Naruto Romance Roleplay?

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  1. Hello, everybody! I'm back from a long internet hiatus, and now I can fully roleplay without having to worry about my connection screwing up. Yay for me! (:3) So, before we dive into it, I have requirements for roleplaying with me, which I'm sure the majority(if there is any) will have no problem meeting! <3

    -At least a paragraph per post. I can understand writer's block, so just tell me if you are suffering of that dreaded sickness. If it persists, go to a doctor. xP
    -Make time for our roleplay. Real life gets in the way. I am no exception of that, but please try to squeeze in a post every other day.
    -Please already have an idea of what your character(s) is going to be like. I get tired of waiting for character sheets.
    -If you have read these rules, put your favorite Naruto character in the PM you send me.
    -Don't just suddenly leave and never come back. :'c I'll miss you!

    Annd, that's about it. I'm sure you know the no-brainer rules already, like no god-moding, no improper grammar consistently, blah, blah, blah. Okay, so without further ado, the rough ideas/plots! In the PM, please state the plot you want to do, and which role(s) you want to play.

    The Typical Plot (open)
    This is the "three genin, one sensei" plot that requires much time, effort, and devotion when developing characters. I would prefer that we go about pretending that the original story never happened. We would play genin fresh out of the Academy who are put on a team together under the direction of a sensei. I would prefer to play the girl genin and a sensei, but with convincing, I can also play the girl and a boy genin, if you wish to play a boy genin and sensei. All with different backgrounds and relations to the village, our characters would slowly grow and develop just as Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura did. They would take the Chunin Exams after a minor timeskip, and we would go all the way until they grew up. Romance is a must, so choose which boy character is to fall in love(or be fallen in love with) with my girl character. Side note: This is my favorite plot. :3

    The Future Plot (open)
    This is based on a dream I had about Naruto. It would be just like the series, except set in modern times. Throughout elementary school, students learn about how to become a ninja to better the world and help people in foreign countries. Instead of being paired on a team of three, students, when they reach middle school(and if they are tested competent enough) are paired in teams of two and set out on completing as many missions as they can, all the while bonding with their partner. This is still a rough idea, so we can build on it! <3

    The Akatsuki-esque Plot (open)
    Once again, this is a rough idea, but perhaps we could create an organization consisting of 10 members(just as before) in pursuit of the Jinchuriki(once again eliminating all the originally made Jinchuriki in the Naruto series). Each of us would play five characters, all important members of this organization, and most likely play out slowly building the organization(like recruiting characters, planning tactics, bonding with partners). They would all build up relations(and, once again, romance) until the final act of their organization of conquering the world. We'll build from there? This roleplay takes a lot of devotion and time and effort, but I bet it will be worth it in the end. c:

    That's all I have found in my files for now, but there will be more to come! In the meantime, PM me!
  2. I would be up for the typical plot. Its fun coming up with naruto OC's and you can do a lot with this setting.

    I''m in! :D
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