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  1. I know there's plenty of Naruto RPs out there, but I've been meaning to start one. Basically what you'd expect from one with the freedom to be a genin, chunin, jonin, and even a missing nin or kage if you want. It'll take place in the past, so all canon characters aren't even born yet. That doesn't mean you can't be an ancestor of one of them.

    As for things like the Akatsuki, a similar organization can be made as well, and depending how many people would like to join would also depend if it comes into play. Just want to see if people would be interested if I made a thread.
  2. Oh hi jess...

    We all know I join naruto Fandoms XD
  3. *High fives*

    I do too~ Now we play the waiting game.
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  4. Let's talk in PM o3o I must rekindle my friendship with you...
    If you remember me..

    Either way I'm also bored XD

    Talk and plan RP or something
  5. Bump, is anyone else interested.
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