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  1. It was a burning hot evening. Suki was in the village of Palms. It was
    set on a beach and was more of a tourist nation. She was up on the
    boardwalk where there was a breeze but she could still feel the
    burning heat emenating from the ground below.

    Suki was more so still in the grieving state of mind. She missed her
    family and friends back at her old village. They had always been her
    top priority. Now that they were gone....what was she supposed to do?

    Suki continued to do what shed been doing previously. Namely sit there
    on the boardwalk where no one was currently and stare out at the late
    evening ocean. It wasnt quite sunset yet but nearly was.

    She was wearing a dark purple bikini. It was a halter top and along
    with this so as not to look to suspicious she had sacrificed her black
    fingerless gloves that stretched to her elbows to hide the dragon mark
    on her right arm in for some bandages making it look as if she mightve
    recently hurt herself. Her hair was a dark navy blue and pulled back
    into a braid. When down it was curly and longer than it stretched now
    which ws her lower back. Her eyes were a bright golden color. It
    nearly matched the setting sun and they had an omniscent glow behind
    them. She was fairly pale signaling she hadnt been here long. She had
    a petite curvy body and all in all was a beautiful woman.

    She wasnt much of a social person at that. She was quiet and shy. She
    tended not to speak unless spoken to and then didnt appear to say
    much. It had only made things worse since the incident.

    She continued to stare off into the waves. Lost in her thoughts. No
    one seemed to notice and thats how she liked to keep it.
  2. "Help! Thief!"

    An old lady was about to get some extra fresh water from a local well, when she spotted a young man dressed in a poncho, and a suit of sorts underneath was trying to take some of the water for himself, appearing as if he'd keel over and die if he didn't get something to drink. Just at that moment, a couple men appeared to subdue the newcomer, who had a handful of water, and was about to drink it, when he was pulled away, about to be struck with a punch by one of the attackers.

    Acting almost on instinct, the poncho wearing stranger suddenly snaked his arms around the man's punching arm with his left hand alone.

    "Hey! What the hell is this?!…" He demanded, raising his other fist. Before he could continue, the young man seemed to have done some form of damage, as the man seemed to feel a kind of shock go through into his arm.

    "I've struck your hidden pressure point. Your arm will be stuck behind your back for the rest of the day."

    "Hah! Kid thinks he knows some secret- what the?!…"

    Suddenly, the same internal shock went through, as the man's arm began to go behind to his lower back. The other man taking a fighting stance. The poncho wearing teen simply raised a hand to 'stop,' as he pulled out some money, as if to make up for the situation, and hurrying away before anything else could happen.

    Kenji was thirsty. Badly thirsty. And this bizarre place was just another stop on the endless road...
  3. suki looked down and saw him. She rose a brow and hopped down. She could tell he was thirsty and felt bad for him. "Here" She spoke. She preformed a few handsigns and then water rose out of the ocean and the salt fell from it. It floated over in a bubble. "Would you like a drink?" She asked. She was afraid of stealing the well water, she'd get yelled at.
  4. Kenji stared at the water a moment, the bizarre technique making him wary, before he performed a cross chop, splitting the bubble in two, as he dashed towards the direction it flew, taking it all in one gulp, before wiping his mouth with his wrist, and mumbling a 'thanks' to Suki, slowly slipping out of his poncho to reveal the outfit of a man of chinese kenpo, rather than a headband with a metal plate and symbol.

    "…Where am I?" He asked softly, as he rubbed his grumbling stomach.
  5. Kieara spoke. "This is the Village of the Palms." She spoke. "Where are you from?" She asked noting his strange clothing. then she heard his stomach growl. "Come, I will get you something to eat." She spoke offering a hand to lead him along. She seemed very good-natured, and she wasn't trying to scare him or anything. She didn't mean to make him wary.
  6. "The Island called Shura. It's very far, I'm sure." He answered. "I've been traveling for a while. Seen some interesting sights, met some interesting people, and did a couple interesting things. Not much else to say, I'm afraid. If it's not too much to ask, miss, what is this 'village of palms?' some sort of name regarding martial arts or something? If so, where can I find the strongest men in this town?"

    Kenji was silent after he was finished talking, patiently awaiting an answer…
  7. She blinked. He seemed so set on business. "Uh...well....It's name has two meanings. One is a martial arts standing, and the other refers to the palm trees on the beach." She explained to him. "The strongest men in town? Why are you looking for them?" She asked. She hated to admitt it, but she was the strongest one here. There was no ninja village nearby, only passing through ninja. She was the most skilled here at the moment.
  8. "Ahh. Perfect. Perhaps I can settle down here one day, perhaps even open my own Kenpo School here, if it really does have a martial arts standing. If you must know, I'm on what I like to call 'The Path To Power.' I plan to become the strongest fist this world has ever known, and I must grow as strong as I can. Especially with the popularity of Ninjutsu more than other fighting styles these days, in such places as this."

