before things get cold." Mitsuhide said as he sat down to eat all he could while he and his mom chatted about training him further in his skills which he promptly said he'd train with his new crew and his sensei but his mom insisted and he obeyed...and he always obeyed because she was SCARY when she got pissed. After eating he said one more goodbye and left the house chatting with various people in the village on the way to class and he had almost arrived late. When he arrived he took his usual seat next to Sora Nara and above Shina Uchiha, the alpha bitch of the class just like the rest of the Uchiha police forces...Mitsuhide sat in his usual corner and listened to Mina speak and as usual his heart flared with respect for his teacher. Mina was such a pretty and wonderful woman and he thought of her like a long lost aunt. Then there was uncle Hiyato...
Mina Sensei - Link (Note wears the typical chunin style ninja clothes from the Konoha not the clothes in the picture)

1 - The Bandits of the Forest
2. The Land of Rivers: The Crimson Dragon Bares His Fangs
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A suggestion of an irritated expression marred the sleeping face of the resting Uchiha heir. His eyelids peeked open before immediately narrowing into slits in the presence of such sudden brightness. Just like in the days long past, there was to be no alarm clock to usher in his day with its irksome noise, nor parental voice calling out for his rising. There was just the first dawn sunlight creeping through the gaps of his blinds, shining its bright light directly into Atsuki's dark orbs. He averted his eyes from the light and shifted his body upright, holding his torso aloft with his elbows. He waited a few moments for his vision to adjust to the dim light before throwing his sheets off his slim figure and pulling himself out of bed.

Now standing upright, Atsuki yawned loudly with arms outstretched, flopping gracelessly to his sides upon finishing. He stood in place, still as a stone, and basked in the eerie, humanless silence of the early morning. He could hear the sounds of insects and rustling foliage in the background, but there were very little people out and about at this time of day, save for the real ninja going about their duties; even then they moved with such admirable silence. More importantly, very few people would be awake, meaning there would be little-to-no people lucid enough to greet him as he departed. Atsuki preferred it that way, it meant less of the menial exchanging of pleasantries he'd become so accustomed to as a result of having to keep up his familial facade.

Having fully awoken, Atsuki went about his morning routine as per usual. With light steps, he crossed his bedroom to retrieve his set of usual clothing from his closet. He held the neatly folded clothes in the fold of his arm as he moved to the bathroom in order to take a cold, early morning shower. He stripped himself of his very plain, very boring bedclothes and idly tossed them into the nearby hamper.

Atsuki stepped into the shower and turned the appropriate knob and leaned over to pull the diverter valve, causing jets of cold water to spring from the showerhead and land directly on his back. The sudden temperature differential caused his adolescent spine to curl, but he quickly adjusted. Sure, he may have been odd for forgoing a nice, warm shower in favor of a frigid and unforgiving one, but he'd not much liked the idea of a warm shower in the morning. Later in the day, warm was fine, but in the morning it lacked that distinct 'kick' to start his day.

Atsuki quickly completed his shower; even before adjusting to the cold, Atsuki had immediately got to cleaning himself. There was no waste of water, nor any lingering to be done. As expected, the prodigy was was a model of efficiency even in his own home. After completely drying himself off with a towel and stepping out of the shower, Atsuki donned his usual outfit: a black t-shirt with the traditional oversized collar and back-emblazoned insignia of the Uchiha and matching pants with wrapped shins.

He moved over to the sink and began combing down his towel-tousled hair. Most of the dark strands came down nicely, framing his youthful looking face. In truth, his cheek-length hair made him look rather effeminate when combined with his elegant appearance, but he didn't particularly mind that. Maybe most people would have expected the heir to look more masculine, but maybe that was precisely why he'd done so. The slides of his mouth curled up into a small, wry smile. That said, the Uchiha clan men did tend to wear longer hair, so at the same time it couldn't be called too unusual. When he finally managed to comb down a particularly stubborn tuft of hair and deemed his appearance appropriate, Atsuki left the building with no trouble.

The walk to the academy was another hidden gem of Atsuki's mornings. Though the sun had risen higher and village was beginning to stir, the walk was still a quiet endeavor, interrupted occasionally by a particularly loud, often humorous awakening. If his awakening silence was an appreciation of the world's stillness, perhaps his walking silence could be called an appreciation of the people inhabiting this world. After all, with little hustle and bustle in town, one could get a good idea of the events transpiring in the homes of others. It was almost therapeutic, but at the same time left a bitter taste in the Uchiha's mouth.

Of course, as he had left home early, Atsuki arrived early as well. Such actions were small, but they reinforced his bearing as the heir to the Uchiha. Like usual, he took a seat in the center of the front row, flanked on all sides by people who he could tolerate, but otherwise didn't pay much attention to. The mutual relationship of 'do not bother each other and do not get bothered in return' ran strong in Atsuki's little piece of the classroom. There was one unfortunate downside to arriving early, namely that there was to be nothing to do for the next while. He wasn't necessarily bored out of his mind, but sitting there like a statue wasn't his idea of a good time.

Fortunately, the other students began quickly rolling in and class commenced. Except today wasn't a regular class, as evidenced by his teacher's very saddened opening speech. Atsuki briefly wondered if he should be worried that he didn't think becoming a genin was a date to have kept in mind or a milestone to have remembered. After all, if you were as powerful as a genin, did it matter if others saw you as one? He could see why such an occasion was significant, but he couldn't feel why. Mina-sensei obviously could, if her somber tone was an indicator. She was a kind woman, with a doctrine that Atsuki could respect, if for entirely the wrong reason. But...

Would it have been too heartless of him to just want to get this proceeding over and done with?
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Here.... Come here child...

A growly voice came through. Everything was empty, dark, and cold... Sayer hated this place. The aura was strong, and she could feel her spirit being pressured harshly. She breathed shallowly, and looked around. Nothing ever scared her, But this state of mind--This..... Mind palace, she did not like.

"Go...." Sayuri paused for a moment."away." She shakily said, back to her tougher state. Though her bravery was cracked, she remained strong in this state.

Why do you hesitate?

The demonic voice inquired. COME HERE! He roared, his voice nearly deafening her as she immediately fell to her knees.

Suddenly her eyes flipped open, and she gasped loudly."HAA!?" The girl jumped. But then she felt weight on her chest and her right arm pinned down. It was only then that she felt vulnerable. A feeling she did not like. Utter uselessness.

"SAYURI! SAYURI!" A much more humane voice came through her consciousness, and suddenly her eyes were widened with fear momentarily."Easy there pup.. It was just a nightmare." It was her dad, and his tone was that of a father bringing back his daughter back to reality."It happened again..." She panted, her muscles relaxing and no longer tensing to her father's restraints. The man released her, and sat beside his daughter-- watching her as she stared up at the darkness above.

"You're home." she said.
"Go back to sleep." He concluded, throwing the blanket over her and kissing her forehead.

The room was brightly shined as the suns rays hit against the shoji door. The girl's eyes fluttered open as she stared up at the ceiling. Bright, warm, and peaceful. She let out a deep breath of relief as she took in the peaceful silence and turned her head to the side seeing clothes folded neatly and set aside for her.

The girl used her arms to gesture herself up and she sat on her knees looking down at it. Thats right.. Her father was home for once. The note read,"Please clean yourself up and meet outside in the front! ~ Dad ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+" with a terrible drawing of a face it seemed and she merely sighed to herself in amusement. For Konoha's foo dog, he sure was quite silly when he was home with her, and she accepted that as she place the note aside and grabbed the new clothing her dad had brought her, making her way into the bathing area of their traditional home. Which was fairly large.

When she made her way there, it was steaming inside. Based on observation her father also set up the bath tub for her. The girl then did her shower/bathing and morning routine quietly and relaxed. Shisa had the tendency to treat his only child and daughter much like a little toddler. Sometimes it was purely annoying, other times it was greatly appreciated. Every child would dream of a parent to treat them like everything of course, and Sayuri experienced both sides. The negativity of a parent treating their child like trash, then there was the positivity from the other parent who treated her like she was a 5 year old princess. Surely it was better.

Once Sayuri finished up she proceeded to dress in her new clothes. Most people would also find her lifestyle probably peculiar in some way. A daughter raised by a single father. However she had her lonely times as well. Shisa went away on various S-Rank missions a lot, so there was barely any true bonding between the two. However when he was free out of the blue, the two would hangout for as long as they can and just make the most out of it really. For months he has been gone up until now, yeah he came home but Sayuri wouldn't sense or know it. And if she did know or didn't know, it was't like he was able to stay for long anyways. But today he did.

