Naruto Roleplay for Skype

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  1. Hello. I have a friend who is to shy to go on official roleplaying websites so he asked me to do this for him... i uh.. owed him one anyway. Anyway he is in a roleplaying community on skype that base things of Naruto the anime. From what my friend had told me you can make a Character sheet with Google docs, I am not part of this because I never got into the Anime but everyone there is friendly and funny and i would hope you would give it a shot. To sign up email or Add the person on skype who made it, Sonicstar1961 I would also like my friend to get a reward for so called "Advertising" so when emailing him tell him Brock or Phoenix sent you alright? K thanks bye ^~^ Don't say my name >.> Also the community is called Clymer so when you want to join say "I want to know if i can join Clymer" ^~^ and then say who sent you. Not me. Brock ^~^