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  1. So, people, how would you like to RP some Naruto. I, personally, don't like the show that much but like the idea of awesome ninjas and many of the cool characters. I'm thinking all of the villages have made treaties with each other and now send their trainees to one central town that was made specifically for the training. It'll have dorming houses for the training kids a house for each sensei. This would be, like, a generation or two after the story. I, personally, claim being a child of Sasori since he's so awesome. She'll technically be a living puppet and keeps her past hidden from everyone. So, anyone want to join? I don't have the actual RP up because I want to see who will join. :D And just for the fun of it...

    :poke:Pokemon rules!!!!!:poke:

    Sorry. It's totally true and I wanted to use the Pokeball.
  2. Hmm I might join...but I'm not totally sure....
  3. Well, I'm fully ready to discuss changes that may need to be made and such.
  4. I will definitely join this. As long as it doesn't get too crowded.
  5. Good to know. ^.^ I'm gonna wait for, like, one more person to join before starting this.
  6. Okie. ^^ I'll have a charie up in a spoiler when you do.
  7. I'm not requiring a full on character sheet. Just the basic looks are needed, because then them meeting and interacting is more realistic and normal. I merely mentioned my girl will be the daughter of Sasori so that no one else could claim it.
  8. Which sasori? Konahamaru? And, I think a small character sheet should be required so we know their jutsu style and limits. It helps the process so no one, except a sasori (all sasori are extremely great at jutsu and learn them a LOT faster and are better at them) Though, I would also expect a limit, even then, to make things fair. Though, hopefully we won't be fighting each other, as in rping, being fair is hard.
  9. Okay, that makes sense. She'll just have the stuff that includes puppet technique, plus maybe a few custom moves. So, fighting would be very, very rare. And yes, Sasori of the Red Sand as they call him on the Naruto Wiki.
  10. My bad. I'm thinking of sarutobi. Sasori of the red sand isn't like the sarutobi family. Sorry. My bad. I mistaken the two. Sarutobi family are very talented at all jutsu. :p derp.
  11. It's fine. ^.^ You know, we could just start a oneXone while we wait for people to join.
  12. Hey im intrested.....I don't know much about Naruto but I know the basics
  13. Woohoo. Now, when izoi gets on, hopefully we can start. :{P
  14. Yup, can't wait!
  15. I'm interested to join too if i can^^
  16. Okay, people. While I'm here, I'll tell you people the character guidelines. Name, age(16+), appearance, and abilities/limitations. You can put it here or on your first post once I get the forum up. ^.^
  17. Name: Grayer Hatake
    Age: 16

    Apperance: Grayer wears a black collared shirt with an orange bandana skarf tied around under his collar, a tan colored vest over his shirt, and tan colored shorts that reach knee length. He wears the standared blue ninja shoes. Grayer's height is close to Naruto's, Grayer being a tad bit shorter. He has the same hair color as Kakashi with a few very dark purple nearly black strieks in the back.

    Ablilities/Limitations: Being an advanced Genin, as Grayer hasn't had the chance to test for chunin yet, Grayer hasn't had that many high level missions assigned to him. He has though gone on tons of lower level missions. In his arsenal of jutsu attacks, Grayer knows a few jutsus in the fire style, a few water style jutsus, and a couple of wind style jutsus as well. He can also do the Summoning jutsu and the Shadowclone jutsu. He doesn't do well with earth style or lightning style jutsus though.
    Grayer is skilled in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu type attacks. He can also use Taijutsu fairly well but his Taijutsu skills need a bit of work still though.
    He can also do a variety of shuriken jutsu attacks, and is talented with using paper bombs in battle, whether attacking or defending.

    Family wise, Grayer's Kakashi's younger brother and Grayer knows about Kakashi very well. Kakashi doesn't know about Grayer at all though. This is due to Grayer being with their father and growing up with him until he was of school age, while Kakashi grew from his mid teen years and early 20's. After their father was killed though and due to Kakashi being anbu rank and working with them for a while, and then Kakashi becoming a jounin and having his own genin tranies to lead, Grayer still hadn't revealed himself to his big brother and pretty much grew up the rest of the way byhimself up till now going through all the academy required classes, becoming a genin at age 12 along with his classmates, and then being constantly on the move, taking on hundreds of D ranked missions, around 70 C ranked missions, and about 5 to 7 B ranked missions.

    Now Grayer is 16 years of age and still hoping one day soon he can tell Kakashi who he is. Until then, ninja missions and other responsibilities also occupy Grayer's mind as well.
  18. Name: Ahmesssker
    Nickname: Julian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    History: Julian had been adopted after his family had been slaughtered. He did have 8 other brothers but they all died in a fire. His twin brother is still alive but he doesn't know that. He got his name because he was born during the night and it actually means Child of the Moon + The Night Sun. After being adopted his dad changed it to Julian and so he doesn't know his real name or his real parents.

    Appearance: He has frost white hair and pale icy blue eyes. He is kind of slim but is stronger then he looks. He wears mostly black and uses a scarf to cover up his nose and mouth. He wears the bandages so he can get to his daggers and other weapons quickly.

    Abalities/Limitations: Julian is very good at weapons and knows most of them. His pretty good at Fire Justu but the other Justus are harder for him and he can get frustrated easily and that makes him not think straight. He doesn't like groups all the time and prefers to do things on his own unless he's about to die or something like that.

    Other: Can he have the Shanrigin Eye?