When the girl finished up, she walked out and traveled to the front of the house slowly taking a seat and dangling her legs."Hmm.. He said meet at the front.." She muttered to herself, putting her sandals on and jumping off the platform. The girl took a few steps forward and turned around as she heard a whistle.

"Up here." Shisa grinned, holding up a basket it seemed. The girl blinked and silently looked at a cherry blossom tree before walking to it and on it with ease. She walked to the branch of the tree and made a long jump to the roof of the house before landing and nearly stumbling."Damn it! I--" Suddenly with speed, her father came in and grabbed her wrist as she hanged back from the rooftop.

"Got to confident." the male chuckled matter-of-factly."Focusing your chakra takes time--Theres really no need to show off.. Sayuri." He stated."I am pleased enough." Shisa assured before pulling her up and sitting her next to him. Sayuri irritably looked over to the side, and Shisa began to be childish."C'mon. I'm home and made food--Y'know ya miss me." He persuaded, holding out a small bowl of rice at her with a grin."This is foolish." She uttered--Taking the bowl with defeat which only made him chuckle. "You're silly." He pointed out despite Sayuri's apparent annoyance.

After eating and cleaning up, Shisa stretched out his arms."Lets go." He said walking forward and away from Sayuri, expecting her to follow."Hm?" she uttered with confusion."Well aren't you following? I'm free to drop you off."
"If you have to handle other businesses, You can go."
"I don't. Not until I drop you off."

Shisa eyed her, waiting rather patiently. Sayuri tried to process what was going on, but couldn't and shrugged it off. He was serious surprisingly.. He was actually staying with her until she went back to the academy and the girl couldn't help but grin under her new sweater.

When Shisa and Sayuri Hatake arrived, Shisa went as far as walk inside with the girl too. But before walking in, she froze at the class door."Father." she whispered."Hmm? What is it?" he asked."What about.. The sickness..?" She asked implying her state of breaking down because of the nine tailed fox. She didn't know she was a jinchuuriki, but was only aware she was 'sick' her father would put it. But Sayrui sometimes felt that it was more than a sickness. She missed lots of academy days, but often made up for it when there were no students around. She made up for it after school or privately and such, so it was rare for her to be around. Not to rare though. Whenever she was actually in class, she often seemed in some way distressed (though it was hard to tell) but tolerated it. She would be fine then suddenly be sick.

The man patted her head."Just think of this--" He pointed at her heart."I'm gonna be a little girl all the way home." he stated with a grin. "You've been doing it since you were little. Lets see if that still works." He shrugged with a grin before opening the door.

"Well goodluck. and be good! Bye Sayuri!" the man said grinning and raising his hand as the other students saw him.

Sayuri acknowledged his farewell and took a seat quietly. The nervousness came back, so she uttered to herself."I'm gonna be a little girl all the way home." It was only then that one of the female classmates who had spoken to her before grinned cheerfully."Hey Sayuri! You're back-- you ok?". Sayuri jumped."Why yes! I am, Thank you.~" She politely answered, trying to end the conversation.

Although Sayuri was kind when interacted with, there were glimpses of another darker side; But that was hard to catch, and she was rather dodgy with social interactions for the most part despite seeming social, talkative, and kind... She held up her grin, seemingly warm before looking at her sensei, Mina. Mina was indeed a kind woman, caring too. But she just babied everyone even Sayuri like a toddler--And as stated the way she cared bothered her. She felt as though she wasn't challenged enough or treated normally.

The girl then thought about what her father said.
I'm gonna be a little girl all the way home..
"Now everyone as you know a large group of genin last year did not complete the chunin exams, so you will be starting up in squads starting at number 10 and going to 16. But don't let yourselves worry too much about the last class do what you can to succeed in your own right as ninja. You have been chosen to replace the old ninja generation and to prove that the choice that the daimyo made to remove samurai as the protectors of the village was the correct one. So don't give up. Now everyone come and please come and get your head bands...I apologize for not bringing them yesterday." Mina said initially inspirational but then reduced to childish laughter and a smile. Mina grinned at all of the students as they started coming down one by one. Some where smiling, others appeared apprehensive. Mitsuhide grinned and smiled from ear to ear as he nudged Nara to move. However she clearly had no interest in moving anytime soon as she barely acknowledged it forcing Mitsuhide to frown and nudge her two more times.

Sora gave a annoyed grunt and glared at him, "Yeah what is it?" Sora asked patiently but clearly none to happy about . "COME ON!!! Move it Sora! Do you want to let everyone else get there first?" Mitsuhide said grumbled at her as she groaned and looked at him like he was the most annoying object in the world. "Fine fine I'm going..." she said tiredly yawning and getting up she fell behind Mia Ayami leaving him next to the Uchiha girl...he disliked the Uchiha for a number of reasons besides the fact that they were untrustworthy bastards and had killed numerous members of the Senju family before the making of the village according to his elder. Their sharingan also creeped him out a bit. Eye based Kekkei Genkai was really...odd and unnatural looking. "What's wrong are you scared Mitsu? Just like a Senju to be a wimp!" Shina said frowning at him in disapproval. Shina and Mitsuhide had always gotten along as well as oil and water. Always one was trying to one up the other especially since their parents didn't get along either. They never succeeded in doing anything when they worked together and it infuriated both parties. Shina was one of the most versatile ninja in the academy. Mitsuhide had the whole wood style of the first hokage deal going with him plus he was already naturally skilled in ninjutsu as it was even without wood style. Both ended up simply ignoring the others in the class when it came down to it in favor of making the other look bad. In fact the two had nearly gotten into a fist fight once over how to use jutsu properly.

Mitsuhide grunted and frowned back getting in her face, "Really? THIS coming from you of all people? Go back to being the daughter of a glorified police officer and leave me be you witch." Shina looked at Mitsuhide with a face that would shatter his face like glass if it could. Regardless Mitsu moved forward as Shina did and the head bands in front of them all of them showing the same symbol on all of them but some where red, blue, and black. They each were custom made to fit the young shinobi who would be receiving them. "Man I can't wait I'm so excited! I hope me and Shin and Kora all get placed on the same team!" said Takumi as he talked with Mia who was in front of him. Mitsuhide respected Takumi but he was one of the lowest ranked in the class. With his obvious lack of common sense he was once responsible for a tree nearly falling on half the class due to a paper bomb he'd found in his parent's pockets. Heck in Takumi's eyes he only saw that Mia liked him as a friend despite the fact that she had a crush on him for god knows how long. Moving on Mitsuhide looked at the whole class but only one thought came to mind.

"I hope my team doesn't have Shina on it. Or hell any Uchiha for that matter... If it does I'll quit being a ninja and be a farmer instead. Oh who am I kidding it's not like mom would let me do that..." Mitsuhide muttered to himself as he advanced in line and received a black one. He stood there for a second and looked at Mia who was jumping up and down giggling along with some of the other girls and how Shin boasted he'd be Hokage some day. All dreams may come true but they could always fail miserably. Mitsu hoped the best for his class mate in achieving that dream. Personally all that paper work seemed dull in comparison to being a jounin...Mitsuhide looked down at the headband and sighed it was finally time to leave his old self behind. Mitsuhide opened his eyes and studied it for a moment looking at it like it was a poisonous bug. "Hey Mitsu are you ok?" Mina asked worried about the boy's health he was always so quiet and reserved...Mitsuhide grinned and shook his head, "Sensei don't worry, I am ok. I was just thinking about stuff and how the world's going to change a lot from now on." Mitsuhide finally moved out of line and put on the small forehead protector on as a bandana, some ninja liked the headband style but he liked it this way, covering his hair and only the black tips were pushed out. He gave a high give to one of his fellow classmates and hugged one of his closer friends before going back to his seat.
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Like a rustling shrub in a still clearing, the sudden increase in volume of Mina-sensei's voice brought Atsuki out of his momentary lapse of attention. He blinked once, his distracted gaze shifting from a particularly riveting spot on the wall and back to their sadly enthusiastic, soon-to-be-former mentor. In the face of roughly sixty percent of genin having been unable to achieve chuunin, her uplifting tone and words of encouragement were obviously meant to add sparks to the fires of their resolve and drive them to train harder and reach higher. For Atsuki, the words didn't have exactly the desired effect, but an effect they did have. If anything, Mina-sensei should've been proud that her words had roused at least one of her students; even if it had been for entirely the wrong reasons. Then again, that seemed to be the recurring theme with Atsuki.

