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  1. Hey there! I'm a little new to this website so I'm sorry if I sound like a complete idiot ^_^"


    If you contact me, be older than 16.

    Please tell me what you want, I don't want to play a guessing game.

    If you try what I want, I'll definitely do what you want.

    I prefer M/F but F/F is possible if I like you :) M/M is really rare but I can be persuaded.

    I'm usually okay with most themes but if I say no to something, I mean no.

    I want people with okay grammar and can write at least a paragraph. I'm not very picky about this, I roleplay with people of all levels, but there's a point where if I can't understand you, I'm going to have to end it.

    I need at least one canon couple. If you want to use an OC, we're going to double.

    Alrighty then! I think those should be pretty easy to follow. ^_^ Next thing you should know about me is I love doubling and I love crack ships! Believe me, I love NaruHina but roleplaying it is rather boring to me. Another thing, I like to play the bad guy when playing males, specifically the Akatsuki so if you're looking for someone to play one of them, I'm your gal! Also, my OTP has and will always be Hidan and Hinata! You play this ship with me and I'd be willing to do almost anything with you :) I refuse to play either of these characters with anyone else so please don't even ask.

    I know this will come up sometime as well so I might as well get it out now. I can play males in sexual themes. No, I don't have a dick myself but I have had some practice and I'm always trying to improve my skills ^-^

    Now for my ships! Red is the character I'd prefer to play.

    Hinata/Hidan *********

    Deidara/ pretty much any girl ****






    Konan/Pein ***

    Konan/ Animal Path**


    If you're ship isn't on here, and chances are it isn't, go ahead and ask! I do prefer crack but if you wanna roleplay something canon like Sasuke/Sakura, then I'd be okay with that.

    Characters I'd rather not play :( These are characters I'm very uncomfortable with playing. If you want one me to roleplay as one of these characters, then you'll have to be willing to roleplay whatever I'm craving as well. Sounds fair enough, no?
    Tobirama ((Will not do))
    Neji ((Can be convinced))
    Gaara ((Can be convinced))

    Welp, I feel like that's enough info for now. Please message me and we'll see if we can work things out. ^_^
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  2. Still searching~
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  3. I'd love to rp with you. I'm fine playing any character you request, in return for you playing Shikamaru for Temari. :)
  4. Sounds good, I'll PM you ^_^
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