    Kenji raised his fist, and began to clench it, moving it higher, as he blocked the sun out of his eyes.

    "And I come from the School of Haki No Ken! (Fist Of The Ambitious Spirit)"
  9. Suki blinked. "I see." She spoke. "Well, to be totally honest with you, probably the strongest in this village at the moment is me, and I specialize in ninjutsu." She spoke to him with a slight smirk as she crossed her arms. She wanted to see if he'd underestimate her for being a woman, or if he'd fight her at all. If he did, she hoped it was just a friendly match. Friendly matches were good now and again.
  10. "…C'mooooon."

    The whining sound was low, yet extremely stoic.

    "I prefer the 100 Man Kumite" He spoke. "I do not doubt your power, but I prefer to fight dozens of people. The turnout is low today."
  11. "I'd be careful about that if I were you.....You're in a new ball park, an area you don't know...." She spoke. Out here just a few men could be more powerful than armies. "You better watch your back. This isn't like Shura." She spoke. "One man out here can be as strong as 500." She said. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." she told him with a smile. She glanced over her shoulder hearing something and gasped as she saw Itachi. The akatsuki had been after her for awhile now. "Bye...." She spoke simply leaned back falling off the edge of the cliff they were on. There was no splash heard from the water, and if he'd look, he'd see no ripples where she hit the water. she just disappeared.
  12. Kenji was not impressed. The Island of Shura was a brutal place, home to 4,000 years of martial arts, even boasting its own Ninjutsu styles. An Ashuran student of the fist was beyond 500, rather 1,000, and that was only with one fingertip to kill them all. As great as Haki No Ken was, Kenji's life was spent often fighting off the deadly practitioners of another, much deadlier style of martial arts called Hokuto Ryuuken (North Star Lapis Lazulis Fist), which could make a man implode with one strike of a pressure point, the feat a mere casual occurrence to any person of that island.

    He turned his head slightly to notice the fellow known as Itachi, sensing his presence, and turning to face him entirely.

  13. Itachi's eyes narrowed upon Kenji. He came out. "Where did she go?" He demanded. He was stoic and didn't appear to speak more than needed. He looked around as he stepped forward expected a genjutsu, but saw none. He then turned back to Kenji. "You were just speaking with her." He spoke. "Tell me what you know." He said. His voice was quiet, calm, but held a deadly authority to it.
  14. "…"

    Kenji didn't seem to reply: Instead, a curtain of shadow was over his eyes when Itachi spoke the first time. The second time didn't do a thing. Kenji walked past Itachi surprisingly casually, as he completely disrespected the other fellow completely.
  15. Itachi growled. He then tossed a kunai at him. He didn't enjoy being disrespected. Kisame reappeared holding Suki. "Come on Itachi lets go." Itachi looked to him holding the unconcious Suki, then to Kenji. "Not untilt this man shows me some respect. We have a spare moment." He spoke and looked to the direction he'd tossed his weapon in.
  16. Index and middle fingers held the kunai casually.


    Nishi Shinkuu Ha (Two Finger Air Snatch)



    He tossed the blade back at Itachi, before starting to crack his knuckles. A surefire sign that blood would spill.

    "Put her down, and I'll make your death less horrific." Threatened Kenji. He was still very relaxed, despite the fact he had two men against him. The odds didn't seem to change much for him.
  17. Itachi ducked the blade letting it glide over his head. He then rose a brow. "You? Kill us?" Kisame burst into laughter at the thought. "Wow, you must definately be new around here." He spoke. Itachi gave a stoic look and spoke in monotone. "I'd like to see you try." Suki was still limp in Kisame's arms. It appeared she'd given quite the struggle.
  18. Kenji just assumed a stance, and stared Itachi down with a glare, gesturing for him to attack first.

    "Allow me to show you the spirit of kenpou."
  19. Itachi activated his sharringan so he'd know his moves almost before he made them. He then took a stance as well while Kisame stood in the background holding Suki hostage,
  20. Kenji proceeded to charge forward. The eye was a dead give-away that something would happen. He began on a barrage of jabs with his left hand, which was forwards. Even if Itachi could discover his plan of action, Kenji highly doubted the other fellow had the skill to handle fifty fists at once, attacking with full fist punches, fingertip strikes (with the force of bullets), open palms, and other types of hand based strikes.