'Nine squads of genin were unable to pass the chuunin exams this year, and now there's six vacancies,' Atsuki noted, 'The question is, did those vacancies mean they all passed, or had some died?' He leaned forward onto the fixed table and steepled his hands. There was an odd look to him, different from the usual oddity of such a coldly straightfaced look worn on someone so young. 'None of that matters anyway,' his coal eyes burned with a determination that seemed like it could overtake anything, 'If my team's better than they were... If I'm better than they were, we'll definitely be out of genin by the end of the year.' To become a chuunin within a single year of one's Academy graduation was an admirable goal, but it wasn't going to be an easy one. Atsuki knew he would be up to the task; he had to be up to the task. After all it was his goal, but would his squadmates be good enough to pull it off? Nevertheless, he'd find out soon enough if his team was to be the rock to drag him down or the cornerstone for their mutual success. For now, all he could do was continue to listen to the teacher as she brought them closer and closer to their moment of reckoning. However, Atsuki, expression usually forced under a mask of stoicism, allowed himself to raise an eyebrow at his teacher's next words. She had forgotten their headbands?

Oh. She had forgotten their headbands. He'd been wondering about that yesterday, but he'd assumed that it was a misunderstanding on his part and that they were to be distributed today. But what could you do? Things like this happened all the time. At the very least, it gave him the chance to stretch his legs. Atsuki stood from his seat as his row filed into the beginnings of the quickly forming line. As someone in the first row of students, he had the advantage in this situation. His precisely measured gait, the product of countless hours of practice, was unfortunately beaten into line by the efforts of the more excitable students. Though unfortunate, it wasn't really an inconvenience; he wasn't in any rush, and he was still pretty darned close to the front as it were. There wasn't any need to get riled up over this.

Now when it came to the obnoxious conversation going on somewhere in the back, on the other hand... Well, that remained to be seen. Though Atsuki didn't turn around to get a good look at the two speakers, he didn't exactly need to. From the voices alone, he could identify the two belligerents: Uchiha Shina and Senju Mitsuhide. He couldn't say he was surprised at this turn of events; the two argued, fought, or otherwise disrupted class with their irritatingly relentless antagonism. It was as if the Senju-Uchiha quarrel had decided to manifest in those two specifically. Now, Atsuki was the heir to the Uchiha, so by all rights he should have hated the Senju clan and been supporting his relative's offensive, but honestly? They may have been in the same clan but that didn't mean anything, and unless he was directly involved in some way, he just couldn't care about the whole feud between them. Granted, he was also an Uchiha heir who cared little for his clan, so that may have swayed his opinion somewhat. Either way, he had appearances to keep up. It wouldn't do to flip out over something Shina should be able to handle herself. Still, would it have killed anyone to tell these two to keep their opinions to themselves? Yes, our clans hate each other, but that's our business not that of anyone who cares to look!

Atsuki stared forward, looking as characteristically composed as usual. Even when the line began getting more and more chaotic with the increasing headband-induced excitement, he remained that everdistant island of calm in the sea of enthusiasm. It wasn't long until everyone before him had taken their headbands, the symbol of their new life as ninja. From the array of multicolored cloth, he unceremoniously selected a large, dark blue one and stole a quiet corner to put on the forehead protector. Rather than the traditional headband-style, Atsuki tied it tight around his waist like a belt. He didn't think he'd look very nice in a headband, and this meant that if anyone tried to pants him, they were in for a surprise!

...Let nobody ever say Uchiha Atsuki was without humor.

Atsuki could see the overwhelming feelings coming to boil as he made his way back to his seat. A smile played at the Uchiha's lips. The excitement had increased exponentially, and like an infectious disease it was even spreading to him. He took his chair and was content to watch the rabble bask in their elation as the rest got their forehead protectors.

As the line was nearing to her row, Sayuri followed suit. It only got slower when she heard her classmates arguing as usual--Particularly Shina Uchiha and Mitsuhide Senju."Ah.. They're always arguing aren't they?" One student said behind Sayuri."Yeah. But then again there is conflict between their clans." another student said. Sayuri looked over her shoulder and blinked. The two students looked at her."Well what is it Sayuri?" The students asked."Well.. I just.." She paused pondering as she moved forward in line."Just what?" they inquired."That their business shouldn't be any of our business. And if clan issues really were the case, I don't see why it should effect every single member of the clan too. To resent another clan just because of their leaders and beliefs and such. Yes thats normal.. But not everyone has to follow suit." Sayuri explained."In the end, People should just be able to get along with one another and respect each other. I've always wondered why we have to follow others." She stated before seeing that she was next in line.

"Wow! You're really smart Sayuri. And kind too, I guess you do have a point there." A girl her age grinned. Then Sayuri played her kind part again as she brightly grinned looking back at the kids behind her."Gee ya think so!? Thanks!" She laughed, the kindness in her face and tone being nothing more than an act. She leaned down at the forehead proctors quietly. Red, Black, and blue. There was only one black forehead protector left and she took it, holding it into her hand tightly. She felt as though she shouldn't deserve this, But nonetheless she had to look good in the eyes of society and thus walked back to her seat.

The girl had created a paper clone of herself, tying the forehead protector tightly to the left of her arm securely. Once she had finished, Sayuri looked up from her seat. She had assumed that from here on, she had to be loyal to Konoha. Again, might as well play the part and see how it goes... She thought to herself, looking at her other classmates.
As Mitsuhide continued to listen to Mina he looked over at the girl next to him and smiled at her. Sora Nara she was the youngest of two siblings of the Nara clan. While neither were heir to the household they were still very prominent in the village. Sora has passed most of her tests with ease despite her more laid back attitude, come to think of it a lot of Nara didn't do much. "So Sora are you ready to move up in the world? I'm so pumped for this it isn't funny." Mitsuhide said to her quietly as Nara looked over him with indifference. "Yeah woooo....yeah. Genin at last... like it's really that big of a step. Once you hit the next level then it's the time to celebrate for now we're basically going from glorified school children to glorified delivery boys and girls. Despite a few of us being special like you Mitsuhide." Nara grumbled to him impatiently as she turned her eyes back to Mina.

Mitsuhide however was welcomed by a less than pleasant voice of his 'great pal' Shina Uchiha. She had short cut bluish black hair which was strange for the Uchiha. She had a slender figure and was somewhat pale. In regards to why her hair was different from other Uchiha? Who knew maybe it was some sort of genetic thing. The point being Shina and himself got along together like cats and dogs...that were hyped up on an anger causing genjutsu...while in them middle of a war.

"Pah like you're any right to call yourself a genin. You're only in because of your ninjutsu and your family ties. Your genjutsu is garbage and your taijutsu is slightly above so. Unlike me I'm all sorts of better than you. G-" Shina was about to continue when Mitsuhide glared at her, "Oh yeah like the glorified police man's daughter is going to preach to me. Just because you're a Uchiha doesn't mean squat princess, now shut up before Mina tells us to shut up." Mitsuhide grumbled towards Shina quietly who glared back at him with annoyance. Shina Uchiha was one of the most best all rounders in the class excelling at most things. Her genjutsu was top notch, her taijutsu was great, and she knew how to use a jutsu with the best of them. The only real problem of hers was her big mouth and her lack of team spirit.

