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  1. ~*Naruto RP*~


    The Land of Fire - Itaro Hanobuki(Male)

    Short, spiky brown hair with a calm look, laid back, tall, masculine, tan skinned, young.

    The Land of Water - Miato Toritsu(Male)

    Pale, old small beard, very masculine, fun, a drunk.

    The Land of Sound - Maya Inato(Female)

    Independant, strong, busty, rather tall, fast, red-haired, and alert.

    The Land of Earth - Otoro Rin(Male)

    Old, thin, strong, shrouded, mysterious, average height.

    The Land of Lightning - Ryo Tasaku

    Strong, shrouded, mysterious, age is unknown, yet his body appears to be middle aged.

    The Land of Wind - Horo Inada(Male)

    Old, calm, average height, strategic.

    The Land of Waves - Intona Reiya(Male)

    Young, fun, masculine, handsome, yet strong and serious when needed.

    The Land of Iron - Eina Tsune(Female)

    Strong, independent, young, rather short, tactical.

    The Land of Snow - Toroto Einda(Male)

    Old, thin, somewhat masculine, very strategic.

    The Land of Sky - Ainaro Tino(Male)

    Fun, crazy, old, tactical.


    (If you'd like to make your own, you may)
    - Hidden Leaf Village -

    - Haname Iruei

    - Hotoko Rubei

    - Ruby Linota

    - Yuna Juel

    - Jasmine Feiya

    - Toronei Yora

    - Itsuno Karei

    - Korei Nora

    - Tanoko Hoto

    - Shorei Wyno



    I would like to keep everyone's character in Hidden Leaf Village, that way we can interact and have a relationship better than if we were on different sides of the map. If you'd like to make a different character as we progress through the RP, then you may. But for now, I'd prefer that it'd stay that we are all in Hidden Leaf Village.

    You may create multiple characters, just as long as you can keep up with all of them.

    I'd prefer no god-modding. Please and thank you.

    Everyone starts out as Genin, right after they graduate from the academy.

    ANYONE can have their own unique ninjitsu, as long as it's well-explained.

    I'd prefer posts to be well-explained, with good detail. Please no one-sentence stuff.

    Just because you're in the Hidden Leaf Village, that does not mean you are restricted to what you can learn and what element you're capable of posessing.

    I will most likely make up rules as we go if I see anything going wrong.


    *Character Sheet*

    Appearance(Pictures would be nice):
    Ninjitsu(Any special type of abilties):
    Anything Else:

  2. Name: Mio Uchiha
    Age: 12
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair that goes down to her knees, and her bangs are a gentle slope that covers her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. Sometimes, or when she's in battle or battle training, she will put her hair into a pony tail that is high on the back of her head, and she uses a silk ribbon to tie it up, but she never puts it in a bow. The strange thing about Mio is that she has black cat ears and cat tail. She has olive skin skin and her eyes are an ice blue color, odd for an Uchiha, and they are almond shaped, but when she goes in to any type of fight or if she gets angry, her pupils turn into slits, like a cat's pupils. She has a slender body, in general she is attractive, but still a little deadly-looking. Mio normally wears a black lined mesh shirt that doesn't cover her shoulders, but covers her arms halfway down her biceps and covers her hands like fingerless gloves. She also wears fingerless gloves that go up to her elbow, which are black. Her headband is black, which she wears loosely around her neck. She also wears a black tube top and black shorts that are about mid-thigh length. Mio wears white bandages under her shorts and on her chest beneath her tube top and mesh shirt. Her shoes are black, high-heeled, knee-high ninja shoes. Her red and blue swords are in an "x" cross pattern on her back, while the green is on her right hip. She has her shuriken holster on her left thigh, along with a bag that she carries hanging from her hip over her butt. She also has a chain necklace with her religious symbol for Jashinism along with a tattoo over her bellybutton of her clan symbol. Mio will also wear a dark green, sleeveless, hooded sweater over her normal shirts.
    Personality: Mio is normally quiet and keeps to herself, but does enjoy the company of animals more than anything else. She is extremely cautious and careful around new people. Though she has a nasty temper, which she has only a little control over, she tries to not snap at people. Mio generally behaves much like a cat, so she loves to sleep and only goes near people that she thinks are worth her time, which is not that many people. Most people find her to be a rather mean person, but that is because she doesn't really want to know these people or she is being cautious around them. It is hard for her to trust others, but once she does trust someone and gets to know them more, she is one of the most fun and outgoing people, but still fairly quiet when she is tired.
    Bio: Growing up, Mio always showed a strong will to train, never backing down from a challenge. Her parents were worried about her, even before she actually started training officially, she kept messing with the weapons before she was seven. Making her parents worried was most of what she did until training, when it got worse. On Mio's tenth birthday, she had been messing with the new ninja tools and equipment her parents got her to get ready for the academy, and her parents were out on a mission given to them instead of Anbu members about six days before, like it was meant to be. Mio sat up all night waiting, because her parents promised they would be back in time for her birthday. When her parents never came home, she was worried all night and didn't sleep. The next morning, a message came about her parents, they had failed the mission and Mio had been handed their wills. After the first year of living with her aunt and uncle, Mio learned to block out the death of her parents, making herself think that they had just run away and left her behind. The year before was neither joyous nor depressing, it was just another year, and a year without parents.
    Ninjitsu: Sharingan
    Chakra Type(s): Fire and Lightning
    Weapons: She uses three katana, a black and red, a black and green, and a black and blue, all the blades are an ebony and snow color. Mio also uses the normal shinobi weapons, kunai, shuriken, senbon needles, giant shuriken, etc.
    Relationship: None
    Siblings: None
    Parents: Makoto and Rin Uchiha (both are deceased, I'm just making up parents for her).
    Anything Else: She aspires to be a member of the Anbu Black Ops, and eventually head of the Anbu Black Ops. Mio is naturally attuned to fighting, it's what makes her more useful on the battlefield, along with her love of fighting. She is also a strong follower of Jashinism (similar to Hidan, but not to that extreme).

