Naruto: Rivals Of Power RP

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  1. Really want to set this up I can promise that I will not drop out and leave you behind anyone is welcome, I have a good amount of experience and I'm willing to work with and train others there will be fights, you can set up story everything you need to be super interested. I can get very detailed so there will be a lot to this and with help it can be really big I'm very excited to do this. There will be missions available set up by gm's and yes ill be looking for a few people to help me as gm's. If you have any questions or ideas that could help just post in here and we will discuss :).
  2. Can't believe no one at all even posted :/ should I just abandon this?
  3. Some other ways to get attention to your thread are:

    • Get someone in the Writing and Art museum to make a banner for you, and submit it for the rotation! This gives your roleplay attention from all areas of the site!
    • Pop into the cbox and let people know you're looking for players for a Naruto roleplay!
    • Check out people's roleplay resumes, and if they're interested in this kind of roleplay, send them a note inviting them to join!
    I know there's a healthy amount of Naruto fans on Iwaku, so don't give up :) You might also check out the groups section; there's a few groups for anime/manga fans, and I think one for naruto fans in particular. If the group owner is okay with it, you might be able to invite the members of those groups :)
  4. Well where do I post to get a banner made?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.