Mitsuhide had topped her in Ninjutsu however, being one of the best in the class with a great stamina pool helped greatly, and it helped that he, while not the best, was still very competent in taijutsu and he employed what he did have with pride. Proud of his accomplishments and his family lineage Mitsuhide was more than happy to get ready to start his journey. It was for the future of the Senju that he'd become the best ninja ever surpassing his grandfather and Great Uncle the first and second hokage respectively.
Ryu was grinning ear to ear with a smile plastered on his face. He was from some no-name clan called Hoshita with specialty being taijutsu. He was a hard worker and he didn't slack off however he was still towards the bottom of the class due to his overall poor use of the other types of jutsu. Takumi was more or less cut out to be a average ninja and a genin as far as most of the class was concerned. Despite that he had a genuinely good heart and was hopelessly on the bright side of things. He nudged Atsuki with his hand. "Hey dude you ready for this? I'm certainly ready I've never been more ready for anything in my life. I mean really we all get to be ninja now! ALL of us!" Ryu said happy to be included in this whole thing. His short cut stringy brown hair was tied up neatly with his headband completely covering his small forehead. His brown eyes were friendly and cheerful. It was clear the young man was happy to have finally graduated.
Hakusho Aburame sat next to Sayuri all these years and through all of them he had barely talked to the young Hatake His cold steely blue eyes looked at her occasionally though and his stiff and simplistic movements were clear he had been receiving some sort of training on the side. He wasted no movements and when he did talk it was clear that he was more than capable of holding his own in a debate. But that was rare. He had no real friends, no real companions, and as far as most of the class knew he had no interest in teachings. He wasn't a slacker more so he was naturally gifted as a ninja. Even when compared to Mitsuhide, Sayuri, Shina, and others in the class Hakusho was no ordinary ninja. It was one of these rare occurences that when he spoke up as he turned to Sayuri and looked at her and in his rough voice he spoke quietly, "Congratulations...Sayuri...I turn into a great ninja...for what it is worth at least."
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It didn't take long before Atsuki could see that the level of commotion was starting to plateau. The same vibrant energy from was still present in the room's atmosphere, but now that the last few people in the now-vastly shortened line had taken up their headbands from the increasingly barren table, everybody seemed to be stifling their excitement and settling back in their seats for the next order of business. Nevertheless, there was still murmuring coming from all round the room as hushed conversations broke out amongst the other students. From what he could hear, it was mostly trifling things like being ninja, wishing others good luck, or anticipating for the main event, the team designations, that was to be happening very, very soon. Atsuki himself was also waiting for the fateful declaration with bated breath. Metaphorically speaking, of course. In the physical realm, his breath was not at all bated. He was kind of just sitting with his back straight and his hands in his lap, looking almost like a statue if it weren't for his minute rotations of his head to achieve a better vantage of his peers. He needn't worry about anyone in his row trying to strike up conversation with him; they never did.

However, today wasn't a normal day by any means. This was a milestone for most of the others, a first among firsts that evoked emotions not typically experienced in everyday life. Really, it was a beautiful thing. A beautiful, troublesome thing. Case and point: Hoshita Ryu. Now, most of the time the unspoken agreement of "don't bother anyone, don't get bothered by anyone" went heeded in his little section of the class, or at least when it came to Atsuki himself. He didn't speak much, and rarely was he spoken to without a specific reason. Although he wasn't necessarily an introvert, Atsuki's solitary school life was neither unfamiliar nor unexpected. After all, Atsuki was probably most well-known for two things: his status as that of Konoha's strongest clan's scion, and his exemplary prowess in the ninja arts. So for the longest time, he had never required anything else as a deterrent; his reputation and steely bearing served as a very suitable means of keeping people from consorting with him.

But even so, there Ryu was, nudging the Uchiha heir and speaking without a care in the world. From what Atsuki knew of him, Ryu was a good kid; he always seemed to be working hard and making sure to look at things from the bright side. Unfortunately, just because Atsuki thought Ryu was a good kid, didn't mean Atsuki thought he was necessarily a good ninja. There was nothing wrong with being weak per se - not all occupations required combat skill or even the use of jutsu - but a good ninja must be strong and ruthless enough to eradicate their foes without any hesitation. Perhaps with time, he could become a powerful taijutsu expert, but right now Ryu was below even the average in skill. In other words, his potential for expedient growth wasn't high enough for Atsuki's liking. Ryu's kind-heart was also a problematic factor, but it wasn't all flaws: his work ethic was very commendable. A taijutsu specialized teacher or team may be able to make the most use of him.

Either way, Ryu wasn't someone Atsuki would want on his dream team. Call him elitist, pretentious, or what you may, but that was the unforgiving truth. To achieve his goals, Atsuki needed to be strong, both alone and with his team. He was a talented generalist and, as much as he hated to liken it to himself, the Uchiha Clan was paradoxically specialized in generalism. Ideally, his squadmates would be above-average genin and either ambitious in their own right or easy to control; both would make achieving his goal a far less daunting task. Skill-wise, he figured he could fit well into any team, but a one-trick pony team of single-minded specialists would stunt his growth and waste his talent. His own strength lay in sheer versatility, and there were more synergistic choices than an unfortunately average Taijutsu combatant.

Still, Atsuki deigned to give the excitable young man a response instead of ignoring him outright. "Oh Ryu, I've been ready for this for a long time," a cocky grin grew on Atsuki's face as he crossed his arms condescendingly and leaned forward in his desk, looking at the excitable brunet all the while, "Yes yes, we're all graduating the Academy. A cause for celebration, indeed... but not entirely unexpected" The arrogance in his tone of voice and the way he waved nonchalant gestures with his closest hand definitely befit the aesthetic he intended to put on display, the very same one he had used for the entirety of his academy career. "I'm strong... No, the strongest. Would you really expect any less of someone like me?" he explained, hand gestures slowing and eyes shutting in feigned contemplation. He brought his hand up to his chin and hummed. "Still, this is an achievement of no small importance..." He opened his eyes and placed two fingers in the center of Ryu's forehead protector. "Congratulations Hoshita Ryu, You are now a Genin of Konoha! Wear that headband proudly." Atsuki tapped the cool metal plate gently before bringing his arms back to rest and closing his eyes with practiced serenity. "But I believe there's more important matters in store. Let's listen to what our sensei has to say, shall we?" He enunciated with a flick of his hair, ending the conversation with a theatrical flourish before placing his hands on his lap and going back to the eerily statuesque, stand-offishly silent Atsuki of a few minutes before.
The Fox

"Congratulations...Sayuri...I turn into a great ninja...for what it is worth at least."

A voice snapped Sayuri out of daydreaming as she ever so slightly jumped a bit and eyed where the voice was coming from. It was another student she was familiar with, and her gaze was blank and observant before she forced a friendly smile up at the young male."Oh, Hello..!" She greeted cheerfully."Aburame.. Correct? Sorry, i'm quite terrible with names." She stated as a awkward chuckle escaped her lips, a worrisome smile plastered across her face.

She knew of Hakusho. He was simply known as a mysterious kid, But rumor has it that he was well-trained and fairly adept at being a ninja for his age. The girl decided to talk to him, seeing as he didn't seem like much of a talker over the years she had noticed him. But there was that one thing about him that she didn't like. And that was his aura of mystery that kept her curious.

She eyed her headband momentarily."Yeah--I hope so too." She answered a bit hesitant. Sayuri then eyed Hakusho with cheerfulness again."Hakusho was it?" The girl asked, making sure she was correct."You don't seem like much of a talker--So whats going on?" Sayuri inquired. This type of conversation was fairly uncomfortable for her to say the lease--Not to mention the fact that she has been in school this long. The girl would do anything to go home right this instant but that didn't seem plausible--Especially if the sickness wasn't coming to her. Her only option was to kindly go with the flow of this conversation and try to end it as fast as possible if she found a reasonable time for it.

The smile and endless friendliness never ceased. But Sayuri found it hard to focus on Hakusho alone. Aburames were indeed unique to be friends with. They seemed to tolerate everything really, and adapt to another's behavior with ease if socializing. It was how they spoke to others and acquainted themselves to different personalities that Sayuri fairly admired. Because with that skill, you hardly heard of any conflicts between a aburame member and another person. Maybe it was because everybody mostly forgot they existed due to their quietness and mysterious behavior. Nonetheless--There was hardly any news about the Aburame clan and Sayuri wondered what it was like to truly be shrouded in mystery.

But their mysteriousness was quite... bothersome at the same time. They made you feel like a curious cat and surely bring out the nosiness in you naturally when they spoke and socialized momentarily, especially if it was a personal one on one conversation. It was only then that the young Hatake had a idea which sparked in her head.

She will be friends with this Aburame. It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity to her, and she was going to take it. Suddenly while Hakusho was speaking--The girl's face turned into a determined look as she looked up at the ceiling and brought her arms close to her. Vowing to herself as a spark appeared.

"Hakusho Aburame--We will be friends from here on."

She growled. But the growl wasn't aggressive enough to be considered one. It was like looking at a baby tiger trying to roar. But instead a super friendly girl trying to be serious and mean."And if not--I accept the challenge of trying to acquaint myself with you. I apologize, But I hate your clan's mysteriousness. And I just wanna know what its like to be friends with a Aburame." She explained, blankly looking at him as she pointed at the ceiling."Please continue to sit next to me and speak." the girl casually said. How peculiar to say the least.