  3. Name: Arc Kokurai
    Age: 13
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance(Pictures would be nice): 60fca583398db051fb069ee8d3528b2d.jpg 5'10, 172lbs. He has white hair but the rest of the picture is accurate.
    Personality: Concise, efficient, a loner.
    Bio: Arc never made a big splash, his low levels of chakra kept him from going through the tests until he got older. Even now he struggles to maintain a long fight, though with his abilities he can usually end it in a flash. None the less, he was widely over looked, few wanted to train him. His clan were almost all strictly assassins after all, who knew who were pulling they're strings at times.
    Ninjitsu(Any special type of abilties): Clan Kokurai has a specific kekkei genkai that makes them excellent assassins. They're bodies are living capacitors and their eyes are similar to the hyuga clan, though instead of seeing chakra they see the nervous system of their foes. With that and the specialization in electric based attacks they are able to stop the heart or make someone move by directing electricity with a touch.
    Chakra type: Electricity and lightning
    Weapons: Aside from the standard equipment he carries kunai with longer handles, a few telescoping metal spears and lengths of thin copper wire.
    Relationship: None
    Siblings: None
    Parents: Both Anbu members, little else is known.
    Anything Else:​
  4. Erm. There's problems with both of your character sheets.

    First, with Ichigo. I believe the age requirement to get out of the academy is 12 years old. With that, you'd probably be able to have the sharingan, but DEFINITELY NOT the chidori. That is a BIG no-no. For that age, NO! That is wayyyyy too powerful. I was thinking that most of the Genin ninja would start out with only basic knowledge of what ninjas learn.

    Second, Archailfire, you're character is a bit too old. I think that's it.

    If I'm wrong, I'll most likely just give up on this RP in general.
  5. Made it 13... thought I covered why he was older in the bio but whatevs.
  6. Umm. Lack of the required ninjitsu for that age is almost impossible. That would be like, a world record.
  7. I made the changes Beauty, and I can understand what you're saying, I'm just a space-case. I also hope the bio is okay, just tell me if there's anything you want me to change.
  8. Name: Sosuke Motodori
    Age: 13
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: 343.JPG

    Personality: Lazy, Genious, Quiet, Definitly not motivated, Compassionate sometimes, strategical, analyctical

    Bio: Sosuke Motodori was born and raised in the Land Of Fire. Not much is known about the Motodori Clan seeing as they have their own set of jutsu and abilities. Most of these jutsu can not be copied nor mimicked. Sosuke is a prodigy, but he's completely lazy. He hasn't really found a reason to get up in the morning after his brother's death and father's disappearance. His mother didn't want him and simply discarded him. However, the Motodori clan elder was willing to take Sosuke under his wing and train him to be a shinobi. Then he was sent to the academy at age fourteen and will probably graduate with flying colors. Not to mention he's not half bad to look at, though he blows off every advance thus far. He says he's simply not interested in dating bimbos.

