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  1. Heya! So lately, I've been in the mood for a Naruto roleplay. Finally got around to watching the end of the series, and it was so beautiful! If you are interested, I have a couple of requirements before I receive a PM.

    -You must be able to type in a way that I can read it and not go, "What an idiot."
    -No perfect characters. I'm going to cry if someone makes a nine-tailed Sharingan/Rinnegan possessing Genin who has mastered 600 Jutsu and can go Sage Mode in the blink of an eye. Like, no.
    -Have some time on your hands to dedicate to the roleplay!
    -To prove you have read this, tell me you have read this in the PM. :p
    -If you have ideas, pitch them in! But make sure they don't solely focus on your character alone! We're a team!

    And that's about it! Well, looking forward to some PMs! <3 I have plots, but it really depends on my partner's preferences, so here are some questions in advance to answer in the PM:

    -Shall we play it off as if the original story never happened?
    -Or shall we play if off as if this is years before or after the original story?
    -Will we involve the Jinchuriki and the Akatsuki?
    -Will our characters be on a team, or different?
    -If we do the typical "three Genin, one Sensei" plot, do you want to play a Sensei and a Genin, or two Genin?

    Thank you! c:
  2. Still searching!
  3. Steeeeeeeeellllll searching! cx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.