Ryu simply raised his fist up in a friendly way for a fist bump by Atsuki. "You know what? Even if we're not on the same team I'd be honored to say that you're my friend Uchiha Atsuki. Not many here are focused on growing as much as they are entranced by their new headbands and or getting to the next stage. I won't call myself your rival. You're better than me. But maybe in the future...maybe when I have a goal...maybe when I get stronger. Maybe I will be your rival. Until then I intend to climb to the ceiling." Ryu said waiting for Atsuki to either refuse the fist bump or ignore him as he saw fit. His unwavering sense optimism and hope left an impact on Mina. Hopefully he could do the same for Atsuki. He just wanted a friend...and he had few around here. He knew Mitsuhide, he knew Kora (a member of a lower ranking clan known as Kunoska), and he knew Takumi Inuzuka as friends...but he wished he had more.


"You talk to me as if we're complete strangers Hatake...I thought we have been sitting next to each other since we started school together here." Hakusho said as he looked at the girl sitting next to him. In truth he felt a bit hurt...only a bit though. He had never been too vocal with the young lady and he wasn't much of a social person in general. Which contributed to his utter lack of friends. " And yes indeed...I am Hakusho Aburame, Sayuri Hatake. Is there a reason I need not wish my classmate good luck in the future? I thought we were on better terms than that. I hope I haven't angered you." Aburame continued bluntly his voice cold but still there was a hint of disappointment in it. "I don't talk much because I haven't anything in common with the majority of the class as you well know. And besides talking to much is a waste of time. A true ninja shows his acts he doesn't talk about them." Aburame said as he turned to look at the young girl before removing his goggles which hid his bright hazel eyes. He smiled slightly. "So you finally wish to actually call yourself my friend? I have precious few of those. I'll be your pal I suppose, assuming you don't cause me too much trouble. If you wish to sit and speak from me after this day forward then you can meet me in the afternoon every other day. I haven't told many people this but I usually sit next to the memorial from the last ninja war. It's quiet there...peaceful. If we're not on the same team that is where you will find me." Hakusho said to Sayuri his voice smooth and calm like water in a stream. He pulled down his goggles after he said his words but he continued to look at the girl waiting for a reply.
Atsuki sat there in quiet disbelief as the meaning of Ryu's innocent words finally set in. His tranquil visage remained still, but his eyes stared forward with imperceptible vacancy. He blinked once, then twice, only just shattering his quiescent image. He didn't know what to think about the suggestion, and he'd all but mentally checked out even if it wouldn't show. He knew he couldn't sit listlessly there forever, at least not before giving this boy a response, but he didn't know what to do. It was like a cavernous blankness had overtaken him. A motion from his side took Atsuki's mind off of his languor. Ever slightly, his lips quivered before finally parting and uttering a single word:


It was intoned simultaneously like a question and a statement; it was both a mocking laugh and a confused inquiry. But despite the apprehensive beginning, Atsuki had finally found his comfort zone. For better or worse, he'd managed to settle back into his usual mask - maybe even more so than before. He'd become complacent with his image and lowered his guard. It was foolish of him, but he had not intention to repeat his mistakes. For something like this, he had to think bigger than himself. The Uchiha were supposed to be powerful: elite shinobi among elite shinobi. Associating with someone like Ryu would be a detriment to his clan. No, more importantly it would be a detriment to himself, not seem to be one. It was harsh, it might even have been sad, but Atsuki couldn't be Ryu's friend. He had to train; he had to become strong enough to shoulder everything before he could have anything. Something like that would just be a distraction. Such was the consequence of travelling that lonely path of strength.

Atsuki continued to speak. "Aha..." he laughed softly, his frame almost shaking with mirth, "You say interesting things, Hoshita-san." He stopped laughing, a content grin plastered on his relaxed face. "It is unfortunate, but I do not require a friend right now," he spoke resolutely, the words of a person who had chosen an ideal to strive for with his whole being. Atsuki rested his palm on Ryu's fist and pushed it back towards the young ninja. "Do not become my friend. Instead, do as you say: strive to become a foe worthy to be my rival." He looked to Ryu, tilted his head, and smiled. "...And then challenge me with all your might." But even though his words were proud, even though they were spoken with the nothing but the utmost confidence written on his face...

...It seemed kind of sad.
"Then it's a deal! I'll become stronger. Stronger then anyone else! I'll make sure that you acknowledge me as a rival. I will show you that anyone can be made of sterner things than genetics and blood lines. Mina Sensei said I could become anything I wanted to become. Who knows what's in the future? Maybe I can't catch up but that won't stop me from trying." Ryu said as suddenly the girl in front of the two of them swiveled around in her chair. The dark haired girl named Korra shook her head. ""You got a long road ahead of you if you intend to out match an Uchiha, Ryu. I'd focus on making yourself better first." Korra said to Ryu who nodded and responded in kind that he would make her understand too at which Korra simply shook her head. "Look numb skull you can't take on the world with your fists. You gotta have someone at your back. Wait until we see what teams we're on then you can talk all kinds of shit and whatever else you want. When you become a better ninja THEN you can say stuff like that. So prove it or shut it. Posers have no place in the world of the shinobi." Korra said bluntly. She wasn't a mean person but she always had a problem with people declaring things and saying they were the best. It was the main reason why she and Shina butted heads a couple of times. In fact Korra had even beaten Shina Uchiha once in a match by using a pot hole and a kunai during a sparring session. Even though Korra had displayed no talent comparable to Shina she knew how to get things done in a fight to say the least.
"Sorry.. Things are fairly forgotten easily when i'm not present here.." The girl mumbled."So in a way we practically are! We don't really know much about one another to say the least." Sayuri exclaimed."I don't talk much because I haven't anything in common with the majority of the class as you well know." Said her new and official friend. But the process was still going. Sure she socialized with others--But those others weren't her 'friends'. And as far as Sayuri was concerned, she felt challenged enough to truly bond with this Aburame boy. "And besides talking to much is a waste of time. A true ninja shows his acts he doesn't talk about them."

"Tch. Easy for you to say--Socialization is everything. Verbal socialization." The 'fox-girl' pointed up at the ceiling again."Talking even the slightest bit is what keeps a person sane! Are you an idiot?" she blatantly called. "If you keep bottling things up and to yourself forever--You'll explode eventually.. It the most worse way possible... I mean--Venting is more important to say the least. It empties you out when you're in a heated situation and you get help from that one person. How do you quiet people do that stuff?" She sighed."Sit down, and do nothing with others." the girl said to herself as she looked at the front of the class quietly, pondering about how students such as Hakusho just did things alone.


"Don't say that Hakusho!" suddenly Sayuri instinctively let on a 'puppy-face' sort of look, or at least a cute act momentarily."This face is to cute to get into trouble... Let alone be accused." And then the exaggerated facade broke as she began laughing to the side covering her mouth to prevent from laughing loud just in case."Ok, I got it!" She giggled."The memorial from the last ninja war. We'll meet every other day." She repeated back to him to show that through her laughing she was paying attention and nodded.

"But what if one is in a heated moment? Then how do we plan that?" She asked before thinking of another idea."Well, but then you have your bugs.. And i can actually use paper techniques... So never mind!" She clapped."No gurantees i'll trouble you. Though If i get in any, i'll rely on your intense aura." She shrugged jokingly."Maybe we can try today.. Or tomorrow.. Hey--What do you even do there alone? Is it like your personal meditation site or something?" She asked curiously.
"Alright everyone I'd like to continue and may I say that all of you look so cute with those on-" Mina started to say which made Mitsuhide roll his eyes. Mina was really impulsive at times but in the end she'd get back to teaching eventually. However it seemed fate had different plans for all of the genin at the graduation ceremony. Instead of being put into teams by Mina like they were supposed to someone more hyperactive and overly hyper came in instead. Someone with the biggest grin in the whole leaf village. Someone who Mitsuhide looked up too as a role model on how to be a cool guy. He walked in shouting at the top of his lungs. The sometimes co teacher and sometimes best friend of Mina walked in. "Sup kiddos! OOOOHHH! Looking sharp I see niiiiccceeee!" said Hiyato Sensei with a big overly bombastic tone in his voice he glanced around and finally came around and smiled down at Mia who was giggling uncontrollably. Shina growled in annoyance and muttered a comment revolving around morons and cows that should have made her scrub her tongue with soap if she had any care to be tolerant. Hakusho merely stopped talking to Sayuri and turned to see their other teacher. Mitsuhide grinned and smiled as he looked on. This man, Hiyato, was not of his particular favorites of all the teachers he ever had but this guy was pretty cool in his opinion.