    Ninjustsu: Fire Style: Flaming Lotus Flower (My own creation, PM me for details; Motodori Clan Special) Fire Style: Flaming Lotus Petals (Also my own creation; Motodori Clan special) Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu, Fire Style: Breath of the Red Dragon (Motodori Clan special) Fire Clones rather than shadow clones, Substitution Jutsu, Shadow Imitation Jutsu, Stake Stance: Viper's tongue, Snake's Rattle, Viper's Fang, Poisonous Venom, Constrictor's Grip (All Motodori Clan specials)
    Note: Most of these jutsus will appear in the future. The ones planned for future are:
    Fire Style: Flaming Lotus Flower
    Fire Style: Breath of the Red Dragon
    Snake Stance: Viper's Tongue, Snake's Rattle, Viper's Fang, Poisonous Venom, Constrictor's Grip
    (the snake stance is taijutsu and only the Motodori Clan knows it)

    Weapons: Hands Only

    Relationship: None

    Siblings: Takeshi Motodori (Deceased)

    Parents: Yuusuke Motodori (M.I.A), Hatsumi Motodori (M.I.A)

    Anything Else: PM me for details on his ninjutsu... He doesn't really have any goals... hates sweet things...
  9. Erm. I'm not sure if I should let your age pass by, because normally ninja's graduate when they're 12. But since you started late, I guess I could let it go.

    If you could maybe make it a year earlier, that would be great.

    I'll leave this up for longer, and I'll post a sheet tomorrow.

    A lot of stuff happened last night involving runaways, and cops. So I'm trying to clear things up right now -- and I'm very stressed.
  10. Name: Hanae Kaguya
    Age: 14
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: View attachment 13187
    Personality: quiet, shy BUT can be bubbly and very outgoing.
    Bio: The Kaguya clan has long been thought to be extinct. But this was found false when a baby found in a basket was found floating downstream. A farmers wife found her and soon named her Hanae, as she was as beautiful and magical as a flower. Especially since she herself was unable to have children. Hanae did not know of her heritage until she was 8, when the traits of her kekkei genkai kicked in. Though, she was not barbaric like her clan. Instead, she used her ability to help around the farm. But she knew she needed to perfect her abilities, so she asked at the age of 9 to go to ninja school. Reluctantly, her mother gave in to her demands. Now that she's graduated, she hopes to further her ability, which she has practiced in secret before school.
    Ninjitsu : kekkei genkai, mythical rose dance (able to move at high speeds, matching or even greater than roc Lee without his weights, and cutting the foe using her bone extended from her fingers)
    Weapons: her bones, standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Relationship: none
    Siblings: none
    Parents: biological none, adoptive a farmer and farmers wife that aren't very important to the village other than providing rice.
    Anything Else: does have great speed. She used her ability to increase her bones density in the same sense as roc Lee. Though, she rarely makes her leg bones less dense, so she's normally as fast as lee with his weights.
  11. Do you guys want to choose the squads that you'd like to be in? Like, which squad leader do you want?
  12. I don't care as long as my sensei is a guy...
  13. Given our numbers, theoretically couldn't we all be in one group?
  14. Name: Hibari Yamamoto
    Age: 14
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance(Pictures would be nice):
    Personality: Hibari is cold and heartless, willing to kill anyone that double-crosses his village.
    Bio: Hibari used to be a normal kid. Kind, Fun Loving, and adoring. His entire attitude changed when his parents died. [History will be explained more IC]
    Ninjitsu: The Yamamoto [not to be confused with Yamato] Clan have a very Rare Kekkei Genkai, making him a very lethal ninja. The Combined elements are Lightning and Fire, resulting in Plasma Type Jutsu.
    Plasma Jutsu List
    Plasma Style: Plasma Striker: The user performs the necessary handseals, a large encasing of plasma consumes the user's fists, when the user's fists collide with the intended target, the plasma disperses forward from the fist, plowing through any matter in the way.
    Plasma Style: Plasma Rail: The user performs the necessary handseals. A long plasma rod will appear in the users hand. When the user utters "Release", the rod will explode violently.
    Plasma Style: Coffin: The user performs the necessary handseals, with an open hand, a large plasma sphere forms around the target. When the user balls up his/her hand, the sphere will crush the target.
    Plasma Dominion: The user can create plasma at will and use it for his/her attacks, controlling its shape and direction.

    Weapons: Steel Tonfa's (x2)
    Siblings: [Deceased]
    Parents: [Deceased]
    Anything Else:
  15. There's six of us. I'll make my character sheet eventually. Going on vacation this week, idk if I'll have time to post.