Naruto, SAO, Bleach, or FMA ?

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  1. Anyone want to roleplay Naruto, Bleach, Sword Art Online, or FullMetal Alchemist?
  2. I would roleplay FullMetal Alchemist.
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  3. Sweet. Any ideas, or what are you looking for?
  4. I'm pretty much up for anything.
  5. Sweet :)

    Do you prefer both of us using OC's, or one using an OC and the other play a specific character?
  6. I'm fine either way. Maybe one can use an OC and the other can use an actual character? :)
  7. That's fine with me, either way. Are you looking for a romantic roleplay, or just regular?
  8. A romantic roleplay would be fine.
  9. Bleach I'm game for as well as Naruto but I HATE oc's so I'd prefer actual characters,in Bleach I like Szayelaporro,Ukitake,Uryu,Rukia,Byakuya and Aizen.
    For Naruto I like Kakashi,Neji,Karin,Sakura,Lee,Hiashi,Konan,Hidan and Kakuzu.
    Romance is fine depending on the characters paired,I have my ships and I won't budge on them
  10. I'm starting sign ups for a SAO rp, see my page if interested. Cant wait to get it going
  11. Hey still looking to do a naruto roleplay?
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