The Goof of the Leaf Village and the prankster since a young age Hiyato was always interesting to be around to say the least. One of the students made a face to one of the others next to him and Hiyato saw it out of the corner of his eye. "Hey I don't look that! Alright alright whatever I'll let it go but I'll get you back later...and don't give me those looks Shina! You know I don't like those! OOOH lookin' hot there Atsuki you'll get all the girls now. Except for Shina maybe. And Korra sweetheart you look absolutely stunnin' girl!" a good chunk of the class responded with happy cheers or laughs. Mina looked baffled at what had just transpired having finally just gotten control of the situation again only to be knocked aside by her old friend. Of course she hadn't expect Hiyato to come in like that especially on this day of all days. A sudden realization hit Mina like a brick... she had more or less been usurped by her co-teacher out of nowhere. Takumi Inuzuka, a member of the infamous clan who carried young dogs around with them, smiled and said Hiyato Sensei was the coolest guy ever too Hiyami who grunted indifferently. Sora Nara responded with just as much enthusiasm as a rock and the class's lower ranking students who sympathized with Takumi cheered. "Hiyato I was just about to-" Mina started to say as she went up to him grabbing onto his vest and getting right up into his face.

"Hey Mina calm your breasts woman! There was a mix up in the lists and BUUUUUTTTT lucky for you I have got the fixed ones right here and I will be introducing the squads!" Mina let go of Hiyato and looked at the papers, after snatching them out of his hand, and said they looked fine enough but Hiyato wouldn't have any of it and insisted that he would give out the squads, "Well miss smarty pants you may have taught them more than I have BUT I am the cooler teacher so I'M going to do it! Alright the first squad is squad 10! Under Tasuma Akamichi! Mia, Hiyami Asakura and Shin! Congrats guys!" Hiyato said enthusiastically as Hiyami suddenly started to lament his life choices. Tasuma was the current head of the Akamichi clan but he left his wife to do must of the work in regards to running the clan and was a really nice guy. "Congratulations once again!" Hiyato explained as Mina frowned at him hatefully. Mitsuhide glanced over and smiled at them and nodded happy for the new group.

The next team 11 was under Quess Uzumaki, whom Mitsuhide knew nothing about outside of her clan being famous for being one of three founders of the village next to the Senju and the Uchiha. It consisted of three of the more quiet and tactical class students and was a nice balance of the best genjutsu and some of the best taijustu users in their class. The next team was more exciting as it was a member of the Aburame Clan, and a member the Matoi family known for their taijutsu on the same team. The names of the members were Hakusho Aburame, Yume Matoi known for her quick reflexes in the class, and Korra whom was rounding out the class.

"Alright now for...well then...this is...interesting. Under the tutorage, and the first squad of, a very 'special' man named Mitsunari Kohaku...well then here is a interesting team. We have Mitsuhide Senju, Atsukii Uchiha, Sayuri Hatake, I proclaim you team 13! Along with that team 14 consisting of Sora Nara, Shina Uchiha, and Takumi Inuzuka!" Mitsuhide couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wasn't in Shina's Team lady luck favored his sorry behind! Oh and he had that dude Arashi and fate put him with a Hyuga and Sadao but who cared about that!? He didn't get screwed by the powers at large! Whatever he'd deal with his new team when it came to that for now it was time to just get settled!

Meanwhile Shina and Sora were busy complaining to each other about their placements. Hiyato went to continue on but he continued on but he stopped for a second, Hiyato chuckled as he passed out a note to each of the squads as to where they were going to meet up. Hiyato called out for the rest of the teams as and then immediately followed up by saying the teams should get together.
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Sayuri eyed Hiyato. He was quite the hyperactive teacher, and she didn't necessarily like it. It was fairly annoying to put it simply, and she just didn't know how to deal with true immaturity. However although his behavior appeared to be quite annoying, he seemed to be a good person to hang around and she assumed that maybe he has a good heart and is actually a genius... But his stupidity really threw her off to believe that he wasn't a genius like her father or any other shinobi.

As he announced squads and who would be teamed up in 3s together, Sayuri merely blinked in surprise as he called her new friend's name."Oh.. Well good luck." she said glancing over at Hakusho before looking back at the sensei."Alright now for...well then...this is...interesting. Under the tutorage, and the first squad of, a very 'special' man named Mitsunari Kohaku.."

Mitsunari Kohaku? Sayuri had heard of him before but never in detail. Her father mentioned the name around her a few times, and to put it simply she never understood this 'Mitsunari Kohaku'. The name really stuck out to the girl, she couldn't help but mutter out the name to herself quietly. Her father told her stuff about him, just little stuff but she had forgotten it and began to get mentally frustrated. "We have Mitsuhide Senju, Atsukii Uchiha, Sayuri Hatake, I proclaim you team 13!" The girl heard before she looked up from her desk at who would be her team members.

Oh dear. She was paired with two boys from two major clans, and sighed to herself. Hopefully they wouldn't argue."Wish me luck..." She uttered to Hakusho, kindness fading into annoyance as she rolled her eyes and sat there. She rested the side of her head over her hand in silence and waited for the boys. Should she call them? To be fair she was known as the only Hatake in the class. The Hatake was a small but very skillful clan--It was quite unique and for a small clan, known just as much as the Senju or Uchiha.

The girl decided to keep the act up. She walked over to the boys."Well--It seems i'm with you guys." She grinned. In her opinion.. This was going to be one interesting squad. One seemed to hyper active and she didn't like it, the other seemed to stuck up. Two personalities she didn't really like, because they appeared to be the types to go overboard. But who was she to complain, She didn't like lots of things. Almost everything one would point out.
The group next to him was just as happy together as you could get...if you were a mongoose and a snake. Shina and Sora had simply given each other one look before they were arguing. Shina Uchiha glared at Sora in disgust most likely because she wasn't acting in a way that would 'befit an Uchiha's partner'. Sora was unamused by Shina's attitude and told her to stuff a sock in it because otherwise this would be a long time hell they'd go through if they didn't learn to get along. Shina acted as Mitsuhide figured she would and tried to tell off Sora who simply give her a bored look and exasperation in return.

While they were arguing Takumi was secretly smiling with glee at being paired up with two girls. He had moved over and sat rudely on the desk in front of Sora who eyed him with disdain. Or at least that's what is most likely since Mitsuhide was just waiting for his squad to get their rears up to him when Hiyato came over and handed him a letter. "Hey that's from your sensei make sure you don't keep him waiting ok? He doesn't enjoy waiting for others. He never did..." Hiyato commented somewhat dryly with some hints of bad memories as Hiyato grimaced after saying the last part. Mitsuhide looked at the letter before turning to Hiyato. "Hey sensei do you know Mitsunari Sensei?" asked Mitsuhide as he looked over to his sensei who was turning around to hand another paper out. "Yeah he's my senpai so to speak. He's a bit of a jerk, a slave driver, and he has loud/dirty mouth at times but he's no slouch in a fight and I know for a FACT that he will make a man out of you Mitsuhide. But it's not just about you. Mitsunari could probably show your squad a thing or two. Sayuri needs some friends and Atsuki needs the pull that stop sign out of his rear end and learn that being a 'top clan' ain't all it is cracked up to be. Kohaku is a borderline village and trust me when I saw that he can take any ninja short of the hokage out." Hiyato said to Mitsuhide who considered what the guy was saying.

He hoped that he had a good teacher but at the same time there was a lot of hype and there was a lot of unknowns about this guy who was going to be his teacher. He was excited and he was happy all the same but he wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of having an Uchiha on his team. Atsuki was a bit of a kill joy. He was better than his cousin Shina though at least. "Sensei did you make this list? You know that some of these teamd didn't mix all too well. I mean you put the wonder twins over here together." Mitsuhide complained to Hiyato who grunted. "Hey it'll be good for both of them and besides I'm not the guy who makes the lists this was made by Lord 4th Hokage. You just gotta deal with it." Mitsuhide wasn't all too pleased with the answer but accepted it and turned to read the letter after cutting it open with a kunai. As he did so he was met with the unfamiliar sight of Sayuri coming up to him. He didn't know why but every single time she got near him he felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was because they didn't talk. Maybe it was because she was somewhat pretty. Who knew. Regardless Mitsuhide got up and stretched his arms up into the air and offered his hand to Sayuri. "Well yeah otherwise you'd never give me the light of day Sayuri. So what's up? Excited? Ready for a super awesome secret uber mission of awesomeness with our teacher? Or are you just coming over because I look so dashing in this headband?" Mitsuhide said with a chuckle and smile. All the same he kept his hand in the air as an offering to Sayuri. "I'm just messing with you I'm not some airhead. All the same I hope you don't have a problem being on the same team as me. I don't mind you after all. Granted I don't know you all too well."
"I look forward to it," Atsuki answered with a curt nod before returning to his usual impassive seating position. He paid no mind to the following altercation - well, one-sided scolding, technically - between Ryu and Korra. It wasn't really his business to meddle in another's affair. Ryu's success or failure would depend on nothing but his own merits, and Atsuki was never the one to give somebody hope where there was none to be found, anyway. Besides that, Ryu may perceive this as a 'battle', a first trial of sorts. He may not take kindly to Atsuki helping. After all, the ways of foolishly pure people were often fickle: in one instance, offering help may be accepted with glee while in another it may be met with an indignant rebuttal. But even if Atsuki had opted to maintain a neutral standpoint, he wished to see how Ryu would handle this particular turn of events. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Ryu's opportunity to utter his verbal riposte was taken from right under his nose by the person Atsuki was expecting to speak at some point, but not at that specific time: Mina-sensei.

