Naruto Shippuden

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  1. Name: Shino Sarutobi
    Age: 25
    Rank: Jounin
    Appearance: OC__voodoo_ninja_by_Ninjatic.jpg
    Personality: kakashi (nuff said)
    Bio: Bring part of the Sarutobi family, Shino grew up learning many jutsu styles and mastering them faster than his fellow piers. At the age of 14, he was leader of the ANBU black ops. At the age of 20, he retired, wanting to train kids and better his village by getting stronger. He hopes to one day be the hokage like his father.
    Ninjitsu : rasengan, shadow and multi shadow clone, fire styles, sealing techniques.
    Weapons: standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Siblings: Konohamaru
    Parents: unknown
    Anything Else: has a great understanding of jutsu, quick and analytical in battle.

    Name: Hanae "Rin" Kaguya
    Age: 16
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: Yoshidemmemmem.jpg
    Personality: quiet and shy when around other kids her age. When around older people, she's respectful but still not outspoken. When around people she knows, she becomes out going and bubbly.
    Bio: The Kaguya clan has long been thought to be extinct. But this was found false when a baby found in a basket was seen floating downstream. A farmers wife found her and soon named her Hanae, as she was as beautiful and magical as a flower. Especially since she herself was unable to have children. Hanae did not know of her heritage until she was 8, when the traits of her kekkei genkai kicked in. Though, she was not barbaric like her clan. Instead, she used her ability to help around the farm. But she knew she needed to perfect her abilities, so she asked at the age of 9 to go to ninja school. Reluctantly, her mother gave in to her demands. Now that she's graduated, she hopes to further her ability, which she has practiced in secret before school.
    Ninjitsu : kekkei genkai, mythical rose dance (able to move at high speeds, matching or even exceeding roc Lee without his weights, and cutting the foe using her bone extended from her fingers)
    Weapons: Her bones, standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Relationship: (open to a relationship)
    Siblings: none
    Parents: biological none, adoptive a farmer and farmers wife that aren't very important to the village other than providing rice.
    Anything Else: does have great speed. She used her ability to increase her bones density in the same sense as roc Lee. Though, she rarely makes her leg bones less dense, so she's normally as fast as lee with his weights.

    Shino, the Jonin sensei, was waiting for his students to arrive. He didn't know his team, other than it was team six. His students would know. They were given his name. Though, they would be a surprise to him. It was fun. The thrill of not knowing who his students were. Even if his demeanor did not betray these thoughts.


    Hanae had received information of her squad leader and sensei. It had been 4 years since the great war and even though she was 16 now, she had never been assigned a squad. This didn't bother her. She was actually quite fond of her farm. Now she was giving it all up to be a ninja. She was determined to be great, but didn't know if this was her true calling.

    Shaking her head as if she could shake the thoughts away, she waved at her sensei. In her normal shy voice she spoke to her sensei, respect in her voice. "Hey sarutobi sensei. I was told you were the leaders of squad 6," she said, twidding her fingers. "I guess that means I'm part of your my sensei." Waiting for her squad mates, Hanae stood there, twiddling her thumbs.