Of course, when the aforementioned sensei started going off on a tangent about the status of their appearance, Atsuki found himself internally sighing in resignation. They were ninjas, they weren't supposed to be cute! Unfortunately, something like that just couldn't be helped, but hopefully Mina-sensei would get back on track in a quick and timely ma- 'Oh goodness. Just who we needed,' Atsuki thought bitterly. Although Mina-sensei's soliloquy was cut short, it was not by something that the young Uchiha found very agreeable. The door of the classroom burst open dramatically, and standing in the threshold was none other than Hiyato-sensei. As the intermittently-employed sensei crossed into the room, Atsuki braced himself for the inevitable increase in volume. Both from the fanfare of the less disciplined genin, and from the bombastic teacher himself.

Of course, Atsuki was less than amused. His face remained as stone. Call him a stick-in-the-mud, a killjoy, a party pooper or what have you, but he couldn't find himself liking the audacious mentor. For the cold, perpetually serious machine that was Uchiha Atsuki, the carefree sensei who didn't seem to take his job seriously at all was practically anathema. Though they didn't antagonize each other, Hiyato-sensei didn't rank high on Atsuki's list of favored mentors. Sure, the younger shinobi tried his best to like the elder, but it just couldn't be helped. In the end, the dichotomy between their two mindsets was far too vast to be bridged by such a halfhearted measure, and Atsuki was forced to accept that Hiyato-sensei was to be a major part of his Academy career. At least he could still cling to the hope that Hiyato-sensei wasn't going to be around too long if those papers in his hand were any indication.

Unfortunately, that meant Atsuki would have to last through the Goof of the Leaf's repartee. Compared to the post-headband hubbub, the volume of the room increased significantly, a fact due in no small part to the reinvigorated uproar of the student body. One might assume that ninja were a quiet bunch, but obviously they hadn't run into this class before. He watched as Hiyato scanned the classroom, remarking on the inconsequential mockery made by a student over on the other side of the class, then Shina, then-


The corner of Atsuki's right eye twitched as a rosy flush grew on his pale cheeks. 'Hmph.' Atsuki crossed his arms. 'Stupid, stupid teacher. Who does he think he is, saying something like that?' He ducked his head down into his oversized collar to hide his embarrassment, his pitch-dark eyes glaring daggers at Hiyato from just over the edge of the fabric. If looks could kill, Hiyato would be so dead that "dead" would no longer be an apt adjective. 'I'm a ninja, I have better things to do than seduce women.'

Atsuki watched from his collar as Mina-sensei went to ineffectually seize back control of the class.Though he knew who he was rooting for, he knew who would win this battle of wills. There was more than one kind of strength, and sadly, Hiyato-sensei had Mina-sensei beat in this content of social presence. At least Atsuki could take solace in the fact that Hiyato-sensei would remain on task. If he had to give that man any credit, it would be that fact. Having cooled down sufficiently, Atsuki lifted his head from its hiding spot, face free from any signs of embarrassment. He paid little attention to the standard announcements of other teams, and fully intended to tune everything out until his name was called. However he found himself intrigued by the statement preceeding Team 13's announcement, which serendipitously turned out to be his own.

'A special man?' he thought, single eyebrow rising for a moment before falling back into place, 'This ought to be interesting...' Not yet rising from his seat, Atsuki began to run through what he knew about his teammates. He looked to the brown-haired one with the bandana talking with Hiyato-sensei. 'Senju Mitsuhide, Boy of the Wood Style. He looks to be competent enough in ninjutsu, and that kekkei genkai of his is something the Sharingan can't replicate. A unique niche and competence. That's all the team really needs, I guess,' he stared down at the surface of his desk in thought, 'I don't like his attitude though, and he's a Senju with a known dislike for a certain female Uchiha.' His gaze turned to the female of Squad 13. 'Hatake Sayuri.... I guess there's not much hearsay on her. Her dad's notable, but... Well, where you come from doesn't matter. My... Her actions are her own,' a twinge of bitterness flashed through his eyes, '...Still, she seems to be competent enough, but she's been absent far more times than the average student. If that habit carries over, that'll be bad. She's also rather cute.'


'...If the hearsay is to be believed.'

Atsuki got up from his seat once he saw that Sayuri and Mitsuhide had already gathered, and began moving towards them. 'Hm, I wonder what our Sensei is like...' he thought, coming to a halt before the two genin. He gave both members a curt nod of acknowledgement before opening his mouth to speak. However, what came out wasn't an introduction or words of encouragement. It was a simple question:

"What does the note say, Senju-san?"
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The girl was greeted with immediate friendliness as usual, which was not unfamiliar to her but never did she actually shook hands with anyone else. Sure people were friendly with her but they also felt a hidden twinge of fear and uncomfortableness therefore they didn't touch her at all at first sight. She never understood why, but it never bothered her at the same time. Mitsuhide's hand beig offered to her simply made her a bit hesitant and shocked. But she figured no harm could be done, right? She wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and thus she reached over and gave him her hand, shaking it gently.

"Well yeah otherwise you'd never give me the light of day Sayuri. So what's up? Excited? Ready for a super awesome secret uber mission of awesomeness with our teacher? Or are you just coming over because I look so dashing in this headband?" Oh dear, this one was quite the fast and eager talker. But that was fine, The girl simply blinked in reaction as she was trying to keep up and answer each of them but it was question or comment after question or comment."Well I--..Hmm... Possib--...". Then the situation was somehow interrupted as a tiny yet powerful burst of chakra went through their hand shaking nearly slightly burning the boy's hand away. It was more like a hot sting.

Immediately the girls eyes widened as she released Mitsuhide's hand on time. The fox within her couldve burned it off and scarred it. She immediately avoided it, shifting her facial expression as quickly as possible in an instant and shook off whatever had just happened.

The last question naturally made her cheeks flush pink. No one has ever said that type of comment, joke or not to her. It made her a bit nervous, but she shook out of it truly and crossed her arms, stomping her feet."
You absolutely do not look to dashing in it!" She huffed exaggeratively before bursting out a small and soft laugh."I'm just messing with you I'm not some airhead. All the same I hope you don't have a problem being on the same team as me. I don't mind you after all. Granted I don't know you all too well."

"No one really does. I just kind of fade into the background seeing as i'm absent most days." She smiled apologetically. She rubbed her hand under her armpit very slightly to avoid the fact that she had stung the hand of her teammate. It seemed as though, the fox within her did not like Sayuri having physical interactions much with anyone like that.

Foolish child... You are meant to be alone, that is your fate. DONT you dare associate yourself with others--Especially them.

It growled, only making Sayuri look off to the side in a sort of dazed mood. She felt as if her breathing was shallow, and that the feelings of the fox's furry tails were strangling her around her neck."I'm gonna be a little girl all the way home." She uttered to herself barely audibly under her sweater with worry and doubt. In truth although she may have accidentally stung Mitsuhide with heat (it felt like hot water being poured to your hand), underneath the sleeves of her sweater her hand was burned faintly. But she ignored the pain as if nothing had happened again. Good timing...
After Sayuri pulled away her hand away suddenly Mitsuhide couldn't help but feel a strange tingling sensation in his hand. He looked at it for a moment and then back at her. What the heck was that about? It was weird as if his body was reacting in a strange way to her. But Mitsuhide wasn't one to really question things so he let it slide. He let out a wide smile and a warm hearted laugh. "I know I'm like electricity to girls but I don't think I was quite so shocking that'd you'd pull your hand away from me. If I'm not so 'dashing' then why are you blushing Sayuri? Could it be that you've never shook hands with a guy before? Or is it because you're dark and mysterious and tend to fade into the background like one of those old fairy tail stories where a princess meets her roguish prince for the first time...pff....hahaha. I'm just messin' with you chill. No need to get all serious. I'm your bro now I got your back if you got mine" Mitsuhide said as suddenly he found himself face to face with one of the people he'd prefer not to be in a team with. Uchiha of all people. Well there's no backing out from this. While the dude was a bit of an ass he could be worse off than he is now. There were a bunch of Uchiha who stilled clung to the ideals of the original Uchiha clan pre-dating the founding of the Leaf. When he came up and immediately started to go to business Mitsuhide sighed deeply.

"Well sir kill joy that's a new record on how to kill the buzz in a conversation. Ever hear of the word hi? It's not too foreign to your clan to introduce yourselves to people cordially or is Shina the truly outstanding member of the clan here?" Mitsuhide said as he sat down in an empty seat and he turned his attention to the letter. "But since you're in such a freaking hurry to rush our rears to whatever fate our sensei has planned for us I guess I'll just skip to the details sound good Uchiha? And for the record I prefer Mitsuhide. There's not need to be formal." Mitsuhide said simply as he raised a finger and poked Atsuki gently on the shoulder before turning his head back down to the paper. However before he could do anything he should have known not to speak ill of the devil for she shall appear.

Shina seemed to have notice them as she walked over with her group and stopped and looked over the two of them but it wasn't Shina who talked first, "Ha! I've got two girls and two of the most talented I might add Mitsuhide And you're stuck with lame Atsuki aka 'The Great Killjoy' and the picture of a shy loner girl over there as well. I guess we can't all be winners huh isn't that right Mitsuhide?" Takumi said with a smile as his little dog at his heels barked at the two of them. "Stop being a show off Inuzuka. You're just making yourself look bad. What's the mutt of yours going to do anyway? Roll over when Sayuri smacks you with her backhand or when Mitsuhide kicks you in the nuts with the addition of a punch or smack from a wooden mallet in your face? Not that you care I bet dog breath. It's not like either of you two are the epitome of a picture perfect ninja. Besides teamwork between them is a complete joke. Sayuri is too quiet, Mitsuhide is as loud as he is cocky, and Atsuki has his head up his clan's ass not like a certain someone I'm teamed up with." Sora grumbled out as Mitsuhide glared at her while Shina merely eyed at Atsuki with great dislike. Maybe she simply disliked her distant cousin. Maybe it was because she thought of him as some sort of threat and or competition to her. Only she knew and she wasn't going to say anything. Shina may not especially like Atsuki but his clan was also her clan and by disrespecting him it was certainly possible she could be seen as inferior as well. Or possibly she just wanted to say something clever but couldn't because she was to much of 'daddy's little girl' to insult one of her fellow clan members.

"Step off Inuzuka this isn't the time for a fight." Ryu grumbled confrontationally towards Takumi as suddenly showed up backed up by two other genin from their group. A boy named Ko Sarutobi to his left and a girl by the name of Chika Uzumaki a girl with firey red hair and a pair of thick glasses. They were squad 16 apparently. Ko grabbed Ryu by the shoulder. "This isn't our fight Ryu it's time to step off." Ko said blunty as Ryu glared at him angrily. "No one disrespects their fellow shinobi Ko!" Ryu said angrily as Shina glared at him angrily, "Back off or I'll lay you out. Just go do what your sensei wants you to do and be a good boy Ryu." Shina said bluntly as Ryu stepped up to her only to get pulled back as Chika frowned at Shina angrily the two squared off and there was tense air until Hiyato whistled and told them to chill.
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'Honesty is the best policy', an oft-quoted proverb suggesting that one should be truthful, even when lying seems to be the more useful alternative. Though it was not necessarily useful advice for one seeking to become a ninja, it was good advice for simplifying the process of cooperation within a group. Therefore, it was hardly prudent of Atsuki to have decieved his teammates by giving them a false impression through useless niceties. Unfortunately it his surprisingly pure-hearted approach did little to smooth the gears of the Squad 13 like he had intended. It was in the expected parameters, what with him being an Uchiha to Mitsuhide's Senju, but for someone like Atsuki, even his unapproachable first impression was something filled with childishly-innocent earnestness. If he were a weaker person, maybe he would've felt dejected. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, he was Uchiha Atsuki, and Uchiha Atsuki would not allow himself to falter at something as trivial as that.So he simply blinked twice and shrugged, completely unperturbed by Mitsuhide's criticism. If there was a bright side to all of this though, it was that his squadmates at least knew what to expect from Atsuki in the future. "That certainly sounds fine to me, but since we're to be teammates I'd prefer that you don't talk to me in such an uncouth manner," Atsuki stated flatly as he flattened out the wrinkles on his shirt left by Mitsuhide's shoulder-poke. Once he had deemed it sufficiently smoothed out, he levelled his dark-eyed gaze back at Mitsuhide.

"It isn't as if I don't understand the importance of introductions..." Like before, that much was true; being trained to succeed the head of a noble house meant having to go through preparations to deal with involvement in internal and external politics. "...It's just that I don't see the use of such a thing at this current moment. The probability we'll have to introduce ourselves to our sensei is high, and preferrably I'd like to introduce myself in a more..." He looked around the buzzing room. "...controlled environment." However, that was only part of it. If anything, Atsuki would've liked to forgo the process entirely. The needless pleasantries and incessant formalities mandated by proper social interaction left a bad taste in Atsuki's mouth. A bitter taste that reminded him of home. "Without knowing whether or not our sensei wants to meet us right now, there's a chance that the time for meeting is encroaching," he pointed to the note, "Punctuality is important for a ninja, and if our sensei is strict enough, he may not take kindly to tardiness."

"That aside, we already know each others' names don't we?"
Atsuki asked rhetorically, tilting his head with all the emotion of a doll on his face. He opened his mouth to list off their names and what he already knew about him just to prove a point, when an annoying sound called him out. To no surprise, the utterances that fell upon his ears came from someone with decidedly more bark than bite in an entirely literal sense. Though Inuzuka Takumi was not speaking to him directly, Atsuki would not allow himself to sit down and simply endure the all-inclusive insult against Squad 13 by Squad 14. The weak are dominated by the strong; that was all there was to it. People who rebelled against such a reality could only face disappointment. He would not allow himself to become weak by allowing this to pass. "...Excuse me for a moment, Senju-san..." After that was said, Atsuki turned around and walked forward. "They're right, Hoshita-san," he laid an outstretched hand on Ryu's shoulder, "This is my team's fight. Don't worry about an outcome you can't change." He tugged the shinobi back and said, "Now please allow me to pass."

Once he got through the makeshift barracade assembled by Squad 16, Atsuki narrowed his eyes slightly and, with his chin held high, focused a gaze saturated in disdain at the Inuzuka clan member and his hound. "You should listen to your teammates, Inuzuka-san," he said, "If I remember correctly, you're one of the lowest ranked in the class. You're one-thousand years too early to be talking to us like that." Atsuki's hands hung laxly at his sides, fingertips brushing the edge of his shuriken box. A smile full of mischief grew on his face. That was right. He didn't need to do anything as barbaric as break this enemy with brute force. He had something greater than even that. "Or would that be... 4013 years for you? Either way, I don't know what's got you hot under the collar but as far as I can see, right now you're all bark and no bite."

Oh goodness.

"I don't know what bone you have to pick with us, but I assure you that my Squad hasn't done a doggone thing," Atsuki said, grandiose arms gestures comedically illustrating his feigned emotion, "I know that must give you paws, but as your fellow genin it's my job to make sure you don't stray from the right path and keep hounding us with such nonsense." He spoke with his head held high despite the atrociously shoehorned puns coming out of his mouth. "I'll throw you a bone though, it took courage for a mongrel like you to say that," he clapped his hands together before bringing them apart in an exaggerated shrug, "I know, praise from me must give you paws, but I think I get what you're thinking. You're a genin now and you've got a new leash on life, but that doesn't mean you can go around insulting people." He finally took a step forward. "Either way, I wouldn't be worried about my Squad," he said, tone edging between seriousness and his overdramatic display, "You've got a ruff road ahead of you, and I wouldn't be surprised if the teammates carrying you end up being the ones to throw you to the dogs."

"...Now, you can sit and stay, and we can all forget about this little incident,"
he finished, "Or you can inconvenience everyone and bear your fangs in defense of your pride."

"Which will it be, Inuzuka-san?"

--But even as he'd concluded, the gears still turned in Atsuki's head. What was this inscrutable young man plotting?
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